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-   Dragon Warrior II Complete Game Info                        V1.6-
-   by Dalez (                                  -
-   Last updated  07/25/99   09:17 PM                               -


I	Intro
		Background of Dragon Warrior II
		Tips before you begin
II	The Walkthrough
		The Prince of Cannock
		The Silver Key
		The Princess of Moonbrooke
		The Dragon's Horn
		A Familiar World
		The Search Begins
		And Then There Were Two
		The Path to Rhone
III	The Lists
		Magic Spells
		Experience Tables
IV	Conclusion/Credits
		Other FAQs by the same author

*         PART ONE:  THE INTRODUCTION       *


Verified Enemy Stats List

Added Thunder Sword to the walkthrough
A little pointer on the Saber Lion fight

Added general location of Thunder Sword
Use for Gremlin's Tail (well, it's not really a use...)
Added 'Water Flying Cloth' trick (see the section "The Path to Rhone")
...and a little tip on beating Bazuzu

Initial release of FAQ/Walkthrough

	This is the Dragon Warrior II FAQ!  Contained within this document 
is just about everything you need to know to complete Dragon Warrior II 
for the Nintendo Entertainment System!  This file consists of a 
walkthrough of the game as well as alphabetized reference lists.  Well, 
here it is.  Have fun!


	Dragon Warrior II was originally known as Dragon Quest II in 
Japan, just like its predecessor.  The original Dragon Quest was a huge 
hit, and it very well started the whole console RPG line.  This sequel 
is no less wonderful.  Released in the US in 1990, this game created a 
complete world for you to explore, only this world is four times as 
large!  That means more towns, dungeons, people, items, and monsters!

	People who played the original Dragon Warrior knew that the game 
was for the most part one big level-up.  Face it, you spent 80% of the 
time getting level-ups and 20% of the time actually doing stuff.  This 
game eliminated some of that by creating a more balanced system of 
combat.  Now you won't nearly need to spend as much time getting level-
ups, but by doing what you like to do best... exploring dungeons and 
solving puzzles!

	Now that we know a little bit about the game, it's time to dive 
right in!  Welcome to the world of Dragon Warrior II!


	100 years ago, the kingdom of Alefgard was in a state of turmoil.  
The Dragonlord, an evil man who had the power to control dragons at 
will, had invaded Tantegel Castle, capital of Alefgard, and swiped the 
Ball of Light from its keep.  This Ball of Light was a magical artifact 
that kept the peace throughout the land, and once it was stolen, demons 
and monsters ran amuck in the wilderness.  One town, Hauskness, was 
destroyed.  It was proclaimed that the kingdom would soon be destroyed 
and the Dragonlord would turn it into a land of demons.  But a young 
warrior, a descendant of the legendary hero Erdrick, appeared.  He 
obtained the three magic items that could make a bridge to the 
Dragonlord's isle, and he defeated the Dragonlord and recovered the Ball 
of Light.  Peace returned to the land, but now.... evil is again 

	The forces of Hargon, an evil wizard, have taken the castle of 
Moonbrooke by storm.  This land was far to the southwest of Alefgard.  
Hargon's minions stormed the castle, destroying everything save the 
princess, who mysteriously disappeared.  Only one soldier from the 
castle was able to escape and make his way to the Castle of Midenhall.  
There he told the king his tale... Hargon had destroyed Moonbrooke.  The 
soldier died soon thereafter.  But the King of Midenhall is old; this 
task must fall to younger hands.  Thus, he hands the quest down to his 
son, the Prince of Midenhall.  This... is you.  Now you must go forth 
and strike down Hargon before he turns the world into one of chaos.  But 
this is not a journey that one can complete alone.  You must find 
companions...  so you set off to find your cousin, the prince of 
Cannock.  Together, you must go forth and defeat the wizard before he 
destroys the world....

--------TIPS BEFORE YOU BEGIN-------

	-Probably the most important rule of all is... SAVE your game 
frequently!  There are several places throughout the game where you can 
SAVE... usually you must talk to a King or some other person.  They will 
write your deeds on the Imperial Scrolls of Honor where they can be 
retrieved later.  If you perish, you will be revived but half of your 
GOLD will be taken.  It may or may not be a good idea to RESET the game 
instead of losing your hard-earned cash ;)

	-Another very important rule is... TALK TO EVERYONE!  No matter 
how foolish a person looks, you can't afford to miss any valuable 
information that he or she may have.

	-Don't forget to equip your items!  A sword doesn't do you any 
good just carrying it around in your backpack.  It won't jump out of 
your bag and stab the enemy for you.  Just the same... armor, shields, 
and helmets won't either.  You must EQUIP them!

	-Don't overlook spells such as SLEEP and DEFENCE.  These can be 
among the most potent of spells when used in the right situations.

	-The lottery is just a game.  It is not good for you if you spend 
your money on it and not for buying new equipment, items, etc...

	-Don't be too greedy!  If you are in a dungeon and you are hurt, 
don't hesitate to go back to a town and come back when you are rested.  
The treasure will wait... there's no need in getting killed over it.

	Well, that about covers everything.  Now, it's time to start the 
adventure!  Are you ready?

*       PART TWO:  THE WALKTHROUGH          *

	This is where everything begins!  You will start in the throne 
room of the castle of Midenhall.  The controls are very similar to those 
in the first Dragon Warrior.  Press A to bring up the menu that has some 
very useful commands on it...

TALK -- This will allow you to speak with the various people of the 
world.  You must be facing
	  the person in order to talk to them!
STATUS -- This brings up a detailed description of one of your 
characters.  On this screen, you
	    will see your character's Hit Points, Strength, Agility, 
Attack and Defense, and 	      	    Experience.  You can also 
see your current Gold, what equipment that character has on,
	    and how many of the five crests you have obtained!
SEARCH -- Use this command to search the area at your feet.  You never 
know what you may find
	    by searching!
SPELL -- Use this command to cast one of the available spells that you 
have.  Only the Prince of 	   Cannock and the Princess of Moonbrooke 
may use magic.
ITEM -- This allows you to use an item that a character is carrying.
EQUIP -- This command is very important... it allows you to equip 
weapons and armor!  You MUST 	   	   equip your weapons and armor in 
order to use them -- as I said before, the sword will
	   NOT jump out of your bag and stab the enemy on its own.  Note 
that not everyone can
	   equip all types of weapons and armor.

	Press B to exit the menu.  It you wait a while, a mini-status 
screen will show up displaying each character's Level, Hit Points, and 
Magic Points!

	And now, back to the game!

--------THE PRINCE OF CANNOCK--------

	Follow the king down the stairs and he will give you a treasure 
chest.  Inside this chest is a COPPER SWORD and 50 GOLD.  Do not forget 
to EQUIP the Copper Sword once you obtain it!  Once you get the 
treasure, wander around and talk to the people of the castle to gain 
	In the castle, there is a whirlpool-looking object across a 
bridge.  This is called a Travel Door.  It can be thought of as a 
teleporter... it takes you to a distant place.  In this case, it takes 
you to a monolith in the middle of nowhere (quite literally).  This 
travel door is useless (for now) but many others like it are vital in 
getting from place to place!
	Once you are done talking to the people at the castle, you may 
want to check out the tool shop.  They sell herbs that can help you on 
your journey!  And if you run low on HP, be sure to visit the INN and 
rest.  There you can regain your HP and MP!


