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Doomsday Warrior

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Last Updated: 7/12/99.



Sent in by Jarrett Durant at The Unofficial World of Nintendo!!! Amon 9D49D9D4 Layban 696999D4 Daisy 442D49D6 P-Lump 442HF4D6 Grimlock 6C2HC6D6 Nuform GG2HCBD6 Bosses Daisy C44999G9 Layban CF6949G9 Amon 4GBCC9GC P-Lump 6CBD66G6 Grimlock 6CBD66G6 Nuform 6BBD6BG6 Bosses Grimlock 6D49D974 Layban 496C9976 Amon 4DBHD976 Daisy 645H9976 P-Lump 6F5H4476 Nuform G45HFF76 Bosses Layban 9F49D9C4 Amon CCF999C4 Daisy C689F9C4 P-Lump 6B89F4C4 Grimlock 468946CG Nuform 4B894BCB Bosses Nuform 9449491C Layban 9F69C91C Amon 44B9G91C Daisy 6459H91C P-Lump 6G59H41C Grimlock 6G5D161C Bosses P-Lump CF49F9H4 Layban 946C49H6 Amon 9GBCG9HG Daisy C65DB9HG Grimlock 465FHCHD Nuform 4B5F0GHD Bosses Sledge 64C94994 Amon 6FGC4994 Daisy 9F39F994 P-Lump C43C4494 Grimlock 643CGB94 Bosses

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