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NO$GMB SNA Save State Hacking Guide for "Final Fantasy Legend 3"
Written and Researched by Ragnarosen ( ICQ #52579581
Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Legend, and SaGa are trademarks of
Copyright 1992, 1993 by Squaresoft.
Gameboy is a registered trademark of Nintendo.
NO$GMB is a trademark of Martin Korth.
"Save State Hacking Guide" is a trademark of Ragnarosen.
Special thanks to Ted, Val, Nathan, Dennis, and Rich. Whoever they are.

To alter the statistics of your characters through hacking into 
	your save state (or *.SNA file), you'll need to go to Break 
	Point Software ( and download a program 
	called "Hex Workshop." Once you're finished downloading and 
	the program is finished running SETUP.EXE automatically, open 
	Hex Workshop and use it to open any save files you may have. 


Those new to hex and hex editors can read the following:
  - Typical hex editors display a file with "offsets" on the left of the
screen, "hex values" in the middle, and the "printed garbage" on the right
of the screen.
  - Offsets are the addresses. It may appear like this: 00000000
  - Hex values are the values. They may appear like this: E6 03 20 20 FF
  - The printed garbage is there only so humans can look at it. It's not
very pretty; it won't help you in most cases; don't worry about it.
  - This guide will represent the offsets in this format: #B9
  - The last number (0-9, A-F) in an offset is the COLUMN you need to go
to. So for the offset of #B9, go to the line "000000B0" and the 9th column
to the right.


  - For the different offsets, here's a Quick List of the most commonly
used values:  

"63"		for "99"		used for levels and statistics
"FF"		for "255"		used for statistics
"E7 03"		for "999"		used for HP/MP, Max HP, Max MP
"3F 42 0F"	for "999,999"		used for money or experience


NOTE: For the two- or three-column HEX VALUES ("E7 03"), the numbers must
be entered "backward" as shown above to work properly.
    - When saving large numbers to computer language, the order of the hex
values are reversed.  If you open Windows Calculator and enter "999" in
decimal form and convert it to hexedicimal form, it will show "3E7" (note
that Calculator will remove any leading zeros).  To use this multi-column
hex value, add any necessary leading zeros (in this case, in front of the
"3") to make even pairs ("03 E7").  Put the number pairs in reverse order
("E7 03") in the FFL3 *.SNA files.
    - THIS DOES NOT MEAN TO REVERSE THE VALUES!  "03 E7" must be entered
as "E7 03", not "30 7E"!  For the basic rule of thumb, number pairs are
entered like this: #2 #1 (or #3 #2 #1 for very large numbers)


----------------------MONEY RESERVE HACKING------------------------

"Tha G Code": 2E3F, 2E3E, 2E3D

Input "3F" in Offset 2E3D, "42" in Offset 2E3E, and "0F" in Offset
	2E3F to give yourself 999,999 G!

------------------CHARACTER STATISTICS HACKING---------------------


Level: 2C60
Experience: 2C63, 2C62, 2C61
Name: 2C64-2C69
Current HP: 2C6E, 2C6D
Maximum HP: 2C70, 2C6F
Current MP: 2C72, 2C71
Maximum MP: 2C74, 2C73
Strength: 2C75
Defense: 2C76
Agility: 2C77
Magic: 2C78
Hit: 2CB4
Evade: 2C9A
M. Def: 2C9B
M. Evade: 2C9C
Talents: 2CA5-2CAC
Level 1-4 White Magic: 2CAF
Level 5-8 White Magic: 2CAE
Level 1-4 Black Magic: 2CB1
Level 5-8 Black Magic: 2CB0
Level 1-4 Lost Magic: 2CB3
Level 5-8 Lost Magic: 2CB2


Level: 2CC0
Experience: 2CC3, 2CC2, 2CC1
Name: 2CC4-2CC9
Current HP: 2CCE, 2CCD
Maximum HP: 2CD0, 2CCF
Current MP: 2CD2, 2CD1
Maximum MP: 2CD4, 2CD3
Strength: 2CD5
Defense: 2CD6
Agility: 2CD7
Magic: 2CD8
Hit: 2D14
Evade: 2CFA
M. Def: 2CFB
M. Evade: 2CFC
Talents: 2D05-2D0C
Level 1-4 White Magic: 2D0F
Level 5-8 White Magic: 2D0E
Level 1-4 Black Magic: 2D11
Level 5-8 Black Magic: 2D10
Level 1-4 Lost Magic: 2D13
Level 5-8 Lost Magic: 2D12