Tool Shop
Medical Herb	15 G
Antidote Herb	8 G

Inn -- 4 G

	Once are you done at Midenhall, head out into the fields around 
the castle.  Around here outside, you will fight enemies.  At this point 
in the game you are weak, and you won't be able to go very far without a 
risk of getting killed.  So for now, stay around the castle and fight 
weak monsters (like SLIMEs -- heh) until you reach Level 3, going back 
to the INN whenever your HP runs low.

	At Level 3, you are strong enough to head a little ways farther 
from Midenhall, but make sure to have a Medical Herb or two on hand.  
Now, head back out and from Midenhall, go south and cross the bridge.  
Continue to the south and you will come to a cape that streches out into 
the ocean, almost like a finger.  On this cape there will be a small 
monolith.  Enter it and you will find an old man and a locked door.  You 
can't do anything with the door yet, but talk to the old guy.  He gives 
you a hint on where to find the Silver Key.  Basically he says that the 
Silver Key is in the Cave of the Lake, which is west of Cannock Castle.  
He also warns you not to go inside this cave alone or you shall surely 
be killed.  Remember this... when we find a companion we will need to 
find this key!

	OK.  You're done here.  Head back to the castle, go the INN, and 
SAVE the game.  You may have heard in the castle that there is a town 
called Leftwyne to the west.  This is your next destination.  From 
Midenhall, just walk to the left, pass the desert and the swamp, and 
you're there!  Just be careful not to walk through the swamp.  You will 
take damage for every step you take in the poisonous marsh.  Just walk 
around it.

	The town isn't hard to find.  Once you reach Leftwyne, enter and 
explore the town for information and browse the shops for equipment.


Tool Shop
Medical Herb	15 G
Antidote		8 G
Wing of Wyvern	80 G

Inn -- 6 G

Weapon Shop
Club			60 G
Copper Sword	100 G
Magic Knife		200 G
Chain Sickle	390 G
Chain Mail		480 G
Leather Shield	90 G

	You will want to buy a Leather Shield when you reach town.  Most 
likely, that will be the only thing you will be able to afford for the 
time being.  Once you buy whatever else you need, head back out and 
fight around until you reach Level 5.  Then walk to Cannock Castle, 
which is due north of Leftwyne.  You can't miss it... it is quite 
literraly due north of the town :)

	Cannock is home to one of your companions.  Unfortunately, you 
will learn that the prince has left for the Spring of Bravery, which is 
east of the castle.  (You'd think that the prince would be at the castle 
where he belongs :p)


Tool Shop
Medical Herb	15 G
Antidote Herb	8 G
Wing of Wyvern	80 G
Fairy Water		40 G

Inn -- 8 G

	So, we better go look for him.  Make sure you have spoken with 
everyone at the castle and bought any supplies you may need.  Then go 
back outside and fight a couple of monsters until you reach level 6.  
That way, you can ensure that you will come back from the cave alive.  

	Once you have reached Level 6, it is time to head for the Spring 
of Bravery.  You should save your GOLD until you have enough to buy the 
best equipment at Leftwyne... that is to say, don't worry about buying 
the Magic Knife even if you have enough GOLD to do so.  It's best to 
wait until you can afford the Chain Sickle.  By the time you come back 
from the cave, it's likely that you will have enough to buy it :)

	Getting to the cave isn't hard (thankfully)... just head east from 
Cannock Castle on the north side of the mountains.  Keep going and you 
will hit another outstretched cape that juts out into the water.  Well, 
it isn't really a cape, but it looks like one.  Anyway, cross the bridge 
and you WILL find a cape flooded with forest area.  In the middle of the 
forest area, you will see the entrance to the Cave that leads to the 
Spring!  See, it wasn't that hard to find :p

	Once in the cave, you really don't have a whole lot of options as 
to where you can go.  Just follow the path.  Soon you will come to a 
fork, where the cave branches off to the left to a dark room that you 
can't see.  There is nothing in this room, so skip it and continue along 
the path.  After a little while you will come to a patch of water and 
here the cave branches in several directions... four, to be exact.  
(Five, if you count the way you came from)

	If you go up a tad and in the room to the right, there is a guy 
who tells you a little about the Spring of Bravery.  Then go into the 
room to the south of the spring to find a treasure chest that contains a 
MEDICAL HERB.  Head up out of the room and then take the path directly 
to the right.  Follow the long, winding path through several rooms and 
you will find another chest which contains 15 GOLD.  Now, follow the 
path back to the water room.

	Now the only way left to go is up (yay!) so, go up!  Follow this 
path and shortly you will reach the Spring of Bravery!  But the one 
thing you will not find here is, well... the prince.  It turns out that 
the prince left the spring some time ago for Midenhall Castle.  D'oh!  
Well, at least there's another treasure chest over there.  Go ahead and 
take the MEDICAL HERB from it...

	Also, if you talk to the wizard and tell him that you are NOT 
seeking the prince, he will anoint you will some of the water, which 
will heal you!  He will also give you some information on the Token of 
Erdrick.  After you get healed, make your way back to the entrance of 
the cave and head back to Cannock Castle to get rested.  Now, take the 
wizard's advice and head back to Midenhall Castle.  Maybe the prince is 
still there!

	But as luck would have it, when you get back to Midenhall, the 
king tells you that you have just missed him.  He says that he probably 
went to Leftwyne looking for you.  GREAT!  So, now head back to Leftwyne 
before you lose him again!  (I thought his sister said he was a SLOW 
traveler! :p)

	Surprisingly, you will find the prince in the Inn of Leftwyne.  
When you talk to him, he will join your party!  Now that you have two 
party members, things will be a lot easier!  But the thing is, he starts 
out at level 1 also.  You will want to spend some time around town 
working him up some levels.  You will want to get him up to level 5 
before going to the Lake Cave to look for the Silver Key.

--------THE SILVER KEY--------

	By the time you get the prince up to level 5, you should have 
enough GOLD to buy both the prince and yourself a Chain Sickle.  You 
should also get the prince a Leather Shield.  Now the only thing you 
need to buy is 2 sets of Chain Mail, but that can wait until we get back 
from the Lake Cave with the Silver Key.

	As the man in the monolith at the beginning of the game said, the 
Lake Cave is 'west of Cannock's Walls'.  In other words, from the castle 
of Cannock, head west.  To the south you may see a monolith -- this 
leads to the next part of the outer world.  You shouldn't go here yet 
because you will need the Silver Key later in the game on several 
occasions.  So continue to make your way west.  Eventually you will come 
to the cave, which is situated on an island with a double-bridge leading 
to it.  This is the Lake Cave!  Enter it and begin your search for the 
Silver Key!

