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Mario Kart Super Circuit

Books: Game Boy Advance Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003
Last Updated: 6/6/03. Quick restart Ribbon Road Shortcut Rainbow Road Shortcut Super Mario Kart tracks Waluigi Getting a "B" rank Smoking tires Spin donuts Jump Shoot Alternate title screen Control player selection screen Use horn Quick start Delete game Classic Super NES Tracks in 1P mode Special Cup

Quick restart

The following trick works on the Boo Lake, Broken Pier, Rainbow Road levels, or any of the Ghost Valley levels. If you fall out of bounds and Lakitu fishes you out, hold A (accelerate) about three seconds before he drops you off. If done correctly, you will get a quick boost of speed to get back in the race. Note: This does not work for levels such as the Bowser levels, where you are not raised by Lakitu very high off the ground.

Ribbon Road Shortcut

In Ribbon Road on Star Cup, get to the first ramp. Hit the turbo in front of the ramp then hit the ramp. Make a hard right and hit the second track to the left. Then, hold Right until you stop bouncing and you will be ahead of the other racers.

Rainbow Road Shortcut

When you are on the road look to the left side of the track for something that resembles a skinny long track. Go right over the edge, and since the sides make you jump, land on it. You will go very fast because of the speed boosts. Jump onto the skinny part of the track next to the larger portion. However, instead of going around, turn right slightly. If done correctly, you will be on the edge of the first jump section and have gone up at least one rank. This is extremely hard to do, but if done correctly it can pull you from a fifth to a first place finish.

Super Mario Kart tracks

Get 100 coins or more by the end of the cup to unlock extra tracks. Press L or R to view and play them. Once you get an "A" rank on every cup on every class you will unlock all of the original courses from Super Mario Kart.


Win every cup (50, 100, 150) and get gold medals in everything, including the secret levels.

Getting a "B" rank

Finish every circuit in any cup in first place and get 100 coins (25 coins per circuit).

Smoking tires

Immediately before the race starts, when the little turtle cloud appears, hold Gas. When the race starts, you will peel out or smoke your tires then take off.

Spin donuts

Press A + B then turn left or right.


Press R while driving to make your car jump.


Press L to shoot.

Alternate title screen

Successfully complete all circuits in all classes to change the background color of the title screen.

Control player selection screen

At the character selection screen, press L to shoot a green shell or press R to jump.

Use horn

During a race, press Select to use the horn.

Quick start

Just before the last light turns on during the pre-race countdown, press Gas to get a quick start.

Delete game

Hold L + R + B + Start and power on the system to delete the current saved data.

Classic Super NES Tracks in 1P mode

Sent in by Greg Minder If you want to race on the Classic Super NES tracks that you play on in the single cart link mode while in 1P mode, all you need to do is complete each circuit with at least 125 coins collected and you will unlock the respective classic circuit.

Special Cup

Sent in by Greg Minder To unlock the final circuit, Special Cup (which includes Star Road), all you need to do is get a gold trophy in each of the earlier races.

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