Level: 2D20
Experience: 2D23, 2D22, 2D21
Name: 2D24-2D29
Current HP: 2D2E, 2D2D
Maximum HP: 2D30, 2D2F
Current MP: 2D32, 2D31
Maximum MP: 2D34, 2D33
Strength: 2D35
Defense: 2D36
Agility: 2D37
Magic: 2D38
Hit: 2D74
Evade: 2D5A
M. Def: 2D5B
M. Evade: 2D5C
Talents: 2D65-2D6C
Level 1-4 White Magic: 2D6F
Level 5-8 White Magic: 2D6E
Level 1-4 Black Magic: 2D71
Level 5-8 Black Magic: 2D70
Level 1-4 Lost Magic: 2D73
Level 5-8 Lost Magic: 2D72


Level: 2D80
Experience: 2D83, 2D82, 2D81
Name: 2D84-2D89
Current HP: 2D8E, 2D8D
Maximum HP: 2D90, 2D8F
Current MP: 2D92, 2D91
Maximum MP: 2D94, 2D93
Strength: 2D95
Defense: 2D96
Agility: 2D97
Magic: 2D98
Hit: 2DD4
Evade: 2DBA
M. Def: 2DBB
M. Evade: 2DBC
Talents: 2DC5-2DCC
Level 1-4 White Magic: 2DCF
Level 5-8 White Magic: 2DCE
Level 1-4 Black Magic: 2DD1
Level 5-8 Black Magic: 2DD0
Level 1-4 Lost Magic: 2DD3
Level 5-8 Lost Magic: 2DD2

<Fifth Character (Myron, Lara, Dion, Faye, or Borgin)>

Level: 2DE0
Experience: 2DE3, 2DE2, 2DE1
Name: 2DE4-2DE9
Current HP: 2DEE, 2DED
Maximum HP: 2DF0, 2DEF
Current MP: 2DF2, 2DF1
Maximum MP: 2DF4, 2DF3
Strength: 2DF5
Defense: 2DF6
Agility: 2DF7
Magic: 2DF8
Hit: 2E34
Evade: 2E1A
M. Def: 2E1B
M. Evade: 2E1C
Talents: 2E25-2E2C
Level 1-4 White Magic: 2E2F
Level 5-8 White Magic: 2E2E
Level 1-4 Black Magic: 2E31
Level 5-8 Black Magic: 2E30
Level 1-4 Lost Magic: 2E33
Level 5-8 Lost Magic: 2E32

-------------------CHARACTER ABILITIES HACKING---------------------


Talent Hacking
Finally, you can give Talents normally reserved for Monster/Beast/
Cyborg/Robot classes to your Human/Mutant characters! Unlike Magic,
Talents cost no MP. However, each character can only hold up to
eight skills.

"Power" Rating:
The relative power (or damage potential) of a skill is equal to
the targeted enemy's "Defense" rating subtracted from the number
in the "Power" rating multiplied by the user's "Attack" rating,
or (SkillPower * UserAttack) - EnemyDefense. For example, if your
Attack rating is 99 and you use a skill with a Power of 1.50 on
an enemy with a Defense rating of 30, the total damage will be
around 120. If the enemy is strong against your attack, it will
cause 60 damage, but if the enemy is weak against your attack, it
will cause 240 damage. Also, double damage will occur whenever
you get the "A mighty blow!" message.

For skills that target one enemy group:
You're given the choice to use it on either one enemy or a group
of enemies of the same type. If you target a group of enemies,
divide the total damage (Power) by 2.

Note To Readers:
The skills Barrier, Multiply, Repair, and Selfix have effects
unknown as of the time I write this FAQ. If you know what the
effects of any of these four skills are, e-mail me at or ICQ #52579581.

Talent List:

