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James Bond 007 

This walkthrough is for James Bond 007 on gameboy.  I include a bunch of 
stuff about the game.  

Table of Contents:

1.  Story
2.  Your Mission
3.  Moves
4.  Items
5.  Hints
6.  Walkthrough
7.  Secrets
8.  Credits


1.  Story: (from booklet)

An arms smuggling ring threatens to create world order.  The peace and 
security of the entire planet is at stake.  M16 sent agent 008 deep into 
Turkey to dismantle the operation.  Soon thereafter, all contact was lost.  M 
took the decision to send their best agent, James Bond, to investigate his 
whereabouts.  As Bond carries out his latest order, he becomes entangled in 
his deadliest mission yet.  

2.  Your Mission:

As James Bond, you must use all of your expertise to unravel the sinister 
plot.  It is up to you to decide friend from foe as you uncover clues.  Along 
the way, weapons and items will be found that assist you in overcoming many 
obstacles placed in your path.  Be sure to keep an eye open for Q and his 
unique brand of help.  Be careful, Bond, you can't afford to rely on your 
wits and charm alone!  


3.  Moves:

Control Pad- Moves your character.

Select- This shows your sub-screen.  In the sub-screen, you can assign 
different items or weapons to the A and B buttons.  

A and B buttons- You can assign different items to the A and B buttons.  Both 
will let you talk to people and find hidden things such as passages or med 

Start- Press start to save the game.  


4.  Items:

Drop Boxes:

Found: Almost anywhere there are enemies.
Description: A box that contains useful items.
Purpose: Some enemies will drop boxes that have useful items in them.  They 
may contain bandages, med kits, ammo, or a booby trap.  

Service Pistol:

Found: London and in almost any level after.
Description: A handgun.
Purpose: To shoot enemies.


Found: Kurdistan 
Description: Sword 
Purpose: Can be used as a weapon or to cut bushes that are in Bond's way.

Sub-Machine Gun:

Found: Tibet
Description: A bigger gun that shoots 3 bullets at a time.
Purpose: To kill enemies faster.


Found: Lying around in places like Tibet.
Description: Bomb-like things that are more powerful than guns.
Purpose: To kill enemies that are farther away.

Missile Launcher:

Found: Secret Base.
Description: A big powerful gun.
Purpose: To kill enemies very quickly. 


Found: Inside drop boxes.  They're found anywhere after getting a gun.
Description: Little bullets.
Purpose: These bullets are the ammo of the pistol.


Found: In drop boxes after getting the missile launcher.
Description: Little missiles.
Purpose: This is the ammo of the missile launcher.  

Sub-Machine Gun Ammo:

Found: In drop boxes anywhere after finding the machine gun.
Description: 3 little bullets.
Purpose: These are the bullets of the machine gun.  


Found: Everywhere in drop boxes.
Description: Band-Aids.  
Purpose: Restore part of Bond's health.


Found: Anywhere in drop boxes or hidden under beds, etc.
Description: Medical briefcases.
Purpose: Used to restore all of Bond's health when it is low. It is stored in 
the sub-screen.

Field Communicator:

Found: London
Description: A walkie-talkie sorta thing.
Purpose: Used by Bond to receive helpful information from M and Q.

Electric Key Chain:

Found: London
Description: One of Q's inventions.  Looks like keys.
Purpose: Stuns enemies when thrown on the floor.  Used to beat Iqbal.


Found: Kurdistan
Description: One of those genie lamp things.
Purpose: Used to light up caves.

Night Vision Goggles:

Found: Marrakech. 
Description:  Looks like swimming goggles. 
Purpose: Used to see in dark places.

Laser Watch:

Found: Marrakech.
Description: A watch.
Purpose: This is one of Q's inventions.  It is used to cut locks on doors.

Satellite Link:

Found: Marrakech.
Description: A satellite.
Purpose: This is used to find your location on a map.

Water Canteen:

Found: The Sahara.
Description: A water bottle.
Purpose: To hold water while Bond is in the Sahara.

