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		        Welcome to Crystalis for NES
			     Complete Walkthrough
			   Author: David Zabroski
	         Check out my Dragon Warrior/Quest Website at:
				Updated 8/21/00

I. Introduction
	a.	My Thoughts
	b.	Tips
	c.	Weapons
	d.	Armor
	e.	Quest Items
II.	Windmill Mission
	a.	Leaf
	b.	Zebu's Cave
	c.	Windmill Cave
III.	Get the Ball of Wind
	a.	Road to Brynmaer
	b.	Road to Brynmaer II
IV.	Search for Onyx Statue
	a.	Brynmaer
	b.	River east of Brynmaer
	c.	Brynmaer II
V.	Trial of Strength
	a.	Oak
	b.	Tornel's Training
VI.	Sword of Fire
	a.	Oak II
VII.	Ball of Fire
	a.	Giant Insect
	b.	Oak II
VIII.	Storm Bracelet
	a.	Mt. Sabre
IX.	Disaster in Leaf
	a.	Leaf II
X.	Prison Break
	a.	Brynmaer III
	b.	Narde's inn
	c.	Mt Sabre north
XI.	The Queen of Portoga
	a.	Portoga
XII.	Sword of Water
	a.	Waterfall Cave
	b.	Portoga II
XIII.	Ball of Water
	a.	Lime Tree
XIV.	The True Queen
	a.	Portoga III
XV.	The Boat
	a.	Portoga IV
	b.	Fog Lamp Cave
	c.	Portoga V
XVI.	Loose Ends
	a.	Lylis Plant
	b.	Amazons
	c.	Waterfall Cave II
XVII.	The Witches Reign
	a.	Portoga VI
	b.	Joel
	c.	Evil Spirit Island
	d.	Zombie Town
	e.	Sabera's Chamber
	f.	Zombie Town II
XVIII.	Stop the Whirlpools
	a.	Leaf III
	b.	Joel II
XIX.	Meeting at Shyron
	a.	Swan
		i.	Kensu Game
	b.	Amazon II
	c.	Swan II
	d.	Goa
	e.	Mt Hydra
	f.	Shyron
XX.	Sword of Thunder
	a.	Cave of Styx
	b.	Shyron II
	c.	Goa II
	d.	Shyron III
	e.	Goa III
XXI.	Loose Ends
	a.	Desert Oasis
	b.	Goa III
	c.	Mt. Hydra II
XXII.	The Final Battle
	a.	Sahara
XXIII.	Save the Mesia
	a.	Sahara
	b.	Top of the Pyramid
XXIV.	Crystalis
	a.	Floating Tower
	b.	DYNA's Lab
XXV.	Ending

I. Introduction
	a.	My Thoughts
		i.	This is a great game. The game takes time and
		patience like most RPGs. If you have read my
		walkthroughs before you know I think you should
		consider this as a guide, if you get lost visit my
		walkthrough and should find the answer. If not
		please feel free to e-mail me.
	b.	Tips
		i.	Patience is a virtue
			1.	Take time to get experience it will
				help you defeat most bosses.
				a.	Some bosses may not even
					get a decent amount of
					damage unless you reach a
					certain level.
		ii.	Know Thy Enemies
			1.	When you fight monsters some only
				receive damage from certain swords.
				a.	You can't defeat a mushroom
					with a Water Sword, you
					must use the Fire or Thunder
		iii.	Back Track
			1.	If you go through ha dungeon make
				not of certain obstacles. You may be
				able to come back after you get a
				special ability. Same for treasures
				chests also.
		iv.	Try Out
			1.	Check you items some have special
				abilities when they are equipped.
		v.	Get Chummy
			1.	The people know a lot of
				information. Talk to every one, then
				check back after you completed a
				mission. Their words may have
		vi.	Stock up
			1.	Make sure you have plenty of items.
				a.	If you do not have any status
					or heal spells bring plenty of
					herbs and antidotes
				b.	If you have recovery spells
					use MP recovery items
				c.	Store Prices get raised as you
					go to each town. Why pay
					more when you can get it
					cheaper at another store?
				d.	Certain armor that you can
					buy early in the game might
					actually be cheaper later on,
					but it still might be worth it
					to get it early.
	c.	Weapons
		i.	You only weapons are the swords. Some
			must be earned, others must be found.
		ii.	You can northgrade you sword's levels by
			getting some power-north items.
			1.	Level 2
				a.	Ball of (sword type)
			2.	Level 3
				a.	(Sword) Bracelet
		iii.	The Four Swords are as followed
			1.	Wind
				a.	Can Break Stone Walls at
					Level 2
			2.	Fire
				a.	Can Melt Ice Walls at Level
			3.	Water
				a.	Can create Ice Bridges at
					Level 2
			4.	Thunder
				a.	Can break Iron Walls at
					Level 2
			5.	Level 3
				a.	They all have a strong attack
					at level 3. BEWARE the
					attack will consume some
					MPs from you!
	d.	Armor
		i.	Armor can be bought and found
	e.	Quest Items
		i.	These are important items that need to be
			used or given at a certain point of the game

II.	Windmill Mission
	a.	Leaf
		i.	You awake in a chamber to see a man run
			from the room. Follow him and enter the
			town of Leaf
		ii.	Visit the Village Elder and get the Wind
			1.	You can charge it north to Level 1 by
				holding the A button.
				a.	Level 2-3 are the same.
		iii.	Buy any armor you need. Get money from
			the man in one of the houses
		iv.	Take time to get a few levels up and buy a
			alarm flute with your spoils from your
	b.	Zebu's Cave
		i.	The cave is located west of Leaf. It's a
			fairly simple cave. Talk to Zebu and
			he promises to give you magic if you
			open the windmill again.
		ii.	Exit, get rested and head to the bridge in the
	c.	Windmill Cave
		i.	Go past the bridge and enter the cave.
		ii.	You should see a path heading north, go
		iii.	Talk to the man and then use the flute.
		iv.	He will give you the Windmill Key
		v.	Head west and use the key in the key hole.
		vi.	Exit this cave and go to the new cave to the
			west of the windmill
			1.	Once you enter it Zebu will give you
				Refresh Spell.
				a.	You can exchange HP for
		vii.	Exit, Rest, Save
III.	Get the Ball of Wind
	a.	Road to Brynmaer
		i.	Go back to the cave. You now have to get
			the Ball of Wind
		ii.	It is located deep in the cave. You know you
			are headed in the east direction when you
			see a rock throwing bear.