	As you enter, you will notice that there are rooms to the north 
and south.  In the south room you will find a treasure chest containing 
a MEDICAL HERB.  The room to the north is empty, so ignore it.  Continue 
to make your way west along the path and turn south.  That room to the 
north is also empty.  Here the path forks yet again, with rooms to the 
west and east.  In the east room there is a chest that contains 19 GOLD.  
Exit this room and head into the west door. (the path leading south 
leads to another empty room.)	 Continue the path through a couple of 
doors and you will find a stairway leading down to B2.  Go down the 

	As you enter, you will find a passage leading south, with many 
rooms off to the side.  The first branch you come to leads west to an 
empty room.  The next one down leads right to a room with a chest that 
contains a MEDICAL HERB.  The third branch leads to the left to another 
empty room.  Well, it isn't EMPTY, it has water in it... but how much is 
water gonna help you? :p

	Continue south along the path.  There are now two more branches -- 
west and east.  First go left to pick up an ANTIDOTE HERB.  The right 
room is empty, so don't bother!  :)  The final branch leads left to a 
room with 2 treasure chests... grab them to get a WING OF WYVERN and 33 
GOLD.  Now exit this room and enter the room to the south.  The path 
will pass through a few rooms and you will come to the last treasure 
chest.  Open it to find... the SILVER KEY!  YAY!  Now I know you are 
probably hurt and itching to get out of this place so hurry up and make 
your way back out of the cave!

	Whew!  That was close.  Go back to Cannock ASAP for some much 
needed rest!  It's a good thing you had your companion along, right?  :p

	By now you are probably at level 8 and the prince is probably at 
level 6 or 7.  You should go back to the Lake Cave and fight some 
enemies to gain enough GOLD to purchase those two suits of Chain Mail 
before you leave for the next part of the world.  You'll want to make 
sure you have the optimum equipment before you move from one part of the 
quest to the next!  It'll help you out a lot :)


	Now it is time to leave this part of the world and continue on to 
bigger and better things!  While you were traveling to the Lake Cave you 
probably noticed a monolith to the south.  This is a passageway to the 
'mainland' and you are only allowed to take it if you have a companion 
with you.  Since you are journeying with the Prince, you are allowed to 
take the tunnel.  Go down the stairs and you will find yourself in what 
would appear to be a normal dungeon.  But it's just a tunnel... don't 
panic :p

	Although it IS just a tunnel, there is a right way to go and a 
wrong way to go.  If you go the wrong way you will find yourself on an 
island in the middle of the river that separates the island of Midenhall 
and Cannock from the mainland.  To get through the tunnel, just go 
straight down from the stairs -- not too hard, right?

	Yes, well... back out in the open you should head south (hmmm... 
there's nowhere else to go :))  and after quite a lengthy walk you will 
come upon the town of Hamlin.  As always, you will want to wander 
around, talking to everyone, and browsing around in the shops as well.  
This town also features a Lottery -- a game where you can win items (if 
you're lucky).  To play, you must have a Lottery Ticket.  There are two 
ways to get Lottery Tickets -- you may find them after battle (or in a 
chest), or sometimes when you buy an item from the tool shop, the 
merchant will give you one as a 'side bonus'.  Just a little incentive 
to keep you buying worthless items from the Tool Shop...

INN -- 12 G 

ANTIDOTE           8 G
FAIRY WATER        40 G

CHAIN SICKLE       390 G
IRON SPEAR         770 G
BROAD SWORD        1500 G
CHAIN MAIL         480 G
STEEL SHIELD       2000 G


	Walking around town, you will also probably notice a dog that 
follows you around when you talk to it.  No, she's not lonely, but she 
is defintely trying to tell you something.  Etch the location of this 
cute doggie into your memory because you will need to come back here 

	Our next task is to head to the tower that is far to the south of 
Hamlin and get the Cloak of Wind.  With it, we will be able to jump from 
great heights without getting hurt... for instance, we can jump from one 
tower of the Dragon's Horn to the other (just as a hypothetical 
example... hee hee).  Well, there IS new equipment in the shops just 
waiting to be bought and the enemies around (and in) the tower are 
pretty strong, so head out and chop up monsters for a while and buy an 
Iron Spear for the Prince and some Full Plate Armor for yourself.  It 
may seem like a lot of money to be raising, but it is worth it in the 
long run.  Trust me... :)

	Well by the time you get those two pieces of equipment, it is 
likely that you will be at least level 11.  Getting to the tower is hard 
enough, let alone having to go all the way through it, so buy plenty of 
Medical Herbs.  From the town of Hamlin, head east.  Don't cross the 
bridge; instead, walk north along the river.  As you walk, you'll come 
across another bridge.  Cross it and head south.  Follow the winding 
path that leads along the coastline, making sure to watch out for 
BABOONs along the way -- they're pretty tough.  After a while of 
walking, you will come back out in the forest.  Take the first bridge 
you come to, then take another bridge south.  Take the next two bridges 
take the grassy path that leads west.  Before long, you will come across 
the tower (finally!).

	But unfortunately, getting there is only half the problem.  
Actually going through the tower is probably even worse.  There are 
three stairways leading up on the first floor.  First walk to the 
intersection where the first stairway is, and continue south and into 
the room on the right.  There is a chest there that contains a MEDICAL 
HERB.  You'll need all the healing items you can get your hands on, so 
pick it up!

	The stairway in the first intersection and the stairway to the 
southwest are connected, and lead all the way up 7 floors to a dead end.  
In other words, don't take them.  Instead, take the stairs in the 
northeast corner of the first floor.  A man there warns you not to walk 
off the edge of the tower.  If you do, you will fall all the way back 
down outside the tower.  Although this is useful when you want to exit 
quickly, it is very annoying if you accidentally walk off on the sixth 
floor right before you get the treasure you are looking for.  :(

	Follow the path left and take the stairs in the northwest corner 
of floor 2.  Then head down, stopping to pick up the 48 GOLD that is in 
the chest along the way.  In the southwest corner of floor 3, there are 
more stairs leading up.  On Floor 4, head east and you will find a set 
of stairs in the middle of the southern path.  Take them and follow the 
path up through floor 5 and back down to 2 where you will find the Cloak 
of Wind!

	Now we are technically done with the tower.  Way up top on the 9th 
floor is a treasure chest, but it is empty.  It is NOT worth it to 
travel all the way up to floor 9 to get an empty treasure chest, unless 
you are healthy and need the EXP/GOLD.  When you are done, walk off the 
edge of the tower and cast the spell of RETURN.  You should find 
yourself back at the entrance to the town of Hamlin.

	*WHEW*!  That was close.  But now we have the 'Cloak of Wind'.  Go 
into the ITEM menu and USE it, just like you would a medical herb or 
something.  You will put on the Cloak of Wind.  Now we're good to go 
again!  Well, now it's time to seek out the third party member, the 
princess of Moonbrooke.  The castle of Moonbrooke is to the southwest, 
so head there but don't go into the castle just yet.  Instead head south 
and east, back in the direction where the tower was.  As you walk you 
should come across a small section of swamp.  Walk to the northeast 
corner of the swamp (ugh) and SEARCH.  There, you will find the Mirror 
of Ra!  Now, use the RETURN spell again and head back to the town of 

	Remember that cute little doggie?  Well, you better.  Go back into 
town and find our canine friend, and use the Mirror of Ra.  The mirror 
shatters, and the dog magically transforms into the Princess of 
Moonbrooke!  Now that the spell placed on her has been broken, she is 
free to join your party.  *YAY*!