Grappling Hook: 

Found: Tibet.
Description: A fish hook (or is you play Zelda on N64, the hookshot).
Purpose: To reach high places.

Light/heavy Vest:

Found: A lot of places.
Description: A bullet proof vest.
Purpose: To protect Bond from SOME bullet damage.

Exploding Pen:

Found: Kurdistan.  Get it from 008.
Description: Like an ordinary pen.
Purpose: To blow up the rocks that make the path to Warzone.

Titanium Shield:

Found: Secret Base.
Description: A shield.
Purpose: To deflect bullets.


Found: Warzone.
Description: A big mirror.
Purpose: Bond's only defense against lasers.


5.  Hints
NOTE: If you don't want a whole walkthrough but just some hints on the levels 
read below. If you need detailed help, consult the walkthrough.

Level: China

1.  Try looking around all sides of the beds in houses.
2.  To look for secret passages, hold the A or B button will standing against 
the wall.

Level: London

1.  Always talk to people 2 times.  Never know what you might get!

Level: Kurdistan

1.  Always look inside cabinets and beds.
2.  Talk to everyone including prisoners,Ķ
3.  It's best to leave the guards in the dark,Ķ
4.  Look for secret passages along the rocks.
5.  The Electric key chain can even stun BIG enemies,Ķ

Level: Marrakech

1.  Trade with people to get what you want.
2.  Help Mr. Fez catch up on his beauty SLEEP.
3.  Everyone including Odd Job has a room.

Level: The Sahara

1.  It would be nice if a traveler would give you a water bottle wouldn't it?
2.  With the empty water bottle, walk down and say oh WELL!

Level: Tibet

1.  Every cave has an ending.  
2.  Wouldn't it be nice if you had a hook and some rope?

Level: Secret Base

1.  Know the old movie trick?  Always check the door!
2.  Go right awhile to fight for a shield.
3.  Some people just can't hold their HATS and need help having them 
REFLECTED back at them!

Level: Kurdistan and Warzone

1.  Get A Machete
2.  Get The Exploding Pen
3.  Navigate Through The Warzone
4.  Beat Khatar
5.  Beat Sadam
6.  Get The Mirror

Level: Russia

1.  Even people like Jaws have a Magnetic Reaction.

Level: Golgov's Base

1.  Flip the switches.
2.  Shoot Golgov like mad.


6.  Walkthrough

Level:  China

1.    Get The 1st Med Kit
2.  Find The Hammer
3.  Get The 2nd Med Kit
4.  Cross The Broken Bridge
5.  Head To The Temple
6.  Find The Secret Plans
7.  Defeat Zhong Mae
8.  Get To The Boathouse

1.  Get The 1st Med Kit-  Once you've started the game, enter the house you 
see.  Walk over to the second bed and look behind it by pressing the A 
button.  You'll hear a sound like a beep which means that you've found an 
item.  Exit the house.

2.  Find The Hammer-  Now walk left a screen and enter that house.  Look 
behind the second bed again and press A.  This time you hear the familiar 
James Bond music and see a message after you find the hammer.  Exit the house.

3.  Get The 2nd Med Kit-   Now walk down a screen and follow the path.  Go 
past the first house you see and continue walking until you come to another 
house.  Go look under the second bed again to collect it.  Exit the house. 

4.  Cross The Broken Bridge- Now retrace your steps until you're back at the 
house where you found the first med kit.  This time go right and you'll see a 
man sitting on the bridge.  He lost his hammer.  Press select and move the 
cursor on the hammer.  Place the hammer on either the A or B button.  
Whatever button the hammer is on, press that button to talk to the man.  
He'll thank you and tell you to wait for him to fix it.  Leave the screen 
then go right back.  Cross the bridge.  

5.  Head To The Temple-  Follow the path talking to people if you desire.  
Eventually, you'll come to a guard that won't let you pass unless you fight 
him.  Make sure you have your block and punch on A and B.  To beat him, hold 
the button that you have block on until he kicks you.  The second after he 
kicks, punch him.  Repeat until he dies.  Enter the Temple.

