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Robopon 2: Ring Version

Books: Game Boy Advance Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003
Last Updated: 12/20/02.

Battery combinations

Battery combinations

Boomer: Air + Air Bulbot: Hyper + Hyper Bulbot: Hyper + NiCD Bulbot: Mangan + Air Bulbot: Mild + Mangan Bulbot: NiCD + NiCD Bulbot: Normal + air Bulbot: Normal + Mild Bulbot: Normal + NiCD Bulbot: Normal + Normal Fighter: NiCD + Air Granite: Mangan + Mangan Hippon: Hyper + Mangan Leaky: Mild + NiCD Meddy: Mangan + NiCD Sumito: Normal + Mangan Ta-daa: Hyper + Mild Timzup: Mild + air Wobble: Normal + Hyper Woolly: Hyper + Air


Bulbot is the worst Robopon in the game. It has low HP and attack.

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