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                         Crystalis FAQ/Walkthrough
                          Version 1.8, 05/06/2000
                     by Brian Kern <>


                     This FAQ is copyrighted material.

 LIMITED REPRODUCTION LICENSE: This FAQ may be posted, emailed, or saved to a
 disk without express permission, provided that the FAQ remains unaltered, and 
 the full copyright notice is in place. Removing the copyright notice and
 rights disclaimer voids any rights assigned.

 Exclusions: This FAQ may not be used for promotional purposes, nor may it be
 incorporated in guides, magazines, secured websites, or in any state or place
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 All professional use rights are retained by the author.

 All copyrights and trademarks are held by their respective owners, when not
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 Crystalis is (c) 1990 SNK Corp of America.

 Future revisions of this FAQ may be found at .


Table of Contents

      3.1.  General commands
      3.2.  Notes on gameplay  
      - The Wind Valley
      4.1.  The Town of Leaf
      4.2.  Start the Windmill
      4.3.  The Sealed Cave
      - The Cordel Plains
      4.4.  Akahana's Statue
      4.5.  Visit the Town of Oak
      4.6.  Saving the little Oak boy
      - Mt. Sabre
      4.7.  Tornel's Challenge
      4.8.  Trouble at Leaf
      4.9.  Jailbreak
      - Portoa        
      4.10. The Waterfall Cave
      4.11. The Queen's Secret
      4.12. Find, find, find a boat
      - The Angry Sea   
      4.13. Evil Spirit Island   
      4.14. The Zombie Town  
      4.15. Calming the Whirlpools

      - Brief Interlude
      4.16. Where's Kensu?
      4.17. The Bow of Moon

      - Mt. Hydra     
      4.18. Rejoin the wise men
      4.19. Cave of Styx
      4.20. The fall of Shyron

      - The Fortress Town
      4.21. The Oasis Cave     
      4.22. Assaulting Goa Fortress
      4.23. .. but where's Kensu?
      - The End       
      4.24. Final Preparations
      4.25. The Desert Pyramid
      4.26. The Floating Tower


      5.1:  Experience and Spell charts
      5.2:  Equipment, Town Items, and Event Items
      5.3:  Enemy chart
      5.4:  Game Genie Codes
      5.5:  Odd Tricks




v1.8, 05/06/2000,
 Finished the monster table, everything's where it ought to be, time to
 actually submit. This is the first posted version, and I hope it's
 satisfactory for the masses. :)

v1.7, 05/06/2000, 7:00pm
 Finished redesigning the layout, and putting all of the charts into their
 respective places. Just need to touch up some info on the monster chart.

v1.6, 05/06/2000, 6:30pm
 Finished codifying the walkthrough section, starting table revision.

v1.5, 05/06/2000, 12:11am
 Completed the game, updating the walkthrough information. I'll complete the
 tables later today and then upload the first version.

v1.4, 05/04/2000, 11:20pm
 Finished gameplay through the end of Goa, but only formatted up till just
 before Mt. Hydra. Tables are nearing completion as I sail to the end of the
 game.. gonna have to have someone else write down a few experience values for
 me, unless I feel like replaying later.

v1.3, 05/03/2000, 11:10pm
 I hate starting play at 8pm, leaving me doing one section per night, but..
 Gundam Wing *must be watched!* Sometimes even twice. So, sorry for the slow
 progress.. but since I'm not posting anything till the end, nobody'll notice.
 I'm shamed, though. I was hoping to be the first with a Crystalis FAQ up, and
 it seemed like everybody beat me to it, just two days after I started. *sobs
 uncontrollably*.. ah, well. Too late to turn back now. :)
v1.2, 05/01/2000, 11:20pm
 Completed the Portoa section, slated to complete the Angry Sea tomorrow.
 Added several tables - spells, swords, consumable items, and special items.

v1.0, 04/30/2000, 11:12pm
 Finished as far as reaching Portoa. Gave it a 1 to signify the fact that now
 we've actually got some content, and that I've decided on a final form for
 the document.

v0.9, 04/30/2000, 6:23pm
 Actually adding info now that I'm playing, woo woo. Wind Valley completed,
 heading into Cordel Plains.

v0.8, 04/30/2000, 4:45pm
 Scrapped my previous format, trying *again* to get something I like.  You'd
 think that with all of the FAQs I've read, I could write one with a readable

v0.5, 04/30/2000, 2:50pm
 Fixed up the armor/shield tables, dropped in the Table of Contents, jamming
 to my Final Fantasy Tactics soundtrack.

v0.3, 04/30/2000, 1:45pm
 Added more Game Genie codes.

v0.1, 04/30/2000, 1:40pm
 Started the FAQ with a stack of information that I'd pre-written a long time



     Welcome to my Crystalis FAQ. Contained within you'll find a complete
breakdown of the game, a full walkthrough, some useful charts, and any codes
and tricks that I've acquired.
     I was quite surprised to see no other Crystalis FAQ available when I
wrote this, considering what a great game it is and how long it's been out.
Ah, well. :) The latest version of this FAQ can be found at GameFAQs
<>, so stop on by and see if anything's changed.


     A 10 year veteran of the gaming console wars, Crystalis is a classic.
It's an adventure/RPG.Play runs more like an adventure game - lots of
wandering around, killing creatures in active-combat, and the like. However,
Crystalis also has a lot of the elements of role playing games, such as the
ability to buy and sell equipment, purchase support items, use magic, save at
Inns, and the like.

     The object of the game is to scour the world for the four elemental
swords, and defeat Draygon, an evil wizard. Draygon has ressurected the dark
art of Science, and is trying to use it to enslave the world.



| 3.1: General Commands                                                      |

Control Pad: No effect.
A          : No effect.
B          : No effect.
Select     : Toggle between Start and Continue
Start      : Chooses Start or Continue

Control Pad: Moves your character around, talks to people (run into them),
             opens chests (run into them)
Select     : Enters the inventory screen
Start      : Enters the status screen
A          : Uses the selected magic spell
B (press)  : Swings your sword, uses a selected consumable item
B (hold )  : Charges your swords attack level
B (release): Fires a charged shot from the sword

Some areas have alternate uses for the buttons.

Control Pad: Selects menu items, changes screens
A          : Selects an item or spell
B          : Attempts to drop an item
             * Note: You are prompted with a yes/no question first.
Select     : Exits to the game
Start      : Enters the save screen

Control Pad: Chooses Save or Load, and which file to use
A          : Saves or Loads the file you're pointing at
             * Note: You are prompted with a yes/no question first.
B          : Exits to the game, cancels the yes/no question
Select     : Exits to the inventory screen
Start      : Exits to the inventory screen

Control Pad: No effect.
A          : No effect.
B          : No effect.
Select     : No effect.
Start      : Exits to the game.

Control Pad: Selects a character
A          : Chooses a character
B          : Backs up one space
Select     : No Effect
Start      : Same as choosing End from the menu

Control Pad: Selects an item or menu option
A          : Chooses an item or menu option
B          : Cancels a menu option or exits the shop
Select     : Exits the shop
Start      : No effect.

To fight a monster, equip a sword from your inventory screen, walk up to it,
and hit B. Every sword has a range attack as well, which will be your primary
way of fighting.

In order to use the range attack, charge the sword up to a higher level by
holding down B until you reach the level of power that you desire. Once there,
release B for a powerful magical blast. Level 1 and 2 blasts can be done as
much as you like; Level 3 blasts consume magic points. You can only charge
your sword while standing still.

All swords start out being able to charge up to Level 1. If you want to charge
to Level 2, you have to find the Ball for your sword; if you want to charge to
Level 3, you have to find the Bracelet.

If you want to charge up to a given level and keep it there, charge your
sword, and then keep holding B while you move around. You'll learn this very
early on.

| 3.2: Notes on gameplay                                                     |

Certain swords kill certain monsters; if you can't seem to cause damage to an
enemy, consult the monster chart to see what weapons damage them. If you're
using the right weapon and still can't cause damage, the reason is because
your level is too low for the area. Try raising your level, and attacking

Only a Level 2 or higher shot will pass through walls and other stationary
obstacles; You'll need this to reach enemies that can stay in the background,
such as bats and killer flowers.

Once you acquire the bracelets, you may find yourself accidentally charging up
to Level 3, and wasting magic as a result. To get around that, keep this note
in mind ..

If I am using this accessory ..              My max sword charge is..
Ball for my sword                            Level 2
Bracelet for my sword                        Level 3
Ball or Bracelet for another sword           Level 1
No accessory                                 (highest level - 1)

If you have just a sword with no accessory for it at all, you can charge it to
Level 1. If you have the Ball equipped, it's Level 2; if the Bracelet is
equipped, it's Level 3.

However, when you equip, say, the Ball of Water and the Sword of Fire, you can
only charge up to Level 1.

If you have the Sword of Water equipped, and possess -but do not wear- the
Blizzard Bracelet, you can charge to Level 2.

It's hard to explain, so try it out. :)

One final note: poison can kill in this game, so make sure to take care of it.



| 4.1: The Town of Leaf                                        ML:1  RL:1    |

SPECIAL: $100 gold, Sword of Wind

The game leads off with our happy hero character being sealed in cryogenic
stasis. Choose a name that suits you, and leave the happy cave. When you step
outside for the first time, you'll scare some poor guy to death. Follow him to
the left, and enter the Village of Leaf.

Talk to the elder in the upper left house to get the   Sword of Wind. Talk to
the man in the upper right house to receive $100, then buy the Alarm Flute.