    Name	Power	Effect		Target

00: Nail	1.50			1 Enemy
01: Tusk	1.50			1 Enemy
02: Tongue	1.50			1 Enemy
03: Horn	1.50			1 Enemy
04: Beak	1.50			1 Enemy
05: Tail	1.50			1 Enemy
06: Fin		1.50			1 Enemy
07: Tentacle	1.50			1 Enemy
08: Acid	1.50			1 Enemy
09: Sunburst	1.50	Fire		1 Enemy
0A: D-Beam	1.50			1 Enemy
0B: P-Blast	1.50			1 Enemy
0C: Rocket	1.50			1 Enemy
0D: Drill	1.50			1 Enemy
0E: Slicer	1.50			1 Enemy
0F: SpinCut	1.50			1 Enemy
10: Laser	1.50			1 Enemy
11: Beam	1.50			1 Enemy
12: Punch	1.75			1 Enemy
13: Kick	2.00			1 Enemy
14: Upper	2.50			1 Enemy
15: Stab	1.75			1 Enemy
16: Headbut	2.00			1 Enemy
17: WindUp	2.50			1 Enemy
18: Crash	2.50			1 Enemy
19: Bash	2.75			1 Enemy
1A: Dive	2.75			1 Enemy
1B: Breath	1.00	Paralyze	1 Enemy
1C: Bite	1.75	Paralyze	1 Enemy
1D: Sneer	2.00	Confuse		1 Enemy
1E: Dispel	2.00	Death		1 Enemy
1F: Scream	1.50	Confuse		1 Enemy
20: Knife	1.50	Sleep		1 Enemy
21: Dash	2.00			1 Enemy
22: LowKick	2.00			1 Enemy
23: Drop	2.50	Tornado		1 Enemy
24: Freeze	2.00	Ice		1 Enemy Group
25: Dance	3.75	Death		1 Enemy
26: Tromp	1.50	Mute		1 Enemy Group
27: W-Attack	1.75	2 Hits		1 Enemy
28: 2-Swords	1.75	2 Hits		1 Enemy
29: 2-XKick	1.75	2 Hits		1 Enemy
2A: 2-Tusks	0.75	2 Hits		1 Enemy
2B: 3-Heads	0.75	3 Hits		1 Enemy
2C: 4-Heads	0.75	4 Hits		1 Enemy
2D: 6-Arms	0.75	6 Hits		1 Enemy
2E: 8-Legs	2.00			1 Enemy
2F: Twice	0.75	2 Hits		1 Enemy
30: 6times	0.75	6 Hits		1 Enemy
31: Quake	1.50	Quake		All Enemies
32: Squirt	1.50	Ice		1 Enemy
33: Frost	1.50	Ice		1 Enemy Group
34: Whirl	1.50	Ice		All Enemies
35: Flame	1.50	Fire		1 Enemy Group
36: Burning	1.50	Fire		1 Enemy (Counter)
37: Glow	1.50	Fire		All Enemies
38: Storm	1.50	Tornado		1 Enemy Group
39: Cyclone	1.50	Tornado		All Enemies
3A: Thunder	1.75	Thunder		1 Enemy
3B: Explode	-	Damages 1 Enemy for Caster's Current HP, Kills Caster
3C: Barrier	-	If someone knows what this does, e-mail me.
3D: Swallow	1.50	Drain HP	1 Enemy Group
3E: Dk-Virus	-	2 Random Status Ailments on All Enemies
3F: Dk-Force	1.50			1 Enemy
40: Fluid	0.33	Poison		All Enemies
41: Touch	1.50	Drain HP	1 Enemy
42: Dissolv	1.50	Drain HP	1 Enemy
43: Absorb	1.50	Drain HP	1 Enemy
44: Drain	1.50	Drain HP	1 Enemy
45: Remedy (1)	-	Restores an ally's HP by 30
46: Remedy (2)	-	Restores an ally's HP by 50
47: XPowder	-	Death		1 Enemy
48: X-Gaze	-	Death		1 Enemy
49: X-Flash	-	Death		1 Enemy
4A: X-Heat	-	Death		1 Enemy
4B: StonSkin	-	Stone		1 Enemy (Counter)
4C: StonGaze	-	Stone		1 Enemy
4D: StoneGas	-	Stone		1 Enemy
4E: Petrify	-	Stone		1 Enemy
4F: Mute	-	Mute		1 Enemy
50: Silence	-	Mute		1 Enemy
51: Blind	-	Blind		1 Enemy
52: Ink		-	Blind		1 Enemy Group
53: Flash	-	Blind		All Enemies
54: Poison (1)	-	Poison		1 Enemy
55: Poison (2)	-	Poison		1 Enemy
56: P-Skin	-	Poison		1 Enemy (Counter)
57: Gaze (1)	-	Curse		1 Enemy
58: CursSong	-	Curse		1 Enemy Group
59: ParaSkin	-	Paralyze	1 Enemy (Counter)
5A: ParaNail	-	Paralyze	1 Enemy
5B: Gaze (2)	-	Paralyze	1 Enemy
5C: Paralyze	-	Paralyze	1 Enemy
5D: Lullaby	-	Sleep		1 Enemy
5E: SleepGas	-	Sleep		1 Enemy
5F: Hypnosis	-	Sleep		1 Enemy
60: Sleep	-	Sleep		1 Enemy
61: Decoy	-	Confuse		1 Enemy
62: Riddle	-	Confuse		1 Enemy
63: Charm	-	Confuse		1 Enemy
64: Psych	0.20	Magic Down	1 Enemy
65: Numb	0.20	Att. Down	1 Enemy
66: Stench	0.20	Def. Down	1 Enemy Group
67: Sand	0.20	Agil. Down	1 Enemy Group
68: Blitz	0.40	Agil. Down	1 Enemy
69: Soften	0.40	Def. Down	1 Enemy
6A: Multiply	-	If someone knows what this does, e-mail me.
6B: Steal	-	Steal Gold from 1 Enemy
6C: Avenge	1.50			1 Enemy (Counter)
6D: Counter	1.50			1 Enemy (Counter)
6E: Repair	-	If someone knows what this does, e-mail me.
6F: Selfix	-	If someone knows what this does, e-mail me.
70: ()All	-	User is immune to all status ailments
71: ()Fatal	-	User is immune to instant death attacks
72: ()Stone	-	User is immune to Stone
73: ()Mute	-	User is immune to Mute
74: ()Blind	-	User is immune to Blind
75: ()Poison	-	User is immune to Poison
76: ()Curse	-	User is immune to Curse
77: ()Para	-	User is immune to Paralyze
78: ()Sleep	-	User is immune to Sleep
79: ()Confuse	-	User is immune to Confuse
7A: ()Damage	-	User is strong against physical damage
7B: ()Change	-	User is strong against all elementals
7C: ()Quake	-	User is strong against Quake
7D: ()Ice	-	User is strong against Ice
7E: ()Fire	-	User is strong against Fire
7F: ()Tornado	-	User is strong against Tornado
80: ()Thunder	-	User is strong against Thunder/Ice/Tornado
81: (Blank Space)
82: (Blank Space)
83: (Blank Space)
84: (Blank Space)
85: (Blank Space)
86: ><Quake	-	User is weak against Quake
87: ><Ice	-	User is weak against Ice
88: ><Fire	-	User is weak against Fire
89: ><Tornado	-	User is weak against Tornado
8A: ><Thunder	-	User is weak against Thunder/Ice/Tornado
8B: (Blank Space)
8C: (Blank Space)
FF: (Blank Space)