	Unfortunately, the princess also starts out on level 1, so you may 
want to fight around for a little while and let her gain a few levels.  
You should also buy a BROAD SWORD and a STEEL SHIELD for the hero before 
you leave this area.  The tower is a good place to go to get EXP and 
GOLD, but just be careful.

	Once you have all the necessary equipment, and the princess is at 
level 4 or 5, then we can head outta here and get on with the adventure!  

--------THE DRAGON'S HORN--------

	Before heading off to the Dragon's Horn tower, it might be a good 
idea to check out what's left of the Castle of Moonbrooke.  When you 
enter, you'll find that the castle is in pretty bad shape.  There are 
damage zones (swamp) all over the place so watch where you step.

	There are 'flames' walking around the castle.  Upon talking to 
them, you will find that they are the ghosts of the people who used to 
be at the castle.  You will also find the ghost of the King in the 
throne room.  There are two treasure chests in the castle, but they are 
both empty.  If you go up to the northwest corner, you'll find yourself 
on the outside of the room in the middle of the swamp.  Head south along 
the outer edge of the castle, healing yourself as you go.  Near the 
bottom, enter the room again to the right and take the stairs leading 
down.  This guy is the only person left alive in the entire castle.

	Well, there's no reason for us to hang around here any longer.  
Exit this wasteland of a castle and continue to the west.  Take the 
bridge south and entire the monolith.  Take the other stairs and you 
will be on the other side of the river.  Continue to the north and west, 
through a huge desert.  After walking for what seems like forever, you 
will come across the Dragon's Horn tower.  You'll see that the Dragon's 
Horn is really two towers, but a river divides them.  The idea is that 
with the Cloak of Wind, you can jump from the south tower over to the 
north side.  I recommend that you be at least level 13 before entering 
the tower.

	The inside of the tower really isn't that complex.  Just continue 
upward, making sure that you don't fall into the big pit that leads all 
the way back down to the first floor.  When you reach floor 6, jump off 
the north edge of the tower, and voila!  You will find yourself on the 
north side of the river.  Easy enough, right?

	Now that you're back on good old ground again, head north and east 
to the town of Lianport.

INN - 20 G 



	In the tool shop, you'll find a new item -- the Dragon's Bane.  
This item is very similar to the Dragon Scale in Dragon Warrior I.  When 
you put this on, your defense will increase slightly.  It is a good buy 
for each one of your members, even if it is a little expensive.  You 
don't have to worry about it just yet, but you will want to buy one for 
everybody as soon as you can.

	You will also find some equipment for the Princess here -- the 
Wizard's Wand and the Clothes Hiding are both a must.  If you are REALLY 
lucky, you can win the Wizard's Wand in the lottery without having to 
cough up 2500 G for it, but don't count on winning it easily.  After 
all, it IS the lottery...

	You will also find that there is a girl who is surrounded by 
demon-like creatures.  When you enter the area, two GREMLINs charge and 
attack you.  You will want to make sure that you are fully healed before 
entering the fight, because these guys are rather tough.

	When you take care of those two pesky fiends, the girl will 
graciously thank you and ask you to follow her to meet her grandfather.  
He will also thank you graciously and give you a fine present -- his 
ship!  Now we can sail the ocean and open up many new places to explore.  
Not bad!

	When you board the ship, go down and open that locked door with 
the Silver Key.  Inside is a merchant who tells you of a pirate ship, 
named Relentless, that sank near Lianport.  There was a great treasure 
aboard that ship, and he offers you a handsome reward if you can find 
that treasure for him!  Hmmm.... a reward?  Let's check it out!

	* NOTE * FYI, there is a monolith to the northwest of Lianport.  
Unfortunately, there is a locked door inside that requires the Golden 
Key to open.

	Board the ship and exit the town.  Follow the coastline north.  
Then, head several steps to the east and then go due north.  You should 
see a patch of water that is white instead of blue.  Look around, it is 
not far to the northeast of the town of Lianport.  When you find it, 
position the ship so that the patch of water is directly above you.  
Then SEARCH.  Your character will dive into the sea and come up... with 
the treasures!  Ding ding ding!  JACKPOT!!!

	Take the treasures back to the merchant in Lianport and he will 
give you a valuable item in return.  This item is the ECHOING FLUTE.  
This item can be useful in finding the five crests that are scattered 
throughout the world.  When you blow this flute in an area where there 
is a crest, the flute will echo.  Well it may not be as good as 
treasure, but it'll do :P

	Now would probably also be a good time to finally get the Golden 
Key.  Head back to the town of Lianport.  Follow the coastline back to 
the northern edge of the island and head to the northwest.  You should 
come across a very small island with a town on it and a monolith on an 
island that's even smaller.  This monolith may look to familiar to you.  
Yeah, this is that 'monolith in the middle of nowhere' that you were 
thrown to when you entered the travel door back in Midenhall Castle.  
Anyway, for now, enter the town of Zahan.

INN -- 30 G


	Note that in the northern section of town that there is a VERY 
VERY big section of damage zones.  DO NOT enter this place unless you're 
looking for an easy death.  Besides, you need the Jailor's Key which we 
don't have yet to even get through the doors.  Instead, talk to the dog 
in town.  The dog will run over to the tree and start barking.  Could 
this be a sign?  Well, position yourself on the tree that the dog is 
sniffing and SEARCH.  You'll find the Golden Key!  Now there are several 
things we can go back and get.  First of all, there are some things in 
Midenhall Castle.  Well, that monolith really IS there for a reason!  
Enter it and take the travel door back to the town.  Open the wooden 
door with the Golden Key to get the room where the 5 treasure chests 

HERB, and 112 GOLD within the chests.  The token was the real reason for 
coming here, so we're done here.  Before you go back through the travel 
door, however, take a quick trip back to Cannock Castle.  There is also 
a golden key door in here that can be opened to obtain one more chest.  
This chest contains the SHIELD OF ERDRICK, which is a nice shield for 
the hero to wear!  Now head back to Midenhall Castle and re-enter the 
Travel Door.  Re-board the ship and head back to Lianport!

	Also, we can get the SUN CREST now that we have the Golden Key.  
Remember that monolith I told you about that is northwest of Lianport?  
Well, head there.  Open the door with the Gold key and head through the 
travel door.  You will now be in a room with 3 travel doors.  Walk to 
the right and over the square that looks like an X.  Walk around the 
outside of the room and search when you get to the northeast nook.  You 
will find the SUN CREST!  1 down, 4 to go!  Now, head back to Lianport 
once more.  We're finally about to leave this place!

--------A FAMILIAR WORLD--------

	Now get BACK into the ship and head due east.  When you exit, you 
might notice a very familar tune start to play.  Now you are on the 
island of Alefgard.  Those of you who have played the original Dragon 
Warrior will find that the island is basically the same, except for the 
fact it is smaller and there is only one town left.... the town/castle 
of Tantegel.

	When you enter the castle, you will find a rather strange sight... 
the King is not in the throne room.  Hmmm... that IS strange.

INN -- 2 G



	You can hold off on buying any new equipment for the time being.  
It's pretty expensive and you will find better stuff soon anyway.