You can purchase your first set of armor and a shield here, or you can save
your money until you hit Brynmaer. Equip the Sword of Wind, and leave town
through the northern exit.

| 4.2: Start the Windmill                                      ML:1  RL:2    |

SPECIAL: Windmill Key, Refresh Spell

Go west a little bit, and then follow the mountains all the way around to
Zebu's Cave. Fight what enemies you encounter for gold and experience.

Zebu will ask you to start the windmill. Go east, and stay in the northern
part of this area. You'll find a small wooden bridge leading northward,
patrolled by a blue slime or two. Go up there and enter the Windmill Cave.

Inside the cave, go around the first corner, and then north at the
intersection to find the sleeping Windmill operator. Select and use the Alarm
Flute while standing next to him, and he'll wake up. When you talk to him,
he'll hand over the windmill key, and ask you to not tell Zebu that he was
sleeping. :)

Head back south, then west at the intersection, and follow the path until you
come out in front of the windmill. Select the key, hit B in front of the
keyhole, and turn the windmill on. When you exit the windmill, you'll see a
new cave's entrance open.

Go back to Zebu's Cave, and talk with him. He'll give you the Refresh spell
for activating the Windmill.

Head back to the town of Leaf, and visit the Inn if you need to recover health
or magic. Pick up a medical herb if you feel you'll need it - now is a good
time to save.

| 4.3: The Sealed Cave                                         ML:3  RL:4    |

ITEMS  : Warp Boots, Medical Herb (x2), Antidote
SPECIAL: Ball of Wind, Rabbit Boots

Go to the Sealed Cave, which the windmill opened for you. Follow the path
around until you reach an intersection - head to the right, since up leads to
a temporary dead-end. Keep going until you reach the end of the corridor,
where two staircases lead.

The upper staircase leads to a room with a large bear and a treasure chest.
The chest contains a pair of warp boots.

Go down the lower staircase. At the four way intersection, head down and
around the corner to pick up a medical herb. Go back to the intersection and
head to the right. Go all the way down at the next turn to find the Ball of

Go straight up from the Ball of Wind, charge the sword to Level 2 and use it
to break through the rock wall at the dead end. Behind the wall is an

Go back down to the intersection, head all the way left and take the stairs.
Go to the next intersection, go up, and break apart the rock wall. Go up to
the wall, left, and take the stairs. Pick up the medical herb from this room,
go back to the stairs, and go all the way right. Take the stairs. Follow the
path around until you reach the Vampire's Room.

  BOSS: VAMPIRE                        REQUIRED LEVEL: 3      SWORD: WIND 

  The Vampire attacks by releasing a pair of bats. The bats will try to fly
  into you. If you keep moving, they aren't to hard to avoid, as they can't
  stop that fast. The Vampire will then teleport randomly around the room to
  avoid being hit.

  You can kill the bats if you choose; the Vampire will simply release more,
  if necessary. The bats don't give you any experience points, so it's better
  to just leave them be.
  As the Vampire takes damage, he'll begin to teleport sooner, so your
  reaction time will have to improve to catch him. On the whole, this isn' a
  difficult fight.


Killing the vampire makes a chest appear. Open the chest to get the rabbit
boots. Head up through the vampire's room, and exit the cave to reach the
Cordel Plains.

| 4.4: Akahana's Statue                                        ML:3  RL:4    |

SPECIAL: Onyx Statue, Gas Mask

From the cave exit, head down and left to reach the town of Brynmaer. Near the
entrance, you'll see a man standing around. Talk to him. He reveals that his
name is Akahana, and that he's lost a special statue.

Leave town, and head to the right until you run into the river. Follow the
river up and to the right, until you locate the bridge. Cross the river
bridge, and head left, to where the tall grass is. Walk around in the grass
until you find the Onyx Statue; it's over on the right side.

Take the statue back to Akahana, and he'll give you the Gas Mask in exchange.
While you're visiting Byrnmear, stop in the tavern and talk with the people
there. One of them will run off to climb Mt. Sabre.

| 4.5: Visit the Town of Oak                                   ML:3  RL:4    |

Leave town again, and head for the river bridge. Cross over, and head down and
right. When you get to the poison ground, equip your Rabbit Boots, which you
picked up from the vampire. You can use the A button to jump while you're
wearing them. Hop on through the poison. Jumping lets you take far less damage
than walking.

Keep heading right, and you'll run into some mountains. Head up and to the
right and find the path that leads to the Swap Forest. Equip your Gas Mask,
and head in.

Once inside the forest, go right to the first intersection, then go all the
way up, all the way right, and up to find the town of Oak. When you talk to
the people, all you'll be able to get out of them is that they want you to go
in peace.

Leave town: go down from the town entrance, left at the first opportunity,
down at the next two intersections, and then all the way left to exit the
Swamp Forest.  

| 4.6: Saving the little Oak boy                               ML:4  RL:5    |

SPECIAL: Telepathy Spell, Sword of Fire, Ball of Fire

Head back over the poison ground, and cross the river bridge. Head straight up
from the river bridge to find Tornel's Training Studio. Tornel will appear,
and ask you to fight with Stom.

Your object is to force Stom back against the wall. You will likely have to be
level 4 to do this successfully, otherwise Stom will just whip up on you. Keep
flailing away with your sword. When you manage to push Stom against the wall,
Tornel rewards you with the Telepathy spell.

Tornel will ask you to bring him the Thunder Bracelet if you ever find it, and
will then promptly disappear. Take this in stride. :)

Head back into the Swamp Forest, and go back to the Town of Oak. This time,
people are a tiny bit friendlier; enough to beg for your help, anyway. Talk to
the woman in the bottom left house, and she'll plead with you to find her lost

From the entrance of town, walk all the way down. Go right when you're forced
to, and take the next intersection down. Follow it around to the left to
locate the lost boy. To get back to Oak from here, go right and up as
necessary, head left at the intersection, and walk all the way up at the next

When you enter town, the boy will run back to his house. Visit there and talk
with his mother, and she'll reward you with the Insect Flute. Seeing as how
this summons a monstrous insect to do battle with you, I'm not certain how
this is rewarding.. but I digress.

Go to the upper right house and talk with the elder there, who hands over the
Sword of Fire. Remember to equip it. You'll find it very useful against the
inhabitants of both the Swamp Forest and the Cordel Plains region.

Now that you've saved the boy, the town is more friendly. Utilize the Inn and
save, because you're about to engage in another boss fight. When you're ready,
leave town. Walk down, and take the first available right. Follow it all the
way to its end, and then walk up until you reach a wide open space. Use the
Insect Flute here to summon the Giant Insect.

  BOSS: GIANT INSECT                   REQUIRED LEVEL: 4      SWORD: FIRE 
  The Giant Insect fires green bursts straight down from its mouth. A green
  flyer will be zipping around as well. It looks a lot like the red insects in
  the swamp forest did, except that it's green, it's invincible, and it can
  fire projectiles in any direction.
  The Giant Insect is fairly predictable and only shoots one way. The flying
  insect is harder to avoid, but his projectiles are a little slow. Exercise
  some caution and you should be fine.


A chest containing the Ball of Fire will drop after this fight. Pick it up,
and equip it right away.

From the Giant Insect room, walk all the way down, turn left at the corner,
walk down at the next intersection, and then head left all the way to the
exit. Get out of the Swamp Forest, walk back to Brynmaer, stop by the Inn, and
save your game.

| 4.7: Tornel's Challenge                                      ML:4  RL:5    |

ITEMS  : Warp Boots, Magic Ring
SPECIAL: Tornado Bracelet, Teleport Spell

Leave Byrnmaer, and go down and left to find the entrance to Mt. Sabre.

Follow the trail to the left, up, and take the left path. Keep going this way
until you pass the second ice slide that leads upwards. Deactivate your
spells, equip your Rabbit Boots and jump your way up the ice slide. Walk to
the right and enter the cave.

Walk up and destroy the ice wall. The next room is a circle, so go either way,
heading up and around. Destroy the ice wall at the top, go up, and acquire the
Tornado Bracelet.

Leave this cave, go back to the ice slide, and slip down to the bottom. Follow
the path left and down. Go right, past the ice slide, and enter the cave.

Walk up, turn left at the intersection, and walk up some more. Destroy the ice
wall, and go up, then left, and down to the stairs. You'll wind up on a ledge
with a chest; this chest contains a pair of Warp Boots.

Follow the path backwards to the T intersection, and go all the way right. Go
up, and destroy the ice wall. Keep going up and follow the path to the stairs.

On the next floor, the chest immediately to the left contains a medical herb.
Walk to the right, then down and break the ice wall. Go right and take the
stairs. Follow the path until it splits, then go up to the stairs. Go straight
across to the next set of stairs, and follow the path until you reach another
ice wall. Destroy it, and follow the path to the exit.

Sitting around outside is Tornel. Talk to him, and he gives you the Teleport
Spell. The chest to Tornel's right contains a Magic Ring.

| 4.8: Trouble at Leaf                                         ML:4  RL:6    |

Use the Teleport spell to go back to Leaf. Leave town, and return to Zebu's
Cave. Use the Sword of Fire to break open the ice wall behind him, and then
talk to him. He'll warn you that not all is well in Leaf.

Run back to the town; you're too late, though. Everyone has already been
taken. If you like, you can talk to the bunny rabbit living in the Elder's
woodshed for a clue as to what happened.

