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James Bond 007: NightFire

Books: Secret Codes 2003 - The Ultimate Code Book: Cheating Made Easy
Last Updated: 2/28/03.

Secret Unlock codes

Secret Unlock codes

PASSPORT Level select POWDER Alpine Escape level MELTDOWN Chain Reaction level BLASTOFF Countdown level AQUA Deep Descent level BONSAI Double Cross level TRACTION Enemies Vanquished level VACUUM Equinox level PARADISE Island Infiltration level HIGHRISE Night Shift level FLAME Phoenix Fire level Q LAB All gadget upgrades MAGAZINE Bigger clip for sniper rifle SCOPE Rifle scope upgrade SHUTTER Camera upgrade SESAME Decrypter upgrade P2000 P2K upgrade AU P2K Golden P2K AU PP7 Golden PP7 LIFTOFF Grapple upgrade PHOTON Laser upgrade ZAP Stunner upgrade LAUNCH Vanquish car missile upgrade GAMEROOM All multi-player options TARGET Multi-player mode Assassination option TNT Multi-player mode Demolition option BOOM Multi-player mode Explosive Scenery option ORBIT Multi-player mode GoldenEye Strike option GUARDIAN Multi-player mode Protection option TEAMWORK Multi-player mode Team King Of The Hill option TRANSMIT Multi-player mode Uplink option PARTY Multi-player mode all characters VOODOO Multi-player mode Baron Samedi ZERO G Multi-player Bond Spacesuit BLACKTIE Multi-player mode Bond Tuxedo NUCLEAR Multi-player mode Christmas Jones NUMBER 1 Multi-player mode Drake SLICK Multi-player mode Elektra King MIDAS Multi-player mode Goldfinger DENTAL Multi-player mode Jaws BLIMP Multi-player mode Max Zorin BADGIRL Multi-player mode Mayday BITESIZE Multi-player mode Nick Nack CIRCUS Multi-player mode Pussy Galore HEADCASE Multi-player mode Renard ASSASSIN Multi-player mode Scaramanga MARTIAL Multi-player mode Wai Lin JANUS Multi-player mode Xenia Onatopp SLEEPY Tranquilizer dart upgrade Your tranquilizer darts will be upgraded so that enemies will stay down longer. BOWLER Multi-player mode Oddjob When Oddjob is unlocked, switch weapons to get his hat as an available weapon. It is the classic hat throw from Goldfinger and is a 1 hit kill move.

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