NOTE: 8D through FE are random symbols and cannot be used.


Each character can hold a maximum of 24 spells. There are three
types of magic (White, Black, and Lost) and six offsets representing
a character's magic list. Each of the six offsets contain the data
for eight magic spells, which can be added together. For example,
Arthur's offsets for White Magic are 2CAE and 2CAF. 2CAF contains
the data for the eight lower-level White Magic spells, and 2CAE
contains the data for the eight higher-level White Magic spells.
After reading the chart, decide which spells from each of the six
offsets you want, and then add their values. For example, if you
want Arthur to have Cure3, White, Magma, Wall, Aero, Fire2, Erase,
Lit 2, Lit X, Shake, Cycle, Flare, Wind, Flood, Venom, Drain, Life,
LifeB, CureB, and CureA, add the values for each spell to get:

2CAE: 01+80+40+20+10	= F1
2CAF: 04		= 04
2CB0: 01+02+04+20	= 27
2CB1: 08		= 08
2CB2: 20+04+02+80+40	= E6
2CB3: 80+10+40+08	= D8

And heeeeeere's the chart!

Value	***E	***F	***0	***1	***2	***3

01:	Cure3	Cure1	Fire2	Ice 1	FireX	Dive
02:	Fast	Shell	Erase	Sleep	Cycle	Float
04:	Weak	Aero	Lit 2	Fire1	Shake	Pure
08:	Heal	Spark	Exit	Venom	LifeA	CureA
10:	Life	Cure2	Virus	Lit 1	Exit2	Flood
20:	Wall	Conf	Drain	Para	Lit X	Morph
40:	Magma	Quake	Nuke	Ice 2	LifeB	CureB
80:	White	Stone	Fatal	Mute	Flare	Wind

---------------------------ITEM HACKING----------------------------

The party can hold a maximum of 24 items.