Use the Teleport spell again, this time, to go to Byrnmaer. Hit the Inn to
replace your lost magic, and save. Leave town, head to the river bridge, hop
over the poison, as though you were going to the Swamp Forest. This time,
however, we're going to head straight up, to the second path that leads to Mt.

Follow the path until you find Nadare's Inn. You can save here; do so. Talk to
the patrons. When you're finished, head to the left of the Inn, where you'll
see the poor guy from Byrnmaer who set off to find his fortune. Talk to him,
and he'll give you an idea of who you're facing, just before he dies.

| 4.9: Jailbreak                                               ML:7  RL:7    |

ITEMS  : Antidote
SPECIAL: Prison Key, Flame Bracelet, Paralysis Spell

Keep following the path until you find the Draygonian guards at the entrance
to the cave. Switch over to the Sword of Wind, and walk up to them to make
them attack. Dispatch them, and enter the cave.

Go all the way up and take the stairs. Follow the path to the left, then go
down, left, and follow the path to the ice wall. Destroy the wall, follow the
path up and right to an antidote. Go left, down, and right to get back to the
main intersection. Go all the way down to the cave's exit.

Walk straight across to the right and enter the next cave. Follow the path to
the right and then all the way up. Destroy the ice wall, and take the stairs.
Follow the path to the exit.

Take the mountain trail left and up, then enter the cave you find. Go right
and take the first path up. Take the stairs, then follow the path until you
exit the cave.

Head to the right, and enter the next cave. Kill the Draygonian guards if they
get in your way. Go to the left and break open the second ice wall. Head up,
talk with the imprisoned villagers (they could care less!), and break the ice
wall in this room. Head up again, and pick up the Prison Key.
Go two rooms down, head right, and break open the ice wall that you skipped
last time. Go up one room, talk to the (much more grateful) villagers, and
break open the ice wall in this room. Follow the path until you leave the

Take out the Draygonian guards, and head up the central flight of steps, where
the jailer, General Kelbesque, awaits you.


  General Kelbesque moves around in a semi-random fashion. He'll stomp on the
  ground, causing small projectiles to rise up near him in a random pattern.
  The projectiles then cruise towards you at a good pace, and there are a lot
  of them.

  Typically, the general will try to move towards you, and dart away when you
  run. The projectiles always head for where you were standing when they first
  take flight, so if you keep your distance from Kelbesque and plan for where
  the projectiles are going to go (a straight line flight to where you were
  just standing), you'll be okay.


When Kelbesque dies, a chest falls to the ground. Open it for the Flame
Bracelet. Next, use the Prison Key to open the locked gate. Head down into
this room to find the Elder of Leaf.

The Elder tells you to open up the passage behind him, and that it leads you
to Portoa. The Queen there should be able to help you. Use the Sword of Fire
to break open the ice wall, and run through to the exit of the cave.

Just before you can leave, you'll be granted the Paralysis spell.

Leave the cave. You wind up at the top of a gigantic ice slide. If you slide
down, you will be just to the right of Portoa.

| 4.10: The Waterfall Cave                                     ML:7  RL:7    |

ITEMS: Flute of Lime (x2), Sword of Water, Shield Ring

Go into the city, and find the palace, in the northwest of Portoa. Walk up to
the central chamber to talk to the Queen, even though she doesn't say much.

Walk over to the Fortune Teller, in northern Portoa, next to the pawn shop.
Talk with her, and she'll tell you to see the Queen, and that your way will be
open. Walk back to the Queen, chat some more.

Now, leave the palace, and then re-enter. Walk immediately to the left, aim
up, and fire off the Paralysis spell to stop the guard from blocking the door.
Head into the Queen's chambers, and through the back door in her room. You
can't go anywhere just yet, so head back out of the palace.

Walk back to the fortune teller, who tells you that the way will *definetly*
be open. This time, when you talk to the Queen, you'll be asked to check out
the cave behind the waterfall, and she'll give you the Flute of Lime. One
might also note the presence of the guard in front of the back door in the
throne room. :)

Save before heading out, then leave Portoa. Head up and right until you find
the waterfall. Walk behind it to locate the Waterfall Cave.

Try to conserve a little magic. The Teleport spell costs 20mp, and it's a lot
faster than walking, so I'm going to recommend using it from here. If you
don't want to break down and spend the MP, keep in mind that there are two
Portoa locations that the warp trick can take you to. (See <where-ever>.)

Follow the path until you reach an intersection. Follow the right path, break
the ice wall, and continue on to the stairs. Walk up and right, and you'll
find two people that have been turned to stone. Use the Flute of Lime to
restore them, and talk to each of them. When you're finished, go up the stairs
behind them.

This area demands a little more caution, due to the Gorgons. The Gorgons can
turn you to stone with their breath weapon, so try and stay out of their way.
You won't be able to harm them until you get the Sword of Water.

Go straight up, then follow the right hand path to the ice wall. Break it, and
continue going up. Follow the path until you reach the river. Go up along the
river bank, and take the first right. Destroy the ice wall to retrieve the
Sword of Water.
Walk back to the river, head down and right, and go back to the stairs. Keep
following the path until you're back to the wide three-way intersection. Head
left this time, and destroy the ice wall that you'll find. Go all the way up,
all the way right, and head up once you hit the river to find another Flute of

Go back down and left, and take the path that leads up, where you'll find
Akahana, locked in stone. Use the new Flute of Lime to restore him. Talk to
him and he'll hand over the Shield Ring, then run off. From this point on,
it's a good idea to keep the Shield Ring equipped, as it doubles your base
shield defense rating.

Use the Teleport spell, and warp back to Portoa.

| 4.11: The Queen's Secret                                     ML:7  RL:8    |

SPECIAL: Ball of Water, Shell Flute, Recovery spell

Crash at the inn for your health and MP, and see if you can purchase the
Platinum Armor and Shield yet. I recommend getting both while you're here,
they're definetly worth the money, and they'll help keep you from dying in the
Portoa area. Enemies prior to here weren't that strong. :)

Save again, and head back out to the field. Walk right form Portoa to find a
small river bridge. Hop over and head down to the mountains. Follow them along
to the right, hop over the poison ground, and take the mountain pass that
leads down.

You'll wind up in an open plain area. Head to the bottom left corner, and
you'll find another path to take you to another open area. From here, go
straight up to find another path, which leads to the Tree of Lime.

As you approach, Rage, Guardian of the Lime Tree, will surface. Upon seeing
the Sword of Water, he'll hand over the Ball of Water.

Go back to Portoa, walking or teleporting. Purchase a medical herb from the
item shop, and head back to the Queen's chambers. The guard won't stop you
this time.

Walk around the bend in the river, and use the Sword of Water at level 2 to
create an ice bridge when you reach the shallow point. Head down and through
the exit there - you wind up in the Fortune Teller's room, on the other side
of the counter. Go through the other door to exit.

Use the Sword of Water to create a bridge leading upwards, and go across.
Enter the door to the right, and you'll find the Fortune Teller. .. or is it
the Queen? Or is it neither?! In this case, they're all the same person. The
Queen of Portoa reveals herself to be Asina, one of the wise men that will
help you on your journey. For your efforts, Asina will grant you the Recovery

Asina will tell you that if you can eliminate the whirlpools from the Angry
Sea, she'll teach you the Barrier spell.

Leave Asina's room, and walk around and up the river. Create another bridge,
and head up to find a sick dolphin. Heal up with Refresh, and equip the
medical herb. Use it while standing next to him to help him out. The dolphin
will thank you, and hand over the Shell Flute, which you can use to call on
him for a ride later.

| 4.12: Find, find, find a boat                                ML:7  RL:9    |

If you still aren't wearing some Platinum gear, go back to the Waterfall Cave
and whip up on Gorgons until you've got the money. I also recommend hitting
Level 9 by this point, just for the hp/mp increases.. you're likely going to
wind up needing them. After fitting yourself with new armor, considering
earning about 800 to 1000 more gold.

You should really teleport back to Leaf, purchase a couple of antidotes from
the item store, then teleport back to Portoa, and buy a couple of lysis
plants. You should also hit the Inn and save prior to heading into the next

Why all the precaution? Because the enemies coming up can paralyze and poison,
naturally. :) It's highly unlikely that you're going to get out of there
without being affected by one or the other. Yes, you have the recovery spell
and you can use it - for paralysis, poison, or both - but you might want to
keep some MP handy for teleporting back *out* of this next cave, since it's a
long walk.

Enough spiel. Walk all the way left in Portoa and find the boat house. Chat
with the owner, who dismisses you rudely, and his daughter, who lets you know
that he's upset at losing his fog lamp.

Leave town and head to the right to find the river. Walk up along the
riverbank until you run into some poison ground. The river's shallow at that
point, so create a bridge with the Sword of Water. Hop over the poison with
the rabbit boots and continue to the right. You'll see a cave; head on in.

Walk all the way up, and then left. Go all the way up at the next turn, turn
right around the corner and break apart the rock wall to find a chest with a
lysis plant in it. Head left and down and take the right path that you
skipped. Go all the way right, all the way down, and take the stairs.

Hop straight across this room to the other set of stairs. Be mindful of the
spinys, they are poisonous.  
Go all the way right, all the way down, and turn left. Take the first path
goign down and make an *effort* to ignore the chest that you'll see on the
way. It's not really a chest - it's a killer enemy, which is fast, poisonous,
and immune to any weapon you possess. So, skip it, and break open the rock
wall instead. Go all the way down, all the way right, and take the stairs.

