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        BATTLE    ARENA
       __  __/  __  /  ____/  /    /_  _/    \  /  _  \   ____/    \  /
          /    /   /____  /  __   /   /   /    /  /   /  ____/  /    /
       __/  ______/______/__/  __/____/__/  __/______/______/__/  __/

                                                       GameBoy FAQ  v3.2

 by Jason Chun  (

 This FAQ is (c)1997,1998 Jason Chun.  All rights reserved.  Boy, that
 makes it sound serious.  But at any rate, feel free to distribute this
 FAQ in its entirety for non-profit purposes.  Contact me on use of
 this FAQ for some other means.

 |  TABLE OF CONTENTS                           |

I.   General Information
     - Version History
     - Sources
     - Introduction
     - Author's Notes About This FAQ

II.  Stuff Pertaining To The Game
     - Menus And Options
     - Codes And Secrets
     - Character Dialogue Messages
     - Miscellaneous Tid Bits

III. Game Play
     - Basic Moves
     - More Advanced Game Mechanics
     - Character Specific Moves

IV.  Stuff That Goes At The End
     - Conspiracy Theory
     - Special Thanks
     - The End

 |  I. GENERAL INFORMATION                      |

- Version History:

  1.00 - Never Existed.
  1.01 - Also never existed.  In fact, there have never been any
         versions of this FAQ from 1.0 to 3.0.
  3.14 - This has been the only one.  Everyone starts offs at 1.0 or
         some other number less than 1, so I thought I'd be original
         and pick some other number to start off at instead.  Anyway,
         it feels more impressive than just plain ol' 1.0.  Sounds like
         I put more work and revisions into it in order to reach 3.14.
  3.2  - Wow. I never thought I'd ever have to make a revision, but
         here it is.  Added the name "Igoukinai" to Gaia II's move.
         Added Ellis' infinite combo.  Added stage select to the
         Micellaneous Tid Bits.  Tidied up some of the text.  Changed
         my e-mail address.

- Sources:

   +  Battle Arena Toshinden manuals for the PSX, Saturn, and GameBoy.
   +  Battle Arena Toshinden 2 manual for the PSX.
   +  Numerous FAQs from the net that I don't recall specifically, but
      I'm sure much of my BAT knowledge came from reading them.

- Introduction:

   Well, I'd imagine most people who are playing the GameBoy version of
   Battle Arena Toshinden have played the 32-bit versions or have at
   least heard about them and are familiar with the story.  So there.
   But just in case...

   Toshin Daibukai is a tourament held every few years and is arranged
   by a shadowy underworld organization.  Only fighters who were sent
   letters of invitation are allowed to participate.  Who's in the
   organization, and why were the fighters selected?  As usual, no one
   knows, and the character endings don't help too much either.  =)
   Speaking of which...  In the booklet, the reason why each fighter
   chose to enter the tournament is the same as the other versions of
   Toshinden (Eiji wants to find his brother, Kayin is looking for
   revenge, Sofia is searching for her background, etc...).  However,
   in the game itself, the reasons are completely different, and in
   most cases, usually wacky and twisted.  (check out Fo's ending.
   What a perv...  =)

- Author's Notes About This FAQ:

   This is my first attempt at writing a FAQ.  Why did I pick to do BAT
   for GameBoy?  Probably because nobody else has done it.  Cuts down
   on the competition.
   Another reason why I'm writing this FAQ is to put into print the
   20+ hit combos I've found in the game which, contrary to the easy
   comboability of the game mechanics, are quite difficult to do IMHO.
   I'd usually just post something like that on USENET, but since I
   don't hang out in the GameBoy/Nintendo newsgroups, I'm not really
   sure where the appropriate place to post them would be.  Therefore,
   I'm writing an entire FAQ just to put down a couple of combos. But
   they're really *cool* combos if you can get them off!  =)
   If you have any info that I left out of this FAQ, or if you've
   found an error, I can be contacted via e-mail at:


- Menus And Options:

   From the title screen, you have four selections:  1P Game, VS CPU,
   VS Human, and Options.

   +  1P Game:  Story mode.  Each character (including the bosses) has
      a unique story explaining his of her involvement in the
      tournament.  A difficulty of Normal and above will give you the
      "good" ending, but each difficulty setting has a different code
      that would be revealed at the end.
   +  VS CPU:  One-on-one fight with the CPU opponent of your choice.
      If you win, the game goes back to the Character Select screen to
      let you choose another CPU opponent.  If you lose, you get the
      CONTINUE? message, which would bring you to the Character Select
      screen to let you choose your character, and then the CPU's.
      This is mainly a training and practice mode.
   +  VS Human:  One-on-one with a second player via GameBoy link or
      second controller on a SNES.  The only way to quit this game mode
      is to reset.
   +  Options:  Let's you change the characteristics of the game.  Most
      are self-explanatory:
             LEVEL = difficulty of the CPU opponents
         BOUT TIME = time limit per bout (round)
         SET POINT = Number of bouts needed to win to take the match
              LIFE = amount of life each player starts out with
          RING OUT = number of times each player is allowed to bump
                     against the edge of the stage before falling.
               BGM = BackGround Music test
                SE = Sound Effects test

- Codes And Secrets:

   +  Gaia & Sho Code:  During the Ellis demo (where she turns around
      and beeps), press  RIGHT, LEFT, A, B.  You will hear a "thump" if
      you performed the code correctly.

   +  "Full Battle Mode" code:  During the Ellis demo, press  UP, DOWN,
      A, B, RIGHT, LEFT, A, B.  You will hear an "explosion".  This will
      let you play as GaiaII and Uranus, as well as Gaia and Sho.

   +  "Scorcher Mode" code:  During the Takara logo screen, press
      SELECT 3 times.  You will hear a "swoosh".  Not only can you
      perform Desparation moves at any time, but some characters will
      gain new special attacks.

