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  	            Welcome to Dragon Warrior II for NES
			     Complete Walkthrough
			   Author: David Zabroski
	         Check out my Dragon Warrior/Quest Website at:
				Updated 8/21/00

I.	Introduction
	a.	Story
II	Join your Allies
	a.	Midenhall
	b.	Leftwyne
	c.	Cancock Castle
	d.	Spring of Bravery
	e.	Leftwyne II
	f.	Lake Cave
	g.	South of Cancock
	h.	Hamlin
	i.	Castle Moonbrook, optional
	j.	Mirror of Ra
	k.	Hamlin II
III.	Getting a Ship
	a.	Locating the Tower of Wind
	b.	Tower of Wind
	c.	Locating the Dragon's Horns
	d.	Dragon's Horns
	e.	Dew Yarn, Optional
	f.	Lainport
IV.	Tantegel Castle
	a.	Tantegel is located East of Lainport
	b.	Charlock Castle
V.	Quest for the Crests
	a.	Echoing Flute
	b.	Fire Monolith
VI.	Quest for the Keys
	a.	Golden Key
	b.	Jailor's Key
	c.	Watergate Key
VII.	Quest for the Crests II
	a.	Osterfair
	b.	Hamlin II
VIII.	Extras
	a.	Cancock
	b.	Midenhall
IX.	Quest for the Crests III
	a.	Lighthouse
X.	Extras II
	a.	Zahan
XI.	Reach Hargon
	a. Platue
	b.	Tuhn
	c.	Tower of the Moon
	d.	Sea Cave
	e.	Beran
XII.	Quest for the Crests IV
	a.	Cave to Rhone
XIII Meet the Wizard
XIV.	Cave of Rhone II
	a.	Edrick's Armor
	b.	Sword of Thunder
XV.	Rhone
XVI.	Master Equipment
XVII.	Hargon's Castle
XVIII.	Malroth
XIX.	Victory

I.	Introduction
	a.	Story
		After the Decendent off Erdrick defeated
		the Great Dragon Lord again, Princess
		Gwaelin and the love the hero journey
		far to find a new kingdom to rule.
		They create the kingdom of Midenhall,
		to the east of the continent of Alefgard.
		Gwaelin beared three children. The older
		prince is given Midenhall, the younger
		prince is given Cannock, and the middle
		prince is given Moonbrooke.  Times
		changed and the land grew. They each
		married and beared thier own children.
		The youngest of the family are Prince
		of Midenhall, Prince of Cancock, and
		the Princess of Moonbrooke.

		Then something happened that no one
		expected. A evil Wizard Hargon rose
		and attacked Moonebrooke. Word of
		this spread quickly. The castle's
		destructions was seen across the
		world. It is time for our Hero's
		to reunite and stop the new threat.
		He was even feared by the Dragon
		Lord's decendents.