6.  Find The Secret Plans- Once you've entered the temple, walk up a screen.  
Turn right by walking between the candles.  Go against the wall and press A 
until you get a message that says you've found a secret passage.  Walk into 
the passage and you'll be in a room with a lot of cabinets.  Look inside each 
of them until you find a key.  Now walk up a screen and look at the safe in 
the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  Go over there and open it with 
the key.  Now walk into the room on the left and get ready for the boss of 

7.  Defeat Zhong Mae-  To beat her, you'll have to repeatedly punch her.  
Your blocks won't have any effect.  The best way is to trap her in a corner 
and punch like mad.  If you need to, use a med kit to heal yourself during 
the battle.  

8.  Get To The Boathouse-  After you've defeated Zhong Mae, walk down 2 rooms 
until you're out of the temple.  Follow the path and beat the 15 guards in 
the same way as the previous (block then punch).   After a lot of fighting, 
you'll reach the boathouse.  You'll see a scene with James on a boat going 
to London.

Level: London

1.  Give The Plans To M
2.  Get Q's Inventions
3.  Get The MARBLE
4.  Get The Med. Kit
5.  Go to Kurdistan

1.  Give The Plans To M- Once you're in London, go left a room and speak to M 
(the lady sitting at the desk).  She'll tell you your next mission.

2.  Get Q's Inventions- After talking with M, go up a room and right.  Talk 
to Q (the man that's sitting down holding a cup).  He'll give you a pistol.  
Talk to him a second time to get a stun key chain.  

3.  Get The MARBLE- Now talk to the man behind Q (on the chair) and Q will 
tell you not to touch the chair.  Touch the chair again and you see it fly 
into the next room leaving a hole.  Enter that hole and get the marble.  

4.  Get the Med Kit- Now go back into the room with Q and walk down a screen. 
 Talk to the lady at the bottom who tells you she has something in the 
cabinet behind her.  Open the cabinet to find none other than a med kit!

5.  Go To Kurdistan- Retrace your steps back to the first room you were in 
and walk right.  Now you're in Kurdistan.

Level: Kurdistan

1.  Go To The Goat Man's House
2.  Get The Gold Ring
3.  Get The Machete
4.  Get The Pad of Paper
5.  Get a Cabaret Pass
6.  Get The Lamp
7.  Get The Jeweled Egg (optional)
8.  Defeat Iqbal
9.  Rescue 008

1.  Go To The Goat Man's House- Once you're in Kurdistan, walk right and 
enter the house you see.  Talk to the man, then get the med kit in the 
cabinet against the wall.  

2.  Get The Gold Ring- After you've talked to the man, go through the door on 
the right inside his house.  From there, walk up and left two times.  Enter 
the house and talk to the man.  He will give you a gold ring.

3.  Get The Machete-  Retrace your steps back to the goat man's house (right 
2x, down).  From there go right and down.  You will see two houses.  Enter 
the one on the right and look inside the cabinet against the wall.  You see 
the Machete.  Now go to the house on the left and the man will allow you to 
keep his machete.  

4.  Get The Pad of Paper- Select your machete and walk up while cutting the 
grass.  From there walk, up, left, up, right, upper left-hand corner (not the 
path with the grass in front of it), and up.  Enter the house and look inside 
the cabinet.  You find paper!

5.  Get a Cabaret Pass- Retrace your steps until you get to the prison.  From 
the house go down, left, down, right, and down.  Enter the prison and talk to 
the prisoner.  Give him the gold ring and paper.  Distract the guard by 
talking to him, then see the prisoner for the forged pass.   