			1.	Some tips to know when you are
				near a key spot
				a.	Long Stairs
				b.	Rock Throwing Bears
		iii.	At the bottom of some stairs you will find a
			chest with the Ball of Wind. Equip it and
			your sword is now level 2.
		iv.	Back track through the cave and break the
			walls with your sword collecting the chests.
		v.	Exit the cave, save, and rest.
	b.	Road to Brynmaer II
		i.	Return to fight the vampire.
		ii.	You must break a northern wall to get to
			1.	You know you reached him when the
				room opens to a big square
		iii.	Vampire
			1.	You need to be at least Level 3
			2.	He isn't too hard, but for a novice it
				can get tricky.
				a.	Make sure he flashes when
					you hit him, otherwise you
					are too weak and must get a
					level up.
			3.	Hit him 6-8 times with your Level 2
			4.	The bats can become a bother, but
				they are not too hard.
			5.	Use Refresh when needed.
		iv.	Grab the Rabbit Boots from the chest and
			1.	The Rabbit boots can make you jump
				when equipped.
				a.	Make sure to turn you magic
					off before using it.
IV.	Search for Onyx Statue
	a.	Brynmaer
		i.	Once you enter the town talk with the man
			who is standing in front.
			1.	His name Akahana, he is a frequent
				character in the game.
		ii.	Talk to the people around town and buy
			some new equipment.
		iii.	When you are read head out of the town
	b.	River east of Brynmaer
		i.	Head east until you reach the river. Follow it
			north and around the bend until you reach
			the bridge.
		ii.	When you cross the bridge go to the west
			near the edge of the swamp.
		iii.	Search the area around here and you should
			automatically find the statue.
	c.	Brynmaer II
		i.	Head back to town and talk to Akahana. Use
			the statues on him and he will trade you for
			the gas mask.
V.	Trial of Strength
	a.	Oak
		i.	Go over the river bridge again and keep
			going south. Once you clear the water head
			east again and you should see an entrance.
		ii.	Before you enter put on your gas mask.
			There is poison gas all around.
			1.	The enemies can't be beaten with
				your weapon, just dodge them for
		iii.	Go east for a few screens and head north,
			you should come to a opening enter Oak
		iv.	Talk to everyone, but they just ask you to
		v.	Exit and head back to the entrance.
	b.	Tornel's Training
		i.	Now go back to the river heading west, but
			stay to the north past the bridge and you
			should see another bridge with a cabin.
		ii.	FIGHT
			1.	Enter the cabin and you will be
				asked to show your strength. If you
				win you will be taught the telepathy
			2.	The Telepathy Spell
				a.	You can talk to any of the
					Elders and animals.
			3.	Just keep tapping the attack button as
				fast as you can.
				a.	You can cheat with Turbo,
					but if you are a true RPGer
					you won't
			4.	If you lose gain a few levels and
				come back to try again.
		iii.	Upon you victory you will be told to find
			Stom at Mt. Sabre.
VI.	Sword of Fire
	a.	Oak II
		i.	Now that you can talk to animals you may
			want to re-visit Oak
		ii.	Before you rush into the town look around
			the swamp
			1.	At the bottom level of the swamp
				you can find a small Oak child.
			2.	He'll lost and scared, he will follow
		iii.	Take him back to Oak
		iv.	Upon entering he will rush to his mother.
			Follow him and talk to her.
			1.	She will reward you with the Insect
		v.	Visit the village elder and he will give you
			the Sword of Fire.
		vi.	He also tells you about the flute and what it
VII.	Ball of Fire
	a.	Giant Insect
		i.	You need to be at least Level 4.
		ii.	Once you get the Sword of Fire you can
			fight the insect and win.
		iii.	Use the flute and the monster will appear.
			1.	The key to killing him is to avoid his
				poisonous venom.
			2.	When he is at one spot go to the edge
				of the venom shots and use Level 1
				on the Sword of Fire.
				a.	He stays still when he shoots.
				b.	When he stops it mean he is
					about to move so move in the
					opposite directions and
		iv.	When he dies he will leave the Ball of Fire
	b.	Oak II
		i.	When you return to Oak the village Elder
			will give you the sword.
VIII.	Storm Bracelet
	a.	Mt. Sabre
		i.	Now that you have the Ball of Fire you can
			get some experience from the harder
			1.	There are two locations I prefer to
				get experience here. To the north of
				the swamp entrance with the
			2.	Next to Mt. Sabre's Entrance and
		ii.	Once you are equipped and read head to Mt
			Sabre south of Brynmaer.
		iii.	Go west and north once.
		iv.	After you pass the second ice slide you need
			to jump north into the next level.
			1.	You can do this by using the Rabbit
		v.	Enter the cave. The rest is north to you!
		vi.	Once you get the bracelet you must back
			track and find Stom.