Type of item in 1st Position: 2E5C
Type of item in 2nd Position: 2E5E
Type of item in 3rd Position: 2E60
Type of item in 4th Position: 2E62
Type of item in 5th Position: 2E64
Type of item in 6th Position: 2E66
Type of item in 7th Position: 2E68
Type of item in 8th Position: 2E6A
Type of item in 9th Position: 2E6C
Type of item in 10th Position: 2E6E
Type of item in 11st Position: 2E70
Type of item in 12nd Position: 2E72
Type of item in 13rd Position: 2E74
Type of item in 14th Position: 2E76
Type of item in 15th Position: 2E78
Type of item in 16th Position: 2E7A
Type of item in 17th Position: 2E7C
Type of item in 18th Position: 2E7E
Type of item in 19th Position: 2E80
Type of item in 20th Position: 2E82
Type of item in 21st Position: 2E84
Type of item in 22nd Position: 2E86
Type of item in 23rd Position: 2E88
Type of item in 24th Position: 2E8A

Quantity of item in 1st Position: 2E5D
Quantity of item in 2nd Position: 2E5F
Quantity of item in 3rd Position: 2E61
Quantity of item in 4th Position: 2E63
Quantity of item in 5th Position: 2E65
Quantity of item in 6th Position: 2E67
Quantity of item in 7th Position: 2E69
Quantity of item in 8th Position: 2E6B
Quantity of item in 9th Position: 2E6D
Quantity of item in 10th Position: 2E6F
Quantity of item in 11st Position: 2E71
Quantity of item in 12nd Position: 2E73
Quantity of item in 13rd Position: 2E75
Quantity of item in 14th Position: 2E77
Quantity of item in 15th Position: 2E79
Quantity of item in 16th Position: 2E7B
Quantity of item in 17th Position: 2E7D
Quantity of item in 18th Position: 2E7F
Quantity of item in 19th Position: 2E81
Quantity of item in 20th Position: 2E83
Quantity of item in 21st Position: 2E85
Quantity of item in 22nd Position: 2E87
Quantity of item in 23rd Position: 2E89
Quantity of item in 24th Position: 2E8B

Item Modifier Digits:

