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Donkey Kong

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Last Updated: 7/1/00.

Slow down the music
In Level 3-1, how do you get the key up to the lock?

Slow down the music

Sent in by S.G. You can make the Donkey Kong music play at a much slower pace! You must beat the game. When the closing sequence is playing, you must wait until Mario holds DK up and DK Jr. Jumps in. Between the time that the picture freezes with DK Jr. in mid-air and the time that the "photo" of the foursome shows, you must press A, B, Start, and Select. If it is timed right, the game will restart and all the music will be slower (except for the music when the credits roll)! The only way to fix it is to turn the Game Boy off and on.

In Level 3-1, how do you get the key up to the lock?

Sent in by Andrew at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! First jump up on the rope and swing up and now your stuck in a little room. There is a button in there push it. Now the door to your right just opened. Go through and now you see a door a ladder and to your right two Gombas walking on spikes. Be careful and jump on one of them. Now jump on the next one. Now stay on it until it brings you to a platform. Jump on the platform. You see a arrow pointing right and left. (When you get it you put it somewhere and make a lans or platform going the direction the arrows are pointing and this will last for a while) now get the arrow and move the arrow down to where there is one gomba by its self on a tiny platform. Put it next to him over the water so the gomba walks over it and on to a pair of spikes. Now go back to the two Goombas on the spikes. Now go backwards to where you were before. Or you can swing yourself over the spikes by using the string above you. Now you see the door again and a ladder there. Go down the ladder. Now this part is tuff. Jump over the water on the Goomba but not jumping on the spikes the Goomba is walking on. Now your on him stay on him. Yes he brings you to a platform with the key. Now grab the key and wait for the Goomba to walk back. Now jump on the Goomba with the key. Now jump over the water like before. And bingo, the door is there, unlock it. Sounds hard but pretty easy when your done.


Sent in by Josh Hilling If you see a sleeping crab you can jump on it's head it won't hurt you. If you are holding something and an enemy touches you, you drop the item and live.
Sent in by James Repchull at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! Armadillos and some Walruses work like Dottys. In one of the plane levels, you'll find a floor platform blocked by a gate. If you put the gate up, the floor can go it's full length. If you jump with the wind, you'll jump higher. Vampire bats won't hurt you, just stun you and make you fall. Octopi can't hurt you, just prevent you from swimming. In the first level of the ship, once you get the floor placer, put it down near where the rocky is. He'll walk on it, to the spikes, and you can ride him to get the key. Not all monsters are terrible, here's some that help: Dotty: He walks up walls. You can ride him to get up those walls. Monkey: Their tails work like ropes. If you hold two, neither will move. Froggy: He can leap high, even with you on him! Donkey Kong Junior: He can flip some switches that help. Knights: They'll charge at you with their shield, shoving you past small places. Rockys: Stand on them to walk over spikes. Pharohas: Hurl them at DK. Watch out for poisoned mushrooms, they'll shrink you even more. Drop the food on the klap traps to kill them. Pals Voice will run at you if you make a noise. A gate won't fall all the way down if a black brick is in their way. Don't get close to DK without killing him in the end of each level, or you'll know how a basketball feels. You can't swim, climb, use ropes, or even somersault holding something. In DK's tower, move the key blocks to the tops of the ropes to trap Junior. The key won't disappear right away if you drop it. In some levels you have to use that to your advantage.

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