			1.	There are some good items here.
				a.	Warp Boots
				b.	Magic Ring
					i.	Recovers all MP,
						better to save it for
		vii.	Upon finding Stom talk to him and will
			teach you the Transport Spell.
			1.	Transport Spell
				a.	Grants you the power to go to
					any town you already visited.
IX.	Disaster in Leaf
	a.	Leaf II
		i.	Warp back to Leaf to find the village barren.
		ii.	Talk to the rabbit in the shed and he will
			tell you that Draygonian soldiers took them
X.	Prison Break
	a.	Brynmaer III
		i.	Head back to Brynmaer and rest. Stock
			north. You may want to get some Magic
			Fruit from Oak.
		ii.	Head to the entrance to the swamp and go
		iii.	Go past the marsh and go into the mountain.
			1.	If you try going here too early you
				will be stopped.
	b.	Narde's inn
		i.	If you need to take a rest at the inn and get
			any items you need.
		ii.	Head west and talk to the man at the bottom
			of the ice slide.
		iii.	Keep heading west.
	c.	Mt Sabre north
		i.	You should see two Draygonian guards. Use
			the Sword of Wind to wipe them out.
		ii.	Head into the mountain.
		iii.	Here are the directions to get through the
			1.	Go all the way north and take the
			2.	Follow the path to the west, then go
				south, west, and follow the path to
				the ice wall
			3.	Destroy the wall, follow the path
				north and east to an antidote herb
			4.	Go west, south, and east to get back
				to the main intersection.
			5.	Go all the way south to the cave's
			6.	Walk straight across to the east and
				enter the next cave.
			7.	Follow the path to the east and then
				all the way north.
			8.	Destroy the ice wall, and take the
			9.	Follow the path to the exit.
			10.	Take the mountain trail west and
				north, then enter the cave you find.
				Go east and take the first path north.
			11.	Take the stairs, then follow the path
				until you exit the cave.
			12.	Head to the east, and enter the next
		iv.	You should now see two ice walls. Each has
			prisoners in them.
			1.	The west wall is where you need to
				et the Prison Key
				a.	You have to break the wall in
					the prison.
			2.	After you get the key go back to the
				east door.
			3.	Make your way through these last
				caves. The soldiers pack a good
				punch so be careful not to get hit.
				You need your energy & magic.
		v.	When you reach the summit you must fight
			General Kelbesque.
			1.	General Kelbesque
				a.	You need to be at least Level
				b.	He can get quite hard if you
					are not ready. You need
					plenty of magic for this fight.
				c.	Use the Sword of Wind Level
					3 as long as you can.
				d.	Dodge the ice when he drops
			2.	When he is dead you get the Flame
			3.	When he is dead use the Prison Key
				to open the door.
			4.	Talk to the Elder and you will be
				granted the Paralysis Spell.
			5.	Paralysis Spell
				a.	You can freeze a person or a
				monster you a certain amount
				of time.
		vi.	Head through the back and go outside and
			slide south the ice to a new area.
		vii.	Portoga is just south of here.
XI.	The Queen of Portoga
	a.	Portoga
		i.	When you get into town you can northgrade
			your weapons and armor or save it for later,
			but you do need to do it soon!
		ii.	Head to the castle and talk with the Queen.
		iii.	You must play a small game with the queen.
			Here is how it works
			1.	Talk with the Queen and she will
				give you some information and exit
				the palace.
			2.	Try to re-enter and her attendant will
				block the way.
			3.	Talk with the fortuneteller next to
				the castle and she will give you
				some information.
				a.	She will also tells you the
					way to the Queen is open.
			4.	Head back to the Queen.
			5.	She will give you more information.
			6.	Repeat
			7.	You can keep doing this to get all the
				information you want, but here is
				how to end the game
				a.	When you enter the palace
					and the attendant will block
					your way you must freeze
				b.	When you enter do not move
					north get yourself into
					position using west or east
				c.	Freeze him with Paralysis
					and go into the room
				d.	The door next to the throne is
				e.	Go through the door and
					follow the path as far as you
				f.	Exit and talk to the fortune
				g.	Head back to the Queen and
					she will tell you the Sword of
					Water is at the Waterfall
				h.	She will also give you the
					Flute of Lime.
XII.	Sword of Water
	a.	Waterfall Cave
			1.	The monsters here can freeze you
				with Stone. You can't move at all.
				The monsters can harm you through.
				You can get killed very quickly!
			2.	They can only be killed by the
				Sword of Water!
				a.	The only way to undo this is
					the Remedy (you do not have
					yet) or Fruit of Lime!
		ii.	The cave is located far east of the town. You
			can't miss it.
		iii.	Enter the cave and go north and stay to the
			east side of the cave.
		iv.	You should see two human statues blocking
			your path
			1.	Use the Flute of Lime to revive them
		v.	Go north the stairs.
		vi.	Follow the path east and go north through
			the huge square.
		vii.	Break the ice wall and go north.
		viii.	Follow the path around the bend, there are a
			lot of monsters here.
		ix.	When you reach the river go north and get
			the Sword of Water from the alcove.
