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                Y E L L O W - Special Pikachu Edition
                  Pikachu's Beach & GB Printer FAQ
                        Version 1.6 *FINAL*       
                       Written by Horshack83  

This FAQ shows you how to unlock and enjoy the extras Nintendo put into PokÈmon
Yellow, including Pikachu's Beach & all the places where you can make your Game 
Boy Printer useful.
Contents - 1)PIKACHU'S BEACH
             i)Unlocking Pikachu's Beach
             ii)How to play Pikachu's Beach
           2)GB PRINTER GUIDE 
           3)THANKS TO

Version 1.0 18/03/00
(Unreleased at GameFAQ's)

Version 1.1 29/03/00
Added ASCII Wave Diagram, PokÈmon Stadium way of getting a surfing Pikachu & 
other stuff. Fixed some errors.

Version 1.2 11/04/00
Added THANKS TO section, Radness Table and High Scores.
Added Z-Flips thanks to Nubli Naim.
Exact requirements for getting the surfing Pikachu in PokÈmon Stadium thanks
to PotatoBoy. Updated my high score, Getting Better but I'm still not No. 1

Version 1.3 18/04/00
Added LEEBOT's Tips and his High Score.
Updated my high score

Version 1.4 15/05/00
Updated and Added some high scores.
Added more thorough explanation of getting a strong Mewtwo. 
Fixed error thanks to Tk Lai.

Version 1.5 11/06/00
Added some highscores and fixed an error.

Version 1.6 *FINAL* 05/08/00
Just a Re-Version.
Changed formatting to 79 characters a line and fixed some mistakes.
Added Mew2150's, FOX's & girl zie's high scores.

i)Unlocking Pikachu's Beach
To play Pikachu's Beach you have to have a Pikachu that knows SURF, Then you 
need go to the Summer Beach House south of Fuchsia City and talk to the guy in 
there while you have a surfing Pikachu in your team. The guy in there (His name
is Surfin' Dude) should say something like "Whoa, I thought I had the only  
surfing Pikachu" and then he will ask if you want to play Pikachu's Beach. 
While you have the surfing Pikachu, inside the Summer House the printer in the
corner will work and all the signs will change to display tips on how to surf.
If you use a surfing Pikachu to cross water it will show a surfing Pikachu 
instead of the usual default Lapras icon.

There are 3-ways of getting a surfing Pikachu, here they are:

This is probably the hardest way of getting him, You have to go to a Nintendo
PokÈtour and win him by beating all the other kids at PokÈmon! (Only possible 
in the U.S, Canada and Australia)

2)GameShark (Can stuff up your game) 
Place a Pikachu to be first in your team and place the unwanted move you want 
changed to SURF in the first move slot (Use select while in battle). Then use 
this code while out of battle -013972D1- and the move will be SURF now! Don't 
worry about the stuffed up PP, SURF will only have the old moves PP 
temporarily. If you don't want to do this to your starting Pikachu I suggest 
you get one from a friend that has Red or Blue. If you use the GameShark code 
-0154D7CF- to catch another Pikachu they will both share the same mood and it 
can cause problems.

3)PokÈmon Stadium 
You have to have finish the R-2 Prime Cup Master Ball Division using a Pikachu
as one of your chosen three in your team, I suggest you get a Mewtwo using the
method below (Mewtwo's not *that* cheap, just pretty cheap) and get other 
strong PokÈmon in your team. Then use your Mewtwo to obliterate the other 
PokÈmon, After beating all of the Master Ball division and after it shows the
pokÈmon you used. A screen with Pikachu in front of a sunset background will 
appear and it will inform you that "You won using PIKACHU" and if your PIKACHU
has a spare space it will learn SURF. If not you may choose which move to 
overwrite. In PokÈmon Stadium when your PIKACHU uses SURF a surfboard will
sprout from under its feet and he will SURF! It's quite cute!

The exact requirements for receiving a surfing Pikachu thanks to Potatao Boy 
are as follows: 
1. You must be competing in the R-2 Prime Cup Master Ball Division.
2. You cannot use a rental Pikachu.
3. You cannot register your team, It must come directly from the Transfer Pak.
4. Pikachu must be selected as one of the three PokÈmon used during each 
   battle, you do not have to actually select him to fight, he only has to be 
   one of the three. 
5. You can lose battles.

*Getting a Strong Mewtwo* (Using Red/Blue Versions)
Using the MissingNo. Trick (see any other PokÈmon FAQ) you can get certain
PokÈmon by using third letter in your name as a kind of GameShark code. You 
can't get Mew though since you can only get PokÈmon with high quantity digits 
(Mew's is 15). Anyhow start a new game and name yourself so the third letter is
a capital D, Now use the MissingNo. trick and capture about ten MEWTWO's only 
if they have a level over 100, compare their stat's choose the best one. 
Remember you want low attack if your giving it a moveset with no physical 
attacks; since you'll hurt yourself more if you get Confused. Now dupe Rare 
Candies (using the MissingNo. Trick) and feed them to your MEWTWO until it gets
to level 255. Now give it one more Rare Candy it will now be level 0, now build
it up through battles to Level 100. It shouldn't need the Box Trick much (See since it would have fought enough. 

