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Bass Masters Classic: Pro Edition

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Last Updated: 5/2/03.



Sent in by Clint Sonoda Pass the first level and add the block and number 6 to the following diagram for your password to load a game. XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX**X XXXXXXXXX Where the two asterisks are in the diagram above, place the square block and 6 to give you a few thousand dollars, I think it was $36,000 or something like that (Don't remember, might be a lot more like $300,000). But I know that those two control the amount of money you will have, you can play around and fit other combinations in there; but I find that the square block and six work best.
Sent in by Matt Pietszak at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! 0QFBBBLLB BBLKF4TFW N8PGBBBB7 This code starts you on the third day of Lake Calabas, you have a full tackle box the best reel, rod, engine, and fishfinder. You start out in first place with 113 pounds, 14 ounces and $10,160
1M0CVBLB BNLHSB043 LVSQBC0BH Pro Circuit, Lake Calabases, Day 3 0LFBBBLLB BBLKF4TFW N8PGBBBBG Final Day: Lake Calabasas, Day 3, Amature Circuit

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