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Adventure of Lolo 3

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Last Updated: 7/8/99.



2222 2222 2222 2222 Play until you get to Level 3. Then you will be able to make a Rainbow Bridge to the other side. h=Heart t=Triangle d=Diamond 6B5R TQh6 C236 hVWH Lolo Level 4 MMDY WQH4 B2C9 hBtH Lala Level 4 V4Yd 23Gt 5Jd+ JNDN Lolo Level 9 JWB+ LtFF PBtV 326B Lala Level 9 ZGNY PTR5 +QTZ 3Q5V Lolo Level 14 Y2+V WGDN J+GG NSZ6 Lala Level 14 NSMJ 62K5 6STK 67SR Lolo Level 15 QKKH SQ53 6DPd NJ+6 Lolo Level 16 W8Sh 4M4h GVRZ WM42 Lala Level 16 96HW 56R8 hBtB 93G5 Lolo Level 17 D49t DKQh QtQP T56V Lala Level 17 JY8H JPLG 893Q Ch2L Lolo Level 4-7 Bosses TTHR MR7H dV3t L493 Lolo Level 9-12 Bosses 4R4N SPDD FhL4 5BTJ Lolo King of Eggerland

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