   +  "Jet Mode" code:  At the title screen (where is says to press
      START ), press  UP, UP, SELECT, A, DOWN, DOWN, SELECT, B.
      You will hear a "beep", and if you are playing on a Super GameBoy,
      the title will turn blue.  The game will run at a higher speed.
      I believe this only works on a Super GameBoy.  Verify that this
      code doesn't work on a standard GameBoy and get your name in the
      Special Thanks section!  Offer valid while supplies last...

   +  Character Dialogue code:  During the Takara logo screen, press
      B, A, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, DOWN, UP, B, A.  A new screen will
      open up to allow you to display all the dialogue messages seen
      in the game (and then some).  UP and DOWN on the D-pad will
      scroll through the message number (0-207) and button A will
      display that message.  Believe it or not, I actually took the
      time to transcribe every single message and stuck in here in
      this FAQ, which you can read further on.

   +  To fight GaiaII in Story mode, you must finish 2 opponents with
      a Desparation or Secret move in the final bout (ie: the bout
      that will win the match for you).  To fight Sho, you must finish
      2 more opponents with a Desparation or Secret move after facing
      GaiaII.  The only other requirement is that the difficulty level
      must be at Normal or above.  You may use as many Continues as
      you like.

- Character Dialogue Messages:

   +  The dialogue messages are outlined in this way:
         000-143 = Character win quotes
         144-156 = Story openings  (144 not an actual opening)
         157-168 = Story endings
         169-172 = Game codes
         173-184 = Secret character moves  (useless info for bosses)
         185-198 = Continue? message
         199-207 = Whatever else
   +  With regards to character-related messages, the order for which
      they appear is as follows:  Eiji, Kayin, Sofia, Rungo, Fo,
      Mondo, Duke, Ellis, Gaia, Sho, Uranus, and GaiaII.
   +  In the stories sections, I've entered the names of who I thought
      was saying the lines (ie: >PERSON> " ... ").  In the game, it is
      shown as straight text with no names and no quotes, which makes
      it confusing to figure out who's saying what (especially 158 and
      159, which can be interpreted several ways).  So in the stories
      is *my* interpretation of what exactly is being said by whom.
      Or you can remove all the double quotes and anything that looks
      like >PINKY>, and interprete the stories any way you like.  =)
   +  In the codes sections, graphical arrows are used, which I can't
      duplicate here.  So as substitute, I'm using two methods to
      represent those arrows:         <U>             <UB> <U> <UF>
                                 <L>---+---<R>        <B>---+---<F>
                                      <D>             <DB> <D> <DF>
      The first one is for game codes; the second is for secret moves.
      I didn't mean to use two different methods.  I only just realized
      that there were two methods when I had to type out this
      explanation just now.  =)