6.  Get The Lamp- After you have the pass, go up and left.  Enter the big 
house (by using the pass) with the guard beside it.  Inside the house, walk 
right and you'll notice you can't go past the guard by the door.  To get 
past him, use your pistol to hit the light.  The light is the thing that is 
shining behind the bar counter.  Once it's dark, you can go through the door. 
 Outside, get the lamp.  Then go out through the gate.  From there walk up, 
right, and up.  You should see a cave.  If you want, you can get the jeweled 
egg.  You can also skip it.  It's not something you need to win the game.  

To get it

7.  Get The Jeweled Egg (optional)-  Once you have the lamp, go through the 
gate.  From there walk up, right, and up.  You should see a cave.  If you 
want, you can get the jeweled egg.  You can also skip it.  It's not something 
you need to win the game.  To get it cut down the grass on the right nearest 
to the cave.  Walk on the rocks and talk to the man you see.  He'll give you 
the jeweled egg.  

8.  Defeat Iqbal- Go inside the cave.  Make sure you are using the lamp or 
you won't be able to see.  Once inside walk up and get ready to fight Iqbal.  
After he's done talking, you automatically drop the stun keys.  To beat 
Iqbal, make him step on the keys then hit him with your machete.  After you 
beat him, pick up the keys he leaves behind.  

9.  Rescue 008- Walk down and right and you'll be in a room with 008.  Use 
the keys to unlock the door and talk to 008.  After he's done talking, you go 
to Marrakech.  

Level: Marrakech

1.  Get a Room
2.  Go To The Casino
3.  Enter The Baccarat Room
4.  Get The Laser Watch
5.  Get The Underground Pass
6.  Find The Black Market
7.  Get The Night Goggles
8.  See Ms. Bliss
9.  Get The Satellite Link
10.  Get The Tranquilizer Gun
11.  Get Mr. Fez
12.  Get Odd Job's Keys
13.  Go Find Odd Job

1.  Get a Room- Once you're in Marrakech, talk to the hotel clerk behind the 
desk.  He gives you keys to a room.  Go to your room and get the med kit in 
the cabinet beside the window.  Exit the hotel.

2.  Go To The Casino-  From the hotel, walk left, down, left, up, and left. 
Enter the casino. 

3.  Enter The Baccarat Room- Inside the casino, walk up and left.  Go to one 
of the cashiers beside the man and get $1000 currency.  Now play one of the 
games: Blackjack or Red dog.  Play until you win $2500, then enter the 
baccarat room (the room with the two guards beside it).  Once you've entered, 
play Baccarat until Mr. Fez shows up.  When Mr. Fez is there, leave the 

4.  Get The Laser Watch- From the casino walk, right, down, right and enter 
the underground passageway.  Inside the underground passageway, follow the 
path then go in the left hallway.  Outside the underground passageway, walk 
right, down, right and inside Q Branch Office.  Inside Q Branch Office, talk 
to Q, who will give you the laser watch.  

5.  Get The Underground Pass- You can only get this if you have the jeweled 
egg.  From Q Branch Office, go left, up 2x,  and inside the underground 
passageway.  Outside, walk down and right.  Enter the building and give the 
jeweled egg to the old man inside.  Now you have your pass!

6.  Find The Black Market- It's really easy to find the black market now.  
But if you don't have the pass, I'll tell how to get there too.  
A)  With the pass- Walk back to the underground passageway, and back to Q 
Branch Office (left, up, passageway, down 2x, and right).  Now go inside the 
door by the man that's stepping on the bug.  Underground, walk up and through 
the door.  Now down and inside the first door you see.  You're there!  J
B)  Without the pass- from Q Branch Office, walk left, up 2x, and inside the 
passageway.  Outside, down, right, down, and in passageway.  Outside, right, 
up, left, up, and inside passageway.  Outside, go inside the next passageway. 
 Outside that passageway, go down and inside the first door you see.  You're 
there!  J

7.  Get The Night Goggles- Once inside the market, look for the man who sells 
chickens (left, up, left, up 2x, and right).  Talk to him and James 
automatically steals a chicken.  Take the chicken to the man with the cats 
(go down, left, down, right, and inside either of the two doors).  Give the 
man the chicken in exchange for a cat.  Now take the cat to the man with the 
mice (go left and down).  Trade the cat for a pearl and walk up 2x and enter 
the building.  Give the pearl to one of the men for a passport.  Now go left, 
down, left, down, and inside the tent.  Trade the passport and receive your 
night goggles.  

