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Line Art by: Uhhhhh

Boss Guide for Crystalis (NES)
By Daniel Turner (Dy$e)
Version: 1.0
Date 6/1/00

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
II. Game Controls
III. Boss Guide
IV. Copyrights

I. Introduction

This is a boss guide that I put together for one of my all time favorite NES 
games Crystalis. Some of these bosses gave me mega trouble when I first started 
to play this, and even now I forget how to beat some of them. Well, I hope you 
enjoy reading it as much as I did typing it!

II. Game Controls

These are just the basic controls, for more in depth controls please read one of 
the Guides.
|                                                 |
| D-Pad         Moves you around                  |
| A             Use selected item or magic        |   
| B             Use weapon                        |
| Select        Brings you to item screen.        |
| Start         Brings you to status screen.      |

III. Boss Guide

Boss 1:       Big Bat
Sword:        Wind
Level:        3
Difficulty:   Very Easy
Item dropped: Rabbit Boots 

This is your first boss, and he is very very easy. This guy throws bats at you 
as his main form of attack. Since he is kind of slow charge your meter, and when 
he appears attack him with the ball of wind. After a few hits he will start to 
teleport faster. This is a sign he nears completion a few more Wind Ball attacks 
and he's toast. 

Boss 2:       Big Beetle
Sword:        Fire       
Level:        5
Difficulty:   Easy
Item Dropped: Ball of Fire

This guy is your first _real_ challenge. He is kind of easy once you get use to 
him. His main form of attack is his green spit, which shoots at you pretty fast. 
Also there are two flying bugs which will attack you as well. Only right in his 
face is where he is vulnerable. So when he stops spitting he will rest in a spot 
for a second then start again. You attack him then, with your meter charged. 
When you get him down to 6 hits he will spit faster, but that's a sign to show 
you he is close to defeat. 

Boss 3:       General Kelbesque
Sword:        Wind
Level:        7
Difficulty:   Medium
Item Dropped: Flame Bracelet

This guy is kind of tough but bearable. His main method of attack is a stomp, 
which causes the dust to unsettle and attack you. Before this fight make sure 
you have healed selected, and full MP for your Tornado bracelet. If you hit each 
time with the Tornado bracelet, then this fight is a breeze. If you happen to 
run out of magic then the ball will have to do. It will take longer with it 
though. This guy likes the other two bosses will show signs of defeat when he 
starts stomping faster.

Boss 4:       Sabera
Sword:        Fire
Level:        11
Difficulty:   Medium
Item Dropped  Broken statue

She moves around and making it kind of difficult to attack. She will shoot a lot 
of fireballs at you so you have to be weary of her attacks. Keep a safe 
distance, and the battle will be yours in no time. One other thing is don't get 
too close, so the flame bracelet is useless here, since you have to be close to 
attack her using the fame bracelet. Instead use the regular ball of fire on her 
and keep a very good distance. She will like the other bosses start shooting it 
faster, after this she will be defeated.

Boss 5:       Mado
Sword:        Water
Level:        12
Difficulty:   Hard
Item Dropped: Ball of Thunder

This guy is pretty tough, and in my opinion the hardest member of the Finest 
Four. His main attack will be balling up into a ball and bouncing all over the 
room. Make sure you have Heal ready and a lot of MP because you will need it for 
him. When this guy stands still use the Blizzard Bracelet, and let it go this 
should take off at leas 4 hits. Keep doing it in the middle of the room, and if 
he stands still long enough and you do it directly on him he should be defeated.

Boss 6:       General Kelbesque
Sword:        Wind
Level:        13
Difficulty:   Hard
Item Dropped: Opel Statue

This time General Kelbesque is quite a bit harder. He now attacks with 
projectiles much like Sabera. He still does the stomp and he is much faster than 
before. I suggest you have the Heal equipped again, and use it every time his 
stomp dust hits you. Keep the Tornado Bracelet charged. He will go down 
eventually if you keep on using it. When he attacks with the projectile make 
sure you're to his side and as far away as possible never stand in front of him. 
There is no way to avoid it if you do. As long as you have a lot of MP you 
shouldn't have much to worry about.

Boss 7:       Sabera
Sword:        Fire
Level:        13
Difficulty:   Hard
Item Dropped: Fruit of Repun

Sebera is back and this she is faster kind of like Kelbesque is. Don't threat 
she isn't that much tougher the same strategy from before should work. Since her 
projectile is faster to, don't get in front of her. I would use the magic shield 
here just in case, and her projectile should bounce off of you. If you chose to 
use it make sure you have the Flame Bracelet equipped since the Shield can allow 
you to get close to her. Just like before she isn't that mcuh stronger, and the 
usually amount of blows will kill her once and for all.