II	Join your Allies
	II	Join your Allies
	a.	Midenhall
		i.	After the Hargon scene the lone
			Soldier arrives at Midenhall
			Castle near death. Your Father
			hears his story and sends you
			out on your Quest. Take the
			Chests and equip your Weapons
			& Armor
	b.	Leftwyne
		i.	Here you can talk to villagers about
			your cousin. He is the Price of
			Cancock. Rest up and head north.
			1.	Buy any new equipment you
				can afford, and buy some
				Herbs for your travels
			2.	Here you can play the lottery.
				You can get one from Item
				Shop Keepers, monsters, or
				chests. In the beginning they
				are worth 60+ GP so it might
				be a good idea to sell them.
			3.	If you decide to keep it or play
				later here is how to play.
				a.	A ticket is given and
					you have to get three
					matching symbols to
					win a prize. If you get 2
					of the same king in
					there you get a free
					i.	If you get 3
						hearts you get a
						Medical Herb
					ii.	3 Stars Wizard
					iii.	3 Moons
						Wizard Wand
					iv.	3 Sun Golden
					v.	3 Water
						Dragon Bane
	c.	Cancock Castle
		i.	You find that your Cousin went to the
			Spring of Bravery to prepare for his
			journey against Hargon.
		ii.	Rest up, save and buy any equipment
			you need
	d.	Spring of Bravery
		i.	You should be around level 6-7
		ii.	Walk North to the shore from
			Cancock and follow the seacoast over
			the mountains. At the very end is a
			cave, enter it
		iii.	Follow the main path stopping to
			collect items.
		iv.	Talk to the old man at the spring and
			get anointed. Then ask him for
			information about your cousin. He
			said he went home
	e.	Leftwyne II
		i.	Head back to Leftwyne and stay at the
		ii.	When you wake up your cousin will
			be in the room. Talk to him and he
			will join your party.
		iii.	Stock up on equipment and herbs, you
			are going to need it
	f.	Lake Cave
		i.	Head west past the mountains and
			arrive at the Lake cave
			1.	Enter the cave and keep going
				to the bottom floor to find the
				Silver Key
	g.	South of Cancock
		i.	Head south to the cave
			1.	Follow it through to the bottom
				and exit.
	h.	Hamlin
		i.	After you exit the cave head south to
			the town of Hamin.
		ii.	Princess Bow-Wow
			1.	You second Cousin is in the
				town. When you go to the man
				who saves your game you
				might see a dog. Talk to her
				and she will follow you like
				she is a member of your party.
	i.	Castle Moonbrook, optional
		i.	You can visit the castle if you want. It
			is south of Hamlim. Make sure you
			level up first.
		ii.	Inside you will find flames walking
			around. Talk to them and you find that
			they were once people.
		iii.	Head to the Throne room and find the
			King. He will tell you his daughter
			was turned into a Dog.
		iv.	You can follow the out edge of the
			castle and enter the stairs the princess
			tried to go. Inside is a Solider. He will
			tell you that the Mirror of Ra is in
			between 4 bridges.
	j.	Mirror of Ra
		i.	Head East from the Castle and find a
			swamp. Search the area and find the
	k.	Hamlin II
		i.	Now that you have the mirror you can
			save the princess. Use the mirror on
			her and she will turn back into a
			1.	Once she joins your party you
				must take time to heal and gain
				levels. She is very weak, but
				can gain some powerful spells.
				a.	Equip her with a Magic
					Knife and Wayfarer's
III.	Getting a Ship
	a.	Locating the Tower of Wind
		i.	Now that you are a full party and the
			Princess is a little more powerful from
			gaining EXP, you can now get the
			Cloak of Wind. It is in a cave on the
			other shore of the continent.
			1.	Go east past the bridge and
				then go north.
			2.	Keep going north until you
				reach the other shore. You
				know you are in the right spot
				if you have a very narrow path
				between the shore and the
			3.	Follow it south and you should
				arrive at your destination the
	b.	Tower of Wind
		i.	This is a great spot to gain EXP, at the
			top you will find the Cloak if Wind.
			There are several courses you can
			take, but only one leads to the cloak.
			The others may have some useful
			items and armor
	c.	Locating the Dragon's Horns
		i.	It is located above Moonbrook Castle.
			You should see what looks like a
			grave (it's called a Monolith, that will
			help you later, trust me)
			1.	Follow through and go to the
				other side. You are now in a
			2.	Follow the desert north past
				the oasis, nothing there, and
				arrive at a tower, Dragon's
	d.	Dragon's Horns
		i.	It is simple towers just follow the
			outside edge and walk up the stairs.
			When you arrive at the top, make sure
			your Cloak of Wind is equipped and
			jump off the North Side
			1.	There are some Metal Slimes
				in the tower, great for EXP
	e.	Dew Yarn, Optional
		i.	Now that your over the other side of
			the continent. You can jump ahead of
			the game and receive an items used
			towards the end of the game. Dew's
			1.	Just climb the North Dragon's
				Horn tower and go to the 3rd
				a.	Search the left area
					alcove and soon you
					will find Dew's Yarn
	f.	Lainport
		i.	You arrived at Lainport, a Harbor
			Town Rest up and get new equipment.
			Don't bother getting the Wizard's
			Wand at the shop
			1.	Go to the North West part of
				Town and you will see a girl
				being attacked by gremlins
				a.	She will ask for your
				b.	Kill the gremlins in an
					easy battle.
			2.	She will take you to her
				Grandfather who will give you
				a ship
IV.	Tantegel Castle
	a.	Tantegel is located East of Lainport
		i.	It has some new weapons for you and
			armor for you
		ii.	If you talk to the town's people they
			find the King is in hiding because of
			fear of Hargon.
			1.	The King is located in the inn
			2.	Pick up some Dragon's Bane
				on the way
	b.	Charlock Castle
		i.	Stop into Charlock Castle and make
			your way through the dungeons. Grab
			the Sword of Edrick and go to see the
			Dragon Lord.
			1.	He is mad that Hargon is doing
				what he could not
			2.	He will surprisingly help you
				on your quest. He will tell you
				about Rubiss the Wizard in the
				Sea. You must now collect 5
				crests to summon her.
V.	Quest for the Crests
	a.	Echoing Flute
		i.	Lost Treasure
			1.	Now that you have a ship a
				whole new world opens to you.
				If you talked to the man in the
				house that talks about a lost
				treasure you may want to look
				for the ship.
			2.	To find it just head due north.
				Until you see a square barrier
				reef, search that area and you
				come up with the treasure.
			3.	Bring it back to that man and
				you will get the Echoing Flute.