8.  See Ms. Bliss- No walk to the north part of the market and enter the 
Catacombs.  Use your night goggles to see.  There are many guards in here so 
make sure you have enough med kits.  Now walk down, left, down, left, down 
2x, right 2x, up, right 2x, up, and right.  Now use your laser watch to 
unlock the gate.  Go inside and talk to Ms. Bliss, the big lady lying down.  
She'll give you a diamond.  NOTE:  there's also a med kit left a screen from 
Ms. Bliss inside the chest.    

9.  Get The Satellite Link- Now that you're back outside, look for the 
electronics shop.  It's right 2x, up, inside the passageway, down, right, 
down, inside the passageway, right, and inside the building you see on the 
screen.  Talk to the man and he'll give you the satellite link.  There is 
also a med kit in the chest against the wall.  

10.  Get The Tranquilizer Gun- Now go back to the Black Market and into the 
Catacombs again.  (Way back to Black Market is upper left, up, inside 
passageway, inside the second passageway, down, and inside the first door you 
see).  This time in the Catacombs, go down, left, down, left, down, right 3x, 
 down, and left 3x.  Talk to the man lying down and give him the diamond.  He 
gives you the tranquilizer gun!  

11.  Get Mr. Fez- From there, walk right 3x, up, left, up, right 2x, and use 
the laser watch to unlock the gate.  Walk inside the door and shoot Mr. Fez 
with the tranquilizer gun.  Sleep tight!

12.  Get Odd Job's Keys- Leave the Catacombs and go back to the Casino.  To 
get out of the Catacombs, just go to Ms. Bliss (remember?  Up and right) and 
inside, walk left and down.  Much easier, huh?  Now to the Casino.  Walk into 
the first passageway you see and go up.  Now walk left, up and left and 
you're there.  Go inside the Baccarat room and get the keys from Mr. Fez.  

13.  Go Find Odd Job- Leave the Casino and go back to the hotel (you know the 
way, right?)  right, down, right, up, and right.  Now go inside the very last 
hotel room and open it with Odd Job's keys.  You see a scene with Odd Job.  
He's gonna leave you to die in the desert!

Level:  The Sahara

1.  Get A Canteen
2.  Find The Airbase

1.  Get A Canteen- Once in the Sahara, walk up and talk to the man on the 
camel.  Get a canteen from him then walk back down and fill it up with water. 

2.  Find The Airbase- From there walk up 4x, left, up, and left until you see 
the airbase.  Enter the airbase and you'll be in Tibet.

Level: Tibet

1.  Get A Med Kit
2.  Get The Machine Gun
3.  Find The Metal Shop
4.  Get Some Rope
5.  Complete The Test Of Courage

1.  Get A Med Kit- From the start of the level, walk into the building behind 
you and walk up.  Inside the room, walk to the right and get the med kit 
beside the burning pillar of fire.  

2.  Get The Machine Gun- Exit the building and follow the path until you see 
a cave.  Keep in mind these caves are heavily guarded.  Enter it and select 
your night goggles to see.  Walk down and exit the cave.  Follow the path and 
enter the next cave.  Walk left and fight the guard.  Now walk up and you'll 
be in a room.  Walk up a screen and look on top of the table furthest away 
from you on the left.  Now you have a machine gun!  J

3.  Find The Metal Shop- Exit the room and retrace your steps.  This time 
walk up 2x, right, up 3x, left 2x, up, and walk out of the cave.  Outside of 
the cave, walk left and go inside the metal shop.  Take 1 of the hooks on the 
table then leave.  

