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NASCAR Thunder 2003

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Last Updated: 2/7/03. Thunder Plates Easy win in Daytona Fantasy drivers Dale Earnhardt Tiburon Speedway track

Thunder Plates

Select the Thunder Challenge or Lightning Challenge at the game mode screen. Complete the various challenges to get new Thunder Plates. The Plates are awarded randomly from game to game -- winning a certain track with a particular driver will not unlock the same Plate between games.

Easy win in Daytona

Make sure the race is set on ten percent difficulty. Then, cause a crash on lap four. If done correctly, there should be a caution. Go into the pits, and ignore that fact if no one else also enters. You will probably be last, but there will soon be another caution and the leaders will come in. Stay out and do not pit. After the stop, you should be in first or second place. You will run low on gas, but you will not run out. Block and you will be able to win.

Fantasy drivers

Enter Extra Drivers as a name at the create a car screen.

Dale Earnhardt

Enter Dale Earnhardt as a name at the create a car screen.

Tiburon Speedway track

Use a memory card with a saved file from an EA Sports 2003 game.

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