< Eiji's win quote to... >
 000 "Pressure? Feeling no pressure at all before you!"          Eiji
 001 "Kayin! You're Weaker!"                                     Kayin
 002 "Piece of cake!"                                            Sofia
 003 "With power alone, you can't win. Use your brains!"         Rungo
 004 "You are too old to swing it about."                        Fo
 005 "Not a bad weapon you have!
      But my 'Byakko Sword' is the strongest!"                   Mondo
 006 "You've become stronger, haven't you?"                      Duke
 007 "A woman is not an opponent I prefer to fight."             Ellis
 008 "Your armor ... !? You designed it by yourself?"            Gaia
 009 "Good!  I did it! Did I really beat Sho?"                   Sho
 010 "You were defeated because you are weak!"                   Uranus
 011 "Strong!
      Strong enough to challenge this battle."                   GaiaII
< Kayin's win quote to... >
 012 "Eiji! Pity, I was serious!"                                Eiji
 013 "Imitating my style doesn't work!"                          Kayin
 014 "Mind, skill, movement...
      I'm superior in every point!!"                             Sofia
 015 "Man needs speed and skill, not power."                     Rungo
 016 "It's time for you to retire."                              Fo
 017 "Do you know storm? You better.
      Storm defeated you!"                                       Mondo
 018 "Hey, you look cool! But, too straight to be popular."      Duke
 019 "No time to play with kids."                                Ellis
 020 "If you're a fighter,
      improve your skill, not your appearance."                  Gaia
 021 "I beat my teacher! To be a champion,
      I must work harder."                                       Sho
 022 "You can fly. What of it?"                                  Uranus
 023 "I can beat any enemy with my sword!"                       GaiaII
< Sofia's win quote to... >
 024 "You are fighting well, but
      I don't like your hairstyle."                              Eiji
 025 "Handsome, but weak."                                       Kayin
 026 "Stop imitating me! I'm prettier!"                          Sofia
 027 "There is no way you can escape my whip!"                   Rungo
 028 "Don't even think about touching me!"                       Fo
 029 "You're good, but I'm better!"                              Mondo
 030 "This whipping is too strong for you?"                      Duke
 031 "This is not a place for kids."                             Ellis
 032 "Is your face hidden behind your armor
      because of no confidence?"                                 Gaia
 033 "You are strong! Nice guy!"                                 Sho
 034 "Hey! Give me that feather!"                                Uranus
 035 "No need of a weak man!
      Get out of here at once!"                                  GaiaII
< Rungo's win quote to... >
 036 "How can you be so lazy?"                                   Eiji
 037 "Have you brought your kid here? Leave your sword.
      If you die, that kid will be sad."                         Kayin
 038 "Are you OK? Coming here was reckless."                     Sofia
 039 "Your ability is not high enough to defeat them."           Rungo
 040 "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! You dropped your false teeth!"         Fo
 041 "You have a sturdy build. You must work in out mine."       Mondo
 042 "You are quite skillful,
      but not enough to beat me!"                                Duke
 043 "Hey, girl!
      Lend me a fairy tale book if you have one."                Ellis
 044 "I'll take your armor."                                     Gaia
 045 "That sword looks very sharp."                              Sho
 046 "I'll never overlook anybody who is in my way,
      even if it is an angel."                                   Uranus
 047 "The earth is my weapon, my guard."                         GaiaII
< Fo's win quote to... >
 048 "Look! I won't be second to you!"                           Eiji
 049 "So you're storm? Your strength is just a rumor!"           Kayin
 050 "Nice shape you have.  I like it."                          Sofia
 051 "I lost my false teeth."                                    Rungo
 052 "You may be as good as me in 100 years."                    Fo
 053 "I failed once. I must not overlook you."                   Mondo
 054 "I don't like that long hair.
      How can you imitate me?"                                   Duke
 055 "90 years younger? I'm getting old!"                        Ellis
 056 "Are you dressed in such clothes everyday?"                 Gaia
 057 "If I can't beat you, I may as well give up!"               Sho
 058 "It's too early for me to be welcomed by an angel."         Uranus
 059 "To survive in this world,
      you must be able to beat anybody!"                         GaiaII
< Mondo's win quote to... >
 060 "You look too young to use that sword!"                     Eiji
 061 "Don't rely on force and weapons.
      You need the strong mind to win."                          Kayin
 062 "Let me have a better look at you."                         Sofia
 063 "With that costume on, you can't win."                      Rungo
 064 "You are destined to be beaten by me!"                      Fo
 065 "I hate the vulgarian."                                     Mondo
 066 "Chivalry isn't great, is it?"                              Duke
 067 "Won't you give me that costume?"                           Ellis
 068 "I'll not be beaten by anybody that relies on arms."        Gaia
 069 "Your skill is excellent!"                                  Sho
 070 "It's nice that I beat you."                                Uranus
 071 "Very funny to pretend to faint."                           GaiaII
< Duke's win quote to... >
 072 "Eiji! I may accept your challenge again."                  Eiji
 073 "It was a good fight!"                                      Kayin
 074 "I don't always like to fight a woman."                     Sofia
 075 "How can you win a fight with those weapons!"               Rungo
 076 "Sorry! I fight without mercy!"                             Fo
 077 "A natural result!"                                         Mondo
 078 "You have the same troubles as me, don't you?"              Duke
 079 "I never dreamed that I should fight a kid."                Ellis
 080 "You needn't use that weapon."                              Gaia
 081 "This feeling. Like Eiji!"                                  Sho
 082 "You use those wings too flee, don't you?"                  Uranus
 083 "Looking forward to fighting you again!"                    GaiaII
< Ellis' win quote to... >
