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Trolls on Treasure Island

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Sent in by Adam Lamontagne Enter your name as: ADAML [Note that 0 is the number zero] DZD2K5 Level 5 L5LW1V Level 6 XB1K2N Level 7 K4P10T Level 8 GXG8M3 Level 9 NVNT71 Level 10 0P4Q3M Level 11 VN7HJQ Level 12 N7NTK5 Level 13 BXB41V Level 14 5L9-2N Level 15 6N7C8L Level 16 2P3HZQ Level 17 XJW1FH Level 18 9NC53M Level 19 JX4B7W Level 20 2TG8GQ Level 21 8P3C1V Level 22 F0J22N Level 23 9Q6J0T Level 24 0-ZRM3 Level 25 YR5-71 Level 26 LXM73M Level 27 RYQ0JQ Level 28 2R5-K5 Level 29 Q5RX0R Level 30 CYG6RB Level 31 ZGYQ0T Level 32 6K7FM3 Level 33 The last code will start you with all the Levels finished. You can revisit any level in the game, but if you want to see the short ending message, start with code 32 then beat the last Level, Rubik's Tomb.

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