			1.	You can now hurt the monsters. This
				is a great place to get experience
			2.	You can leave using teleport of get
				some more spoils
		x.	Head back to the intersection where you last
			turned east.
		xi.	Instead go west.
		xii.	Follow the same path and when you reach
			the river go south and get the Flute of Lime
		xiii.	Go back and head north the first alcove to
			the north
		xiv.	It's Akahana!
		xv.	Use the flute and he will give you the Shield
			1.	This will double the strength of your
				shield when worn.
		xvi.	Teleport out to Portoga
	b.	Portoga II
		i.	Go Portoga and rest north. Don't bother with
			the Queen for now,
XIII.	Ball of Water
	a.	Lime Tree
		i.	Head south of town over the marsh.
		ii.	Go the exit in the bottom west corner.
		iii.	Head north and enter the Lime Tree area.
		iv.	The Guardian of the Lime Tree
			1.	He will present you with the Ball of
				Water and exit
		v.	Equip the Ball and create an Ice Bridge on
			your Level 2 sword.
		vi.	Exit and head back to Portoga
XIV.	The True Queen
	a.	Portoga III
		i.	Go into the Queens chambers and head back
			to the underground lake.
		ii.	Use the Sword of Water to create a bridge in
			the river.
		iii.	Do not rush into the door, keep going
			around and you will see a beached dolphin.
		iv.	Give him a medical herb and he will give
			you the Shell Flute
			1.	You can contact him near the ocean
				to get a ride.
		v.	Go back into the door
		vi.	You will see Asina, the fortune teller.
		vii.	She will explain her actions and more about
		viii.	She will grant you the spell of Recover
			1.	This will cure all status ailments
		ix.	She promises to give you the Barrier Spell if
			you get rid of the Whirlpools.
		x.	Exit and prepare for another
XV.	The Boat
	a.	Portoga IV
		i.	Talk to the man in the house to the west.
		ii.	You find out he lost his fog lamp, but you
			decide to get it.
		iii.	Create a Bridge a the point where the water
			is shallow
		iv.	Go east until you reach the cave
	b.	Fog Lamp Cave
		i.	This is a tough cave due to the monsters.
			1.	They have paralysis and poison
				a.	Poison will slowly take your
				b.	Paralysis will not allow you
					to use the Levels on your
		ii.	Prepare for a long trip
		iii.	Also there is some extra stuff you can get
			here. I am telling you now, but you can save
			this for later also.
		iv.	Walk all the north, and then west. Go all the
			way north at the next turn, and turn east
			around the corner and open the rock wall to
			find a chest with a lysis plant in it. Head
			west and south and take the east path that
			you passed. Go all the way east, all the way
			south, and go south the stairs.
		v.	Take the next set of stairs.
		vi.	Go all the way east, all the way south, and
			turn west. Head south  and keep going the
			next path going south.
		vii.	The chest you see is a fake trap. It will hurt
			and poison you.
		viii.	Go all the way south, then all the way east,
			and take the stairs.
		ix.	Walk all the way west and north, and take
			the stair. Open the path with your Sword of
			Wind, then head to the east and take the first
			path south. Break through another pair of
			rock walls, go east, and follow the path until
			you reach the stairs.
		x.	Go north, east, north, and open the rock
			wall. Stay north, then east, and take the next
			set of stairs.
		xi.	Walk south and west under the bridge Then
			walk north around the corner, destroy the
			rock wall, and open the chest to find the fog
		xii.	Now that you have the fog lamp you may
			want to head back to Portoga and rest. I
			recommend it.
	c.	Portoga V
		i.	Give the Boat Master the Fog Lamp and he
			will give you his boat. Don't go yet. Tie
			north your loose ends.
		ii.	Once you are ready and saved head back to
			the cave. Your next mission is to collect the
			Kirisa Plant
XVI.	Loose Ends
	a.	You have an option to take the time and tie north
		some loose ends. Here is the first mission
		i.	Kirisa Plant Cave
			1.	Head to the river bridge, and walk
				south to the mountain pass again. On
				the other side of the passage, head
				straight south to the river, and
				follow it to the west to find a
				shallow point. Make an ice bridge
				across. Cross the river, walk to
				the east, and enter the cave
			2.	Follow the path and break open the
				rock wall. Keep following the path
				until you reach the stairs.
			3.	Go east, and take the first path going
				south. Take the first path that leads
				to the east, break open the rock wall
				that you'll find, and grab the chest
				for an antidote. Walk back north and
				west, and resume walking south at
				the intersection. Follow the path
				south, all the way to the west, cut
				through another rock wall, head
				west, south, and climb the stairs.
			4.	Follow this path to its end, taking
				out the rock wall that you run into,
				and take the stairs. These stairs
				lead you to an open cavern full of
				nice music and flowers. Walk around
				in the flower patch in the upper
				east of this room to locate the
				Kirisa Plant. Once you have it,
				teleport back to Portoga.
	b.	Amazons
		i.	Go back to Brynmaer and create a ice bridge
			on the river.
		ii.	Now head south.
		iii.	You can't do much here east now, but there
			are some important items to get.
			1.	You have to give the Kirisa Plant to
				the Queen, but she will never accept
				the gift from a man.
		iv.	Paralyze the guard in front the Queen's
			palace and enter
		v.	Ignore the Queen, but go into the back room
			to get the Blizzard Bracelet.
			1.	If you talk to the Queen you will be
				dragged out and
		vi.	The shop has some great armor. You can get
			them now for a high price, or wait and get
			them cheaper later.
			1.	I recommend getting them now. You
				can use the experience and they are
				worth the money.
	c.	Waterfall Cave II
		i.	This is a great place to get the money and
			experience. Use the Level 2 Sword of Water
			on the "medusa" monsters.
XVII.	The Witches Reign
	a.	Portoga VI
		i.	Take the boat and ride through the river to
			the ocean.
		ii.	Use the Shell Flute to call the Dolphin. He
			will take you anywhere he can in the water.
		iii.	Go around the mountains on your west.
			Enter the cave
			1.	It is the cave you met the Dolphin in.
		iv.	Search the north part of the cave to find the
			Love Pendent.
	b.	Joel
		i.	Go back and head to the Lighthouse.
		ii.	Enter the cave and you will arrive at Joel.
		iii.	Talk to everyone around do the usual
			northgrades if needed.
		iv.	You find out some info on the lighthouse
			and about the witch.
	c.	Evil Spirit Island
		i.	The island is located west of Joel. You
			should see it just north of Asina's Cave.