4.  Get Some Rope- Outside of the metal shop, walk left until you come to a 
bunch of ladders.  Climb them all then at the top, walk right and climb up 
that ladder.  Enter the cave.  Inside the cave, walk up to the ledge and drop 
down.  Fight off the guard then continue down 2x.  Walk out of the cave.  
Outside go up the ladder and walk right across the bridge.  Talk to the monk 
that's sitting down.  He gives you rope.  Now you have a hookshot sorta thing!

5.  Complete The Test Of Courage- Retrace your steps back to where the exit 
of the cave was.  Climb down the ladder and go inside the cave.  You know 
what to do.  Outside, walk up the ladders into the next cave.  Same old same 
old.  Outside walk left and past the metal shop.  Go up all the ladders then 
at the top, go left this time.  Hookshot to the statue then walk up the 
ladders.  Follow the path then enter the building you see.  Here these monks 
take away your weapons and tell you to go into the next room.  Here you see a 
bunch of sumo wrestlers.  To beat them, block when they attack then punch to 
hurt them.  (Just like the guards in China).  Repeat this is all the rooms 
until you reach the monks again.  Walk out the door and you see,Ķ,ĶOdd Job!  
You're surrounded and are then taken captive to,Ķ.

Level:  Secret Base

1.  Talk To Zhong Mae
2.  Get A Pistol
3.  Stock Up On Med Kits
4.  Get A Machine Gun
5.  Get The Shield
6.  Find The Tank Room
7.  Get More Med Kits
8.  Find Odd Job
9.  Beat Odd Job
10.  Find Zhong Mae

1.  Talk To Zhong Mae- First thing to do is walk up to the door in your cell 
and press A to open it.  Walk up and you see Zhong Mae.  She tells you that 
she'll help you.

2.  Get A Pistol- If you want a pistol, walk left until you get to a room 
with some crates then go to the left and look on the table with guns.  Then 
turn around and go right.

3.  Stock Up On Med Kits- If you want a lot of med kits, go left like your 
getting the pistol then walk down.  Fight all the guards then go right and 
look inside the open lockers.  Keep going down and doing this as much as 
desired or until you get into a bigger room with crates.  Then retrace your 
steps and go right.  

4.  Get A Machine Gun- To get the machine gun quickly, walk left from Zhong 
Mae and go all the way down.  You'll be in another crate room.  Go to the 
table with guns on it and you got a machine gun!
5.  Get The Shield- If you just wanna get out of here as fast as you can, go 
right after talking to Zhong Mae.  Then continue right for awhile fighting 
enemies until you get to a room with a row of guns and crates lying around.  
Here, fight the guard that has this really strong gun to get the shield.  To 
beat him, I suggest you quickly run up to him and start punching like mad.  

6.  Find The Tank Room- Now you just basically have to adventure around until 
you find a room with a lot of tanks as well as guards!  To get there from the 
shield room, go down for awhile fighting all the guards.  It should be a bit 
easier because you have a shield to block most bullets.  (You can't block 
rockets from the rocket launcher gun).  Keep going down until your in a room 
with more crates.  Here, go to the far right and look on the table with guns 
on it.  Click on it for some stuff.  Now go left then up until you get to a 
big room.  Follow the path and then you're in the tank room!

7.  Get More Med Kits- On your way to the tank room, instead of just walking 
up after beating the guards, go right and look inside the open lockers for 
some stuff (mostly med kits). Then continue on going up then right looking in 
the lockers.  Keep doing this as much as desired or until you come to another 
big room.  Go right now and follow the path.  Now you're in the tank room.  

8.  Find Odd Job-  Once you're in the tank room, walk:
1) right 
2) up
3) right
4) down
5) up 2x
6) left 2x
7) up
8) right 2x.  

9.  Beat Odd Job- To beat him, use your shield to reflect the hats that he 
throws at you.  Make sure you watch your health and have med kits ready.  
After you've hit him enough times, he'll tell you about this guy named 
Golgov who's in Kurdistan.   

