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Last Updated: 1/13/01.

Beating the first boss
Game tips

Beating the first boss

Sent in by Mike If you are having trouble beating the first boss (the giant tree), here is an easy way to kill it. First, you must have the ball and chain weapon. Keep it with you until you get to the tree boss. Simply strike it's arms with the ball and chain once or twice. Now that it's dead, continue to the next level!

Game tips

Sent in by Anthony Mariano at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! To finish the game, remember these things. 1) Don't pick up a key in Levels 1-6. 2) Defeat the Ice Boss with Arrows. 3) In Level 7, pick up the key that the last boss drops. 4) In the Labyrinth, find the princess completely covered with blocks. Break the blocks and get the Harp. Go right. In the next open area, break the blocks in the upper-left hand corner. get the Magic Lamp, go up and right to get to the other princess. Don't take the Harp. continue to the right until you get to the boss.

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