			1.	You know it's the east one when you
				see a bunch of jellyfish
				a.	They are poisonous and take
					a lot of damage. You can't
					kill them yet so dodge them.
		ii.	Get off at the shore and head into the cave.
		iii.	Follow the path to the underground river,
			and walk south until you find the shallows.
			Create a bridge, and then walk north to the
			other side of the river.
		iv.	Follow the river bank again until you find
			another shallow spot, and create a bridge
			leading to the east so that you can cross the
			river again.
		v.	Walk north and start walking to the west.
			Walk west until you reach the third path
			leading north, and take it. Break the rock
			wall with the Sword of Wind, follow the
			path to its end, and take the stairs.
		vi.	Walk all the way west, south, and west,
			without taking any side routes. Then, walk
			north, take out the rock wall, keep heading
			north, and take the stairs.
		vii.	Walk west to the river, and ignore the chest
			above you - it's a fake. Walk south to the
			bottom and make a bridge, cross over, and
			walk back north to the top of the river to
			find a chest. The chest contains the Iron
		viii.	Go south, cross the river, and go north and
			east to get back to the stairs. Walk back west
			and south to the corner, then walk all the
			way east. Walk north, and take the first path
			leading east. Walk all the way east and all
			the way north. Walk east from here, and take
			the first path leading south. Stop at the edge
			of the pit and wait for the moving platform
			to arrive. It stops at either end for a moment,
			so don't panic and try to rush over.
				1.	If you fall you will end up in
					the lower level. You are
					already in route to the
					second level.
		ix.	After you get off the moving platform, walk
			all the way to the west, and go north to pick
			north the chest for a lysis plant. Walk
			straight south, a little west, and take the
			stairs into a deserted zombie town.
	d.	Zombie Town
		i.	Save your game.
		ii.	There are a few people alive here. Check
			them out in the houses
	e.	Sabera's Chamber
		i.	Go north of the village into Sabrina's
		ii.	Walk through Zombie town, until you find
			the gates of the castle. Head in and walk to
			the four-way intersection. Walk west, and
			then north, to fight a mini-boss
		iii.	Vampire
			1.	You need to be atleast Level 10.
			2.	Use the Sword of Wind on him.
			3.	Everything else is the same
			4.	He drops a Fruit of Power when he
		iv.	Save you game outside of the Chambers. He
			is dead for now.
		v.	Walk to the stairs behind the vampire's
			square. Go up the stairs to Level 2
			1.	There are some different enemies
				a.	Butterflies
					i.	The can be killed with
						one hit of a Level 2
					ii.	The powder they
						spray when they die
						can cause paralysis
				b.	Invisble Warrior
					i.	They can only be seen
						by their shadow
					ii.	Level 3 blast will
						make them visible and
					iii.	Just avoid them. No
						need to waste MP.
					vi.	Go north then go west
						at first path.
					vii.	Go north, and take the
						first path heading
					viii.	From the corner, walk
						all the way south, all
						the way east, and go
						north to the stairs.
		vi.	Continue north through this next room
		vii.	Go north the next flight of stairs.
		viii.	WARNING
			1.	When you see the Mesia she will tell
				you that the Sorceress is in the
				back room
				a.	Hit her with your sword a few
					times and you find out it
					is really the Sorceress.
		ix.	If you did listen go back there you will
			find the Mesia chained to the wall.
		x.	Saber
			1.	You need to be at least Level 11
				bitc.., uh,witch.
			2.	Just use Level 3 Flame Sword to
				get her.
			3.	Make sure she is in the circle
				of fire.
			4.	She will also throw constant
				rocks at you.
			5.	This can lower your life
				because you need to stay
				still to charge up your
		xi.	She kidnappes the Mesia again and leaves
		xii.	Once she is gone she will leave the
			Broken Statue.
		xiii.	Do not cast Teleport, Exit the castle
	f.	Zombie Town II
		i.	Talk to Clark in one of the houses to get the
			Eye Glasses
		ii.	Cast Teleport and go to Joel
XVIII.	Stop the Whirlpools
		a.	Leaf III
			i.	Talk to the people in the town if
				you want. They are grateful for
				your rescuing them.
			ii.	Buy a alarm flute and return to Joel.
		b.	Joel II
			i.	Go into the town rest and save.
			ii.	Go to the shed on the side of the
				house and use the glasses.
			iii.	The secret door will open up.
		iv.	Go though the cave and head into the
		v.	Kensu is sleeping so use your alarm flute
		vi.	When he wakes up he will teleport away
			leaving the Glowing Lamp.
			1.	Use the lamp and the Broken Statue
				turns into the Golden Statue
		vii.	Take the Statue to the alter in the ocean. In
			the northwest part of the sea.
		viii.	The Whirlpools die down allowing you to
			cross over above the waterfalls.
		ix.	Asina will grant you Barrier Magic
			1.	Barrier will block you from harm or
XIX.	Meeting at Shyron
	a.	Swan
		i.	Kensu Game
			1.	This is another game to play.
			2.	Head to the woodshed and talk to
				a.	He tells you that they can't
					find Kensu
			3.	He is located somewhere in the town
				and you must find him.
				a.	To make him show himself
					you must first find him, then
					cast Paralysis on him. Talk to
					him again and he will run.
				b.	You can find him at the
					following places
					i.	Pub
						1.	As a soldior
							asking you "If
							you have seen
							the Great
					ii.	Last House
						1.	He is at the
							last house on
							the right side
							of town.
							Standing at
							the wall.
