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Beat the last level

Beat the last level

Sent in by Heath Leftwich To beat the last level, put the block in the upper-left corner and the L-shaped block in the upper-right corner. Put the T-shaped block between them. The straight line goes directly under and to the left of the block. Flip and turn the last block, then put it in the remaining space and you've won!


Sent in by Kerry Drake at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! KING Level 2 EASY Level 3 NICE Level 4 BORN Level 5 FREE Level 6 STEP Level 7 LIVE Level 8 CITY Level 9 MEGA Level 10 SONG Level 11 LOVE Level 12 JUMP Level 13 CORE Level 14 BEAT Level 15 BURN Level 16 SING Level 17 TOUR Level 18 LOOK Level 19 SOUL Level 20 OPEN Level 21 BEST Level 22 WILD Level 23 TIME Level 24 SHOW Level 25 MOON Level 26 EAST Level 27 RAIN Level 28 LONG Level 28 CLUB Level 30 TOWN Level 31 WOOD Level 32 BASS Level 33 MIND Level 34 STAR Level 35 FINE Level 36 ZEAL You can start on any Level.

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