 084 "Wake!  Don't sleep while dancing!"                         Eiji
 085 "You look cool. Is it only appearance?"                     Kayin
 086 "The young always win!"                                     Sofia
 087 "I won't be defeated by big men, either."                   Rungo
 088 "Don't touch me while fighting!"                            Fo
 089 "I still can't find my father,
      but I'm happy that I saw something fun."                   Mondo
 090 "Ask me about love."                                        Duke
 091 "Why do you lie on the ground?"                             Ellis
 092 "Your armor is great!
      But, it's only the armor that is great."                   Gaia
 093 "He is beautiful."                                          Sho
 094 "Why do you think you were beaten?
      It's the youth that beat you."                             Uranus
 095 "My dear! I remember this odor."                            GaiaII
< Gaia's win quote to... >
 096 "You are just like an ant in front of this armor."          Eiji
 097 "Is that really storm?"                                     Kayin
 098 "This armor is not at all affected by your whip."           Sofia
 099 "Why don't you work with me?"                               Rungo
 100 "Old man!   Give me that claw."                             Fo
 101 "You accepted a request again?"                             Mondo
 102 "This armor can't be torn by such a small sword."           Duke
 103 "With this armor on, I'm matchless."                        Ellis
 104 "I don't understand why you want to put on this armor."     Gaia
 105 "Ho, ho, ho, ... Nothing can break this armor."             Sho
 106 "You have wings?"                                           Uranus
 107 "Without this armor on, you can do nothing!"                GaiaII
< Sho's win quote to... >
 108 "Eiji!  You forgot what I taught you?"                      Eiji
 109 "Kayin! You have a long way to go."                         Kayin
 110 "Not as skillful as rumored."                               Sofia
 111 "Worthless!"                                                Rungo
 112 "You are mentally weak.Aren't you ashamed of it?"           Fo
 113 "Go home quickly!"                                          Mondo
 114 "Huh! I don't like a boy like you."                         Duke
 115 "You should thak me!"                                       Ellis
 116 "You're great, Gaia!
      Looking forward to the next fight."                        Gaia
 117 "You are very weak.
      With that poor skill, don't use my name."                  Sho
 118 "Good fight, Uranus!"                                       Uranus
 119 "Only with your armor off can you beat me."                 GaiaII
< Uranus' win quote to... >
 120 "You are weak. Expectations too high?"                      Eiji
 121 "Weak!  Too weak!"                                          Kayin
 122 "Women should be more than pretty."                         Sofia
 123 "The weak were not asked to join this battle."              Rungo
 124 "Quickly disappear! A real angel may come and see you!"     Fo
 125 "You look a little older!"                                  Mondo
 126 "I could fight a tough opponent after a long time."         Duke
 127 "I wasn't too hard on you. Are you OK?"                     Ellis
 128 "You don't have a perfect command of that armor."           Gaia
 129 "Sho, you are becoming stronger as you fight."              Sho
 130 "Everybody can only imitate the style."                     Uranus
 131 "I am really strong!"                                       GaiaII
< GaiaII's win quote to... >
 132 "He is weak. I expected more."                              Eiji
 133 "Bounty hunter? Why do you hesitate?
      Beat me now!"                                              Kayin
 134 "I'll beat anyone who gets in my way."                      Sofia
 135 "You are not quite as good as you look."                    Rungo
 136 "Did it end already?"                                       Fo
 137 "You shouldn't have come here!"                             Mondo
 138 "Can this one take part in this battle?"                    Duke
 139 "You lost. Go home now!"                                    Ellis
 140 "You can't use that armor as your command."                 Gaia
 141 "This is what my ability is!"                               Sho
 142 "What's wrong, Uranus?
      Why aren't you serious?"                                   Uranus
 143 "When we fight, the highest weapon is the brains."          GaiaII
< Story Openings >
 144       Opening
 145 >EMI> "Eiji, a letter for you."
     >EIJI> "Thank you, Emi. Oh! This letter!"
     >EMI> "Eiji, are you going again?"
     >EIJI> "Sorry!"  Eiji ran away, holding a letter
     of invitation to the tournament in his hand.
     Emi's voice echoes in the dusk.
     >EMI> "Eiji, you silly!!"
 146 >KAYIN> "I want to stop looking after my
     daughter and have some fun. If I win the tournament,
     all the girls will come to me."
     Motivated by that thought,
     Kayin headed for the tournament.
 147 >SOFIA> "I am so unhappy. I have no boyfriend!
     I must capture fighting men."
     Holding her whip and the letter,
     Sofia left Russia for the tournament.
 148 >RUNGO> "They are here again.
     I won't tolerate them anymore!!
     Hey, you!!"
     >MAN> "Oh, Mr. Rungo. Good morning!
     This letter arrived for you."
     >RUNGO> "Shut up! Where are my wife and daughter?"
     >MAN> "Both are OK. See you later."
     The car speed (sic) away.
     Rungo stood there alone.
     His iron body began to heat up with anger.
     He became more and more furious.
 149 >MAN> "Mr. Fo!"
     >FO> "What do you want? Are you eager to beaten?"
     >MAN> "Not at all, sir.
     They say Uranus began to move again."
     >FO> "Hum! One more pleasure for me."
     Fo resumed drinking,
     thinking how he could beat Uranus.
 150 Mondo was wondering.
     He didn't know why that letter was sent to him.
     On the back of the letter, the address read,
     'To Mr. G.' Early the next morning,
     Mondo left his village holding
     that letter in his hand.
 151 >DUKE> "Look here! A letter of invitation!
     Finally, a change (sic) to fight Eiji again!"
     In order to defeat Eiji,
     Duke improved his fighting skill.
     Convinced he will be victorious,
     he headed for the tournament.
 152 >ELLIS> "Everything is dull these days!
     Nobody wants to play,
     and I still can't find my father."
     Ellis received a letter of invitation.
     >ELLIS> "If I go to the arena,
     I may be able to find father!
     I'm going to the tournament!"
 153 >URANUS> "You may use this armor.
     You should beat weak warriors for me." >GAIA> "Yes, sir.