Walk all the way left and up, and take the stairs again. Break open the rock
wall, then head to the right and take the first path down. Cut through another
pair of rock walls, go right, and follow the path until you reach the stairs.

Go up, right, up, and take out the rock wall. Keep going up, then right, and
take the next set of stairs.

Walk down and left under the bridge that you crossed moments ago. Then walk up
around the corner, destroy the rock wall, and open the chest to find the fog
lamp. By this point you're likely sick of spiders, so teleport back to Portoa.

Hit the Inn, and stop by the item shop to pick up a couple of antidotes, as
the next area is full of poisonous creatures. Save again, and leave town. Head
to the river bridge, and walk down to the mountain pass again. On the other
side of the passage, head straight down to the river, and follow it to the
left to find a shallow point. Make an ice bridge across. Cross the river, walk
to the right, and enter the cave.

Follow the path and break open the rock wall. Keep following the path until
you reach the stairs.

Go right, and take the first path going down. Take the first path that leads
to the right, break open the rock wall that you'll find, and grab the chest
for an antidote. Walk back up and left, and resume walking down at the
intersection. Follow the path down, all the way to the left, cut through
another rock wall, head left, down, and climb the stairs.
Follow this path to its end, taking out the rock wall that you run into, and
take the stairs. These stairs lead you to an open cavern full of nice music
and flowers. Walk around in the flower patch in the upper right of this room
to locate the Kirisa Plant. Once you have it, teleport back to Portoa.
Hit the Inn again, save *again*, and walk all the way left to reach the
boathouse. Hand over the fog lamp, and the boat owner tells you to use the
boat how you want. Hop into the boat, and you'll cruise to a nearby

Walk inside, and talk to the guard and Kensu. Kensu's a bit preoccupied
though, since he's lost something. Save inside the lighthouse. Step outside
and.. no boat? eep. What now?

| 4.13: Evil Spirit Island                                     ML:7  RL:10   |

ITEMS  : Lysis Plant
SPECIAL: Love Pendant, Iron Necklace

Equip the Shell Flute, walk up to the shoreline, and use it. The dolphin that
you saved will come by to give you a ride. Talk to him to hop on his back.

Head due left, until you hit the mountains. Follow the mountains up and around
to the left, and back down past the octopus. Go into the sea cave. This is the
same cave that you were in while you were discovering the true identity of the
Queen of Portoa.

Sail over to the right, and explore the upper part of the channel. Don't go
around the corner, just keep searching; eventually you'll find the Love
Pendant. Hang on to this item for later.

Sail back out of the cave, and head back to the lighthouse where Kensu is.
Instead of stopping by for a visit, sail up and to the left to find an
isolated beach with a cave on it. Enter the cave to find the town of Joel.

Walk to the building in the upper left part of town, and talk with the elder,
Ralph. You'll learn that Mesia, the girl who was looking for a boat from
Portoa, has gone to Evil Spirit Island to be a voluntary sacrifice.

Now is a great time to teleport back to Portoa. I recommend purchasing a pair
of medical herbs and a pair of lysis plants, because of the large amount of
paralysis in the coming area, and the need to conserve magic.

Teleport back to Joel. If you like, you can hit the item store here for a
Fruit of Power or two, to restore your magic while you're traveling.
Regardless, stay at the Inn, and save at Joel.

Walk back to the beach and call the dolphin again. Sail left past the
whirlpools, then head up and get past the octopus to enter Evil Spirit Island.

The entrance cave has several turtles in it. The turtles are very easy to kill
with a Level 2 blast from the Sword of Fire, so if you aren't at Level 11
already, now's a good time to build up. You will need to hit Level 11 prior to
completing this area.

Ride over to the beach and climb the stairs you find. Follow the path to the
river, and walk down until you find the shallows. Use the Sword of Water to
form a bridge, and then walk up to the other side of the river.

Follow the river bank again until you find another shallow spot, and create a
bridge leading to the right so that you can cross the river again.

Walk up and start walking to the left. For later reference, if you fall off
the moving platform, this is where you will be. Walk left until you reach the
third path leading up, and take it. Break the rock wall with the Sword of
Wind, follow the path to its end, and take the stairs.

Walk all the way left, down, and left, without taking any side routes. Then,
walk up, take out the rock wall, keep heading up, and take the stairs.

Walk left to the river, and ignore the chest above you - it's a fake. Walk
down to the bottom and make a bridge, cross over, and walk back up to the top
of the river to find a chest. The chest contains the Iron Necklace.

Go down, cross the river, and go up and right to get back to the stairs. Walk
back left and down to the corner, then walk all the way right. Walk up, and
take the first path leading right. Walk all the way right and all the way up.
Walk right from here, and take the first path leading down. Stop at the edge
of the pit and wait for the moving platform to arrive. It stops at either end
for a moment, so don't panic and try to rush over.

If you do fall down, work your way back. I mentioned above where you'd be
landing. :)

After you get off the moving platform, walk all the way to the left, and go up
to pick up the chest for a lysis plant. Walk straight down, a little left, and
take the stairs .. into a deserted zombie town.

| 4.14: The Zombie Town                                        ML:11 RL:12   |

ITEMS  : Fruit of Power
SPECIAL: Broken Statue

Go in to the lower left house, and walk up to the second floor to find Clark,
Ralph's brother. He warns you about Sabera, the Sorceress, who's responsible
for what happened to the town.

You can save your game here in zombie town, and I recommend it. Hopefully you
were able to conserve health and magic on your trip through the island cave.

Walk through Zombie town, until you find the gates of the castle. Head in and
walk to the four-way intersection. Walk right, and then up, to come face to
face with a familiar enemy.

BOSS: VAMPIRE                        REQUIRED LEVEL: 10     SWORD: WIND 

  The Vampire hasn't changed tactics much. He can still only be hurt by the
  Sword of Wind, and still prefers to have his bats do all of his dirty work.
  The first time that he releases bats, he'll release 2, and they tend to be
  more accurate than before. He'll release a third later into combat, unless
  you take steps against him.

  The bats really hurt this time around, so I recommend charging the sword up
  to Level 3 and spending a little magic on your first or second attack. Why
  just damage the Vampire when you can put those pesky bats down temporarily
  as well?

  If you work fast and hit him repeatedly with Level 1 shots, it's possible to
  kill the Vampire before he can generate more bats.

  One more note: The bats will continue to hurt you once the Vampire is dead.
  After the boss-explosion sequence is finished, they'll disappear, but during
  that time they can score two to four unanswered hits on you, simply because
  you thought they'd die immediately.


The Vampire drops a Fruit of Power when he dies.

After killing the Vampire, watch out for eagle attacks; they're here and they
will come slap you around, so if you're going to pause and read, hit Start.:)
Don't just stand there.

If you did particularly well and took next to no damage, I recommend walking
back to the castle entrance and saving just inside the zombie town. The next
section is a little tricky.

Walk back to the Vampire's room, and walk up the stairs behind it. Go up, and
take the first path heading left, paying special attention to the butterflies
- a Level 2 Fire blast works wonders, but do watch the paralyzing powder they
turn into. Also watch for the invisible, untouchable shadow ninjas - they
can't be harmed unless you first hit them with a Level 3 blast, to reveal
their location.

From the corner, walk all the way down, all the way right, and go up to the
stairs. Continue up through this next room, but heal up before you go up the
next flight of stairs.. *another* boss is coming.
Walk to Mesia, and she'll plead with you to defeat the sorceress in the back
room. Strike her with your sword, and she screams. Repeat this process for
your own amusement and the delight of any other gamers watching.

If you had actually walked up to the back room, you would have found Mesia
chained to the wall, and been forced to start over at the castle entrance. So,
slap the fake Mesia with your sword a third time to reveal that she's really
Sabera, one of Draygonia's Finest Four.

BOSS: SABERA                         REQUIRED LEVEL: 11     SWORD: FIRE 

  Sabera zips around randomly, and stops to shoot fireballs. They come in five
  sets of 3 or 4 each, starting just counter-clockwise of where you are
  (usually to your left, if you're facing her) and moving counterclockwise at
  set spacing intervals. She's very easy to fight if she's at a distance.
  Conversely, she's almost impossible to evade when she's up close.

  I vastly prefer the Level 2 shots for this battle; she gets ripped apart in
  no time.


Sabera drops the broken statue when defeated. She will also kidnap Mesia, and
head for the fortified city of Goa.

The fastest way out of the castle is to walk up and fall down the pit, then
bounce down through the castle gate. You'll notice at this point that the
zombie town has been restored, and some of the people are quite talkative.

| 4.15: Calming the Whirlpools                                 ML:11 RL:12   |

SPECIAL: Eye Glasses, Glowing Lamp, Statue of Gold, Barrier spell

Walk over to Clark's house. A kid inside on the first floor will tell you
about the Glowing Lamp, which can fix broken things. If you go upstairs and
talk to Clark, he'll give you the Eye Glasses, which let you see secret

One man at the bottom of town gives you a clue to calming the sea - it's said
that the Statue of Gold, placed on the island altar, has the power to let the
people return safely from any storm.

Teleport back to Joel. Walk over to the item store and buy an alarm flute,
then head into the woodshack that's attached to Ralph's place. Use the Eye
Glasses to see a secret passage. Follow this passage to reach the Joel

Inside the Lighthouse is Kensu, napping away. Walk up to him and use the Alarm
Flute, then talk to him. He'll say something uncomplimentary, and drop the
Glowing Lamp before he teleports away.