10.  Find Zhong Mae- Now leave the room and retrace your steps until you're 
outside of the tank room.  (left, down, right 2x, down, up, down, left, 
down).  From there, go left, down (many times), right, left (until you can go 
up), then go right and talk to Zhong Mae.  She'll tell you about her friend 
in Kurdistan.  Now go through the open door and you're in,Ķ

Level: Kurdistan and Warzone

1.  Get A Machete
2.  Get The Exploding Pen
3.  Navigate Through The Warzone
4.  Beat Khatar
5.  Beat Sadam
6.  Get The Mirror

1.  Get A Machete- You are now back in Kurdistan but it's been bombed.  Walk 
right, down, right, up 2x, left 2x, up.  Talk to the man there and he'll give 
a machete to you.  

2.  Get The Exploding Pen- Now go to the cave where you fought Iqbal.  From 
where you are, it's right 3x, up.  Talk to the man there who is 008!  He 
gives you the exploding pen before he dies.  

3.  Navigate Through The Warzone- After getting the pen, walk down, left and 
cut the bush to go up.  Walk up to the boulders and use the pen to blow them 
up.  Now walk up and you'll be in an area with all these grenades flying at 
you.  Try to avoid them and walk right, up, left, up, right, up 2x, left, up. 

4.  Beat Khatar- Now go left, down 2x, and inside the big tent.  You'll see 
Khatar.  To beat him, use the rocket launcher.  

5.  Beat Sadam- Retrace your steps (up 2x, right, down).  Back in the 
warzone, go down, right, down, left, down and inside the cave thing.  Walk up 
2x, right, down, right, up, right, up 2x, left, and inside the tent.  Get the 
med kit on the table with the guns and leave.  Go up and if you want, get the 
med kit inside the tent in the cabinet otherwise go right and inside the 
tent.  Beat Sadam in the same way as Khatar (rocket launcher).  You should 
beat him fairly fast since he's such a wimp.  

6.  Get The Mirror- Now that you've beaten both Sadam and Khatar, go find 
Mustafa.  To get to Mustafa, leave this area and get back in the warzone (go 
left, down, right, down 2x, left, down, up, left, down 2x and inside the cave 
thing.  Now go up and right 2x, up, right and you're inside another base 
thing.  Fight the guards and follow the path until you get to a house with 
Mustafa in it. Talk to him and he'll give you a mirror.  (This is your only 
defense against lasers).  There's a med kit by the desk near his bed.  Now go 
down and you're in,Ķ

Level: Russia

1.  Find Jaws
2.  Beat Jaws

1.  Find Jaws- This area is 1 big maze.  However, the man who guided you here 
tells you to go southeast so try to go that way.  But here's the directions 
if you need them:  left, up 2x, left 2x, down (follow the path).  When you 
get to a fork in the road, go left and follow the path.  Then when you have 
another choice, go right and follow the path.  You'll eventually get to a 
building go inside and face Jaws.  

2.  Beat Jaws- To beat him, lure him toward 1 of the 4 magnets in the room.  
The magnets are the things that come down every so often. Then hit him with 
the rocket launcher.  It takes about 3 hits.  If you get too close, he'll 
pick you up then bite you're head.  After you kill him you are taken to,Ķ

Level: Golgov's Base

1.  Talk To Zhong Mae
2.  Flip The First Switches
3.  Flip The Second Switches
4.  Flip The Third Switches
5.  Flip The Fourth Switches
6.  Flip The Fifth Switches
7.  Flip The Last Switches
8.  Beat Golgov
9.  Get Past The First Electric Things
10.  Avoid The Lasers
11.  Get Past The Second Electric Things
12.  Get Past The Lasers And Bullets
13.  Disarm The Missiles

1.  Talk To Zhong Mae- First off, walk left all the way and you'll be in a 
room with Zhong Mae tied to a rocket.  Talk to her then leave.  

2.  Flip The First Switches- Walk up and get the guard out of the way.  Flip 
the switch on the right up then continue walking up.  Walk up and right to 
the next room and you'll see 3 switches.  Flip the switches up, up, down in 
that order.

