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Last Updated: 7/6/99.

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Game Genie codes


To continue, hold the A and B Buttons and press Select five times. Then, press either Start on Controller 1 or the Fire Button on the Arkanoid paddle controller to activate the continue.

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You can advance one screen beyond the level you are playing, but only up to Stage 15. To do this, hold A and Start once the music begins playing.

Game Genie codes

Sent in by Rick N. Bruns at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! AEYZOP See blocks that have been destroyed GKIZZN Mega fast ball POIZZY Fast ball that demo can handle AEIZZN Fast ball you can handle IIZZIG Different colors SOTUVA Door on side is always open OPEEIO Items fall through you EAEEIO Items fall through you & ship will not explode LKEEIP Demo plays for you LXEEIP Demo plays for you except on levels 10,20,30 ZXEEIO Demo plays for you on a few levels XTSPEE Black background and blocks VVZZPP Square ball AEIEEI No points can be scored in the game AISXXL Extra invisible blocks YYAXXX Major points and speed STPOOO Ball goes through all blocks
NYOPUGLE Lots of lives, probably 255 **OONGP* Start on Level______ ZA A 2 LA A 3 GA A 4 IA A 5 TA A 6 YA A 7 AA E 8 PA E 9 ZA E 10 LA E 11 GA E 12 IA E 13 TA E 14 YA E 15 AP A 16 PP A 17 ZP A 18 LP A 19 GP A 20 IP A 21 TP A 22 YP A 23 AP E 24 PP E 25 ZP E 26 LP E 27 GP E 28 IP E 29 TP E 30 YP E 31 AZ A 32 PZ A 33 ZZ A 34 LZ A 35 GZ A Boss

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