Use the Glowing Lamp as an item, and the Broken Statue will be turned into the
Statue of Gold. Leave the lighthouse and leave Joel, Summon your dolphin
friend again at the beach. Sail left to the mountains, up and left until you
reach the edge of the ocean, and then straight up and a tiny bit right to find
the island altar.
Walk onto the altar and use the Statue of Gold. The Angry Sea will be calmed
by its power, and the whirlpools will disappear.

Sail up and right from the island altar, through a pass that was blocked by a
whirlpool before. As you pass through, Asina contacts you and grants you the
spell of Barrier. Asina also tells you that the wise men are leaving for
Shyron, in Mt. Hydra.

| 4.16: Where's Kensu?                                         ML:11 RL:12   |

SPECIAL: Change spell

Ride the dolphin up and to the right to find an isolated strip of beach. Hop
off, and walk up to find Swan. Hit the Inn to build your magic back up, and
then go visit the woodshed to the left of the Inn.

Stom is there, and he's been waiting for you. Talk with him, and you'll learn
that the wise men are looking for Kensu, who's gone missing. Stom teleports
out, and now you have to track down the itinerant wise man.

Walk over to the pub, and talk to the soldiers. The one at the table asks if
you've seen the Great One, Kensu. Equip the Paralysis spell and cast it on
him, then talk to him again. He's revealed as Kensu in disguise..and then
Kensu teleports.

Walk out of the pub, and over to the door all the way on the right side of
town. Paralyse the girl in the lower left corner, and talk to her. It's Kensu
again, and he asks you to find a pendant he lost in an underground river.

Equip the Love Pendant, and hand it over. Kensu rewards you with the Change
spell, and then disappears to rejoin the wise men at Shyron.

| 4.17: The Bow of Moon                                        ML:11 RL:12   |
SPECIAL: Bow of Moon, Blizzard Bracelet

Teleport back to Brynmaer, and leave the town. Walk to the right until you
reach the river, then follow it down until you find a shallow spot, with
poison on either side. Use the Sword of Water to bridge the river, and cross.
Walk down on the other side, and hop over the poison ground to get into the
mountain pass. Just before you head off screen, use the Change spell to make
yourself a woman.

Walk down and to the right, past the guard, and enter the Queen's chamber.
Talk with the Queen, and then equip and hand over the Kirisa Plant for her
perfume. The Queen will give you the Bow of Moon in return.

Walk down behind the throne, and pick up the chest in the basement to acquire
the Blizzard Bracelet. Walk back upstairs, hit A again to turn back to normal,
and chat with the Queen to get thrown out of her chamber, you filthy beast. :)

Teleport back to Swan, hit the Inn, and save.

| 4.18: Rejoin the wise men                                    ML:11 RL:12   |

SPECIAL: Key of Styx

Use the change spell to turn into a Draygonian Guard. Walk to the left, talk
to either of the gate guards, and they'll open the way for you. Walk up and
left to reach the Goa Plains, and resume your own form.

If you walk back to the right, the gate guards have vanished, so you can go
back to Swan without any obstructions to bar your path. I recommend using the
Goa Plains to increase your money (for the Ceramic equipment) and your
experience (to Level 13) before proceeding, to help with the coming

Walk left across the Goa Plains, and find a path leading down and left. This
path takes you to the entrance of Mt. Hydra. Follow the path until it splits,
then go left to the lava flow. Use the Sword of Water to create an ice bridge,
and cross over. Follow this cave straight through, but stop just before the
stairs. Use the Change spell to turn into Stom.

Exit the cave, and walk over to Shyron's gate. The guards won't challenge you
when they think you're Stom. Once you're inside the town, change back to your
normal form.

Walk up to the temple at the top of Shyron. Talk with Zebu, and he'll ask you
to retrieve the Sword of Thunder. He gives you the Key of Styx, so that you
can go where the Sword of Thunder lies.
Stop by the Inn at Shyron, and save. While you're here, consider buying the
Sacred Shield. It protects against Paralysis, the #1 status problem you'll
encounter later in the game.

| 4.19: Cave of Styx                                           ML:11 RL:13   |

SPECIAL: Sword of Thunder

Leave Shyron and go back to the mountain cave. Pass through and cross over the
ice bridge that you created earlier. Walk back to the split, and take the
upper path this time. Enter the cave at its end.

Walk up and left to the stairs. Follow the path across the wooden bridge, then
up, and right. Use the Sword of Water to make another bridge over lava, and
follow the path until its next split. Take the left path, and follow it back
to the stairs. Take the stairs up.
Use the Key of Styx to open the locked gate, and enter the Cave of Styx. As
you walk up you'll have to deal with statues that fire projectiles at you. Use
the Barrier spell to walk safely by.

Turn left at the split, and walk up over the stairs. A witch is guarding the
doorway. Stand just off center, and her shots will fly harmlessly by. Take her
down to proceed.

Walk up until you reach the river of poison. Walk left and follow the river's
edge until you find a shallow point. Build a bridge across with the Sword of
Water, and then follow the bank again. Keep walking until you can build a
second ice bridge. Cross over, walk down, around the river, and turn right at
the first passage to find the stairs.

Walk left, then up and take the first path. You'll find a large field of
spikes in your way. Equip the Rabbit Boots and hop up and right, taking the
first path to the right. The Sword of Thunder is at the end of this hall.
As soon as you get it, you're warped back to the temple at Shyron to meet the
Grand Puba, Azteca. He talks about you needing to be with Mesia, and says that
you are to battle Draygonia.

| 4.20: The fall of Shyron                                     ML:11 RL:13   |

SPECIAL: Ball of Thunder

Walk out of Shyron and back through the mountain cave. Walk back to the split,
head down, and leave Mt. Hydra. Cross the Goa Plains up and right, and enter
the fortress town of Goa.

Up at the top of town, you'll see a solitary guard. That's Kensu again. Talk
to him and he'll tell you a little bit about what's going on. Leave to the

Use the Barrier spell to get past the shooting statues, and walk up to the
large iron face that blocks your path. Just before you can engage it, you
receive a telepathic summons - return to Shyron immediately!

Instead, walk back down to Goa, and hit the Inn. Teleport to Shyron, and save
within the town. Go around and talk to the dead and dying. Anakaha tells you
that he left something with a friend in Goa, so keep it in mind.

Walk to the temple in back, and prepare to face another of the Finest Four -

BOSS: MADO                           REQUIRED LEVEL: 11     SWORD: WATER

  Mado rolls into a ball, and bounces around randomly. He also stops
  periodically to throw stars that curve in flight. He moves slow while
  bouncing, so hitting him won't be hard. When he's damaged, he stops to throw
  stars more often.

  The fast way to kill him is to cut loose with a few Level 3 shots in the
  middle of the room, and let the snowflakes take him down.


Mado issues a parting taunt to you as he runs. He also drops a chest, which
contains the Ball of Thunder. Acquire it, and then teleport back to Goa, hit
the Inn, and save.

| 4.21: The Oasis Cave                                         ML:11 RL:14   |

SPECIAL: Power Ring, Leather Boots

Leave Goa, and walk down and a little left to find a passage through the
mountains. Follow the ridgeline around to the left until you reach the Oasis.
You'll want to stay on the small bit of white ground next to the mountains, as
the dark sand is poisonous. Use the Rabbit Boots and hop over to the Oasis
area, then enter the cave in the bottom part of it.

Walk straight up, take the first path leading right, and take the stairs to
reach the main level of the cave.

Walk right to the river, then up, and take the first path going left. Follow
this path around to a chest, and open the chest to find the Leather Boots.

Walk back along the path, and walk down when you reach the river. Make an ice
bridge at the first shallow spot you find, and cross over.

Walk down and take the first path right. Walk to the right until you hit the
river again, then go up to another shallow spot. Make a bridge, and cross
Walk up, continue right, and build another ice bridge at the shallows. Cross
the river again.

Walk down, all the way to the right, then go down to the next set of shallows.
Build another bridge, cross the river again.
Walk all the way down, then left to the first path leading upwards. Walk up,
take the stairs, and continue up until you reach the Iron Wall. Use the Sword
of Thunder to knock it down, and open the chest behind it for the Power Ring.
Now that you've raided the Oasis Cave, teleport back to Goa. Make sure that
you hit the Inn and save while you're here.

| 4.22: Assaulting Goa Fortress                                ML:14 RL:15   |
ITEMS  : Opal Statue, Fruit of Repun, Sacred Shield
SPECIAL: Ivory Statue, Storm Bracelet

Go up and leave town, and head into Goa Fotress.  Use the Barrier spell to get
past the statues at the very beginning, and use the Sword of Thunder to drop
the Iron Wall - be careful, this one can spit fire at you.

Walk up and take the left path. Walk past four staircases (two leading each
direction), and then take the next path that leads left. Follow it, then take
the next set of stairs that you find.

GO right, up, all the way to the right, down, and take the first path going
right. Walk over, take the first path going down, and then follow it straight
to the first of Draygonia's Finest Four - General Kelbesque.


  The General once again moves around in a semi-random way, but now he's got a
  powerful sword with him. The sword can fire a large number of fast
  projectiles, all going in one direction. The fire starts where you were and
  progresses over to where you actually are while he's firing, like Sabera's
  attack does. Unfortunately, General Kelbesque is *faster*, and he doesn't
  always have to rotate his fire counter-clockwise.
  Equip the Power Ring with the Sword of Wind, and use a couple Level 2 shots
  to destroy him.