3.  Flip The Second Switches- Retrace your steps back and go left 2x then up. 
 Fight off the guard then flip the left switch up and the right down then 
walk up a screen.  Follow the path and you'll be in another room with 
switches.  Flip these:  up, down, up.

4.  Flip The Third Switches- Retrace your steps back.  Go right and up awhile 
until you reach another area.  Now go left and up.  Flip both the switches 
down and continue up.  Now flip the switch on the left up and right down.  
Follow the path to more switches and flip these: up, down, down.

5.  Flip The Fourth Switches- Retrace your steps.  Go right 2x, then up.  
Flip both the switches on the door down then continue.  Flip the next 
switches on the door down and up.  Follow the path to more switches and flip 
them:  down, up, up.

6.  Flip The Fifth Switches- Retrace your steps and go down.  Follow the path 
and flip these switches:  down, down, down.  

7.  Flip The Last Switches- Retrace your steps and go left 2x, and down.  
Follow the path for more switches.  Flip these:  down, up, down.

8.  Beat Golgov- Retrace your steps and go right and up until you get to 
Golgov.  Beat him by using any gun (preferably your rocket launcher) and 
shoot like mad.  Watch your health and use med kits.  

9.  Get Past The First Electric Things- Follow the path watching out for the 
electricity things on the floor until you can go down.  Go over to the 
computer and touch it by pressing A or B to pull the lever down.  Now go back 
up and walk right and down.  Do the same thing with the computer as the other 
room.  Keep doing the same thing until you can get by all those electric 
things.  You should have to do it 3 times before you can walk into an area 
with lasers being shot at the wall.  

10.  Avoid The Lasers- To get past the lasers, select your mirror on A or B 
and use it on the lasers.  

11.  Get Past The Second Electric Things- After you've past the lasers, 
you're in an area with more of those electric things that won't let you 
pass.  Walk down and pull the lever on the first computer only.  Then 
continue walking left.  

12.  Get Past The Lasers And Bullets-  Now you're in another area with lasers 
and bullets.  The bullets are the little things being shot at the wall and 
the lasers are big.  To get past the bullets, use the shield. For the lasers, 
continue using the mirror.  Follow the path for awhile blocking them all 
until you get to this one part where the lasers are going fast,Ķ.I mean fast!  
The only advice I have to get past this, have a med kit on 1 button and your 
mirror on the other.  Try to get the rhythm and walk in front of the lasers 
but stand sideways.  It's hard!  It took me forever!  

13.  Disarm The Missile- First thing to do after you get past the lasers is 
walk up the first time you can.  Go up to the lever and pull it down.  You've 
now disarmed the first missile!  Now walk left and up again for the second.  
The same for the third.  For the fourth, go right, down 2x, left, up 2x, 
left, up. Now go down, right, left 2x, down, right, down, right (until you 
can't go anymore), up, and disarm the last missile. You've completed the 
game!  Yay!


With M.A.R.B.L.E.- You talk to Zhong Mae and James says he's taking her on a 
SLOW boat ride home. (oooo!  There's your typical James Bond!)  You then see 
them on a boat and another scene.

Without The M.A.R.B.L.E.- You see the scene where James Bond tells her about 
the slow boat ride and then it just skips to the credits.  


7.  Secrets

1.  Get The M.A.R.B.L.E.-  In London, touch the chair near Q and Q will say 
"Don't touch that!" Touch it again and it blasts off to the other room.  Go 
in that room and collect the M.A.R.B.L.E.

2.  To play other games in the casino type these names in for the new game 
that you start:
BJACK= Blackjack
BACCR= Baccarat
REDOG= Red Dog

8.  Credits

This walkthrough has been written by Di and may not be sold or copied unless 
you have my permission.  Copyright: March 26, 2000.  If you have any 
questions you can e-mail me at   

1.  Thanks to my sis for helping me with this walkthrough.
2.  GameFAQ's for submitting and taking the time to look at my walkthrough.

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