     Please trust me." >URANUS> " With that armor on,
     you can win any fight.
     Strong fighters may enter the tournament.
     Be careful!" >GAIA> "Yes, sir. I'll be careful."
 154 The wind has moved again.
     The wind decides his path.
     The wind blew in the direction of the arena.
     He began to walk towards the arena.
 155 >URANUS> "If I miss this chance,
     there won't be a next chance.
     Gaia, I have something to tell you."
     >GAIA> "What is it?"
     >URANUS> "Well, I want to tell you that..."
     >GAIA> "What is it? What do you want to say?"
     >URANUS> "It's ...  No, not now.  Later!"
     Suddenly, Uranus began to run.
     Gaia could not understand her and kept standing
     there until he was late for his match.
 156 >GAIA> "Uranus wants to fight in the tournament again?
     What's in her head? I'll discipline her."
< Story Endings >
 157 >EMI> "Eiji! I caught you here!" >EIJI> "Sorry, Emi,
     but I can't live without fighting."
     >EMI> "Yes, I know. I won't wait for you anymore.
     From now on, I will go with you."
     >EIJI> "What? No kidding!"
 158 >KAYIN> "Hum! Sofia disappeared with him,
     taking no notice of me! Something wrong with her?"
     >ELLIS> "Don't get a big head!" >KAYIN> "Ellis, why are you here?
     You don't know how cool I am."
     >ELLIS> "Get out of my sight!" Kiss!! >ELLIS> "Stop it, you!
     If you love me, just say so!"
     >KAYIN> "I can't. I have a daughter."
     Ellis just wanted to celebrate Kayin's victory.
 159 >SOFIA> "No Handsome men at all."
     >MASTER> "What made you so sad?"
     >SOFIA> "Ough! It's Master!" >MASTER> "Why are you here?"
     >SOFIA> "O.K.  I'll go around with you."
     >MASTER> "What do you mean?"
     >SOFIA> "Shut up! I'll go home. Come with me."
 160 >RUNGO> "Why are you here? Weren't you kidnapped?"
     >WIFE> "Nonsense!! You can't join the landlord's party!"
     >CHILD> "Papa, you called the landlord wicked?"
     >WIFE> "The landlord is angry!"
     >RUNGO> "Party? So, this is ...?"
     Yes, it was not a letter to the tournament,
     but to a party.
 161 >FO> "Uranus! You look good!!"
     Ho ho ho...Nothing can stop that old man...
 162 >MONDO> "Something strange. This fight does not seem to be
     related to me at all. What? Humm...To Mr. Gaia.
     So it was delivered to a false address?
     Nothing more to do, then. I'll go home."
 163 >EIJI> "Congratulations on your victory!!
     >DUKE> "We should fight again real soon."
     >EIJI> "Next time I'll be the victor."
 164 >ELLIS> "I'm so bored!
     These opponents are no match for me.
     My father wears a strange costume,
     but I won't give up until I find him."
     Keep standing firm, Ellis.
 165 >GAIA> "These fighters were so weak!
     I am the great Gaia!
     Oh no! I can't get the armor off!"
 166 >SHO> "Ough! This seems to be the last.
     I can't hope for a peaceful journey.
     I have no destination.
     I'm a free traveller."
 167 >URANUS> "Alone at last. Listen to me.
     Since you left, I haven't been the same.
     I have thought over and over about this.
     I love you." >GAIA> "Stop it! I hate you!"
     After Gaia fainted, Uranus stood alone.
 168 >GAIA> "Now that I've beaten Uranus, I'll go home."
     >ELLIS> "Father! You are my father!" >GAIA> "I am not!
     (That's Ellis! I should not have been wandering
     around here.)" >ELLIS> "Yes, you are!
     Uranus said that Gaia is my father!"
     >GAIA> "Good bye, Ellis." Ellis was sad, but she didn't cry.
     Gaia left because he was ashamed of his costume.
< Game Codes >
 169 The tournament is over.
     Who was the true sponsor of this battle? Good news!
     Press (( <R><L>AB while Ellis appears in
     the demo to select Gaia and Sho!))
 170 Great News! Press select three
     times while the Takara logo is displayed.
     You'll find a new special attack added,
     or you can play the game in 'Scorcher Mode,'
     which lets you use hidden special attacks any time!
     Scorcher Mode
     Press select three times while the Takara logo is
     Then, press <U><U>select A and <D><D>select B on the
     title screen with the Super Game Boy.
     This lets you play in 'Jet Mode.'
     Chraacters move at high speed.
     Press <U><U>select A and <D><D>select B on the title screen.
 171 Excellent News!
     Press <U><D>B <R><L>AB when Ellis appears to           (note: the 1st
     select Gaia, Sho, Gaia2 and Uranus!!                    code's a typo)
     Full Battle Mode
     Press <U><D>AB <R><L>AB when Ellis apears in the demo.
 172 Fantastic news! Press BA<L><R>BA<D><U>BA
     when the Takara logo
     appears to view character dialogue.
< Secret Moves >
 173 In Scorcher Mode, you can use a new special attack,
     [Jigokumon]!! See you again!!
     [Jigokumon], in Scorcher Mode. Press <D><DF><F><DF><F>*AB
 174 Yeah! In Scorcher Mode,
     you can use a cute special attack, [Hells Gate]
     See you again!
     [Hells Gate], in Scorcher Mode press <D><DF><F><DF><F>*AB
 175 I'll reveal three fantastic moves to you
     [Thunder Ring (jump)]
     [Thunder Ring (air)]
     [Jewelry Shower] Play with me again!
     New attacks in Scorcher Mode
     [Thunder Ring (jump)]  <D><DB><B>*B  while jumping
     [Thunder Ring (air)]  <F><D><DF>*B
     [Jewelry Shower]  <B><DB><D><DF><F>*A
 176 Now, I've been give a new force!
     I name it [Hyper Batter Up]! In Scorcher Mode,
     press <B><D><DB>*AB. Keep pressing for a while,
     then release it.
 177 I won't still be second to none of the young.
     Listen! I've worked out super attacks!!
     They are named as [Ren-Fo][Chi-Fo][Ten-Fo] Try them!
     New attacks in Scorcher Mode [Ren-Fo]  <D><DF><F>*A
     [Chi-Fo]  <D><DF><F>*B  while hitting [Ren-Fo]
     [Ten-Fo]  <D><DF><F>*AB while hitting [Chi-Fo]
 178 I'll initiate you into my secrets
     [Raijin Shoheki] [Goriki Senpujin] So long!
     New attacks in Scorcher Mode.
     [Raijin Shoheki]  <B><DB><D><DF><F>*A
     [Goriki Senpujin]  <D><DB><B><DB><B>*AB
 179 Humph! A natural result!
     Then, I'll teach new moves to you
     [Grand Cross] [Roses Coffin]
     New attacks in Scorcher Mode.
     [Grand Cross]  <D><DF><F><DF><F>*AB
     [Roses Coffin]  <D><DF><F>*A
     You can continuously enter up to three times.
 180 I'll reveal my best attack to you.
     It is [Pretty Dance]. See you again!
     [Pretty Dance] in Scorcher Mode.
     Press <B><DB><D><DF><F>*B  close to your opponent.
 181-184 'while life gauge flickering' should be changed
         to 'while life gauge is flickering.'
 185-198 Continue? 9 ........ 0                   (countdown from 9 to 0)
             Game Over
 199-205 Let's play next level
 206 Hear (sic) comes a new challenger
 207 Thank you for playing

