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Tetris Blast

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Last Updated: 3/23/02.

Change the music
Fight all bosses

Change the music

Sent in by Kerry Drake at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! While playing, press Start then Select to change the music.

Fight all bosses

Sent in by Bill Perkins At the title screen, press B five times. Then press Start, and the "fight 2" mode option will apear. You'll fight all bosses.


Sent in by Lucas Lisenby .GGGLLLJ Level 1 BZKKGGFG Level 2 Y!CCDDBL Level 3 JKRBBBKL Level 4 XBVFJJFC Level 5
Sent in by Jason True ?!JWTFJK Level 28 FKWTPMDH Level 29 LVRPRCFG Level 31 VS.YYKMF Level 32 MGFGLYLF Level 33
ZFFFJJJF Stage 2 B/MMLLKB Stage 3 XSDDGGDM Stage 4 KCWGLLHK Stage 5 VG.LJJDM Stage 6 K.TDGGMF Stage 7 XZSCDDKK Stage 8 DFMYLLDD Stage 9 YGCPDDHL Stage 10 GVMYLLCJ Stage 11 V/JVDDGK Stage 12 CJXTBBCF Stage 13 !L.YLKKL Stage 14 LXWTBMMB Stage 15 VSRPDCCH Stage 16 KBCDTFDF Stage 17 XDFGYKJF Stage 18 F!CDTFCM Stage 19 TTGHPMJB Stage 20 DBVGYKGD Stage 21 .JRCRCKB Stage 22 CY/BPMHF Stage 23

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