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                           T e t r i s   D e l u x e
                FAQ for the Gameboy Color version of Tetris DX
  This document is Copyright (C)1999-2000, Dallas Scott. All Rights Reserved.

        The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at GameFAQs:


=Table of Contents=
   i. Introduction & Version History
   I. Types of Play
  II. Controls
 III. How to Play
  IV. High Scores
   V. Hints/Tips
  VI. Codes
 VII. Gameshark Codes
VIII. Credits
  IX. Contact Information
   X. Legal Disclaimer
  XI. Closing


=i. Introduction &  Version History=
   Tetris is a puzzle game. Different shaped blocks fall from the top of the 
screen to the bottom, and your goal is to erase lines of blocks as they fall. 
You need to fit the shape that falls into an empty space in your lines below. 
Your objective is to not let the blocks overflow to the top or else you lose. 
There are many, many Tetris games out there. For computer, Gameboy, N64, PSX, 
etc. But the best one for Gameboy is Tetris DX.  Some other Tetris games are: 
Tetris Blast, Tetris plus, Magical Tetris, The New tetris, Classic Tetris, 
and so on. There are lots of them. 

So what does the DX stand for you ask? It stands for Deluxe. It is a tetris game 
for the Gameboy and they added a DX after it. Any game you see a DX after it is 
a game that is made for the gameboy Color. All though you can still play Tetris 
DX on your black and white gameboy, it is much better to play on your color 
gameboy. It has great colors and sound. There are 7 different shaped blocks 
in the game so I have drawn them out below to give you an idea of what they 
look like: 
 _ _      _ _ _     _ _ _ _    _ _    _ _ _    _ _ _      _ _     
|_|_|_   |_|_|_|   |_|_|_|_|  |_|_|  |_|_|_|  |_|_|_|   _|_|_|
  |_|_|    |_|                |_|_|      |_|  |_|      |_|_|

And with that said, enjoy this FAQ for Tetris DX.

Version History:
Final(07/18/2000): Added a new "How to Play" section. This will be the final
                   version of this FAQ, as it is now complete.
V2.5 (07/18/2000): First update of the year 2000 on this guide. I've reformatted
                   a bit, and I'm still accepting High Scores for those who have
                   them, send them in.
V2.3 (11/21/1999): Added 2 more high scores. More to come...
V2.2 (11/21/1999): Another High Score added.
V2.1 (10/27/1999): Some High Scores added to the FAQ, as well as some Screen
                   Saver codes.
V2.0 (10/20/1999): Remaining Sections of the FAQ completed.
V1.0 (10/09/1999): Initial Release. Added Information up the "High Scores"
                   section of the FAQ.

=I. Types of play=

First of all, here is an Example of the Playing field of Tetris DX:

                       |                      |       |
                       |  _ _ _               |_______|
                       | |_|_|_|              |_ _ _ _|
                       |   |_|                |_|_|_|_|
                       |                      |_______|
                       |                      | NEXT  |
                       |                      | PIECE |
                       |                      |       |
                       |                      |LINES: |
                       |                      |   24  |
                       |                     _|       |
                       |                    |_|SCORE: |
                       |      _ _           |_|  900  |
                       |_ _ _|_|_|_         |_|       |

The marathon is where you just play and see how high of a score you can 
get.  So it is just basic gameplay to get a high score. You can set the 
level you want it at from 0 to 9. It does go higher than level 9 but you 
can't choose higher than level 9.

Utlra mode gives you 3:00 minutes to see how high of a score you can 
get and to see how many lines you can get. This mode really gives you a 
challenge if you want time trials.

This mode is to see how long it takes you to get 40 lines cleared. 
It is timing you from when you start and until when you erase 40 lines. Your 
goal is to erase 40 lines in the lowest time possible. 

this mode lets you play against the computer. When you select it you can 
choose Easy, Normal, or Hard. Then it shows how many wins you have got. 
Your objective here is to keep the lines as low as possible at the bottom of the 
screen. And try to erase lots of lines at one time, that way it will make more 
lines appear on the computers screen and vise versa. The computer mostly copies 
your moves so get rid of as many lines as possible or you will lose.


=II. Controls=
A Button - Selects; Rotates Blocks

B Button - Cancels; Rotates Blocks

Start - Selects; Pause

Select - If pressed with start, A and B will restart game.

Control Pad + - Moves blocks; Moves selections.


=III. How to Play=
   Tetris really has a very simplistic concept. The "goal" of the game would
be to eliminate as many lines as possible in the shortest time possible. To
do so, you move 7 differently shaped blocks around that drop from the sky and
shape them into lines. Each line that is formed will erase itself, and that's
basically the whole concept of the game.

 _ _      _ _ _     _ _ _ _    _ _    _ _ _    _ _ _      _ _     
|_|_|_   |_|_|_|   |_|_|_|_|  |_|_|  |_|_|_|  |_|_|_|   _|_|_|
  |_|_|    |_|                |_|_|      |_|  |_|      |_|_|


        _ _ 
      _|_|_|    <-- Piece falling from sky

      _ _|_|    <-- Piece on ground

        _ _
     |_|_|_|    <-- Combine 2 shapes into one


               -- Repeat Process; Create Lines; Erase Lines; The End.


