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Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2

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Last Updated: 9/15/01.



Sent in by Code Hunter at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! FLLNGDWN Level 2 (Bridge) GTMLK Level 3 (Fridge) CHLLBB Level 4 (Freezer) CLSNGN Level 5 (Inside Wall) DGTHS Level 6 (Graveyard) FRNKNSTN Level 7 (Castle) BDBZ Level 8 (Tan Base) LBBCK Level 9 (Revenge) DSKJB Level 10 (Desk) GTSLP Level 11 (Bed) SMLLVLL Level 12 (Blue Town) CHRGT Level 13 (Cashier) NTBRT Level 14 (Train) RDGLR Level 15 (Rockets) FSTNLS Level 16 (Pool Table) WHSWZRD Level 17 (Pinball Table) LLVLS Level Select TNMN Tin-foil Uniform GBZRK All weapons SLGFST Maximum ammunition THDTST Display debug information GRNGRLRX Play as Vikki CLLPINGBB No clipping mode (walk through objects) DRVLLVSMM Mini mode PLSTRLVSVG Play as General Plastro

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