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Last Updated: 2/15/00.

Drive the Slug Bug
Easy Cornering

Drive the Slug Bug

Sent in by Rey at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! Enter A, B, A, A, B, B, Select, Select, Start at the title screen. You will be taken to the car select menu where the slug bug will be selectable.

Easy Cornering

Sent in by Rey It is easier to corner in the desert if you rapidly (and alternately) tap the A and B buttons while holding the d-pad UP.


Sent in by Rey +PWG95D Nine Cars and Seven Courses TWX+%Z Nine Cars and Six Courses
Sent in by William Weddleton at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! YQXW-H All cars and all levels YQX-%Z All 14 cars and gold trophies in all 8 courses.
Sent in by Fishbulb42 Y-#W$V This password is good for: Cars: Type-GO Type-IP Type-LE Type-ES Type-PG Type-IB Courses/Places: Grassland/1st Desert/1st Jungle/3rd Savannah/3rd Night Town/3rd Ruin/Unbeaten
Sent in by Pikachu at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! ZQSZ-H All 9 cars and all seven tracks.

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