When Kelbesque dies, a chest is left behind. Inside the chest is an Opal
Statue. Walk up the stairs behind Kelbesque, and talk to Zebu, who's been
waiting for you. He'll replenish your strength and magic. You can save in his
room, so that you don't have to go back through the maze at the start of the

After you get up the stairs, follow the path until you reach the lava river.
Follow the lava down, right, up, and then all the way right and build an ice
bridge across. Hop over to the other side.

Continue walking to the right past another path, then go up, and build another
ice bridge. Cross the lava again.

Walk down to the left, all the way up and to the left, then all the way up.
Walk right, then walk down and build an ice bridge across. Cross over.

Walk up, left, and then the first path going up. Walk up there and destroy the
Iron Wall. Continue to the stairs. Walk up to the top of this next room, and
you get to face Sabera.

BOSS: SABERA                           REQUIRED LEVEL: 13     SWORD: FIRE  

  Sabera hasn't changed much since you last fought her. She attacks the same
  way as before, but can also surround herself with tiny droplets of fire.
  Sabera is also a bit more aggressive in her movements.
  Equip the Power Ring with the Sword of Fire, charge up to Level 3, and let
  her have it. You should only have to execute two well-placed Level 3 hits in
  order to kill her.

When Sabera dies, she drops a chest containing the Fruit of Repun. Walk up
from her room to meet with Tornel, who will replenish your health and magic.

Walk up and take the stairs. Keep going up, and take the first path to the
right. When you reach the spiked pit, equip your Leather Boots and wade in.
The boots will protect you from damage.

Walk up through the spike pit, then follow the path to the stairs. Walk left
and down, then ride across the three moving platforms. Take the stairs at the

Walk to the top of the next room, and Mado is waiting to settle the score from
your Shyron encounter.

BOSS: MADO                             REQUIRED LEVEL: 14     SWORD: WATER 

  Mado hasn't changed appreciably. He stays in the ball a bit more now, and is
  a lot faster than previously, but his attacks are still very antiquated.
  Equip the Power Ring with the Sword of Water, and unleash a few Level 3
  shots from the center of the room.


When Mado dies, the chest he drops contains a Sacred Shield. You probably
already have one, so just hang onto it for decorative purposes. :) Walk up and
talk with Asina, who replenishes your hp and mp, and then walk up to the
stairs behind her.

Follow the path to the three way split. Walk right, and follow this path to
the stairs. Walk up, right, then down and take the next set of stairs. Follow
the path here and take *another* set of stairs.

Go up, right, up, left, and to the first path going up. Destroy the Iron Wall,
and continue walking up. Walk right and take the stairs.

Put on your Leather Boots, and walk left to the third pit of spikes. Follow
this one up to the top of the pit and take the stairs.

Use your Barrier magic to get past some more shooting statues, and you get to
face off with Draygonia's Finest - Karmine.

BOSS: KARMINE                          REQUIRED LEVEL: 14     SWORD: THUNDER

  Karmine shoots fireballs in random directions. They bounce for a while, then
  trail off the screen. He can also cast a circle of fire at you that will
  turn you into a slime if it hits - this elusive condition is called `nuper`,
  and is curable only with the Fruit of Repun.
  Karmine floats around in a wavy pattern. He isn't that hard to beat, though.
  I recommend the Power Ring with the Sword of Thunder. It shouldn't take many
  shots of any type to put him down. Watch out for the fireballs after he
  dies; they can and will still cause damage.


Karmine also leaves a chest behind, this time containing an Ivory Statue. Walk
all the way up from Karmine's room to find the Storm Bracelet.

| 4.23: .. but where's Kensu?                                  ML:14 RL:15   |

ITEMS  : Fruit of Power
SPECIAL: Flight Spell

Walk down from Karmine's room, past the now-quiet statues. Take the stairs
down. Walk across the spikes with your leather boots and take the stairs on
the left.

Walk to the right, and take the first path up. There's a blue slime just
sitting around. If you talk to him, you find that it's Kensu, and that he got
nailed by Karmine. Equip and use the Ivory Statue to restore him to his normal

Kensu tells you that the emperor and mesia left for the pyramid, and that
Mesia has the power to call the tower. He teaches you the spell of Flight, 
and replenishes your hp and mp again.

He also lets you take the short cut in back. It leads to an underground cave
with an odd floor texture. Use Flight to cross it. Swing left at the river for
a Fruit of Power, then hop and fly over the river, go down to the stairs, and
you come out of the Oasis Cave.

| 4.24: Final preparations                                     ML:14 RL:15   |

SPECIAL: Warrior Ring, Bow of Sun, Psycho Shield

Teleport back to Goa. Use the Change spell to turn yourself into Anakaha, then
walk to the building in the upper right part of the city. The man inside will
recognize you (as Anakaha) and will hand over the Warrior Ring, which he
borrowed from you. This ring lets you fire your sword at Level 1 without
charging, and will be your friend.

Walk down and leave Goa, then walk back to the path that goes into Mt. Hydra.
Walk along to the split and go up, and go into the cave. Walk up and left,
then take the stairs.

Follow the path from here, watching out for red puddles. When you reach the
next split, go to the right and enter the cave. Walk up and then left to reach
the stairs.

Walk left, up, all the way right, and take the stairs. Follow this next path
to the next set of stairs, taking liberty to destroy the rock wall that blocks
the path.

Walk right, then up, right, up, and take out another rock wall. Then, walk up,
left, down, and head outside. Walk to the left a little bit, and use the
Flight spell to cross the gap. Open the chest, and acquire the Bow of Sun.
Now, teleport back to Shyron.

Leave Shyron and go back to the mountain cave. Pass through and cross over the
ice bridge that you created earlier. Walk back to the split, and take the
upper path. Enter the cave.

Walk up and left to the stairs. Follow the path across the wooden bridge, then
up, and right. Cross the ice bridge, and follow the path until its next split.
Take the left path, and follow it back to the stairs. Take the stairs up.
The door will be open from the last time you visited. As you walk up you'll
have to deal with statues that fire projectiles at you. Use the Barrier spell
to walk safely by.

Walk all the way to the right at the first intersection, then up and take down
the witch blocking the door. Keep walking up until you reach the river of
poison. Walk all the way right, then up, and you'll see land on the other side
of the river. Use the Flight spell to cross over, and walk to the left. The
upper chest is a trap, so be careful. Open the chest on the left; you now have
the Psycho Shield.

| 4.25: The Desert Pyramid                                     ML:16 RL:16   |

SPECIAL: Deo's Pendant, Psycho Armor, Bow of Truth

Teleport back to Swan, heal, and save. You'll pass through another town, but
the prices are much more expensive, so it's generally not worth it.

Walk left and down from Swan to find the mountain pass into the desert, just
as you did early for the Oasis Cave. Throw on your Leather Boots, then trudge
across the desert heading down. Walk a little bit to the left while heading
down, and you'll find a cave that has its entrance blocked by a pair of sand
whirlpools. The entrance faces down, so don't be discouraged if you find what
looks to be a big rock. :) Use the Flight spell to hop over the whirlpools and
enter the desert cave.

This cave is fast; just walk right and down to get outside. Once you leave the
cave, use the Change spell, and turn into Stom. Talk to all of the bunny
rabbits here, until you find Deo. Deo will ask you about Stom, then will hand
over his Pendant while he demands vengeance for Stom's death.

Change back to yourself, and walk down to find the town of Sahara. Save here,
then exit to the right and enter the cave you find. The cave doesn't have any
side branches, so just walk on through to enter the deeper desert. You come
out just to the left of the Pyramid. Use the Flight spell to cruise over the
whirlpools at the entrance, and drop down inside.

Once you're in, walk all the way up, then all the way left, and take the

Walk right and down to the third intersection, and then walk right for about
an intersection and a half. You'll find a stairwell leading up; take it.

Walk straight up from here to fight the Emperor, Draygon. But do yourself a
favor, and as you approach the landing he's on, try to keep to one side.. :)

BOSS: Emperor Draygon                  REQUIRED LEVEL: 15     SWORD: THUNDER
  Draygon will always lead by charging straight down at a high rate of speed
  when you're under him, so if you took my advice and stood to one side, you
  probably have a good shot at avoiding his attack. He then floats slowly back
  up to the top of the screen, pausing periodically to unleash huge lightning
  attacks that cover most of the lower areas of the screen. If you're level
  with him, he likely won't attack, and if he does, it won't hit.
  Once he makes it back up top, he'll slide from side to side, and will charge
  down if you get under him. His pattern is *very* simple to learn.
  Use the Power Ring coupled with the Sword of Thunder. Two Level 3 shots will
  kill him outright.


When  Draygon is beaten, he'll drop a chest that contains the Psycho Armor.
When you pick up the chest, a hole appears under you, and you'll fall down to
find Azteca, the Grand Puba. Chat with him, and he'll tell you that Mesia is
waiting on the highest floor of the Pyramid - and he'll also give you the Bow
of Truth to fight Draygon with.

Walk straight down to exit the pyramid, and then teleport to Sahara to stock
up before proceeding. I recommend healing, buying a magic ring if you can
afford it (hint: sell off your older armor), and saving - but you should have
this routine down by now. :) Saving is important, as this is the last time you
can save without being unable to go back through the world at your leisure..
so make sure you're satisified with all you've done before proceeding.

