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World Cup Soccer

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Last Updated: 7/5/99.

Continue codes

Continue codes

Sent in by Chris at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! The 5-digit code that you enter to continue is broken down into two sections: the first three numbers determine the match that you play and the last two determine the team that you play with. Following is a list of the numbers for each game and team: Match number (first three digits of code) 1 (no code needed) 2 224 3 033 4 530 5 363 6 172 7 429 8 561 9 513 10 971 11 086 12 016 Team number (last two digits of code) Cameroon 54 USA 31 Japan 59 Holland 41 England 45 Spain 38 Brazil 51 Germany 13 Argentina 62 France 26 USSR 17 Mexico 72 Italy 33 For example, if you wanted to play the final game using Mexico, you would enter the code: 01672
Sent in by Gavin at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! 01613 Go to the cup game with Germany and Argentina

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