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BattleTanx: Global Assault

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Last Updated: 3/2/02. Avoid the Nuke blast Passwords Ultra Weapons Secret Island at Alcatraz Drive two tanks Passwords

Avoid the Nuke blast

Sent in by Goatman Tip: In 2-player mode, pick up some teleporters and when it says "nuke deployed" ready the teleporters and when you see the sky turn yellow, use the teleporters and if done right then you won't be harmed.

Secret Weapon Locations

Sent in by Code Hunter Alcatraz: This whole map is an island, but there is also another secret island that the map doesn't show. You will notice a boat at the southwest corner of the main island. This is actually a secret passage that leads to the other island, but you will have to nuke the place in order to get to the boat. Once you have set off a nuke, drive over to the boat and drive straight into the black opening. It probably won't take you to the secret island on the first try, but don't back up. Keep going forward and aiming for the opening until you appear on the other island. In the multi player mode, there is nothing on this island, but you can use it to hide from your opponents. In the campaign mode, you will find tons of stuff, including another Nuke. Route 66 Drive-in: In the southeast corner of the map, there are 3 small gray indestructible buildings. Two of these are side-by-side on the wall at the edge of the map. Between them, you will notice a wall that can be destroyed, revealing a tiny passage. It is easiest for the Mototank to reach the items inside, but other tanks can fit too if you are good enough. In multi player you will find a Nuke, in campaign you will find Shields and Tank Bucks. White House: Only in the campaign mode, there is a small enclosed area in the southwest corner. To the North is a mound of dirt. To get inside the enclosed area, you must find a turbo and use the mound of dirt to jump over the barriers. You will find Tank Bucks, a Nuke, and Teleporters. (Note: Only the Mototank and Rattler can jump far enough to reach the stuff) London Tower: Near one of the entrances to the underground tunnel (the one in the southeast part of the map), there is a barrier that you can actually go right through. Only a Mototank can fit. Behind the tunnel entrance you will find Health, Cloaking, Swarmers, and Teleporters. In the campaign mode, you will find Tank Bucks and Grenades. Berlin War Zone: In the southeast corner of the map, there is a small gray indestructible building. If you squeeze behind it, you will find tons of Shields, Cloaking, and Grenades. Near the northeast corner of the map, between two indestructible buildings, there is a short section of wall that can be destroyed, revealing more Shields, Cloaking, and Grenades. (Note: Again, it is easiest for the Mototank, but you may be able to use another tank also) Escape from Berlin: This one is pretty easy to find but tricky to get. On the railroad tracks, at one end you will find a Nuke. Sounds simple, but you will have to pull straight in and back straight out as quickly as you can to avoid getting hit by the train.

Ultra Weapons

Sent in by Code Hunter (With the exception of the Grenades-Baby Nukes, each of the following codes will drain your supply of that weapon) Super Swarmers: Get at least 11 of them and have them selected. Aim them at an enemy. Press A + B at the same time, and all of your swarmers will fire one right after the other. Ultra Gun Buddies: Get at least 6 of them and select them. Press A + B at the same time, and WOW! You should hear a loud and long noise, then turn around. You should see around 4 super turrets, 6 normal turrets and 6 pop-up turrets; all on your side! Humongous Minefield: Get at least 60 mines. Select them, and then (you know the drill by now) hit A+B. A gigantic minefield should be laid behind you. Bouncing Betties: Get at least 40 of them, (have them selected, hit A + B) Anybody going through this Bouncing Betty Field better have some speed to survive! Baby Nukes (my personal favorite): Get at least 11 grenades. You should know what to do by know. Anyway, after being fired, it will expand, and expand, and expand to the size of a Goliath, until...BOOM!!! It will explode with such force, it will take out almost all tanks within the surrounding area. Like normal grenades, you are not immune to the explosion. (Note: every time you use this one, you will lose 10 grenade; you must have AT LEAST 11 each time or it will not work.) Upgraded Lasers: Once the code RCKTSRDGLR has been entered and you have just started the game, find lasers. When lasers are on the little box in the bottom, push A + B at the same time. Your laser will now ricochet off of walls and objects. Cloning: Once the code RCKTSRDGLR has been entered and you have just started the game find cloak in the little box in the bottom corner. Once found hit A + B at the same time. You will be cloaked and there will be a clone of you in front of you. Also the cloak lasts longer. More Plasma Bolts: Once the code RCKTSRDGLR has been entered and you have just started the game find plasma bolts. Once found push A + B and all of your plasma bolts will start counting down while a bunch of bolts are going wild in the area. Three Way Fire: Once the code RCKTSRDGLR has been entered and you have just started the game find the flamethrower. Push A + B and your fire will go into three different directions.

Secret Island at Alcatraz

Sent in by David To get to the secret island at Alcatraz, you need to destroy the gate in front of the boat where you start. To do that, you need to get at least 15 guided missiles (or type in "RCKTSRDGLR") press A + B at the same time at the missiles, and crash it into the gate part, the missile won't blow up, it will stay there. Eventually it will go away. After that you should be able drive through the gate into the boat!

Drive two tanks

Sent in by Code Hunter at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! First you have to pick battlelord mode, you can have any amount of players. Then once your playing go to your base were your queen lord garding goliath tank is. Go right by the garding goliath tank. Once you've done this press all the "C" buttons at once to self-destruct. Once the bracket were you can choose your tank comes up, press Up-C to become the garding goliath. Then press Down-C to detach the garding goliath. Now choose one of the tanks, and if everything was done correctly you should be able to drive both the tanks you picked and the garding goliath tank. The best part is you can even fire weapons with both tanks. The bad part is your only behind the tank you pick so it's hard to drive the garding goliath tank.


Sent in by Code Hunter at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! 8ODYS Level Select HPPYHPPY Invincibility RCKTSRDGLR All Weapons NNKNHCKS Brandon Gang TRDDYBRRKS Custom 1 Gang (unlocks the Custom 1 Gang in multi-player mode) WRDRB Bonus Level In Campaign Mode (unlocks a secret level after you beat campaign mode)

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