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Dark Arena

Books: Game Boy Advance Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003
Last Updated: 4/27/02.



KNGHTSFR All keys LMSPLLNG All maps THRBLDNS All weapons NDCRSDRT Unlimited ammunition HLGNDSBR Unlimited health NFTRWLLH Level skip. Go to the map screen, and press Select to advance to the next level. CRSDR Sound effects test. Enter the game options menu, then set "Sound FX" to "Off", then back "On" to hear a random sound. NRYRDDS Cheat mode Note: This code disables all the passwords listed above. The following cheat mode passwords may now be entered. All keys: KEYS All maps: MAPS All weapons: WEAPONS Unlimited ammunition: AMMO Unlimited health: HEALTH Level skip: SKIP Disable cheat mode and enable "special password" codes (1st seven passwords listed above): PWORD Sound effects test: SFX TEST Additionally, the following passwords can be entered in cheat mode to advance to the corresponding level and difficulty. Level 2, Easy Mode: A Level 3, Easy Mode: B Level 4, Easy Mode: C Level 5, Easy Mode: D Level 6, Easy Mode: E Level 7, Easy Mode: F Level 8, Easy Mode: G Level 9, Easy Mode: H Level 10, Easy Mode: I Level 11, Easy Mode: J Level 12, Easy Mode: K Level 13, Easy Mode: L Level 14, Easy Mode: M Level 15, Easy Mode: N View End Credits, Easy Mode: O Level 2, Medium Mode: AA Level 3, Medium Mode: BB Level 4, Medium Mode: CC Level 5, Medium Mode: DD Level 6, Medium Mode: EE Level 7, Medium Mode: FF Level 8, Medium Mode: GG Level 9, Medium Mode: HH Level 10, Medium Mode: II Level 11, Medium Mode: JJ Level 12, Medium Mode: KK Level 13, Medium Mode: LL Level 14, Medium Mode: MM Level 15, Medium Mode: NN View End Credits, Medium Mode: OO Level 2, Hard Mode: AAA Level 3, Hard Mode: BBB Level 4, Hard Mode: CCC Level 5, Hard Mode: DDD Level 6, Hard Mode: EEE Level 7, Hard Mode: FFF Level 8, Hard Mode: GGG Level 9, Hard Mode: HHH Level 10, Hard Mode: III Level 11, Hard Mode: JJJ Level 12, Hard Mode: KKK Level 13, Hard Mode: LLL Level 14, Hard Mode: MMM Level 15, Hard Mode: NNN View End Credits, Hard Mode: OOO Easy CRSDRPLS Level 2 TKMWTHYB Level 3 TTLLSFRT Level 4 STCRSTRD Level 5 NTLVMLNW Level 6 NTTRDTNY Level 7 RQSTMWTN Level 8 GTSTNDBY Level 9 YRSDTFGH Level 10 TWTHYVRS Level 11 THYRCLLN Level 12 GHVTBTHR Level 13 HLYLNDHS Level 14 TBFRFGHT Level 15 GDFGHTBL End Medium VWHTSRGH Level 2 TCRSDRLR Level 3 DFRLMWTH Level 4 LLYRMGHT Level 5 WRMRCHNG Level 6 TLNDFRFR Level 7 MHMNNCNS Level 8 YWHLLRTR Level 9 NFRCHRSN Level 10 DMSSKWLL Level 11 TKRRVNGN Level 12 PGNFRMTF Level 13 STWCHRS Level 14 NSRCMNGW Level 15 THSWRDSH End Hard LDNHGHNT Level 2 DBYFTHND Level 3 CSSRCNHT Level 4 HNSWLLSN Level 5 TSTRSTLR Level 6 STNDRDSW Level 7 LLRSCRSS Level 8 LNDTBTTL Level 9 SRCNHRDS Level 10 WFLLWRWR Level 11 RRKNGNWR Level 12 DNTFGHTW Level 13 CRRYSGNF Level 14 CRSSWRLR Level 15 DSFNGLND End

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