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boss guide 1.1.

Author: Eskil Vestre, Timber¥s Fanclub

*UPDATE* The FAQ is now finished, with all the bosses in the whole game!

Conker¥s Pocket Tales is a grreat GB game with fantastic colours and a good
black n¥white version included inside.
In this guide i want to look at the bosses and how to beat them. So, let¥s
start from the beginning, in Willow Woods.


Gameboy Color:
Go and collect all the Conkers outside Hssstamean¥s cave. Press Start and
Save (Select). After saving, they will show up again! So, collect them
again and save again. Repeat this untill you¥ve got plenty of them. You
dont need much energy, just many Conkers.
Well inside the cave, go down to that path where Hssstamean never goes.
Stand there and wait. And wait. After a while he will pass by and dont see
you. Throw all your conkers at him. When you hear a "bump"-sound, he looses
energy. He will begin to spin faster round and round, which means you dont
have to wait so much anymore. Repeat this, and you will win without loosing
any energy.

Game Boy/GB Pocket
Collect all the conkers outside Hssstameans cave and save on the save
point. After saving, they will show up again. Handy. Collect them again and
save, and repeat. After that, do it like you do in the Color version.

GB/GB Pocket/GB Color
Duck and hide you behind the table by pressing B. When Honker is hiding,
show up with B and throw a few conkers into the air. When he shows up, one
of them will, if you¥re lucky, hit him.
Sometimes he makes some short pauses, and that is a good time for hurting
him with a few shots.
If you hear the "bump"-sound, he looses one energy line (you can see them
at the bottom of the screen).
Don¥t be worry about your ammunition, because you have infinite of conkers
in this battle.

Luxo and Sol
In this boss you really need much energy, unlike the two first bosses. So
find every single acorn in Vulture Ville and remember to save.
So, when you are there, Luxo and Sol will fly around. You have to run
around in circles and wait until one of them sits down. Then throw acorns
at him.
Repeat that, and that it¥s!

First time(s):
Waldorf will throw things at you, so in the beginning of your battle, go
straight to the right corner of the platform.
When he is coming near you, go a little bit to the left and throw acorns at
him. He will now go mad and fly from right to left to right to left...
Hide you at the left corner and wait until he starts throwing things again
(sometimes he doesnt want to do it, then you have to go a little bit to the
right). Now wait until the thing he¥s throwing (swors, spike or other
things) is in a other corner of the platform and throw conkers at him.
Repeat this, and you made it!

Last Waldorf
It¥s easy to do this without loosing any energy. Go as near at him as it
gets and stand there all the time. Dont move! When he is throwing his
things wait untill he flies to the right corner, and when he comes back in
front of you, throw conkers. He won¥t hurt you if you do it that way. And
then, do like in all the other bosses, repeat.

I call the sub-games on Mako Islands for bosses too, because Honker is a
kind of a boss. if you didn¥t know it, he is with you on all the sub games.
He wants to win and show you that he¥s the best of you too. You know, he¥s
still angry ¥cause you defeated him in Vulture Ville.

Coconut Shoot
Shoot at all the coconuts who are flying
The trick here is to practice and TO TAKE IT EASY.
You have to score over 7000 points.

Hurdless Race
The control in all the sub-games in Mako Islands are almost the same. And
they are bad. In this own you have to wiggle the d-pad as fast as you can.
Left, right, left, right... Press A or B to jump over the obstacles.
Try to use just one finger to wiggle and the other fingers to hold your GB
Color with and press A or B.

Swimming Race
Here again, you have to wiggle the D-pad FAST. Press A or B when it says
"breathe". Terrible frustating thing, this.

Long Jump
I was stuck on this sub-game a long time, and that¥s the reason why i
didn¥t update this FAQ faster.
The aim is too run fast (yes, by wiggling the D-pad) and jump a real long
jump. It must be longer then 5 metres!
I (and maybe you too) thought that you only have to run and then jump with
A or B. ¥Cause that¥s what the Acorn tells. But in that way i only get a
few centrimetres or maybe 2 metres.
But no, you have to hold down A (or B) for a while to jump higher and
longer. If you do that, you can get 5 metres easy.

Boat Race (Honker)
When you¥ve build a boat, the evil Acorn Meets you on the beach near the
Boatbuilders house.
"If you win in this race, i¥ll give you Berri" says the Evil Acorn. And
then, he¥s goe. "Oohh..grrr..why didn¥t i shoot at him?!" Conker shouts
(not really).
And then he enters his boat and Honker appears. Now you have to press A to
gas and try to cut all the corners you can. Remember to follow the buoys!
At the end of the race Honker smashes his boat into a boulder, and that¥s
your chance to get in front of him! The boat race has really better
controls then the sub-games, and it¥s one of the very best parts of the

Swamp Fiend
The trick in this boss is to stomp on him by pressing A twice.Try to stand
in a corner, and stomp all the time. You don¥t have to hit the Swamp Fiend,
if you stomp a few steps ahead he¥ll also loose energy.

Sigfried is "the last remainig Stone Golem", says the instruction booklet.
I dont know what a Stone Golem is, but maybe we¥ll know more about them in
You¥ll find Siegfried in a room with much neagles on the floor. Siegfried
is magnetic, so he will try to drag you to the neagles. Just stay in the
south corner of the room, and go south (yes, just walk forward to the wall.
You have to move all the time! When enemies are coming out from Siegfried
(blobs, spiders and more) shoot at them with your slingshot. When they die,
shoot at Siegfried¥s mouth, and he¥ll lose his first life.
I think he has 5 or 6 lifes, so every Conker pro who made it as far as to
the Aztec Temple will easy defeat him. Good luck!

After you¥ve beaten Siegfried, the Evil Acorn wants to meet you in the
caves outside Conker¥s house.
So, if you go back to Conker¥s house, a new patch of dirth will appear at
the eastern side of his house. Dig with Select, and you will make your way
into the caves. Inside the caves you have to rescue your friends and Berri.
But I didn¥t find all of Conker¥s friends, but I completed the game anyway.
When you find Berri, the evil Acorn starts a time bomb with will blow the
cave to bits in 5 minutes. Now you have to run your way back home, out of
caves. If you do it within 5 minutes, the cave will explode WITH the Evil
Acorn. The Evil Acorn¥s last words are: "I¥ll get you, squirrel!"
No sorrry, Acornguy, it¥s not my fault that you¥ve been so silly and
trapped yourself in your cave and placed a bomb there...
I hope you liked my FAQ, and when Twelve Tales: Conker 64 arrives, i will
make a FAQ for that game too!

Bye for now
Eskil Vestre, #1 boss, Timber¥s Fanclub

Do you want to know more about Conker and the other Rare-characters? Surf
your way to:
Timber¥s Fanclub has got this FAQ and more Rare-stuff. Give it a try!

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rights reserved.

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