- Miscellaneous Tid Bits:

   +  To select the alternate color of a character, press START
      instead of the A or B button.  Of course, this being a GameBoy
      game, the "alternate" color is just the darker shade.

   +  In a 2-player game, the stage you will play on will be the stage
      of the first character to be selected.

   +  The combo counter is a bit sloppy in displaying two consecutive
      combos one right after another in that the new number is just
      overlayed on top of the old one.  This usually isn't a problem
      (and it doesn't affect the game), but in certain cases, incorrect
      infomation about the hit count will be displayed.  If the first
      combo is greater than 9 (ex: "12 beats!"),  and the next combo is
      9 or less (ex: "5 beats!"), then the game will just overlay the
      5 on top of the 12.  This would replace the "2", but the "1"
      would still remain, causing the counter to read "15 beats!" even
      though it was just a 5-hit combo.

   +  When the counter counts down during the Continue? message,
      you can speed up the counter by rapidly pressing a button.
      However, it's not worth the effort to speed up the counter
      unless you have an auto-fire IMHO since you really have to
      lay into the button-jamming to get a noticable change in
      countdown speed.

   +  The game is Super GameBoy enhanced, so you will get full color
      and a neat Toshinden custom border when played on a SNES.

 |  III. GAME PLAY                              |

- Basic Moves:

   I'm sure you're all familiar with standard fighting game mechanics:
   UP to jump, DOWN to crouch, relative BACK to block, etc...  Here are
   some other basic stuff you should know about the game:

   Abbreviation guide:

       [a] ... tap A button quickly         ub   u   uf
       [b] ... tap B button quickly              |         (facing right)
      [ab] ... tap both A and B quickly     b ---+--- f
       [A] ... press A button                    |
       [B] ... press B button               db   d   df
      [AB] ... press both A and B

      Tapping the button(s) quickly means to press and then release the
      button(s) fast enough to register the "weak" version of the
      attack.  Pressing the button(s) means to hold the button(s) a bit
      longer just until the "hard" version is registered.

    f,f = forward dash                   b,b = backward dash
    d,d = side step                     [ab] = side step

    [b] = weak slash                     [a] = weak kick
    [B] = hard slash                     [A] = hard kick
   [AB] = knockdown attack            d+[ab] = taunt
                             f or b+[B]or[A] = throw (close to opponent)

- More Advanced Game Mechanics:

   +  Chain combos are highly supported in this game.  This means that
      normal slash/kick attacks can be interrupted by another normal
      attack.  In fact, hard attacks can often be interrupted by weak
      attacks.  And as usual, most normal attacks can be interrupted by
      a special move.  Because of all this, practically an unlimited
      number of combos can be generated and as such, I won't bother
      trying to list them here except in unique circumstances (ie: cool
      combos that are out of the ordinary).

   +  The game supports limited air juggling.  After some attacks, it is
      possible to hit the opponent again in mid-air for additional
      damage and extend the combo a bit further.

   +  Special moves can be performed and buffered in a dash so that
      they come out immediately after your dash is complete.  However,
      moves that are performed using the [ab]/[AB] shortcuts come out
      immediately, effectively interrupting the remainder of your dash.
      This can lead to some neat tricks:
      + Forward dash, and when your opponent counters with an attack,
        interrupt with a nigh-invulnerable special.
      + Side-stepping while dashing imparts some forward/backward
        momentum to the side-step (this only works if you side-step
        with [ab], not d,d).  Thus, you can forward dash and side-step
        a fireball easier.  Also, using this technique at point blank
        range from your opponent allows you to actually pass *though*
        your opponent, allowing you to go around the other player and
        possibly attack from behind.
      + Dash and interrupt with a taunt.  This serves no purpose other
        than earning style points IMHO.  =)

   +  In regards to moves that are performed by direction+[ab] (such as
      taunting), I personally find them easier to do by quickly tapping
      A and B, and then holding the direction immediately afterwards as
      opposed to doing the D-pad and [ab] at the same time.

- Character Specific Moves:

   <D> = Desparation Move           <sc> = Scorcher Mode only
   <S> = Secret Move

   Most special moves have a weak and hard version, so if I list a move
   as being performed by   d,df,f + [B],   you can also use [b] as well.
   Special moves that are performed in the air with the "d+[AB]" shortcut
   can be performed with any D-pad direction with [AB].

   *** Eiji Shinjo *****************                     Shortcut
           Rekkuuzan: d,df,f + [B]                        f+[AB]
           Hishouzan: f,d,df + [B]                        d+[AB]
         Ryuseikyaku: (in air) d,db,b + [A]                 [AB]
          Shugekidan: df + [A]                            b+[AB]
   Hyakki Moshuu Ken: f,df,d,db,b,db,d,df,f + [B]         u+[AB] <D>
       Enjin Shuraha: u,d,f,b + [AB]                      u+[ab] <S>
           Jigokumon: d,df,f,df,f + [AB]                         <sc>

   20-hit combo:
      Enjin Shuraha -> jump attack + 4-hit chain -> Jigokumon
      After Enjin Shuraha, you have lots of time to dash in (if needed)
      to do the jump attack.  The 4-hit chain can be whatever, but what
      works for me is { air [A] -> close[B],[b],[b], far[B] }.
      If that's too hard, you can substitute a 3-hit combo.  Going from
      the 4-hit chain to the Jigokumon is a bastard, but it can be done.
      You can replace the Jigokumon with the HyakkiMoshuuKen, which only
      hits 7 times instead of 10, but it's lots easier (since you can
      shortcut it) and it does more damage.  NOTE: this was the first
      majorly long combo I saw, and it occurred when the CPU did a
      19-hit variation of it against me.  I just dropped my jaw and
      laughed at the fact that the CPU actually pulled a huge combo like
      that against me.  =)

   *** Kayin Amoh ******************                     Shortcut
         Sonic Slash: d,df,f + [B]                        f+[AB]
         Deadly Rays: f,d,df + [B]                        d+[AB]
       Scottish Moon: (in air) d,db,b + [A]                 [AB]
           Leg Crush: d,db,b + [A]                        b+[AB]
      Hell's Inferno: f,df,d,db,b,db,d,df,f + [B]         u+[AB] <D>
      Rainbow Splash: f,df,d,db,b,f,b + [B]               u+[ab] <S>
         Hell's Gate: d,df,f,df,f + [AB]                         <sc>