				It will let you know if a Crest
				is in the area
				a.	There are 5 crests
					located throughout the
					world. If you find them
					you can find call upon
					the Wizard of the Sea.
				b.	Sun Crest
	b.	Fire Monolith
		i.	Go north of Lainport until you
			reach a new continent with a
			town. If you go into the town
			you will find a Golden key
			locks the door.
		ii.	Head back to the boat and
			follow the coast around to the
			island with a singe tree. Search
			the tree and find the Leaf of
			the World Tree, it will revive a
		iii.	Keep heading East until you
			find the Fire Monolith
			1.	Walk around the edge
				and search the top and
				find the Sun Crest
VI.	Quest for the Keys
	a.	Golden Key
		i.	Now that you are here you can get the
			Golden Key
			1.	Go a little bit south of the
				Shrine and then go east.
				a.	You should see a small
					town. It may look
					familiar if you took the
					traveler's gate in
			2.	Once in the town of Zahan you
				can get the Golden Key. Walk
				to the far east side of the town
				and talk to the dog. He will run
				to a spot in the ground. Search
				that area and you will find the
				Golden Key.
				a.	(For money
					opportunities see
					Osterfair for a glitch in
					the game)
	b.	Jailor's Key
		i.	Now that you have the Gold key you
			can open the town of Wellgarth that
			you had to pass earlier
		ii.	Go to the item shop on the left side of
			town. When he shows you his wares
			click on the empty space to get the
			Jailor's key. It costs over 2,000GP.
	c.	Watergate Key
		i.	Go to the far right building and visit
			the Jail. If you talk to the Guard he
			will say that Rouge Fastfinger escaped
			from prison again.
		ii.	Check the top right cell and search the
			walls. You will find a passage leading
			to an alcove in the cell. Talk to Rouge
			Fastfinger and get the Watergate key.
VII.	Quest for the Crests II
	a.	Moon Crest
		i.	Osterfair
			1.	Now that you have all
				they keys you can
				continue onto the next
			2.	Osterfair is south of
			3.	To get there quick you can
				take the ship to the peninsula
				south of Midenhall and use the
				Golden key to open the transport
				gate. You will end up in Osterfair
				back door to the armor shop.
				1.	If you open the door to
					the shop you can get the
					Armor of Gia and a magic
					knifea.	You cando a get rich
					quick scam on the Armor shop.
					i.	If you take the Magic
						Knife and return to
						the Travelers' Gate
						the return the shop
						again the knife will
						be there again. Keep
						doing this until your
						pockets are full of
						knifes then sell them
						at Midenhall Item shop
						and return to do it
		ii.	Talk to the King
			and accept his request for entertainment.
			1.	Fight the panther and you will be
				rewarded with the Moon Crest.
	b.	Water Crest
		i.	Return to Hamlin and save your game.
		ii.	Enter the little building to the left.
		iii.	Open the cage doors and talk to the
			gremlins to begin a fight.
		iv.	After you defeat them search the right
			hand corner of the cage where on of
			the gremlins was sitting. You will find
			the Water Crest.
VIII.	Extras
	a.	Cancock
		i.	Return to Cancock and get Edrick's
			Shield from the locked door with the
			Golden Key.
	b.	Midenhall
		i.	Edrick's Token
			1.	It is in Midenhall treasure
				room just before the Jail.
				a.	Take the Token to the
					Monolith of Holy,
					South of Tentegel to
					get Edrick's Helmet.
		ii.	Staff of Thunder
			1.	If you feel brave head to the
				Jail and go to the cell on the
				bottom. Walk across the
				barrier and then heal up. Talk
				to the prisoner and he thanks
				you for letting him escape. He
				then fights you.
			2.	Defeat the Evil Clown and get
				the Staff of Thunder.
				a.	(Optional) Fools Gold
					i.	Sell the Staff of
						Thunder and
						save your game.
					ii.	Hit reset and
						return to the
						saved game
						then go back to
						the cell.
						1.	You can
							fight the
							Evil Clown
							He will
							Staff of
							and Keep
							until you
IX.	Quest for the Crests III
	a.	Lighthouse
		i.	Make sure you are fully equipped and bought
			you're the best armor. If you did the money
			glitch you should be all set.
		ii.	Enter the tower and work your way up to the
		iii.	Once there you should see a gremlin
			run off into the shaded roof of your
			1.	Follow him and you will see
				an old man standing there. He
				asks if you are looking for the
				Star Crest. He says he will lead
				you to it.
		iv.	Follow the man he is very fast in his
			old age and will not wait for you. He
			will wait at stairs for 2 seconds and
			then move on.
			1.	He will not move unless you
				are on the same floor. So if
				you get lost just try to find the
				stairs he went down, and you
				should see him walk off again.
		v.	Once you arrive at his destination you
			will discover that he is in fact Hargon,
			and you must fight a group of
			monsters to survive.
			1.	Once they are dead Hargon
				will be long gone. Search the
				area and you will find the Star
			2.	Cast outside and rest up
X.	Extras II
	a.	Zahan
		i.	Head back to Zahan to collect another
			extra item
		ii.	Go to the top of the village where
			there is a small shrine covered by a
			stripped barrier, go to the top left
			door and open the door to get the Magic
XI.	Reach Hargon
	a. Platue
		i.	Hargon is not too far away now, but you
			have to get the items necessary to reach
			him. His lair is upon a high platou, in
			accessible to a normal man.
	b.	Tuhn
		i.	Now it is time to head to Tuhn. This can
			be a little tricky. You have to enter a
			river system at a certain spot. Follow
			these directions:
			1.	From the Light House go around
				the coast through the channel
				between the Dragon's Horns. On
				the other side follow the coast
				south past the Desert. Keep
				going until you see a series
				of rivers. Ride the boat in
				until you can see a spot where
				the land makes a path through
				the rocks around the rest of the
				river system. You have to go
				far north and walk around until
				you see the village Tuhn.
			2.	First step is to open the flood
				gates. Go to the northern tip of
				town to arrive 	in a huge open
				field. In the upper left
				corner of the field is a locked
				door with the Jailors key.
				Open it and enter. Go to the
				floodgates and use the
				Watergate key.
			3.	Now that you released
				the water, the sand bar was
				overflowed and you can now use
				the ship to enter the town as
				well as the Tower of the Moon.