Go back through the cave to the right of Sahara, then use the Flight spell to
head up and right from the cave's exit. You're looking for the basement
entrance to the Pyramid. It's up and a little left from the Pyramid itself,
and has its entrance blocked by whirlpools. The entrance faces up. Fly over
and drop down into the Pyramid basement.

Stop at the entrance and equip Deo's Pendant. If you stand still, it will
refill your magic, while the Psycho Armor refills your hit points. You can't
beat that kind of double team. :)

Once you're ready, walk down, left, and up, and you'll run smack into the
Guardians of the Sun and Moon. It's a good thing that you've got the Bows,
hmm? Equip the Bow of Moon and use it anywhere in the room to kill the Moon
Guardian, then repeat with the Bow of Sun to kill the Sun Guardian. They both
die instantly. No real fight to be had. If you're injured by the fireballs
they can spit, just rest with the Psycho Armor and Deo's Pendant.

Walk right, up, right, and then up all the way to find the spike pit. Throw on
the Leather Boots, and walk up through the pit to the stairs.

Walk up, left, and then down through the spiked pit. Walk to the right and up,
then use the Flight spell to cross over the gaps in the path. Yes, you can use
the moving platforms if you really, really enjoy falling down to previous
levels. The Flight spell lets you move faster and dodge the butterflies and
sorcerers better, so stick with it.

After crossing the pits, take the stairs. Stop and regenerate your health and
magic, because you're about to take on the Emperor *one more time*.

BOSS: Emperor Draygon                  REQUIRED LEVEL: 16     SWORD: THUNDER
  After the fight starts, equip and use the Bow of Truth. Draygon's true form
  will be revealed - the Emperor turns into a giant walking green dragon. (Not
  that the name was any clue.:) )
  Draygon will strut around and throw fireballs, just like Karmine does. He
  walks left and right at the top of the screen, and will charge down at you
  on a diagonal path. When he hits the bottom of the screen he'll copy Karmine
  again and try to turn you into a slime by firing that magical shot at you.
  Dragyon then runs back up to the top at an angle. A jewel on his chest will
  open up, and he'll begin firing lasers from both of his hands at you. The
  lasers fire rapidly but are slow to change direction, and the two hands
  rarely work in perfect concert, so this isn't hard to avoid.
  When he finishes, the jewel will close, and he'll shoot fire straight down
  like the Giant Insect does. After that, the steps repeat.
  You can only damage Draygon while the jewel in his chest is open, so equip
  the Ring of Power and charge your Sword of Thunder up to Level 3, then bide
  your time. Draygon only requires two or three good hits to kill at Level 3,
  *if* you have the Power Ring equipped. If not, you'll be here a while
  longer. :)
Watch the Emperor die, and then enter the Floating Tower.

| 4.26: The Floating Tower                                     ML:16 RL:16   |

You can save in the first room of the tower, so that you don't have to fight
Draygon every time you want to come up here.

Throw on the Sword of Thunder and the Warrior ring, and exit the first room.
The Floating Tower is policed by a variety of robotic enemies. There are four
main types - light walkers, heavy walkers, flyers, and the wall-mounted
variety. The only ones that count towards your progress are walkers, so kill
the others as needed, but don't make a big hobby out of it.

There are three floors that you'll have to complete. On each floor, walk from
one side to the other and kill the three light walkers you find. When you do,
walk back the way you came. Heavy walkers will attack, with two coming out of
each door on your level. Kill all six of them.

While you're fighting, flying robots will attack. There is also one
wall-mounted bot per level, but if you stay towards the bottom of the screen,
it won't fire on you. Just concentrate on killing the walkers. Your Warrior
Ring should be about indispensible, as it makes cleanup nice and simple.

When you've killed all of the walkers, the screen will flash, and a stairwell
will appear in the middle of your level, leading up to the next floor. Every
time you go up a stairwell, you get a little more backstory explaining who you
are and where you came from. Some of it is quite disturbing. :)

After the third floor, climb up the stairwell. The fourth floor has no
walkers, though flyers are still present. Enter the large doorway, and meet
with Mesia, who's been waiting on you. She'll take your four swords and
combine them into the Crystalis sword.

Mesia then tells you that you have to destroy the central computer, DYNA. If
you win, you're to ram your sword through its reactor. Chill out in Mesia's
room to refill your hp and magic. This is the last stop.

Leave Mesia's room, and go up the last tall staircase. Enter the door up top
to find DYNA.

BOSS: DYNA                             REQUIRED LEVEL: 16     SWORD: CRYSTALIS
  DYNA looks a lot like a giant heart with an eye on it. the eye is blue, and
  is on the left side. There are two purple projections, one to each side of
  the main body.

  The purple things spew forth a large number of projectiles in a wide, tight
  pattern; it's harder to avoid than most other attacks in this game.

  Once the purple things have fired, the eye opens up, and shoots laser blasts
  straight down. Dyna doesn't move, so these almost never hit.

  The Crystalis sword shoots a very large projectile, so walk to either side
  of the eye, and fire on DYNA's eye with the Crystalis sword. Be careful;
  every successful hit causes the purple things to each fire a wave beam at
  your position, so fire and move *fast* to evade. You'll likely get hit, but
  you can always stand still a while to heal, as well as using the Refresh
  spell. After all, DYNA's attacks aren't that hard to learn. :)

  I recommend using the Power Ring with the Crystalis sword, since you can
  fire Crystalis by charging it up -at all-. You don't have to go to Level 1
  to shoot it. Just charge a tiny bit and let go.

Now, chill out, watch the ending, and congratulate yourself; it's over. :)


  5.  THE EXTRAS    

| 5.1: Experience and Spell charts                                           |

- Experience Chart

 Level   Experience    Life    Magic   Attack   Defense *
   1          0          48      34       1      01-01
   2         30          64      34       2      02-02
   3         60          80      51       3      03-03
   4        150          96      68       4      04-04
   5        300         112      85       5      05-05
   6        700         128     102       6      06-06
   7       1200         144     119       7      07-07
   8       1600         160     136       8      08-08
   9       3500         176     153       9      09-09
  10       5800         192     170      10      10-10
  11       8000         208     187      11      11-11
  12      10000         224     204      12      12-12
  13      20000         240     221      13      13-13
  14      30000         255     238      14      14-14
  15      40000         255     255      15      15-15
  16      50000         255     255      16      16-16
* The first number represents body defense, the second
  number represents shield defense.

Your Experience resets to 0 at every level.

- Spell chart

Name        MP   Effect
Refresh      2   Heals 4hp; can be used continuously
Paralysis    4   Puts an enemy or townsperson to sleep temporarily
Telepathy    8   Lets you talk with the four Elders
Teleport    20   Instant travel from town to town
Recover     24   Cures paralysis, poison
Barrier      1   Shields you; can be used continuously
Change      20   Allows you to change forms
Flight       1   Levitation; can be used continuously

| 5.2: Equipment, Town Items, and Event Items                                |

- Wearable Equipment

! = negates the effect of <attack>
+ = additional protection against <attack>


Name              Rating    Location        Price      Special
Tanned Hide          2      Leaf              100         -
Leather Armor        6      Brynmaer          140         -
Bronze Armor        10      Portoa            600         -
Platinum Armor      14      Portoa          2,000         -
                            Amazones        1,800         -
Soldier Suit        18      Swan            3,000         -
Ceramic Suit        24      Shyron          5,500    + fire
                            Swan            6,500  
Battle Armor        20      Oasis Cave      Found    ! poison
Psycho Armor        32      Pyramid         Found    Restores life


Name              Rating    Location        Price      Special
Carapace Shield      2      Brynmaer           70         -
                            Leaf               80         -
Bronze Shield        6      Brynmaer          220         -
Platinum Shield      8      Portoa           1500         -
                            Amazones         1300         -
Mirrored Shield     12      Amazones         2000    ! petrify
Ceramic Shield      18      Swan             2500    + fire
Sacred Shield       16      Shyron           6000  
                            Amazones         9000    ! paralysis
Battle Shield       24      Shyron           5000         -
                            Swan             6000         -
Psycho Shield       32      Cave of Styx    Found    ! all status attacks


Name               Rating    Location
Sword of Wind         1      Leaf
Sword of Fire         2      Oak
Sword of Water        4      Waterfall Cave
Sword of Thunder      8      Cave of Styx
Crystalis            16      Floating Tower

- Town Items

Name           Lf  Bry Oak Nad Por Jl  Sw  Ama Shy Goa Sah  Effect
Alarm Flute     50 --- --- --- --- 300 --- --- --- --- ---  Wakes people up
Antidote        40  45  60  70 --- 150 200 --- 200 600 1000 Cures poison
Fruit of Lime  --- --- --- --- 180 --- --- --- 300 --- ---  Cures stone
Fruit of Power --- ---  80 100 --- 180 350 150 --- --- ---  Restores 32mp
Fruit of Repun --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 3000 Cures nuper      
Lysis Plant    --- --- --- --- 200 --- --- 150 --- 700 ---  Cures paralysis
Magic Ring     --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 800 --- 4000 Restores full mp
Medical Herb    30  35  50  60  90 120 180 --- 180 500 ---  Heals 32hp
Warp Boots      60  65 ---  80 120 --- 300 100 --- 800 1500 Warp to any town
Inn             16  20  40  50 100 120 150  80 150 300 500  Heal full hp/mp

- Event Items

Name            Function
Gas Mask        Protects you from the toxic fumes in the Swamp Forest
Power Ring      Doubles your base power
Warrior Ring    Allows you to fire at Level 1 without charging first
Deo's Pendant   Recovers MP while worn
Rabbit Boots    Allows you to jump
Leather Boots   Stops spike damage
Shield Ring     Doubles your base shield defense rating
Iron Necklace   Doubles your base armor defense rating
Shell Flute     Summons the dolphin
Eye glasses     Opens a secret door in Joel
Broken Statue   Becomes the Statue of Gold
Statue of Gold  Used to calm the whirlpools
Love Pendant    Give it to Kensu to remind him of his duty
Fog Lamp        Return it to the boat keeper in Portoa
Kirisa Plant    Trade this with the Amazona Queen for the Bow of Moon
Glowing Lamp    Fixes the broken statue into the Statue of Gold
Key of Styx     Opens the gate to the Cave of Styx
Ivory Statue    Restores Kensu from his blob state
Bow of Moon     Defeats the Guardian of Moon
Bow of Sun      Defeats the Guardian of Sun
Bow of Truth    Reveals the Emperor's true form

| 5.3: Enemy chart                                                           |

- Enemy Chart

Element key:
W = Wind
F = Fire
w = Water
T = Thunder
- = Invulnerable to this element.