   *** Sofia ***********************                     Shortcut
        Thunder Ring: d,db,b + [B]                        f+[AB]
  Thunder Ring(jump): (in air) d,db,b + [B]                 [AB] <sc>
   Thunder Ring(air): f,d,df + [B]                               <sc>
   Aurora Revolution: f,df,d,db,b + [B]                   d+[AB]
         Rattlesnake: d,df,f + [B]                        b+[AB]
       Call Me Queen: f,b,f,b + [B]                       u+[AB] <D>
          Salamander: df,db,df,b,f + [AB]                 u+[ab] <S>
      Jewelry Shower: b,db,d,df,f + [A]                          <sc>

   *** Rungo Iron ******************                     Shortcut
           Fire Wave: d,df,f + [B]                        f+[AB]
        Power Thrust: f,d,df + [A]                        d+[AB]
           Batter up: f,df,d,db,b + [B]
         Fire Strike: d,df,f,b + [B]                      b+[AB]
    Mega Fire Strike: b,db,d,df,f,df,d,db,b + [B]         u+[AB] <D>
 Mega Brutal Stomper: u,ub,b,db,d,df,f + [AB]             u+[ab] <S>
     Hyper Batter Up: b,d,db + [AB] (hold...release)             <sc>

   *** Fo Fai **********************                     Shortcut
       Mystic Sphere: f,df,d,db,b + [B]                   f+[AB]
         Pagoda Kick: d,db,b + [A]                        d+[AB]
        Sphere Burst: (in air) f,df,d,db,b + [B]            [AB]
   Travelling Sphere: b,d,df + [B]                        b+[AB]
         Claw Attack: f,d,df + [B]
        Wind Breaker: f,uf,u,fb,b + [AB]
 Mystic Sphere Burst: f,b,db,d,df,f,b + [B]               u+[AB] <D>
  Ultra Wind Breaker: b,f,b,f + [AB]                      u+[ab] <S>
   (3-parter) Ren-Fo: d,df,f + [A]                               <sc>
    (...then) Chi-Fo: ...d,df,f + [B]                            <sc>
    (...then) Ten-Fo: ...d,df,f + [AB]                           <sc>

   *** Mondo ***********************                     Shortcut
        Goriki Tenbu: f,d,df + [B]                        f+[AB]
        Goriki Fujin: b,db,d,df,f + [B]                   d+[AB]
       Goriki Raijin: (in air) d,df,f + [B]                 [AB]
   Shippu Tsuki (hi): d,df,f + [B]                        b+[AB]
   Shippu Tsuki (lo): d,db,b + [B]
   Choriki Daibutsumetsu: d,df,f,d,df,f,b + [B]           u+[AB] <D>
    Kyoriki Jakouretsubu: f,uf,u,ub,b,f,df,d + [AB]       u+[ab] <S>
      Raijin Shoheki: b,db,d,df,f + [A]                          <sc>
     Goriki Senpujin: d,db,b,db,b + [AB]                         <sc>

   *** Duke B. Rambert *************                     Shortcut
      Southern Cross: b,f,df,d + [B]                      b+[AB]
             Cyclone: d,df,f + [B]                        f+[AB]
          Head Crush: (in air) d,df,f + [B]                 [AB]
       Knight Strike: f,db,d,df + [B]                     d+[AB]
             The End: db,d,df,f,b + [B]                   u+[AB] <D>
              La Fin: df,db,df,b,f + [AB]                 u+[ab] <S>
         Grand Cross: d,df,f,df,f + [AB]                         <sc>
        Roses Coffin: d,df,f + [A]  x3                           <sc>

   *** Ellis ***********************                     Shortcut
             Tornado: d,db,b + [A]                        f+[AB]
    Flaming Crescent: f,d,df + [B]                        d+[AB]
           Arc Slash: (in air) d,db,b + [B]               d+[AB]
           Arc Dance: (in air) d,db,b + [A]                 [AB]
         Ribbon Toss: f,uf,u,ub,b + [AB]                  b+[AB] <S>
         French Kiss: f,b,f,b + [B]                       u+[AB] <D>
      Stardust Night: df,db,df,b,f + [AB]                 u+[ab] <S>
        Pretty Dance: (close to opp.) b,db,d,df,f + [A]          <sc>

   21-hit combo:
      jump[B] -> 7-hit combo -> Pretty Dance -> jump[B] (juggle)
         -> jump[B] (juggle) -> Flaming Crescent (juggle)
      My 7-hit combo is this:  close[B],close[B],far[B] (hits 2x),low[a]
      (hits 3x).  The three [B]'s are easy-to-do chain hits.  The tricky
      part is connecting the low[a], which doesn't chain, but it is fast
      enough that if you do it EXACTLY when the far[B] ends, it *will*
      combo.  Do it too fast, the low[a] won't register.  Too slow, and
      your opponent will be able to block.  I time the two air[B]'s this
      way:  1st air[B] at peak of jump, 2nd air[B] immediately upon
      take-off.  This only works in the corner.  In the open, I do a
      jump[B] (juggle), then standing[B]. You only get a 2-hit Flaming
      Crescent juggle instead of the 3 that you'd get in the corner,

   "Pretty Infinite" corner combo (submitted by yo aZn bRo~):
      jump[B] -> close[B],close[B] -> Pretty Dance
         -> Pretty Dance (juggle) -> Pretty Dance (juggle) -> etc...
      In the Options Menu, RING OUT should be set to infinite.  This
      combo works best against large characters like Duke and Rungo.
      The idea is to have the Pretty Dance juggle and launch your
      opponent into the air so you can repeat the process again.  
      yo aZn bRo~ reports that he managed 28 beats before flubbing.