00: Cure1
01: Shell
02: Aero
03: Spark
04: Cure2
05: Conf
06: Quake
07: Stone
08: Cure3
09: Fast
0A: Weak
0B: Heal
0C: Life
0D: Wall
0E: Magma
0F: White
10: Ice 1
11: Sleep
12: Fire1
13: Venom
14: Lit 1
15: Para
16: Ice 2
17: Mute
18: Fire2
19: Erase
1A: Lit 2
1B: Exit
1C: Virus
1D: Drain
1E: Nuke
1F: Fatal
20: Dive
21: Float
22: Pure
23: CureA
24: Flood
25: Morph
26: CureB
27: Wind
28: FireX
29: Cycle
2A: Shake
2B: LifeA
2C: Exit2
2D: Lit X
2E: LifeB
2F: Flare
30: Long Sword
31: Battle Sword
32: Silver Sword
33: Gold Sword
34: Laser Sword
35: Psi-Sword (Good weapon for Mutants)
36: Defence Sword
37: Drain Sword
38: Emperor (MYSTIC SWORD!)
39: Xcalibr (MYSTIC SWORD!)
3A: Durend (MYSTIC SWORD!)
3B: Masmune (MYSTIC SWORD!)
3C: Muramas Sword
3D: X-Plane Sword
3E: Dragon Sword
3F: Sun Sword
40: Adamant Knife
41: Psi-Knife (Good weapon for Mutants)
42: Iron Nunchaku
43: Gold Nunchaku
44: Rune Axe
45: Tomhawk
46: Battle Axe
47: Para Axe
48: CatClaw
49: Poison Claw
4A: Petrify Hammer
4B: Battle Hammer
4C: Gungnir
4D: White Lance
4E: Thunder Staff
4F: X-Plane Staff
50: Gold Staff
51: Bronze Staff
52: Fire Staff
53: Fast Staff (Good weapon for Mutants)
54: X-Fire Staff
55: Wall Staff
56: Razor (Whip Symbol)
57: B-Jack (Whip Symbol)
58: Blitz (Whip Symbol)
59: Saw (Whip Symbol)
5A: )Boomrang
5B: )Ninja
5C: Poison Gun
5D: Magnum
5F: Laser Gun
60: Psi-Gun
61: Fire (Fire Symbol)
62: Punch
63: Kick
64: Headbut
65: X-Kick
66: Smother
67: Kneebut
68: Jyudo
69: Karate
6A: Long Bow
6B: Gold Bow
6C: Elven Bow
6D: Samurai Bow
6E: TearGas (Fire Symbol)
6F: Star (Fire Symbol)
70: Nuke (Dynamite Symbol)
71: TNT (Dynamite Symbol)
72: Grenade (Dynamite Symbol)
73: Napalm (Dynamite Symbol)
74: ATM (Cannon Symbol)
75: Missile (Cannon Symbol)
76: Vulkan (Cannon Symbol)
77: Laser (Cannon Symbol)
78: Bronze Shield
79: Silver Shield
7A: Gold Shield
7B: Speed Shield
7C: X-Plane Shield
7D: Dragon Shield
7E: Fire Shield
7F: Ice Shield
80: Diamond Shield
81: Mirror Shield
82: Samurai Shield
83: Aegis Shield (Protects against ALL elementals)
84: Bronze Helmet
85: Silver Helmet
86: Gold Helmet
87: Leather Helmet
88: X-Plane Helmet
89: Dragon Helmet
8A: Speed Helmet
8B: SandMan Helmet
8C: Diamond Helmet
8D: Mirror Helmet
8E: Samurai Helmet
8F: Hecate Helmet
90: Leather Armor
91: Bronze Armor
92: Silver Armor
93: Gold Armor
94: Psi-Armor
95: Fur Armor
96: Speed Armor
97: Battle Armor
98: Mage Armor
99: Dragon Armor
9A: Diamond Armor
9B: Mirror Armor
9C: Wizard Armor
9D: Samurai Armor
9E: Power Armor
9F: Light Armor
A0: Leather Gauntlet
A1: Iron Gauntlet
A2: Silver Gauntlet
A3: Gold Gauntlet
A4: Bronze Gauntlet
A5: Dragon Gauntlet
A6: Diamond Gauntlet
A7: Mirror Gauntlet
A8: Samurai Gauntlet
A9: Power Gauntlet
AA: Leather Boots
AB: Iron Boots
AC: Gold Boots
AD: Bronze Boots
AE: Speed Boots
AF: Dragon Boots
B0: Geta Boots
B1: Diamond Boots
B2: Hecate Boots
B3: Hermes Boots
B4: Scarf
B5: Ribbon (Protects against ALL status ailments)
B6: Bangle
B7: Armlet
B8: Belt
B9: Pendant
BA: Plume
BB: Brooch
BC: Earring
BD: Shades
BE: Cool
BF: Warm
C0: Cure1 Potion
C1: Cure2 Potion
C2: Cure3 Potion
C3: Soft Potion
C4: Throat Potion
C5: EyeDrop Potion
C6: Antedot Potion
C7: Relax Potion
C8: Awake Potion
C9: Calm Potion
CA: Elixir
CB: Tent
CC: (Blank Space)
CD: HP Capsule
CE: Attack Capsule
CF: Defence Capsule
D0: Speed Capsule
D1: Magic Potion
D2: Earth Crystal
D3: Water Crystal
D4: Fire Crystal
D5: Air Crystal
D6: Dark Crystal
D7: Light Crystal
D8: Cannon
D9: Missile
DA: Laser
DB: E-Ray
DC: Berth
DD: Flushex
DE: Rover
DF: Hover
E0: Soar
E1: Past
E2: Future
E3: X-Plane
E4: Shield
E5: (Blank Space)
E6: Radar
E7: Remote
E8: Rocket
E9: Radio
EA: Tower Key
EB: Chaos Key
EC: Ifram Seed
ED: (Blank Space)
EE: Tablet
EF: (Blank Space)
F0: Katana (Used for Emperor Sword)
F1: Emblem (Used for Emperor Sword)
F2: Crystal (Used for Emperor Sword)
F3: Metal (Used for Aegis Shield)
F4: Oil (Used for Aegis Shield)
F5: Catnip Seed
F6: (Blank Space)
F7: Prison Key
F8: Pass Key
F9: (Blank Space)
FA: (Blank Space)
FB: Buji (Dummy item)
FC: Shar (Dummy item)
FD: Juba (Dummy item)
FE: Masa (Dummy item)
FF: (Blank Space)



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Dragon Quest I + II Reprise
Dragon Quest III Reprise
Dragon Warrior III
Dragon Warrior IV
Final Fantasy IV
Mystic Ark (Sequel to "The 7th Saga")
Paladin's Quest
Pokemon (Red/Blue USA Versions Only)
Secret of Evermore
Seiken Densetsu 3
Terranigma (PAR Codes Only)
Ultima: Exodus (In Progress)
Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (In Progress)


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