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Kickle Cubicle

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Last Updated: 7/8/99.

See a secret player
Sound test


Sent in by RJ at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! gMgP GICG Chicken XDXI EKBY Clown ELGh hHBh Turtle LYSe bFBa Wizard King
ITXG bLCE Level 10 LGDa DBBQ Level 15 NIEh VLBK Level 20 RXSh KKCB Level 25 TJBY EGCe Level 30 GdBM IABg Special Round 2 FbjJ IYAX Special Round 1

See a secret player

Sent in by Zack Nephew Press A button rapidly on Controller two when the screen turns pink to see a secret player (you can not play her).

Sound test

On the Title screen, hold A and B on Controller 2, then press Reset on the Control Deck. The words "Kickle Cubicle Sound Collection" will appear with a number. Press A and B on Controller 1 to change the number, and press the Control Pad in any direction to activate the sounds.

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