=IV. High Scores=
Well, since a lot of people have been sending me their High scores, which are 
amazing, I have decided to make a section for every high score that is worthy. 

Vernon M. Lau (
Marathon 1,781,419

ChickPea (
Marathon: 1,387,173 (On Level 9)
Ultra: 100,139 (On Level 9)
40 Lines: 141 (High 5, Level 9)

Andrew Ng ( 
Marathon: 750,141 (Ended on Lvl. 28 with 289 Lines!)
Ultra: 107,923 (Ening on Lvl. 9)
40 Lines: 2:14

Greg (
Marathon: 687,060 
Ultra: 58,701 
40 Lines: 1:50  

Alex Montanus (
Marathon: 606,051
Ultra: 16,553
40 Lines: 2:03

My Personal Scores
Marathon: 87,710
Ultra: 4,971
40 Lines: 3:26
Vs. Comp: N/A

Have high scores that can be proved (i.e. - Screen Shots). Please send them
along to


=V. Hints/Tips=
Well here are some Hints/Tips to help you become a Tetris Master, hopefully with 
this information you can become as good a Tetris Master as the ones above.

- Always look for empty spaces that will fit your pieces.

- Make sure that you always look at the piece that is going
  to fall next, this way you can think ahead of time where
  you are going to place it.

- If there are no empty spaces to fit your block, put it 
  somewhere where you know it won't mess up the whole game
  for you. Remember you can always get rid of a misplaced 
  block by erasing lines.

- DO NOT try to get rid of 1 line whenever you can. Build up 
  your blocks on one side of the screen and leave 1 row empty
  so that you can put a row block into the space and you can
  get a Tetris (4 Lines Erased). This will really boost your
  score and it will give you a better % of tetris' on your 
  records (In the beginning when you choose your name, push
  select to see your records).

- No matter how high your blocks get, keep playing. I have 
  had my blocks 2 empty lines from the top, and I got them
  all back down to the bottom. It is never too late to still
  win. So keep playing no matter what.


=VI. Codes=

To make a block rise instead of fall. This code gives you more time to think 
where you want to place a block. 

Ok here it is:                                        _ _
First of all, this code doesn't work with the square |_|_| blocks or the
Row blocks (4 blocks in a row).                      |_|_|

When the piece falls down press and hold the left or right button. Keep holding 
it to make the piece press up against the side of the screen. Then press A or B 
very quickly to make it rise back up. This is not a very useful code but hey its 
better than nothin'. Submit codes to I will give full credit.


Fish Screen Saver 
On the first demo that appears when you don't press start, 
press the SELECT button.

Confetti Screen Saver
On the 2nd demo press A.

Chalkboard Screen Saver
On the 3rd demo press B, this could take a while.


=VII. Gameshark Codes=
I don't have any at the moment. So if you want to, send some to me at and I will give you full credit for them. Thanks.


=VIII. Credits=
I would like to thank the following people/companies:

Nintendo: For making the game.

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey - For posting this FAQ and running the best Video Game
                      Help Source on the internet (

Myself - For typing this ^_^


=IX. Contact Information=
Before sending me any e-mail, I have specified certain guidelines you
must follow. I receive far too much e-mail a day that is nonsense, so
please follow all guidelines if you expect a response from me.

Here are the types of e-mail I will not accept:

* SPAM - Get Rich Quick Scams, Home Loans, any Advertisements.
* Chain Letters - Letters trying to break records, etc.
* l33t Speak - ! d0n'+ w/\n+ l33t $p3/\k 3-m/\!L
* Unconstructive Criticism - Saying my FAQs suck with no reasoning, etc.
* Hate Mail - Same as unconstructive criticism.
* "Rude" mail - Demanding you be credited for something, etc.
* QAA - Questions Already Answered in this FAQ won't be answered.

Here are the types of e-mail I will accept:

* Contributions - Want to contribute something to this FAQ?
* Praise Mail - Praise on any of my FAQs.
* Questions - I accept FAQ questions, or general FAQ writing questions.
* Suggestions - Want to suggest something for my FAQ(s) or writing style?
* Comments - Any positive OR negative comments are accepted.
* Other - If you just feel like chatting, drop me a line.

Following the guidelines, you may send your e-mails to:


=X. Legal Disclaimer=
This document is Copyright (C)1999-2000, Dallas Scott. All Rights Reserved.
It is intended for the sole, non-commercial, private, and person use
of it's audience. This document may not be retransmitted, edited,
altered, published, sold for a profit, given as an incentive to buy,
nor is any of the above to be attempted without the sole consent of
the author himself. This document may only be read and printed both
for prive, personal use be all viewers. No individual, company,
corporation, incorporation, etc. is exempt from the above terms. If
the above terms are not abided by, legal actions shall take place.


=XI. Closing=
This FAQ now comes to a close. I'd like to give my thanks out to all
of you many readers who have read this, and I want to give a big
thanks to Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for posting this FAQ and for running the
best darn gaming site on the web today.                                       
Please support the author of this FAQ by visiting his website at:


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