			4.	Water Flying Cloth.
				a.	Once you get to town open the
					house next to the lake in the
					middle of the town. Talk to
					the man and he
					will be happy you brought
					back his loom and dew yarn.
					He will make you a Water
					Flying Cloth for the Princess.
					Save your game and press Rest.
					The Cloth should be done.
	c.	Tower of the Moon
		i.	There are a lot of hard enemies in the tower,
			but it is considerably easy. Once you find
			the Moonstone just leave.
	d.	Sea Cave
		i.	The Sea Cave is located south west of
			Osterfair. Once you see the cave
			covered by barrier reefs go to the
			lower middle part and use the stone.
			The reef will open up allowing you to
			enter the cave.
			1.	The cave is actually simple.
				Just bring a lot of herbs and
				use heal a lot. The floor is a
				mostly red barrier, like
			2.	Once you find the 2 Evil
				Clowns and defeat them you
				can get the Eye of Malroth.
				a.	The Eye of Malroth
					will open the Road to
					Rhone, the lair of
	e.	Beran
		i.	To get to Beran you can just go East
			of Wellgarth. It is a small town that
			looks like Rimuldar.
		ii.	You can save your game inside and re-
			stock on supplies and weapons.
		iii.	Talk to the man near the weapons
			shop he will tell you about a legendary
			sword called the Sword of Thunder.
		iv.	When you are ready you can go to
			Rhone. The travel gate behind the
			Healing Shrine is the Traveler's Gate
			to the entrance to Rhone.
XII.	Quest for the Crests IV
	a.	Cave to Rhone
		i.	The Life/Heart Crest is located in the
			Cave to Rhone.
		ii.	Fall down on the first floor and end up
			in the basement. There are a ton of
			Zombies roaming around this floor.
			The chest in the corner contains the
			Life Crest
XIII Meet the Wizard

