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Last Updated: 3/7/03.



THISISBMXX Bonus Movie 1 FMV sequence KEEPITDIRTY Bonus Movie 2 FMV sequence BOING Dam 1 FMV sequence THONG Dam 2 FMV sequence DDUULRRLDRSQUARE Final Movie FMV sequence HIGHBEAMS Las Vegas 1 FMV sequence TASSLE Las Vegas 2 FMV sequence IFLINGPOO Launch Pad 69 1 FMV sequence PEACH Launch Pad 69 2 FMV sequence BURLESQUE Rampage Skatepark 2 FMV sequence ONEDOLLAR Sheep FMV sequence 69 Sheep Hills 2 FMV sequence FUZZYKITTY Syracuse 1 FMV sequence MICHAELHUNT Syracuse 2 FMV sequence LAPDANCE The Bronx, NYC 1 FMV sequence STRIPTEASE The Bronx, NYC 2 FMV sequence FREESAMPLE The Bronx, NYC 3 FMV sequence BOOTYCALL UGP Roots Jam 2 FMV sequence CHAMPAGNE ROOM All FMV sequences XXX RATED CHEAT Level select MASS HYSTERIA Stage select ELECTRICITYBAD Play as Amish Boy I LOVE WOOD Play as Amish Boy 65 SWEET RIDES All bikes AMISHBOY1699 Amish Boy's bikes HELLKITTY487 Hellkitty's bikes ITCHI594 Itchi's bikes JOYRIDE18 Joyride's bikes KARMA311 Karma's bikes LATEY411 La'tey's bikes MANUEL415 Manuel's bikes MIKA362436 Mika's bikes NUTTER290 Nutter's bikes RAVE10 Rave's bikes SKEETER666 Skeeter's bikes TRIPLEDUB922 Tripledub's bikes TWAN18 Twan's bikes SHOWMETHEMONKEY Launch Pad 69 level IOWARULES Rampage Skatepark level THATDAMLEVEL The Dam level SHOWMETHEMONEY Las Vegas level UNDERGROUND Roots level BAABAA Sheep Hills level BOYBANDSSUCK Syracuse level 3RD SOG Night vision mode. Objects will appear greenish. PARABOLIC Visible gap mode. This mode allows you to see all gaps. Z AXIS More speed FLUFFYBUNNY Happy bunny mode. This mode allows you to get more air. GHOSTCONTROL Ghost control mode. This mode allows you to steer ghost ridden bikes. HEAVYPETTING Super crash mode. This mode makes your character extra bouncy when you crash. MAKEMEANGRY Green skin mode. You can now choose a green skin tone in the custom rider creator. BRONXCHEER Fire bullets. Begin a level, stop your rider, then move the C-stick to enter first person mode. Press A to shoot people and cars. XXXINTRO Random introduction sequence. The introduction sequence will now be various FMV sequences that you have already unlocked.

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