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Last Updated: 8/23/02.

Big Missiles
Fire a powerful double-laser

Big Missiles

Sent in by Kyle Van Asten at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! Anywhere and anytime your in the game, you can get these two big missiles that cover the whole screen. When this happens, everything on the screen dies except you. I'm not sure how to get them but I have gotten them a couple of times bye dodging in patterns or shooting in patterns. These missiles are extremely rare and hard to get, but they're worth it.

Fire a powerful double-laser

Sent in by Tom V. at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! At any time (with any weapon), hold down the B button for a few seconds. After you hear a beep, let go of the button to fire a powerful double-laser.


Sent in by Zochmen TY690 Mission 23, near full power
73Q17 Mission 2 E3QG3 Mission 3 L3QG3 Mission 4 S3QG3 Mission 5 Z3QG3 Mission 6 I3QG3 Mission 7 P3QG3 Mission 8 W3QG3 Mission 9 33QG3 Mission 10 A3QG3 Mission 11 H3QG3 Mission 12 U3QG3 Mission 13 53QG3 Mission 14 K3QG3 Mission 15 F3QG3 Mission 16 13QG3 Mission 17 63QG3 Mission 18 83QG3 Mission 19 D3QG3 Mission 20 M3QG3 Mission 21 R3QG3 Mission 22 TY2NU Mission 23

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