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Gargoyle's Quest

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Last Updated: 10/30/99.



Sent in by Zach Garretson MUPP-JMHW Jarkton Town BIF8-BRAZ Gurion Town GJ7Q-KLVO Bureido Village N5AQ-9RZF Return to Bymon
Sent in by Matt Tiblier at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! UMY5-Q6EL After talking to Jark MW9P-VL4C After the Tower Monster CNKA-RPLN In the next town CVJP-BTL6 After Palace of Darkoan T9X6-0ZEL In the next town SYSX-86ZV After the Desert of Destitution NPAN-RRXY Last town
HWTL-9OAX Ekuzosu Village FWGG-57CY Looking for the Candle SWXE-CBFJ Rushifell Village, then the Final Battle

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