Name               Exp.   Gold     Element    Notes

Blue slime (sm)      1     1        WFw-      /
Wolf                 1     2        WFwT

Green slug           2     2        WFwT
Green serpent        3     4        WFwT
Red slime (sm)       2     2        WFw-      /
Brown bear           4     4        W--T
Blue bat             1     0        WFwT
Vampire             10     0        W---

Brown Axe thrower    5     4        WFwT
Blue mushroom        8     4        -FwT
Blue slime (lg)      6     4        WFw-

Rolly-Poly           8     4        WFwT
Flying insect        8     4        -FwT
Killer flower        6     0        WFwT
Giant Insect        40     0        -F--     

Rock Zombie         12     8        -FwT

Green crawler        8     8        W-wT      poison
Red serpent         10     8        W-wT      poison
Green spider         8     8        -FwT

Red crawler         15     8        W-wT      poison
Blue bear           35     8        -FwT    
Red bat              1     0        WFwT
Draygonia guard     25     8        W--T    

Blue spiny          15     8        -FwT
Draygonia guard     25     8        W--T    

General Kelbesque  100     0        W---

Green axe thrower   25    16        W-wT
Red flying plant    40    16        -FwT
Red slug            22    16        WFwT      poison

Red crab            30    16        W-wT
Killer chest       126   500        ---T      poison  
Gorgon              50    50        --wT      petrify 

Red eagle           60     0        -FwT

Red spider         120    30        -FwT      paralysis
Purple spiny       100    30        WF-T      poison
Purple bat           1     0        WFwT  
Purple mushroom     80    30        -F-       poison
Killer chest       126   500        ---T      poison  
Red serpent         10     8        W-wT      poison

Red spider         120    30        -FwT      paralysis
Purple spiny       100    30        WF-T      poison
Purple mushroom     80    30        -F-T      poison
Purple serpent      10     8        W-wT      poison
Pollenator         592     0        ---T      paralysis

Merman             144    50        WF-T
Octopus            176   100        WF-T

Turtle             160    30        WF-T      poison
Purple mushroom     80    30        -F-T      poison
Red flying plant    40    16        -FwT
Dark green serpent  85    50        --wT      paralysis
Killer chest       126   500        ---T      poison  

Draygonia guard     25     8        W--T    
Purple Eagle        60    30        -FwT
Purple Butterly    208     0        WFwT      paralysis
Red shadow ninja   256   100        WF-T      paralysis, *

Vampire            544     0        W---
Sabera             ???     0        -F--

Draygonian archer  256   100        W-wT
Purple eagle       288    50        -FwT

Red puddle         304   100        W-wT      poison, +
Red eagle           60     0        -FwT

Mado               ???     0        --w-

Mace wielder       320   100        --wT      poison
Red crab            30    16        W-wT
Red puddle         304   100        W-wT      poison, +
Beholder           272    50        -F-T      petrify
Purple bat           1     0        WFwT  
Red slime (sm)       2     2        WFw-      /
Red slime (lg)      20     6        W---
Killer chest       126   500        ---T      poison  

Red witch          672   100        W-wT
Red puddle         304   100        W-wT      poison, +
Brown scorpion     608   200        W--T      magic drain
Beholder           272    50        -F--      petrify
Purple Butterly    208     0        WFwT      paralysis

Desert eagle       288    50        -FwT
Desert zombie      208    50        W--T

Blue insect        592     8        -FwT      paralysis

Swordsman          560   100        W--T
Bat                672   100        WFwT

Purple mace        320   100        --wT

Gorgon              50    50        --wT      petrify 
Bat                672   100        WFwT
Red shadow ninja   256   100        WF-T      paralysis, *
Purple Butterly    208     0        WFwT      paralysis

Armored mace       600   400        ---T
Red shadow ninja   256   100        WF-T      paralysis, *
Purple spider     1280   200        W--T      petrify
Skeleton          1280   200        ---T      magic drain
Beholder           272    50        -F--      petrify
Purple Butterly    208     0        WFwT      paralysis
Brown puddle      1920   400        --wT      magic drain +
Brown scorpion     608   200        W--T      magic drain

General Kelbesque          0        W---
Sabera                     0        -F--
Mado                       0        --w-
Karmine                    0        ---T      turns you into a monster

Desert scorpion   1440   200        ---T      poison

Brown puddle      1920   400        --wT      magic drain +

Desert scorpion   1440   200        ---T      poison
Red shadow ninja   256   100        WF-T      paralysis, *
White mummy       1760   400        --w-      petrify
Beholder           272    50        -F--      petrify

Emperor Draygonia 2032     0        ---T

Desert sorcerer   1920   400        W---      turns you into a monster
Green butterly     208     0        WFwT      paralysis

Emperor Draygonia ----     0        ---T      turns you into a monster

Light walker      ----     0        WFwT
Heavy walker      ----     0        WFwT
Flyer             ----     0        WFwT
Wall mounted      ----     0        WFwT

*: Shadow ninjas start as shadows on the ground. In order to hit them, you   
   have to first attack with a Level 3 blast from any sword to make them
   reveal themselves.

+: Puddles slide around on the ground, and are invincible until they stand up
   to fire on you.

/: Slimes are a little peculiar. If you hit a small one with a blast from the
   Sword of Thunder, it will grow into a large slime. The larger slime is
   stronger, slower, and harder to kill than its tiny relative. So, make life
   simple, and don't use lightning on them. :)

| 5.4: Game Genie Codes                                                      |

 _ Single line codes _

VVOGUOSE    Start with some gold
VEOGUOSE    Start with $65,280
VVZGXOSE    Start new game with the Sword of Wind
VVZGSOSE    Start new game with the Tanned Hide
VVZKEOSE    Start new game with the Carapace Shield
VVZKUOSE    Start new game with the spell Refresh
VESGUOSE    Start new game with 255 magic points
VVAGNOSE    Need 286 exp. for Level 2
VVAGXOSE    Only need one exp. for Level 2
SXNOVXSE    Magic doesn't use up M.P.
AASVVNYA    Immune to poison
AEKTSNYA    Immune to paralysis
NYVSPZGV    First pupil gives you more gold
TEOTVYGA    Stronger poison
ZEOTVYGA    Weaker poison

 _ Multi-line codes _

SZUOIVSE + SZKPLVSE     Don't get charged for boarding at Inn
SXVPUOSE + SXVOOOSE     Don't get charged for items in shops

| 5.5: Odd Tricks                                                            |

Getting past a guard without Paralysis:

For guards in Portoa and Amazones, there's a trick you can use to slip by to
visit the throne room. Walk up next to the guard and walk into them twice,
pressing A to clear the message boxes. Then, try to walk away from the door
(if the door's up and right, walk down and left). Keep hitting A as the guard
complains, and you'll eventually be thrown past.

Semi-random warping:

Plug in the second controller. Press and hold A and B on Controller 1, then
press A on Controller 2. As soon as you do, you will be warped to another part
of the game. Here's the list..

1.  Town of Leaf
2.  The Wind Valley
3.  Sealed Cave (inside)
4.  Sealed Cave exit
5.  Swamp Forest
6.  Mt. Sabre West
7.  Exit of Mt. Sabre North
8.  Lime Tree Lake area
9.  Leaving Portoa on the boat
10. Entrance to the River Cave
11. Town of Swan
12. Exit from Swan
13. Mt. Hydra
14. Main Desert Entrance
15. Fortress of Goa
16. Deep Desert, left of the Pyramid

After you've warped to the Pyramid, warp again to go back to Leaf. These warps
are instant, don't require magic, and can be done from anywhere and at any

Keep in mind though that you might wind up somewhere that you aren't prepared
to be. Also keep in mind that if you warp yourself out of the Floating Tower
with this trick, you've effectively lost, since there's no way to re-enter the
Tower once you've killed Draygon the second time.



- Credits

Kao Megura, for his Final Fantasy 7 FAQ, which I studied in order to learn how
to better write FAQs myself., for providing the best online gaming resource that I've ever
encountered. Without that site, where would we all be?

- Contact Info

Do you have something to add? A correction that needs to be made? A question
that wasn't answered? Send it over to <>. I'll try to get an
answer back in short order, and, if appropriate, I'll incorporate the change
into the next version of the FAQ, with full credit to the author.

                         (c) 2000, by Brian Kern
                     Limited reproduction rights as assigned.

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