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         Kirby's Dreamland 2 for the Nintendo Game Boy

                  Guide to the Rainbow Drops v1.1

            by Rob Dalton (

               Pretty, shiny colorful version at:

                  P    O    W    E    R    S

  The Cutter destroys the rounded blocks with a horizontal line through them.
  Fire destroys the solid ice blocks.
  Ice destroys the ice blocks with holes in the center.
  The Umbrella destroy the blocks that look like logs. This is the least 
    important power in the game.
  Spark destroys the blocks that look like computer chips.
  Spike destroys the blocks that look like the five-side of a die.
  Stone destroys the blocks that resemble cobblestones.

  With Rick, you don't slip on the ice and travel is significantly faster.
  With Kine, you can inhale and swallow underwater.
  With Coo, you can inhale while in the air.

Level 1: Grass Land

Required power: Umbrella
Found in Area 3
   Proceed through the round until you get to the drop's room. If you don't 
already have the Umbrella, go through the door on the right and get it from 
the Umbrella floating around there. Go back, through the door and destroy 
the blocks with the Umbrella.

Level 2: Big Forest

Required power: Spike
Found in Area 2
   Go through the round completely, making sure to inhale a Spikey on the 
way. Exit and re-enter the round. Go down and enter the door. Destroy the
 blocks with the power of Spike.

Level 3: Ripple Field

Required power: Kine and Stone
Found in Area 3
**Kine and Spark lets you see in the dark**
   Go through the first part of Area 3 and enter the door. Now, pass the eels, 
jump over the pit with water in it, and get Stoned on the other side. Go back 
and enter the pit. Ride the currents until you see a niche in the center 
platform. Fight the current and enter. You will see an arch of five stars. Go 
on to the right flat portion of dry land. Jump and press up to enter a hidden 
door. Use the Stone to break the block.

***Level 4: Iceberg***

Required power: Kine and Fire
Found in Area 4
   This is the toughest drop in the game. Beat the Fire dude, grab his power 
and Kine if he appears. Go through the scrolling area and enter the door. 
Jump past the knights and enter the pit to the right of the spikes and hydras. 
Jump into the left niche (or right) and destroy the blocks over the water. 
Jump on to the other blocks and over the barrier. You will see three stars and 
blocks, not to mention two frogs. Kill the frogs and go down. Move to the 
left of the blocks. Drop the Fire, inhale a block and spit it out, and quickly 
inhale the star again. Repeat. If done correctly, you will have Fire and an 
open passage to the door. Fight against the current, enter the door, and 
destroy the blocks on the left to get the drop.

Level 5: Red Canyon

Required power: Rick and Spark
Found in Area 5
   Go to Area 3 and get Rick (lower right). Enter 5 and grab Sparky. Go right, 
drop down, through the water, past the Sparkies and into the door on the 
right. Go through the part that scrolls up and try to keep Rick and Spark. 
When you get to a door, kill the Spikeys on the platforms above it and enter 
the door farther up. Destroy the first two blocks with Spark, drop down, and 
destroy two other blocks with Spark. Ditch Rick and fly to the drop.

Level 6: Cloudy Park

Required power: Kine and Ice to start
Found in Area 2
   This drop isn't difficult, just time-consuming. You'll have to use just about 
every power in the game, except for Stone, Umbrella, and Fire. Enter the 
round and go right until you see a door surrounded by ice blocks. Destroy
 them and enter. Ride the up currents until you see a 1-up. Drop below that 
platform to a hidden pool and door. Enter the door and swim against the 
current, to the left. Enter the door, defeat the Big Spark, get his power, and 
exit. You will be in the previous area. Go back to the pool and this time go 
right. Reduce Blocky to rubble and get Rick (don't take the Stone power). 
Exit and you will be on the far right of the previous area. Enter the door 
(watch out for the running fool to the left) and knock out the blocks under the 
cannons to free Coo. Get Coo and exit. Fly against the current to the right 
and go under the overhang. Beat the Ninja and get the power of the Cutter 
from him. Go left now, watch out for the spikes, and into the first door you 
see. Destroy the blocks with the Cutter and nab the drop.

Level 7: Dark Castle

Required power: Fire to start
Found in Area 7
   Go up and enter the door. Go right through the dark area and enter the 
door. Grab the Fire guy and go up. Destroy the blocks to the left with the
 Fire. Now do the same for Stone, Spike, Ice, and Cutter. You will wind up 
under the drop that will get you the Rainbow Sword. If you're wondering 
about where this sequence of powers is revealed, enter as Kine and Spark, 
destroy the blocks in the dark room, and light up to find the key five symbols 
that lead to the drop. It should read Fire, Stone, Spike, Ice, Cutter.

The Final Battle

Go and beat DeDeDe again. This time, though, the seven drops will merge to 
form the Rainbow Sword. Now, out of DeDeDe comes Dark Matter. Defeat 
him the first time by deflecting the energy balls he shoots at you with the
sword. Now comes the tough second battle. At first, stay by him and swing 
your sword as fast as you can as he's shooting four globs at you. When he 
moves, move with him and keep on swingin'. Now get out of the way as he
moves around erratically. Stay to the upper right or upper left of him and 
swing your sword as he fires a series of bead-like weapons. If you're lucky, 
you won't get hit. Now he will move in three ovals at the top, center, and 
bottom. He'll move to the top and fire two nasty beams, to the center and 
repeats, to the bottom and repeats. You must get behind him to avoid it. Now 
finish him off!

     ***Remeber, to get 100% on the game, you have to defeat DeDeDe once      
           before you get all the drops!***

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