			4.	When you completed this he wants
				you to find his pendent. If you got it
				at the underground river you are all
			5.	Give him the pendent and he will
				teach you Change.
	b.	Amazon II
		i.	Go back to Amazones and rest at the inn
		ii.	Change yourself into a Woman and you will
			be able to go freely around the town.
		iii.	Give the Kirisa Plant to the Queen
			1.	As a reward you are give the Bow of
	c.	Swan II
		i.	Head back to Swam and save your game
		ii.	Use the Change Spell to get past the
			Draygonian guards.
		iii.	Start saving your cash.
	d.	Goa
		i.	You can stop at Goa, but there is no need to
			1.	I like to so it goes into my Teleport
	e.	Mt Hydra
		i.	Walk southwest across the Goa plains.
			1.	It might be a good time to get some
				money and experience. You can get
				a decent amount from the soldiers.
				a.	You may be able to deflect
					the arrows with a strong
					shield and the shield ring on.
		ii.	You should see an opening for Mt Hydra.
		iii.	Follow the path until it splits, then go west
			to the lava flow. Use the Sword of Water to
			create an ice bridge. Follow this cave
			straight through.
	f.	Shyron
		i.	Before you even get close to the entrance to
			Shyron use Change to become Stom.
		ii.	The guards will let you in with no problem.
			1.	Now would be a great time to get
				new armor.
			2.	Shyron also has Magic Rings for
			3.	You must buy them now or after you
				get the Sword of Thunder. If you
				don't these items will be lost until
				late in the game!
		iii.	Change back to normal form and head into
			the chapel at the north end of town.
		iv.	Talk to Zebu and he will ask you to get the
			Sword of Thunder.
		v.	He will give you the Key to Styx to get it.
XX.	Sword of Thunder
	a.	Cave of Styx
		i.	You now Leave Shyron and go back to the
			mountain cave. Pass through and cross over
			the ice bridge that you created earlier. Walk
			back to the split, and take the upper path
			this time. Enter the cave at its end.
		ii.	Walk north and west to the stairs. Follow the
			path across the bridge, then north, then east.
			Use the Sword of Water to make another
			bridge over lava, and follow the path until
			its next split. Take the left path, and follow
			it back to the stairs. Take the stairs up.
		iii.	Use the Key of Styx to open the locked gate,
			and enter the Cave of Styx. As you walk up
			you'll have to deal with statues that fire
			projectiles at you. Use the Barrier spell to
			walk safely by.
		iv.	Turn left at the split, and walk up over the
			stairs. A witch is guarding the doorway.
			Take her down to proceed.
			1.	She may not seem to be losing any
				HP, but she will die after a serious
				ass woopin.
			2.	You can stan off to the left and
				dodge he magic while hitting her.
		v.	Walk up until you reach the river of green
			acid. Walk left and follow the river's edge
			until you find a shallow point. Build a
			bridge across with the Sword of Water, and
			then follow the bank again. Keep walking
			until you can build a second ice bridge.
			Cross over, walk down, around the river,
			and turn right at the first passage to find
			the stairs.
		vi.	Walk left, then up and take the first path.
			You'll find a large field of spikes in your
			way. Equip the Rabbit Boots and hop up and
			right, taking the first path to the right. The
			Sword of Thunder is at the end of this hall.
		vii.	As soon as you get it, you're teleport back to
	b.	Shyron II
		i.	The temple at Shyron to meet the Azteca. He
			talks about you needing to be with Mesia,
			and says that you are to battle Draygonia.
			1.	You must buy as many Magic Rings
				as you can. Delete items in your
				inventory if you have to. Make sure
				you have all the rings you can carry
			2.	Get all the armor you need now also.
				This is your last chance
	c.	Goa II
		i.	When you head to Goa go to the north part
			of town.
		ii.	Enter the temple the and use barrier to
			deflect the bullets.
		iii.	Once you reach the end you get a telepathic
			signal to get back to Shyron immediately
		iv.	Teleport to Shyron
	d.	Shyron III
		i.	Once you arrive you find the town
		ii.	Talk to Akahana and he will give you a hint
			about a rare item
			1.	"I wish I got my ring back from my
				friend in Goa"
		iii.	Talk to Stom and he will breath his last
		iv.	When you are ready for battle head to where
			the elders where.
		v.	You find Mado
		vi.	Mado
			1.	He is one of my favorite bosses.
				a.	You must be at least Level 12
				b.	He will bounce around the
					room trying to hit you
				c.	He will also throw ninja stars
					when he stops.
				d.	Use the Sword of Water
					Level 3 attack, no problem.
			2.	When he leaves he will leave the
				Ball of Thunder
	e.	Goa III
		i.	Now this is going to be a long fight. If you
			didn't stock totally up on Magic Rings then
			do so on Fruit of Power.
		ii.	Every monster from each section is here, so
			watch out.
		iii.	Now that you have the Ball of Thunder you
			can knock down Iron Walls
			1.	They have a Huge Monster face on
				a.	Some even shoot fire.
		iv.	Use the Barrier spell to get past the statues
			and use the Sword of Thunder to open the
			Iron Wall.
		v.	Walk up and take the left path. Walk past
			four staircases, and then take the next path
			that leads left. Follow it, then take the next
			set of stairs that you find.
		vi.	Go right, up, all the way to the right, down,
			and take the first path going right. Walk
			over, take the first path going down, and
			then follow it straight to the first of
			Draygonia's Finest Four - General
			1.	Kelbesque.
				a.	Everything about the bosses
					are the same. They have new
					levels and are much stronger
					i.	If you are skilled you
						might be able to
						notice the open square
						fighting area. This
						will allow you to
						recover before the
						fight starts.
				b.	You need to be at least Level
		vii.	When you defeat Kelbesque a chest with the
			Opal Statue is left behind
			1.	If you have the statue ready to use
				when you die you will be brought
				back to life once.
		viii.	Walk up the stairs behind Kelbesque, and
			talk to Zebu, who's been waiting for you.
