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Revelations: The Demon Slayer

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Last Updated: 7/1/00.

Secret characters
Tips for level ups and Charms
Three new monsters

Secret characters

Sent in by Brent at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! To get the monster Vaerial go to the Zord Nest and at the end Vaerial will be standing. He will say he just woke up then join your party.
Sent in by Nesshelper After Triton leaves the Cave of Orthrus, talk to Orthrus, and he'll join you. In the Cave of Cerbero, talk to Cerbero. I think if you don't have Orthrus, he'll battle you, and if you win, he joins you, and if you have Orthrus, he'll join you. Talk to the monster at the southern part of the western half of Nova with Orthrus and Cerbero, and you will have Solion.

Tips for level ups and Charms

Sent in by Nesshelper When you level up, I recommend that you raise endurance each level up, until you can no longer increase endurance (it should be at 40), then increase speed until you can no longer raise it, then increase intelligence until you can't raise it anymore, then increase strength or luck. I think there's a level 161 where your attributes are maxed out. (Each attribute requires 32 level ups to max out, and there are 5 attributes.) If there is, don't use charms on your characters, because they wouldn't need them. Instead, use them on monsters, as long as your monsters are Dragon (unzombied), Kirin (unzombied), Amon (unzombied), Solion, Lucifer, Baal, Variel, Micael, Odin, and Asura, then use a Earth Charm on the monster with the lowest endurance level, until you don't have anymore Earth Charms. Same with Water Charms for intelligence, Light Charms for strength, and Wind Charms for speed.

Three new monsters

Sent in by Nick Hansen at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! After beating the game, you can find three new monsters: Michael (Hepa) Go to nova and talk to the sage and Micheal will going your party. Baal Enter Mt. Palo and go to where Devil was and talk to the monster and Baal will join your party. Lucifer Go to the cave of oasis and talk to the monster in front of the platform and Lucifer will join your party.

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