Maximum MEWTWO Stats are HP:415 ATT:318 DEF:278 SPD:358 SPC:406 
My Personal Fav. Moveset is PSYCHIC\AMNESIA\THUNDERBOLT\ICE BEAM I only picked 
T-BOLT and I-BEAM over THUNDER and BLIZZARD because there more accurate but 
slightly less powerful, but if you want you can substitute I-BEAM for BLIZZARD

ii)How to play Pikachu's Beach
Controls- Left-  Angle board forward / Forward-flip
          Right- Angle board backward / Back-flip
          Select- Reset

This Surfing mini-game is kind of a hybrid between California Games (surfing) 
and Exitebike.  The aim of the game is to get the beach before Pikachu runs out
of HP. You start out with 6000 HP, The HP goes down with the time and as you
wipeout you waste time. To not wipeout you have to angle your board properly
with the waves. Extra points are added by Surfing Rad, In other words executing
back-flips and forward-flips. To do these go up the wave and just as you get 
over the lip of the wave start flipping, Only try one flip on small waves to
get 50 points, On medium to big waves do two flips to get a huge 150 points.
Land you board by leveling it parallel to the water just after you come out of
your flip. If you're really good and pull off three flips you will get 350 
points. You can also do a Z-flip by doing a Back/Foward-flip then flipping back
the opposite way before you land, This will give you 180 points. 
< Radness Table >           _
 ________________          /\\<--- This is when you should start flipping 
|Flip        | 50|        /  \\ 
|Double-Flip |150|       /   /Ø\     
|Z-Flip      |180|          /   \
|Triple-Flip |300|         /     \
After you reach the beach it totals your score using two scores HP left & 
Radness. HP Left is the amount of HP you have left by the time you get to the
beach. Radness is the amount of points awarded from tricks you did while 

Here's LEEBOT's High Score Tips:
1. Give up if you crash even once (Press Select).
2. Do triple flips off this wave pattern only:     
  /\\                 It has the best chance of succeeding.
 /  \\       _  _     But only do a double flip if you fall almost
/   /Ø\     /\\/\\    immediately.
   /   \      \\ \\
  /     \     /Ø\/Ø\ 

3. Forward flips are faster than backwards flips, so always use these,
   except in Z-flips.
4. Do the best flip you can on each jump.
5. Beware that Pikachu slows down after two jumps in close succession.
Mew2150      - 7518
Leebot       - 7277
Black_Dragon - 7163
Tk Lai       - 6734
Simon80      - 6712
PatMath98    - 6700
girl zie     - 6539 
Horshack83   - 6248
Nubli Naim   - 6126
FOX          - 5782 
Potato Boy   - 4812

This game utilises the Game Boy printer quite heavily. In fact the only Game
Pak that lets you print more stuff is Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. Anyway here is
list of all the stuff you can print. A Frame is how much paper it uses up 
(Using a GB Camera picture as the default size).
|PokÈdex Entry|
Select the PokÈmon you want to print in the PokÈdex then select PRNT.
(About 2 frames)
|PokÈmon Box|
Select the box you want to print in BILL's\SOMEONE's BOX using CHANGE BOX, then
select PRINT BOX to print it out. 
(About 5 frames)
|Photo (PokÈmon stats)|
Go in the PokÈmon Fan Club north of Lt. Surges Gym in Vermilion City then talk
to the Chairman. After you get the bike voucher off him he will ask if you want
him to take a picture of one of your pokÈmon, Say yes then choose one of your
(About 1 frame)
After getting all 150 pokÈmon go to the third floor in Celadon Mansion and talk
to the only guy not in front of a PC, Then talk to the guy to the right of him
he will print a diploma saying you have completed your pokÈdex and pictures of 
Pikachu holding a gold cup & Mew flying away.
(About 2 frames)
|Pikachu's Beach Hi-Score|
After getting a high score on Pikachu's Beach go to the printer in the corner
of the Summer House (While having a surfing Pikachu in your team) it will print
out your hi-score on Pikachu's Beach and a picture of pikachu holding a 
surfboard in front of a sunset. 
(About 1 frame)

Nur Nubli Muhammad Naim ( for giving me info on the 
other flip you can do that I refer to as a Z-flip, he also gave me his high 

Nicholas Woodall ( for sending me some info on the 
PokÈmon Stadium way to get a surfing Pikachu.

PotatoBoy ( for giving me the exact requirements for getting
a surfing Pikachu in Pokemon Stadium and his high score.

Tk Lai ( for fixing a typo and giving me his high score.

Simon80 (spr@attglobal), PatMath98 (, 
Mew2150 (, FOX ( &
girl zie ( for sending me their high scores.

Leebot ( for his tips on getting a high score and his high 


Nintendo- It means "leave luck to the Heavens" and that sums up so much.


Version       1.6
Update No       6
Size       13.0KB
Pages           5
Words        1997
Characters  12775
Paragraphs    259
Lines         305

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If I don't reply it's either I don't know the answer to the question or your 
sending me info I already know or someone has sent before you.           
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PokÈmon, Pikachu and all related characters are trademarks of 
Nintendo Pty. Ltd., Creatures Inc. & GameFreak Inc.

© Copyright 2000 Horshack83 

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