			1.	He'll replenish your strength and
			2.	You can save in his room, so that
				you don't have to go back through
				the maze at the start of the fortress.
		ix.	After you get up the stairs, follow the path
			until you reach the lava river. Follow the
			lava down, right, up, and then all the way
			right and build an ice bridge across. Hop
			over to the other side.
		x.	Keep walking to the right past the path, then
			go up, and create another bridge and cross.
		xi.	Walk down to the left, all the way up and to
			the left, then all the way up. Walk right,
			then walk down and create an ice bridge
			across and cross.
		xii.	Walk up, left, and then the first path going
			up. Walk up there and destroy the Iron Wall.
			Continue to the stairs. Walk up to the top of
			this next room, and you have to fight Sabera.
		xiii.	Sabera
			1.	You need to be at least Level 13
		xiv.	When Sabera dies, she drops a chest
			containing the Fruit of Repun.
		xv.	Walk up from her room to meet with Tornel,
			who will replenish your health and magic.
		xvi.	Walk up and take the stairs. Keep going up,
			and take the first path to the right.
		xvii.	Walk up through the spike pit, then follow
			the path to the stairs. Walk left and down,
			then move across using the three moving
			platforms. Take the stairs at the end.
		xviii.	Walk to the top of the next room
		xix.	Mado
			1.	You must be at least Level 14
		xx.	When you defeat Mado Take the Sacred
		xxi.	Walk up and talk with Asina, who
			replenishes you. Take the stairs
		xxii.	Follow the path to the three way fork and
			walk to the right.
		xxiii.	Follow this path to the stairs. Walk up, right,
			then down and take the next set of stairs.
			Follow the path here and take next set of
		xxiv.	Go up, right, up, left, and to the first path
			going up. Destroy the Iron Wall, and
			continue walking up. Walk right and take
			the stairs.
		xxv.	Follow this one up to the top of the pit and
			take the stairs.
		xxvi.	Use your Barrier magic to get past some
			more shooting statues.
		xxvii.	Karmine
			1.	You must be at least Level 14
			2.	Karmine is a tough guy to beat.
			3.	Use the Sword of Thunder Level 2 to
				hurt him
			4.	He can change you into a slime and
				a.	The only way to cure this is
					if you have the fruit of
		xxviii.	Karmine also leaves a chest behind, this
			time containing an Ivory Statue. Walk all the
			way up from Karmine's room to find the
			Storm Bracelet.
		xxix.	You now need to get Kensu
			1.	Exit down from Karmine's room,
				past the statues. Take the stairs
				down. Walk across the spikes and
				take the stairs on the left.
			2.	Walk to the right, and take the first
				path up. There's a blue slime just
				sitting around. If you talk to him,
				you find that it's Kensu, and that he
				got nailed by Karmine.
			3.	Equip and use the Ivory Statue to
				restore him to his normal state.
			4.	Kensu tells you that the emperor and
				mesia left for the pyramid, and that
				Mesia has the power to call the
			5.	He teaches you the spell of Flight,
				and replenishes energy.
			6.	He also lets you take the short cut in
				back. It leads to an underground cave
				with an odd floor texture. Use Flight
				to cross it. Swing left at the river
				for a Fruit of Power.
			7.	Go down the stairs to arrive at a
				river of acid, just float right over
XXI.	Loose Ends
	a.	Desert Oasis
		i.	There are a set of leather boots and a power
			ring here.
			1.	The power ring is a very important
				a.	It took me two games to
					figure out it's purpose.
				b.	It is located behind a
					Iron Wall
			2.	Use Flight to jump right over
				the rivers.
				a.	If you run out of MPs just
					stay on top of the river.
					You will still be flying
					until you get back onto land.
	b.	Goa III
		i.	Transport back to Goa and turn into Akahana.
		ii.	There is a house in the upper right part
			of the town.
			1.	Talk to him and he will give you
				the Warrior Ring.
				a.	This will allow you to have
					a Level 1 attack on your
					enemy without powering up.
	c.	Mt. Hydra II
		i.	From Goa go to Mt. Hydra.
		ii.	When you reach a fork going up and left,
			take the one going up. Follow the path
			until you reach a cave.
		iii.	 Enter it and go up. Make a left once
			you reach the wall.
		iv.	Exit the cave and go right.
		v.	Continue walking until you reach a
			fork going left and right.
		vi.	Take the right fork and go in the
			cave there.
		vii.	In the cave, walk forward until
			you reach the wall.
		viii.	Go left and go up the stairs.
		ix.	In the next room, go forward
			until you reach a wall.
		x.	Go right and then go up the stairs.
		xi.	Now continue walking and knock
			down the rock wall you'll find.
		xii.	Go up the stairs behind it. Now
			follow the path until you reach a
			rock wall. Knock it down and enter
			the entrance behind it.
		xiii.	Walk until you exit the cave.
		xiv.	From there, go left and you'll
			see a ledge past a gap with a treasure
			chest on it.
		xv.	Use Flight to reach the chest and
			open it to find the Bow of Sun.
		xvi.	Teleport back to Shyron.
		xvii.	Leave Shyron and go into to the
			mountain cave. Pass through and
			cross over the ice bridge that
			you created earlier. Walk back
			to the split, and take the upper
			path. Enter the cave.
		xviii.	Walk up and left to the stairs.