	In the town, you will also find an old man who lifts curses (he 
should be familiar also :)).  Remember where he is in case you happen to 
put on a cursed piece of equipment.

	There is also a locked door that can be opened with the golden 
key.  Inside is a woman who is a seamstress who is seeking the Dew's 
Yarn.  She tells you that the Dew's Yarn can be found on the third floor 
of the north Dragon's Horn tower.

	Also, if you go upstairs in the weapon shop you will find the 
King, who is hiding from the monsters.  You will need to use the Gold 
Key again to get into the room and talk to him.  Well we might as well 
go that blasted Dew's Yarn before I forget about it, so for the time 
being sail back to Lianport and head back south to the north Dragon's 
Horn Tower.

	Head up the the third floor.  The Dew's Yarn is, from the stairs 
leading down, 5 steps right and 2 steps down (in the corner).  Search 
and you will find the Dew's Yarn!

	Now that our business here is done, get outta here and sail back 
to Tantegel Castle.  The sewing lady can't do anything with the yarn, so 
hold on to it.  You may want to hang around the castle and build your 
levels if you haven't done so lately.  The inn in Tantegel is the best 
bargain in the land... only 2 GP per person!  Can't beat that!

	Once you feel confident that you have acquired enough experience 
for time being, get back into the ship and sail around the island of 
Alefgard and get on the eastern side of it.  Bring your ship in so that 
it is in the river that divides Tantegel Castle and Charlock Castle, 
which was the former home of the Dragonlord.  That way, you can easily 
get from one castle to the other without having to travel all over the 
island.  (It would have been so easy if you had a ship in DWI, huh?)

	Before you head to Charlock, though, head east a tad.  You will 
see the swamp cave that is the only other way to get from the north side 
of Alefgard to the south.  But since you have the ship, the cave is 
useless... anyway, get off the ship on the south side, on the area which 
was formerly known as Rimuldar.  Go to the very southern tip of this 
island and you will find... *gasp*  ANOTHER monolith!  Inside is an old 
man who will trade you the HELMET OF ERDRICK for the TOKEN that you 
found in Midenhall Castle.  Awesome!  Have the hero put it on right 

	OK, now that we're done exploring around Alefgard, head back to 
Charlock Castle.  Before you go, make sure you are level 14 or 15 
(preferably 15).  The enemies in Charlock are rather tough as well!  

	You may also notice that the layout of Charlock Castle isn't much 
different either.  Hmm....  When you enter the 'castle', you'll actually 
find yourself in a dungeon.  Follow the winding path and soon you will 
come to a stairway leading down.  Take it.  As you walk around the 
outside of B2, you will see a treasure chest in an enclosed room in the 
middle of the floor.  There is a very important item in that chest (you 
DWI veterans know what it is :p)!  When you reach the other side of the 
floor, take the next stairway down to B3.

	The first stairway you come to will be in sort of an open area... 
ignore it.  Instead head west and down the other stairway.  On B4, you 
will find another stairway in the upper-right corner that looks sort of 
like the other one on B3.  Ignore it too... these two stairways connect 
(eventually).  All that's left is one stairway going up and one stairway 
going down.  Take the one going up.  Follow the path, up and down 
stairs, until you finally come out in the middle of B2 where that 
treasure chest is.  Open it, and you will find the SWORD OF ERDRICK!  
This weapon should be equipped immediately.

	Take the stair-ridden path back down to B4 and take the stairs 
leading down.  Continue along the path and finally, on B7, you will come 
across the former lair of the Dragonlord.  But looking around you will 
notice that there is somebody here!  It's a risky maneuever, but head 
through the damage zones and unlock the door with the Golden Key.  You 
will find a WING OF THE WYVERN, 124 GOLD, a LOTTERY TICKET, and a 
MEDICAL HERB among the four treasure chests!  Now, head back through the 
damage zones (ouch -- hope you have good healing spells) and find out 
who the heck that is sitting on the Dragonlord's throne.

	Actually, it is the Dragonlord's grandson.  Instead of attacking 
you, he actually gives you some advice if you say you are going to 
destroy Hargon (which is what this quest is all about, right?).  He 
tells you to seek out the wizard Rubiss who lives in a cave on an 
isolated island... once you have found the five crests.  Well, the 
crests aren't just gonna come to us, so might as well get going.  Cast 
OUTSIDE and get out of this place and take the ship back to Tantegel for 
a much-needed rest.

	Now, it's time to get those blasted crests.  It's a rather long 
way, but head back to the town of Zahan.  Enter the monolith and take 
the travel door back to Midenhall Castle.  Talk to the king and SAVE the 
game, then go outside and cast RETURN.  You won't go anywhere but your 
ship will appear right next to you.  Get in your trusty vessel and head 
south, towards that monolith on the cape.  Continue to the south and you 
should come across an island that is almost completely surrounded by 
mountains and shallows.  There is only one inlet allows you to get into 
the island, so sail right in and park your ship in the pond.  Then head 
for the castle of Osterfair.

--------THE SEARCH BEGINS--------


INN - 25 G


	You probably can't help but notice the two treasure chests in the 
weapon shop, huh?  Well walk around the area outside the town and you 
will see a travel door in the lower left-hand corner.  You will see an 
open area to the right which you can't enter.  What you can't see is 
that there is a locked door right there.  Use the Golden Key and you 
will find yourself 'inside' the weapon shop where the chests are.  Open 
them up to find a MAGIC KNIFE and the ARMOR OF GAIA, which should also 
be equipped immediately.

	You should also buy some Magic Armor for the prince at some point.  
That chain mail is really starting to get old.  The Dragon Killer is 
also a nice piece of equipment; it's even better than Erdrick's Sword!  
But 8000 G is a lot of money, so you can skip it for the time being.

	When you talk to the King, you will challenge you to "entertain" 
him.  If you say 'yes', then you will go to the center of the coliseum 
and he will unleash that ferocious dog from it's cage.  What you don't 
know is that is really a SABER LION, and he's pretty tough too.  Well, 
it turns out that spells really don't work that well against him, so 
save your MP for healing instead.  (Thanks to Blood Scourge 
<> for pointing this out.)  When you do defeat him, 
the King will give you a nice prize -- the MOON CREST!  That makes two 
out of the five that we now have.  You may want to go to the INN and 
rest if the Saber Lion gave you trouble.  Now we're done here as well, 
and it's time to head back out again!  You will probably want to hang 
around the castle here and build some more levels before heading out 
again.  You should level up to 16 and make sure that the Prince has that 
Magic Armor before leaving.

	Well now it's time to get that Jailor's Key... the one that we 
need to open up the iron barred doors.  From the castle of Osterfair, 
head due south and you should see a small island (it has a monolith on 
it as well).  From that island head slightly south and to the west.  You 
will find an island that is nothing but desert... with a single tree in 
the middle.  If you walk onto the tree and search, you will find a LEAF 
OF THE WORLD TREE.  You will want to get a couple of these, as they will 
allow you to bring a dead character back to life!