   *** Gaia ************************                     Shortcut
            Red Fire: d,df,f + [B]                        f+[AB]
          Blue Water: f,d,df + [B]                        d+[AB]
          Green Wind: d,db,b + [A]                        b+[AB]
         Dark Finish: f,df,d,db,b,f + [B]                 u+[AB] <D>
             Bad End: df,db,df,b,f + [AB]                 u+[ab] <S>

   *** Sho Shinjo ******************                     Shortcut
            Rekkuzan: d,df,f + [B]                        f+[AB]
             Shouzan: f,d,df + [B]                        d+[AB]
          Shishouzan: b,d,db + [B]
            Senkouga: d,db,b + [A]                        b+[AB]
         Suiseikyaku: (in air) d,db,b + [A]               d+[AB]
             Gekkosa: (in air) d,u + [A]                    [AB]
          Ryugekidan: df + [A]
   Hyakki Moshuu ken: f,df,d,db,b,db,d,df,f + [B]         u+[AB] <D>
      Emma Resshusai: d,f,uf,u,ub,b,d + [AB]              u+[ab] <S>
           Jigokumon: d,df,f,df,f + [AB]                         <sc>
    (counter-attack): d,db,b,f + [B]                             <sc>

   *** Uranus **********************                     Shortcut
     Angel Rage (hi): d,df,f + [B]                        b+[AB]
     Angel Rage (lo): d,df,f + [A]
          Swany Swap: f,d,df + [A]                        d+[AB]
           Fire Hawk: f,b,f,b + [B]                       f+[AB]
             Phoenix: d,df,f,b,db,d,df,f + [B]            u+[AB] <D>
          Cockatrice: d,df,f,df,f + [AB]                  u+[ab] <S>

   *** GaiaII **********************                     Shortcut
               Botan: b,db,d,df,f + [B]                   f+[AB]
                Ougi: d,db,b + [B]                        d+[AB]
             Tsubame: f,d,df + [B]
               Oboro: d,db,b + [A]                        b+[AB]
         Tsuki No Wa: b,f + [B]
           Maryuujin: u,ub,b,db,d,df,f + [B]              u+[ab] <S>
            Igarashi: u,ub,b,db,d,df,d + [A]                     <S>
               Batsu: d,df,f,df,f + [AB]                         <S>
    Gouka No Kurenai: f,df,d,db,b,db,d,df,f + [B]         u+[AB] <D>
           Igoukinai: f,b,f,b + [AB]                             <sc>

 |  IV. STUFF THAT GOES AT THE END              |

- Conspiracy Theory:

   Battle Arena Toshinden for GameBoy is actually Samurai Shodown II
   for GameBoy in disguise!  What's that?  You want proof?  Okay!
   Toshinden is programmed by Takara, who is also responsible for
   porting Samurai Shodown from the Neo-Geo to a number of other
   consoles, including the GameBoy!  Okay, that one's pretty weak.
   But wait, there's more...!
   In "Scorcher" mode, some of the moves certain characters gain seem
   to resemble moves found in SSII.  Example:
   +  Duke's "Rose Coffin", where Duke slashes his opponent while
      sliding forward, resembles Genjuro's "Sanrensatsu" attack.
      "Rose Coffin" can be performed 3 times; "Sanrensatsu" can be
      performed 3 times.  Each time Genjuro slashes his opponent, a
      hanafuda card is sliced in half.  With Duke, the hanafuda card
      is replaced with a rose.
   +  Fo's 3-part move, "Ren-Fo", "Chi-Fo" and Ten-Fo", is a dead
      ringer for Sieger's Backbreaker Combo, "Tigerkopf", "Falkennagel"
      and "Elefantgleid".  Both have similar joystick motions
      (Sieger's is performed: hcf C, hcf B, hcf A) and are executed
      with the same moves on-screen:
      low slide kick -> launching punch -> mid-air catch to ground.
   +  Sho's Counterattack has the same joystick motion as Jubei's
      "Yagyu Shingatoh" counter move (qcb,f + slash).  Actually, to
      be accurate, Sho's Counterattack behaves a lot more like Bust
      Haohmaru's "Serene Slice" counter move in Samurai Shodown III
      (hold sword out; if opponent attacks with anything, perform
      uppercut), which also has the same joystick motion.
   Finally, King of Fighters 95 for Gameboy, another Takara effort,
   has Nakoruru in it via secret code!  What does this have to do
   with Toshinden?  Not much other than the Takara name.  I thought
   it was just a neat code.
   Are these just coincidences?!  Maybe, maybe not.  These are just
   my own personal obsevations.  Only *you* can decide for yourself.
   (I also could mention the Haohmaru/Eiji thing, but that's been
   done to death already...  =)

- Special Thanks:

   At this time, the author would like to thank...
   +  Takara for making a rather surprisingly good fighting game for
      the GameBoy (better than some 32-bit fighters...).
   +  The people who took the time to write a Toshinden FAQ and put it
      on the net.  I've read a good many of them, so if you wrote one,
      I've probably read it and am thanking you here for it.
   +  My friend Allen, who introduced me first to Toshinden on his
      PSX and getting me hooked of the series.  No, wait...  I think
      the first time I played Toshinden was at a store demo.  Well,
      anyways, I've probably played Toshinden on his PSX more than he
      did, so that should count for something.
   +  Mike.  Hey, Mike!  You lazy bum!  Why'd you take so long to get
      back to me on proof-reading this FAQ!  Huh?!  =)
   +  Syraxx, because after reading his FAQ, I finally found out the
      name for Gaia II's attack, "Igoukinai", which was the only move
      I couldn't find a name to attach to.
   +  yo aZn bRo~, for submitting Ellis' infinite combo and sending
      e-mail praise.  Yes sir, we FAQ writers sure do love them
      praises.  Keep them coming!  =)
   +  Me.  I wrote this thing.  I should get *some* credit, man!  And
      after having to re-read this FAQ for the 3.2 revision, I have to
      say, I can't believe I transcribed the entire Character Dialogue
      Messages.  It must have been a slow day or something...  =)

- The End:

The End

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