			Follow the path across the wooden
			bridge, then up, and right. Cross
			the ice bridge, and follow the path
			until its next split. Take the left
			path, and follow it back to the
			stairs. Take the stairs up.
		xix.	As you walk up you'll have to deal
			with statues that fire projectiles
			at you. Use the Barrier spell.
		xx.	Walk all the way to the right
			at the first intersection, then up and
			take down the witch blocking the door.
			Keep walking up until you reach the
			river of poison. Walk all the way
			right, then up, and you'll see land
			on the other side of the river. Use
			the Flight spell to cross over, and
			walk to the left. The upper chest
			is a trap, so be careful. Open the
			chest on the left; you now have the
			Psycho 	Shield.
XXII.	The Final Battle
	a.	Sahara
		i.	There are several things I suggest
			doing in this town.
			1.	Change into Stom and talk
				to the bunnies
				a.	One will give you
					Doe's Pendent
					i.	It will refill your
						MP if you stay still
					ii.	Psycho Armor will
						refill HP
		ii.	Also they sell Magic Rings here. They
			aren't cheap at all, but you
			should stock up on them.
		iii.	If you talk to the people in the town
			they will say they saw a caped man
			with a woman.
		iv.	The Great Pyramid
		v.	Leave Sahara and pass through the cave.
		vi.	You'll see a giant pyramid next to you.
			Find the entrance, which is blocked by
			whirlpools, and use Flight to enter it.
		vii.	In the next room go left once you reach
			the wall. Go up the stairs. Go forward
			until you reach an intersection.
		viii.	Go right and then up once you reach
			the next intersection.
		ix.	Go up until you reach the stairs.
		x.	Then go up and then right.
		xi.	When you reach the next intersection,
			go down and go down the stairs.
		xii.	Continue walking down and you'll
			find a treasure chest. Open it to
			find a Magic Ring.
		xiii.	From there, continue walking down until
			you reach the wall. Go left and then
			make go down the first chance you get.
		xiv.	Continue walking until you reach the stairs.
		xv.	Take them down and continue down.
		xvi.	Walk south and make the third right turn.
		xvii.	Soon, you'll see stairs in the wall.
		xviii.	Go up them and you'll be in a room lined
			with vases.
		xix.	Prepare for the battle with Emperor Draygon
			1.	Emperor Draygon
				a.	You should be at the highest
					level by now 16.
				b.	Make sure you have the
					Power Ring on and attack
					him with all your might.
				c.	Use Sword of Thunder Level
					3 attacks
		xx.	Take the Psycho Armor left behind.
		xxi.	A hole appears under you, and you'll
			fall down to find Azteca.
			Chat with him, and he'll tell you that
			Mesia is waiting on the highest floor
			of the Pyramid - and he'll also give
			you the Bow of Truth to fight Draygon
		xxii.	Head Back to Sahara
XXIII.	Save the Mesia
	a.	Sahara
		i.	Rest and re-stock on Magic Rings
	b.	Top of the Pyramid
		i.	You now must go to the secret entrance
			to the Pyramid. Go to the upper right
			of the desert. There will be a set of
			stairs with 2 whirlpools. Float
			over them and enter
		ii.	When you first enter you will see
			two lions.
			1.	Moon
				a.	Use the Bow of Moon
			2.	Sun
				a.	Use the Bow of Sun
					i.	Simple
		iii.	Walk right, up, right, and then up all
			the way to find the spike pit.
			Put on the Leather Boots, and walk
			up through the pit to the stairs.
		iv.	Walk up, left, and then down
			through the spiked pit. Walk to the
			right and up, then use the Flight
			spell to cross over the holes in the
			road. (ignore the platforms, they
			will break)
		v.	After crossing the pits,
			take the stairs. Stop and regenerate your
			health and magic. Prepare for the
			Emperor Again!
		vi.	The Emperor
			1.	Before you do anything use the
				Bow of Truth
		vii.	The Emperor's True form is now shown.
		viii.	This is the Final Battle
			1.	You must be at your maximum
	`			level 16.
			2.	Equip the Power Ring
			3.	Use Thunder Level 3.
			4.	Watch out for his ring attack
				that will turn you into a slime
			5.	Also watch for the Jewel in his chest.
			6.	That was easy!
				a.	I tried beating him without
					the Power Ring, but it
					was impossible. I was
					stocked with all Magic Rings
					and still didn't beat him!
XXIV.	Crystalis
	a.	Floating Tower
		i.	Now that you defeated the Emperor you job
			is done.
			No I was wrong!
		ii.	Enter the Floating Tower and save your game
		iii.	You must work your way up through the Tower.
			1.	The Sword of Thunder and Warrior
				Ring are the best combo.
		iv.	You will face three levels of the tower.
			1.	Each Level will have monster/warrior
				coming out doors. You must kill
				them to proceed.
		v.	Once you reach the fourth floor you will
			meet the Mesia.
		vi.	She will combine all the sword into one.
			1.	Crystalis
		vii.	You mission is to Destroy DYNA the computer.
			You must ram your sword into the machine's
			1.	She will also heal you.
	b.	DYNA's Lab
		i.	Enter through the door and
			prepare to fight DYNA
			1.	She looks like a big heart with
				an eye.
			2.	Put on the Power Ring for
				extra strength
			3.	Just hit and dodge. Hit her in
				the eye and move to avoid her
			4.	This is basically a easy boss
				because she can not move.
			5.	You do not need to charge
				Crystalis so just keep hitting the
				attack button.
XXV.	Ending

This walkthrough was made by David Zabroski.
Any attempt to Plagerize my work will be delt with.
If you would like to post this walkthrough, or any
other walkthrough made by me, must be appoved by
me at

Check out my Dragon Warrior/Quest Website at:

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