	Now, head west and exit your ship on the next island.  Walk west 
through the forest and you'll reach the town of Wellgarth.  When you 
enter, you'll notice that there is nobody here except a man and a dog, 
and one little house.  Open the door to the house with the Golden Key 
and go down the stairs.  Ah-ha!  This is where everyone is!  An 
underground town... strange!

INN - 40 G



MINK COAT		65000 G

	The first thing you're probably thinking is "Holy @#$&!  This 
stuff is expensive!  Especially that Mink Coat!"  OK.  I'll agree there.  
The prices are outrageous, but you can buy some of the best equipment in 
the world here.  First, go to the tool shop (the second one).  You will 
see a mysterious space where there should be an item, but isn't.  When 
you select this item  (which is really the Jailor's Key), you will pay 
the 2000 G (if you have it), and now you have the shiny new Jailor's 
Key!  Now that we have this, there is a dirty trick we can play to get 
ALL the money we want... HEH HEH HEH

	(DIRTY TRICK)  ...and boy is this DIRTY!  With our new key, head 
back to Midenhall Castle.          
Enter the basement through the stairs leading down (you'll need to use 
the Silver Key to open the door).  You'll find yourself in the prison.  
Open the door with the Golden Key and brace yourself for a shocking walk 
through the damage zones.  Open the cell containing the priest-looking 
guy with the Jailor's Key and HEAL YOURSELF!  When you talk to the guy, 
he turns into a monster.  The Evil Clown really isn't that hard, but you 
want to be careful.  When you defeat him, you'll get the STAFF OF 
THUNDER.  Now, go to the tool shop in Midenhall and sell this staff for 
a whopping 19,500 gold pieces!  But that's not the dirty part.  Go up to 
the king and save the game.  Then reset the game, load your adventure 
back up, and go back down to the basement.  Guess who?  The old man is 
back and you can kill him again and get another Staff of Thunder.  
Continue selling these things and you'll have max gold in no time!  Now 
getting all that expensive equipment is nothing!  And don't forget to 
keep an extra Staff of Thunder so the princess can equip it.  Not only 
does it sell for a lot of gold, it's an awesome weapon as well!

	Now go back to Wellgarth with your new-found wealth.  The only two 
things you really need to buy here are the Dragon Killer for the hero 
and the Shield of Strength for the prince.  The Shield of Erdrick is 
still better, so don't buy a Shield of Strength for the hero, and don't 
even think about wasting 65,000 GP for the Mink Coat unless you really 
want to spend time getting the money for it (although it probably won't 
take you long).  There is something that's better than the Mink Coat and 
a heck of a lot easier to get, so don't waste your time or money on it.  
There is one another thing we can do here before leaving.  Head to the 
prison (it's a building on the right) and the soldier will tell you that 
he was holding a guy called Roge Fastfinger here, but he escaped.

	Open the door with the Golden Key and you will see two cells, one 
of the left and one on the right.  The one on the right is empty, so you 
can figure it must have been the one holding the thief.  But what the 
jailor didn't know was that there is a secret passage in the wall in the 
cell that was holding him.  Use the Jailor's Key to get into 
Fastfinger's cell and exit through the wall on the right.  There you'll 
find none other than Roge Fastfinger.  He realizes that he has been 
caught and gives back the WATERGATE KEY that he stole.  Hold on to this, 
you'll need it later!  Once you gotten this and have all the equipment 
you need, head back to the town of Hamlin.  If you don't remember how to 
get there, just sail back to Midenhall and go southwest.  It'll be 
around there somewhere :)

	In Hamlin, you'll find yet another door that is locked and needs 
to be opened with the invaluable Golden Key.  Inside you will find two 
demons locked up behind two barred doors.  Well, this probably isn't the 
right thing to do, but open up one of the doors and talk to the demon.  
They'll attack.  Kill them off and then go to the upper-right hand 
corner of the cell and SEARCH.  You'll find the WATER CREST!  Great!  
That's three of the five crests we have now.  But, unfortunately, those 
last two are going to be the hardest ones to get.  Now, get back in your 
ship and head all the way back to the town of Wellgarth.  Hope you still 
remember where it is :p

--------AND THEN THERE WERE TWO--------

	Yep, two more crests left.  If you have a really good memory 
you'll remember a guy in Hamlin who said "On an island in a tower in a 
chamber remote, play the Echoing Flute, a wise man once wrote...".  In 
other words, there is a crest on a tower somewhere.  First, head around 
the town of Wellgarth and follow the coastline under the town.  

	Now, navigation is very tricky.  Follow the coastline all the way 
around and you will pass a big-ol' area of nothing but mountains.  As 
the coastline starts heading up to the north, continue to the west.  
Here you will find another island that is almost completely surrounded 
by mountains (but not quite!).  In the southwest area of the island, you 
will find an area where you can park.  There you will find a town that 
is in a desert enclosed by a lake (kind of like the island of 
Rimuldar?)... this town is called Beran.



INN - 30 G

	Actually, there's nothing really of interest here.  Hmmm...  well, 
anyway, how about that tower?  Yeah, that's it...

	Boy, that damned tower is hard to find!  Bbb-b-b-b-b-b...  Anyway, 
head back to Alefgard.  Go to the Holy Shrine (which is in the southeast 
corner of the continent).  From there head south and a little to the 
west.  You should then find the tower on an island.  (Does this tower 
have a name?)  Oh well, enter the "island tower" and begin your search 
for the fourth magic crest.  Oh, and you should *probably* be level 18 
by now?  If not, I wouldn't worry too much, just do a little level 
building in the tower or something.

	When you first enter the tower go left as far as you can, until 
you hit the wall.  Then, head south as far as you can, again, until you 
hit the wall.  Then go east as far as you can, then go north.  You'll 
end up in the middle area where the room is.  You'll find only one 
entrance, so enter and you'll find a 4-way intersection with a stairway 
in the middle.  Ignore the stairs (for now) and go north.  You'll find a 
treasure chest which contains 43 GOLD.  Go back south and walk around 
the rooms a little bit.  You'll find that there are actually 4 stairways 
leading up.  Head up the stairway in the southeast corner and take the 
passageway up the stairs all the way up to floor 5 to get a treasure 
chest containing a CHAIN SICKLE.  Now go back down to the first floor.

	Now take the southwest staircase.  Follow the path (there is only 
one way to go -- both paths connect) and take the stairs up.  As you 
walk on floor 3, you'll pass by another staircase.  Take this one and 
head south.   Here you'll find stairs up to floor 5 but first head into 
the room on the right to get 127 GOLD.  Take the stairs up to floor 5 
and go south a little ways and into the room on the right.  Follow the 
path and eventually you'll reach another chest that contains some FAIRY 
WATER.  Go back down to floor 3 and head east.  Along this path, you'll 
find a door that is locked with the Golden Key.  Open it and take these 
stairs up to floor 4.

	Follow this path until you reach floor 8 (the top floor).  Here 
you will find a man who tells you where Hargon is hiding -- in a castle 
in a land called Rhone, which is in the middle of the continent that is 
completely surrounded by mountains.  Oh well...

