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Last Updated: 7/21/01. Sound Test Stage select Game Genie codes

Sound Test

At the title screen, hold L + R + B and press Start for a Sound Test.

Stage select

At the Title screen bring up a hidden chapter selection screen by pressing Down, Select, select, X, Y, Select, L, R, Select, Select, Left, Right and Up. Then A for Stage 2, B for Stage 3, X for Stage 4, or Y for Stage 5.

Game Genie codes

Sent in by Tony Hedstrom at The Code Hut These codes must be entered at the start of a new game. By changing the first 2 digits of these codes, you can increase or decrease the values. EEC9-0DB5 Rooks starts with 255 HP instead of 150. D4C9-0D25 Rooks starts with 662 HP instead of 150. 9CC9-0FF5 Rooks starts with 90 MP instead of 30. F3C9-0FB5 Rooks starts with 30 strength instead of 10. F3C9-04F5 Rooks starts with 30 endurance instead of 10. F3C9-04B5 Rooks starts with 30 intelligence instead of 10. F3C9-07F5 Rooks starts with 30 alertness instead of 10.

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