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Destruction Derby 64

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Last Updated: 1/19/00.

Bonus Cars
Fast start

Bonus Cars

Sent in by Code Hunter In World Championship Mode win each circuit and get an extra car. Ambulance - Complete the Legend circuit with the pick-up truck Blue Demon - Beat time trial on Seascape Sprint with Ragtop Hatchback - Beat time trial on Terminal Impact with Ragtop Low Rider - Beat time trial on Metro Challenge with Ragtop Woody Wagon - Beat time trial on Bayou Run with Ragtop Hot Rod - Beat time trial on Sunset Canyon with Ragtop Police Car - Beat time trial on Midnight Rumble with Hot Rod Taxi Cab - Complete the First Circuit to get the Taxi Cab Ragtop - Beat time trial on Alpine Ridge with Baja Buggy Pick Up - Complete the Second Circuit with the Taxi Cab

Fast start

Sent in by Code Hunter at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! To Get a Fast start at the beginning of a race just do this. Right after the announcer says "Set" press the "A" Button and you should get a fast start. This may take some practice but you will get it sooner or later.

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