	Now, head back down to floor 4.  In the northwest corner of floor 
4 is a stairway that leads up to floor 5 (what a surprise!).  Follow 
this path and on floor 6 you will find another door that is locked with 
the Golden Key.  Then head to the northwest corner of this floor and go 
up to floor 7.  Here you will find a demon wandering around.  Approach 
him and he will flee south.  Enter where the demon disappeared and you 
will find an old man.  When you talk to him, he will say that he knows 
why you are here and tells you to follow him.  So, follow him!

	Follow the old man and he will take you all the way back down to a 
remote room in floor 2, which contains one treasure chest.  But upon 
opening the chest, you will find that you have stepped directly into a 
trap!  The old man turns into a demon and three others appear as 
reinforcements.  Defeat the four gremlins and the STAR CREST will be 

	*WHEW*!  Now let's get outta this stinkin' tower!  Cast 'OUTSIDE' 
and return to a town to rest and save your game!

	Yay!  Now there's only one crest left!  And, as you probably could 
guess, this last one is going to be the hardest one of all to get.  
Before going any further, you should build your levels some more and 
reach level 20.  You'll need all the strength you can get to face the 
trials ahead -- we're about to face the toughest dangers yet!

--------THE PATH TO RHONE--------

	The path to Rhone is a very complicated one.  The entrance is 
hidden, and the only item that will allow you to unveil the entrance is 
the Eye of Malroth.  The Eye is hidden in a cave in the middle of the 
ocean (you may have spotted it already), but the cave is surrounded by 
shallows and you can't get in.  You need the Moon Fragment to change the 
tide so that you can get into the cave.  The Moon Fragment is hidden in 
a tower, but to get to the tower you need to open a watergate that fills 
the area with water (which is where you use the Watergate Key).  Is that 
enough for you?  Well, the first thing we need to do is find the 
watergate, and boy is it isolated.  But even before we do that, head 
back to the town of Zahan (you remember, the one on the island in the 
middle of nowhere?).  Remember all those damage zones that I told you 
NEVER to go into?  Well, hopefully the prince has the spell of STEPGUARD 
by now.  If not, I suggest you build levels until you get it.  Then, 
enter the wizard's house (he must not wanna be disturbed) and cast the 
spell of STEPGUARD.  This will allow you to cross those pesky damage 
zones without getting damaged.

	Once inside, unlock the western door with the Jailor's Key.  
Inside is a chest that contains the MAGIC LOOM.  If you have been paying 
attention to what everybody says, this is an item that can be used to 
weave the legendary Water Flying Cloth (if you have the Dew's Yarn).  
Now we have them both and can weave the cloth, if only we could find 
somebody who knows how to weave... :p

	Well, it just so happens that there is one town left.  Maybe we 
can find a weaver there?  Head back to the town of Wellgarth and begin 
following the coastline around the south again.  As you stick to the 
coastline, you will see several rivers leading off into the continent.  
The rivers literally form a maze through the continent, but one of these 
inlets leads to a town known as Tuhn.  Well, it doesn't actually lead 
right to the town; you'll have to do quite a bit of walking to actually 
get to the town.  Anyway, this is where the Watergate is, so we pretty 
much have our work laid out in front of us.


INN - 40 G


	As you explore the town, you'll find our weaver behind that locked 
door.  Give him the Magic Loom and the Dew's Yarn and he will begin to 
weave the Water Flying Cloth.  It will take him "a day or so" to 
complete.  What this really means is, you will have to "save" the game, 
then reset and load your game, then go back to the weaver.  Ugh.  Well, 
don't worry about it yet, first get the Moon Fragment from the tower.

	(DIRTY TRICK)  This is another decent way to get gold, plus get a 
Water Flying Cloth for the Prince as well!  Give the Dew's Yarn and the 
Magic Loom to the weaver, and then you can go back and get the items 
again!  See what I'm getting at?  Once you get the Yarn and the Loom 
again, Save and reset, then talk to the weaver and get your Water Flying 
Cloth.  Then, give him your new Dew's Yarn and Magic Loom, and he'll 
begin to make you another one!  You can get the cloth for the Princess 
and Prince (if you want) and sell the others for a pretty good profit!

	You'll find the watergate way out in the outskirts of town, in the 
northwest corner of town.  You'll need to unlock the door with the 
Jailor's Key, then descend the stairs and use the Watergate Key to 
unlock the watergate once more.  Now, water will fill the inlet allowing 
you to sail your ship to the tower of the Moon.

	Before you go there, spend some time getting experience around 
Tuhn.  You will occasionally fight Metal Babbles around here, which 
although are nearly impossible to kill, they give you 1,050 EXP when 
defeated!  When you are level 21 or 22, head for the tower of the Moon.

	Ugh.  Another tower.  Go straight south and take the stairway up 
to floor 2.  In the southeast corner of this floor is a stairway leading 
back to floor 1 where there is a treasure chest that contains a MEDICAL 
HERB.  Wow.  Take the center stairs in floor 2 and go up to floor 3.  
Take these stairs as well and go south to pick up two treasure chests... 
264 GOLD and a BAMBOO STICK.  Wahahaha!  That'll make you fall out of 
your chair...

	Then go back north and east, and up to floor 5.  If you continue 
to go upstairs, you'll find an empty chest on the top floor (floor 7).  
How many towers have done that?  Too many...  Instead, unlock the door 
on floor 5 with the Golden Key and head back downstairs.  Continue along 
this path and eventually you'll end up on floor 1 in a room with an old 
man and a chest.  The chest contains the MOON FRAGMENT and the old man 
gives you a hint as to what the use of this item is.

	Well that one wasn't too bad, huh?  *ahem*  Anyway, it would be a 
good idea to cast 'OUTSIDE' and go back somewhere where you can rest and 
SAVE the game.  You'll want to then reset the game and go back to get 
the Water Flying Cloth, which is the best armor for the Princess.  Those 
of you who bought the Mink Coat... I warned you.

	*HUFF*  I think that's everything.  Now, it's time to go get the 
Eye of Malroth.  There is a cave out in the middle of the ocean that is 
surrounded by shallows.  To get there, go to the continent of Osterfair.  
From the inlet that leads into the castle, head about one-and-a-half 
screens west and go south.  It'll be around there somewhere, trust me.  
Once you find the cave, use the Moon Fragment to change the tide, making 
the shallows disappear.  Now you will be able to get into the cave where 
the Eye is hidden.

	Hoo boy, lava.  Why does it have to be lava?  Well, the princess 
will be OK because of the Water Flying Cloth, but you will definitely 
want to watch your HP level.  If you're feeling brave, take the 
northwest passage (the one that is complete filled with lava) and follow 
it until you reach a chest with 137 GOLD.  From the entrance, head south 
and take the western corridor.  Take the second passage north to find a 
chest with a MEDICAL HERB.  Slightly after this branch, the corridor 
will turn to the south.  Continue following it... and descend the stairs 
at the end of the passage.

	Continue following the corridor.  In the first southern branch, 
you will find a chest.  Don't open it.  If you do, you'll find out why.  
Inside the chest is a POISON trap.  When the chest is opened, your 
character will be POISONED.  And the worst part is, there's nothing in 
the chest other than the trap.  So stay away from it.  Continue to the 
west.  Then head south and continue to the west.  Take the lava-ridden 
northern path and take the stairs down.  Unlock the door with the Silver 
Key.  In the next room, there are two chests.  The chest on the left 
contains 110 GOLD but the one on the right is trapped.  Head south 
(ignore the two stairs) and follow the path around and you will find a 
room that has 9 (!!!!) stairways leading down.