	a.	Now head to Midenhall. Go directly south of the
		castle and you will see a small monolith
		surrounded by the ocean.
	b.	Keep heading down the stairs until you reach
		the basement.
		i.	Walk into the middle of the room and
			4 torches will light up. Rubiss will
			give you Rubiss' Charm.
		ii.	Return to Beran and return to the Cave
			of Rhone.
XIV.	Cave of Rhone II
	a.	Edrick's Armor
		i.	The armor is located on the 3rd floor.
			To the far right. It is in a little alcove
			surrounded by the wall.
	b.	Sword of Thunder
		i.	It is located on the 3rd Floor. The only
			problem is that you cannot reach the
			chest using stairs; you have to fall
			down a pit to reach it.
			1.	Go to the 5th floor and fall
				down a pit to the 4th floor. In
				the lower right hand corner is
				another pit. Fall down and you
				can now have the Sword of
	c.	You fall down another pit and are returned to
		the 2nd floor. Start over again and go to the 5th
	d.	There are tons of pits here follow these
		directions exactly. Press the control pad the
		same was. L=Left, R=Right, D=Down, ect.
		i.	D, D, L, L, D, D, D, D, R, R, R, D.
			1.	There is a longer route, but this
				is the easiest.
	e.	Your not out of the woods Floor 6 has a
		return maze if you go in the wrong path you
		get returned. Here is the path you should take
		i.	Right, past  the upsieddown L, to the
			upper fork, Upper Left fork, Right.
		ii.	Congradulations you are at Rhone.
XV.	Rhone
	a.	You now have to make the journey to the
		Sancutary. Head north. You should soon see a
		monolith enter it and save. If you would like
		to go back and get some items take the
		traveler's gate. Make sure you save with the
		Priest first, and not save in the outside world.
		If you mess up you have to repeat the cave
	b.	Once you are ready and around all your guys
		are around level 30.
		i.	Go to the North along the Edge and
			walk into the castle.
XVI.	Master Equipment
	a.	To beat the game you must have the Best
		equipment possible.
		i.	Prince of Midenhall (HERO)
			1.	Sword of Thunder
			2.	Edrick's Shield
			3.	Edrick's Armor
			4.	Edrick's Helmet
		ii.	Prince of Cancock
			1.	Falcon Sword
			2.	Magic Armor
			3.	Shield of Strenth
		iii.	Princess of Moonbrooke
			1.	Staff of Thunder
			2.	Water Flying Cloth
			3.	Shield of Strength as an item
XVII.	Hargon's Castle
	a.	Home Again?Ö
		i.	When you walk in the castle you are
		back at Midenhall Castle. You can rest
		at the inn, but when you exit or use
		the Charm you will return to your actual
		HP/MP, same at the item shop.
			1.	Use the Charm of Rubiss to
				erase this false world and now
				you are in Hargon's True
	b.	Fight your way to the canter of the Barrier in
		the middle of the Castle.
		i.	Use the Eye of Malroth to take you to
			the tower where Hargon is resting.
		ii.	In order to get to Hargon you have to
			fight three battles
			1.	Atlas
			2.	Bazuzu
			3.	Zarlox
				a.	If you fight Atlas or
					any of them and defeat
					them, but die on
					another one, return to
					the Castle without
					saving and the ones
					you did defeat will not
					be there anymore.
		iii.	Defeat them and Heal up with your
			fight with Hargon.
			1.	The best way to beat him is to
				have the Price of Cancock use
				the Shield of Strength and have
				the Princess do the same or
				cast Sleep on him.
			2.	Hargon's Master
				a.	You soon discover that
					there is a Mask of
					Truth in the quest.
					Hargon is not the
					master, Malroth is!
XVIII.	Malroth
	a.	He is one tough @$$%%. He can only attack
		once, but his attacks are brutal
		i.	Fire Breath 40-70 to all
		ii.	Hits are 40-70
		iii.	Has Healall Spell
	b.	Just do the same, cast defence, increase, and
		use the Shield of Strenth. With the blood line
		of Edrick and his weapons you do stand a
XIX.	Victory
	a.	Now that you have beaten Hargon & Malroth
		the game is over. Walk back to the Shrine and
		take the Travler's Gate back. Then watch the
		scenes roll by!!

Congradulation! Job Well Done!

This walkthrough was made by David Zabroski.
Any attempt to Plagerize my work will be delt with.
If you would like to post this walkthrough, or any
other walkthrough made by me, must be appoved by
me at

Check out my Dragon Warrior/Quest Website at:

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