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Fire Pro Wrestling

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Last Updated: 10/20/01. Hidden wrestlers Unlock All Wrestlers

Hidden wrestlers

The following are found after unlocking all the wrestlers: "The Runner" KLEEBO is HBK Shawn Micheals. "Slim Jim" Mr. Mann is Macho Man Randy Savage. "The Lastman" OMEGA is Mick Foley. "Dragon Soldier" YASU OHHASHI is Kaz Hayashi. "Shining Dragon" AZTECA DRAGON is Ultimo Dragon. "Darkman" KILLA KALANI is The Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Unlock All Wrestlers

Sent in by Greg Minder Here's a handy trick to unlock all of the grapplers in the game. Edit a player. On the name entry screen, go to Name Entry and begin editing the name. For the nickname, put "ALL." For first name enter "STYLE." For last name put "CLEAR." Put Exchange to "OFF" and at Middle, enter a space. Then press start and return to the main menu. All wrestlers will be unlocked.

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