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Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 19:58:42 -0400

Pokemon Tip Guide
by Silverguy ( to contact me)

1. Introduction
2. Best Pokemon
3. Advice Throughout the Game
4. Versions

1. Introduction

Pokemon is a hit seller from Nintendo. It is for the gameboy game system,
and there are 2 versions of it (soon to be 4.) Basically, when the game
first came out, all the RPGers went and bought the game. All the other
people followed their example, but some of them had no idea what level
advancing is, nor attack, defense, speed, and special. This FAQ is meant to
help people in their quest to be a pokemon master, if they know nothing
about RPGs or not.

2. Best Pokemon

There are a few things in this section. There are best pokemon for
different points in the game, and here is the list of them.

Point No. 1: Before you face Brock.
1. Wartortle-Good defense, fairly powerful.
2. Pidgey-Will become formidable.
3. Nidoran-Good attack power when he evolves.
4. Kakuna/Metapod-High defense, will become powerful fighters.

Point No. 2: After you beat Misty, at Bill's house.
1. Wartortle-All around powerful. Learns good water attacks.
2. Pidgeotto-Another all around pokemon. Good to have to back up Wartortle.

3. Nidorino-High attack power, learns a few good attacks too.
4. Beedrill/Butterfree-One is a strong fighter, the other is a good psychic
5. Geodude-High defense, learns good rock/ground attacks.
6. Clefairy-Can learn many TMs, learns strange attacks. Powerful when it
evolves into Clefable.

Point No. 3: After you beat Lt. Surge, in the field where you fight
1. Blastoise-High defense, will learn strongest water attack.
2. Pidgeotto-Will have gotten even stronger.
3. Nidorino-High attack power and HP.
4. Graveller-High attack/defense.
5. Gyarados-All out great pokemon.
6. Pikachu-Good electric attacks.

Point No. 4: When you beat Erika.
1. Blastoise-Higher defense, good attack power, great attacks.
2. Pidgeot-Well rounded, has useful moves.
3. Graveller-Another well rounded pokemon.
4. Gyarados-Very high attack power.
5. Nidoking-Chances are it learned all its attacks. If not, keep it a
6. Pikachu-Carries along great electric attacks like thunder.

Point No. 5: At top of Silph Co. Building.
1. Blastoise-Can use ice beam and hyper beam, from celadon.
2. Pidgeot-Great in all categories.
3. Golem-Super defense, can learn rock slide or earthquake.
4. Gyarados-Learns hydro pump and hyper beam, 2 great attacks.
5. Raichu-Even stronger than pikachu, still weak defense though.
6. Dratini-Become extremely powerful.

Point No. 6: After beating Giovanni.
1. Blastoise-Should have blizzard or ice beam, hydro pump, hyper beam.
2. Zapdos-High attack, learns thunder.
3. Golem-Should have earthquake and other strong moves.
4. Gyarados-You can teach it blizzard or ice beam to accompany its hyper
beam and hydro pump. Surf is another choice.
5. Dragonair-Can learn a variety of powerful moves.
6. Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon-All good in their categories

Point No. 7: Endgame.
1. Blastoise-Has very high defense, great attack and strong moves.
2. Zapdos-Will fry water pokemon will relative ease.
3. Gyarados-Very high attack, a formidable opponent.
4. Golem-Very strong defense like Blastoise.
5. Dragonite-Highest attack in the game, learns hyper beam.
6. Alakazam-Powerful psychic pokemon, can learn hyper beam and psywave.

My Pokemon Currently:
1. L. 100 Blastoise-Bite, hydro pump, hyper beam, ice beam. Cornerstone of
my team.
2. L. 89 Gyarados-Bite, hydro pump, hyper beam, surf. Best attack, high
3. L. 64 Alakazam-Psychic, hyper beam, psybeam, recover. Psychic attacker,
softens up enemy,
4. L. 72 Charizard-Flamethrower, cut, fire spin, hyper beam. Good attacker,
good against grass.
5. L. 56 Zapdos-Thunder, fly, thundershock, drill peck. Has FLY and weakens
water pokemon.
6. L. 54 Cloyster-Aurora beam, surf, clamp, spike cannon. Very high
defense, good ice/water attacks, I am still advancing him.

3. Advice Throughout the Game

Starting Out:
At the starting places in the game, don't waste your pokeballs! Chances
are, you won't have much money near the beginning of the game. Buy a half
dozen pokeballs, and make them last. Catch stuff that will be good for a
long time, like a geodude, pidgey, pikachu, or nidoran. You won't be using
spearows or rattatas farther into the game, so there really is no point in
catching them unless you want to have a better pokedex rating. I have found
that buying 3 to 6 pokeballs at Viridian City can last me up to the area
around Cerulean City. With the money left over, buy potions and a few
antidotes. Believe me, there are never enough potions to go around. With
the stuff you do catch, advance them by starting them in a battle, then
switching to a stronger pokemon. When they are strong enough to fight for
themselves, let them while keeping their HP high with potions.

The middle of the game is around when you come across the Team Rocket HQ.
By now, the pokemon you chose at the beginning of the game will be their
final evolution. You may have picked up a few other great pokemon, or
traded for some too. Trainers are fairly common now, so you should have
enough money to do things. Since you have come to the Celadon Department
Store, you will now have a variety of new TMs. It is essential that any new
pokemon you catch you don't teach them any TMs! Wait till they learn all
their moves. They may learn that move you were going to teach them, or
something stronger. For instance, don't get a Gyarados and win the hyper
beam TM then teach Hyper Beam to your Gyarados. It will learn that move
eventually, so there is no point in wasting a TM on it. Around the middle
of the game, some pretty good pokemon will come up and show themselves. You
can catch them, but remember that there will always be better pokemon
around. Keep ones that you know will always be powerful, like Abra/Kadabra,
which evolves into Alakazam, or Gyarados.

You will have seen almost all the species of pokemon. Your initial pokemon
will probably be pretty strong, and any others you have with it. At the end
of the game, money should be coming out of your ears, since you can
multiply items then sell them with the item multiplication code (well known
by now). With this money, you can buy stuff like HP ups, carbos, protein,
iron, and calcium. This will further increase a pokemon's statistics. Since
it is the end of the game, and you will be facing the Elite Four, you can
spend a lot of your money on these type of things. Also, you should have a
powerful team of pokemon that is varied. Good choices are; Gyarados, for
its high attack power, Golem, for its high defense, and Moltres, for all
around power. But make sure your team is not mostly the same type. A team
like this:
Blastoise, Starmie, Articuno, Lapras, Slowbro, Dewgong
may be strong, but a Venusaur, Raichu, Zapdos, Pidgeot, Vileplume, Alakazam
team will destroy it, since the latter team has 4 electric or grass
pokemon. Consider making a team consisting of 2 pokemon high in attack, 1
pokemon high in defense, 1 pokemon high in speed, 1 balanced pokemon, and 1
pokemon high in special (probably psychic-type).

After End:
With the appearance of the unknown dungeon and Mewtwo, you will have  some
new choices. Mewtwo is a good psychic pokemon, but since he is caught at
level 70, he will not have as high a special as an Alakazam raised from an
early level. The unknown dungeon is a good place to advance your pokemon
around level 50, and it houses many second evolution pokemon, waiting for
you to catch them. Even though pokemon are stronger when raised by hand
(not by rare candies I might add) sometimes it is not worth advancing
pokemon all those levels if they aren't going to be in your final team.

4. Versions

1.0: Made the original guide.

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