Boss 8:       Mado
Sword:        Water
Level:        14
Difficulty:   Very Hard
Item Dropped: Sacred Shield

Mado is a lot quicker this time (Like he wasn't fast the last time =) He still 
uses the same attack but its harder to catch him this time. The same technique 
will work, but it isn't as effective as before, because now he is more likely to 
hit you when he bounces off of the walls. Make sure you have full MP for this 
battle, because more than likely your Blizzard Bracelet attack will not take off 
as many hits as before. Don't threat though, it may take longer but you will 
eventually down him. If you run out of MP then you're down to the Ball attack. 
You have to time the attack to take off optimum hits. It will work in the end 

Boss 9:       Karmine
Sword:        Thunder
Level:        14
Difficulty:   Very Hard
Item Dropped: Ivory statue

Karmine is the Finest, and one of the hardest in the game. He has this nasty 
habit of turning you into a monster, I know its uncontrollable. Also he shoots 
fire and it bounces off of the walls, making this battle a crucial one. If you 
get turned into a monster, you can't cure it with the cure spell, but you can 
with Fruit of Repun. They cost a lot but make sure your stocked before coming 
into this battle. The ball of Thunder works wonderful against him though, and 
having Magic Shield on a lot works well too. The magic Shield can deflect his 
magic attacks and his monster spell is kind of slow so if you see it coming you 
can usually stop it. It will take a lot to bring him down, and maybe even a few 
times before you actually do.   

Boss 10:      Emperor Draygon
Sword:        Thunder (Power Ring required)
Level:        15
Difficulty:   Extremely Hard
Item Dropped: Psycho Armor

Emperor Draygon is one tough cookie. The Power Ring is a must here and I don't 
think its possible to beat him without one. He will attack with a lighting bolt 
that takes up the whole screen, and a nice chunk of life he also will dash down 
real quick, this is avoidable once you get good at it. Best bet is to stay near 
the top and you can at least avoid his lightening bolt. Charge your Storm 
Bracelet and a few short hits and this guy is toast.


Boss 11:      True Form Emperor Draygon
Sword:        Thunder (Bow of Truth required)
Level:        16
Difficulty:   Very Extremely Hard
Item Dropped: None

Immediately use the Bow of Truth to reveal his Dragon form. He has quite a few 
attacks most are hard to avoid. Not only does he shoot a lot of fireballs, he 
also posses that annoying habit to turn you into a monster. His chest opens up 
to unleash and supreme attack on you. This is whe nyou attack throughout most of 
the fight avoid him at all cost and have heal equipped (You will need it) also 
make sure you see a lot of stuff in Sahara town for Magic Rings, so you can 
replenish your supply of magic. When his chest opens up use the Bracelet attack, 
a few of these just like his last form will kill him once and for all.

Final Boss:   DYNA
Sword:        Crystalis
Level:        16
Difficulty:   Very Hard
Item Dropped: None

This is the last battle my friend, but not a real tough one though. Since DYNA 
doesn't move at all. DYNA shoots two different beam, one that sprays in a lot of 
directions and nearly impossible to avoid, and the other is a big beam. You 
should be able to avoid the big beam, but the spray is another story. The 
Crystalis sword is really good you can charge it for just a little while and let 
the beam out. So you can keep doing that this guy won't take long after that. 
Eventually he will shoot faster, and the best bet is to get next to his eye and 
keep shooting at him, he will be finished.

IV. Copyrights 

This FAQ is for personal use only, it can not be sold re transmitted or 
reproduced without written consent of the author (dmurderer@ If you 
would like to use it ffor your Personal NON PROFIT site, I would be more than 
willing if you e-mail prior to doing so. Crystalis is a SNK trademark.

I would first like to give thanks to God for giving me this gift to write 
reviews and some FAQs.

I would also like to give thanks to Jeff Veasey of where you can 
always see the original updated guides.

I would like to give thanks to Uhhhhh ( for giving me all 
these cool line arts if you need a line art he's the main to e-mail! 

I would like to give thanks for SNK to making the coolest and thus far the best 
RPG in history. (What's up with Crystalis 2!!!)

Last but not least all the mega cool guys like Brandon, Steve, Jared, Joe, Epo, 
and Bru for being mega cool reviewing/FAQ writing guys!

And to myself for writing this FAQ, and if you like Heroes of the Lance my FAQ 
for that is coming soon!

Copyright 2000 by Daniel Turner  

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