	It really doesn't matter which one you take, but there is a 
DRAGON'S BANE on this floor that you will want to pick up.  Be very 
careful, because this floor is completely filled with lava.  On the west 
side of the floor (across ALL that lava) there is another stairway 
leading down.  On this floor you will find an old man (or what would 
appear to be an old man) but as you approach him his friend shows him 
and they attack.  Defeat the two Evil Clowns (they shouldn't be too much 
of a problem) and continue on.  Then, at last, you will find the EYE OF 
MALROTH!  Now, like me, you will also want to get out of here as fast as 
you can.  Cast OUTSIDE and then go back and rest/save as usual.

	Now that we have the Eye of Malroth, we can find the entrance to 
Rhone.  The problem is, knowing where to use the Eye.  Well, in the town 
of Beran, there is also a house that is filled with damage zones.  Go 
back there...

	Cross the damage zones (making sure to cast STEPGUARD first) and 
enter the travel door.  When you come out, you'll see (!) more damage 
zones.  Go up the stairs (cast STEPGUARD again) and you will come out in 
a small area completely surrounded by mountains.  Big whoop.  But this 
small area is actually where the entrance to Rhone is located :p

	Go over to the west and step into the swamp.  Use the Eye of 
Malroth and one of the mountains will split away, revealing the entrance 
to a cave.  This cave is the Cave to Rhone, and it is the pathway to 
Hargon's Castle!

	This cave is very complex, but the first task is to find the Life 
Crest.  There are four stairways leading down on the first floor.  Take 
the in the lower right, and you will find yourself in the 'Chamber of 
Horks'.  This is a rather large room with four stairways leading back up 
(of course), and a treasure chest in the lower right hand corner.  Go 
for the treasure chest, but there is a reason this is called the 
'Chamber of Horks'.  Every few steps you will be engaged by... slimes?  
No, HORKS!  And usually three or four of them too.  They shouldn't be 
too hard to get rid of; just keep your HP up and use your attacks and 
fire spells on them.  When you  do get to the treasure chest, nab it and 
get the LIFE CREST!  Now we have all 5 crests, and it is time to visit 
Rubiss!  For now, our work here is done, so cast 'OUTSIDE' and sail back 
to Midenhall Castle.

	Sail south, as if you were going to Osterfair.  You will see a 
tiny section of island (only one square) with a monolith on it.  This is 
what we are looking for!  Exit the ship and enter the monolith.  Go down 
about 6 flights of steps and stand on the white square among the four 
torches.  Rubiss will come to you and give you the CHARM OF RUBISS, 
which is the only way to dispel the magic placed on Hargon's Castle.  
Now, we have everything we need.  The only thing left is to strike!


	If you have not reached level 24 yet, you should take the time to 
do so.  The enemies in Rhone and the Cave to Rhone are among the 
strongest in the land.

	Then, head back to the Cave to Rhone.  Once inside again, watch 
your step.  There are pitfalls scattered around this floor that were 
designed to dump you back down into the Chamber of Horks.  For now, your 
objective is to get to one of the stairs going up.  It doesn't matter 
which one, they all lead to the same place anyway (except for the one in 
the upper-left corner).

	Once you are upstairs, things get even tougher.  This floor is a 
maze designed to confuse you, basically.  When you first ascend the 
stairs, you will find yourself in a four-way intersection.  Go left.  
You will find another intersection.  Follow the corridor west, and pass 
two north-south branches.  When you are at the third north-south branch, 
go south, and out the other side.  You will come out in a room that 
looks exactly the same as the last one.  Go south one more time, and you 
will find a stairway leading up.  Take it!

	Follow the corridor all the way to the east, but don't take any of 
the branches.  When you hit the room with stairway, go back and take the 
last northern branch.  Inside that chest you will find a LOTTERY TICKET.  
(Like it's gonna do you a whole lot of good here)  Anyway, head up the 
stairs.  Head up the next stairs as well, and you will find a chest with 
a much more valuable prize inside.... the ARMOR OF ERDRICK!  Put this 
on, it is the best armor you will probably find!

	After obtaining the armor, head all the way back to the stairway 
leading down.  Now, head west and take the northern corridor.  Take the 
first eastern branch to find 135 GOLD.  Following the corridor until its 
end will get you to a stairway that leads to the next area.  Instead, 
take the western branch that is close to the top of the corridor.  
Follow this long, winding path to reach yet another stairway leading up.  
Once upstairs, follow the winding path south and west into the next 
room.  Inside, you will find two chests, one of which is empty, but the 
other one contains 613 GOLD.  Now, once again, go back down and head for 
the stairway that leads back down to the maze floor.

	This time, head west and south (it's the only other way left to 
go) and take these last stairs going up.  In this room you will find 117 
GOLD.  Now we have completely looted this floor, so head back to that 
stairway in the upper-right that leads down to the next floor.

	This area is very tricky (there are tons of pitfalls)...  the 
objective is to get to the stairway in the lower right, but this is much 
harder than it seems.  A few things to remember are to stay away from 
open areas... try to stick to the walls as much as you can.  And learn 
from your mistakes; don't fall down the same pitfall twice.  Map the 
area if you need to.  

	OK, but first let's get the Thunder Sword.  Fall down any of the 
pitfalls back down to floor 4.  Now head to the bottom left corner and 
take one step up and one step right.  You will fall into another 
pitfall.  Here you will find the chest that contains the THUNDER SWORD!  
Now, you will have to continue falling down pitfalls until you reach the 
bottom (D'oh!) but it is well worth it because the Thunder Sword is a 
very powerful piece of equipment :)  (Thanks go out to Justin Gunsolus 
for helping me find this damned thing).

	Now you'll have to make your way all the way back up to the 
pitfall room and into the stairs leading up (the ones in the lower-

	*NOTE*  You'll need to watch yourself on this next floor.  Follow 
the path exactly or you might end up getting lost...

	Once you manage to make it to the lower-right stairs, you'll find 
yourself on another maze floor.  First head east.  Then follow this path 
and take the western branch.  Then, take the eastern branch.  Now you'll 
find yourself in a rather large room with paths north, south, and east.  
There is one pitfall you'll need to watch out for, it's in the corner of 
the inside of the 7-shaped block.

	Take the eastern path from this room.  Then take the northern 
branch and follow this path.  Take the western fork, and in the next 
room go north.  Now, go east.  Follow this path until you reach the 

	Whew!  Finally outta that cave!  Now we are in the land known as 
Rhone.  As you travel through the land, you will come across a monolith 
that will serve as a final resting spot, which a chance to save the game 
and even the opportunity to go back to the outer world.  You will 
definitely want to rest and save, and now that you are right next to a 
free healing spot, take advantage of this opportunity to build up some 
extra experience before you go off to fight the wizard Hargon.  The 
final battle is going to be rough, so get the hero up to level 30 before 
going to the castle.  It may sound like a lot of fighting, but with the 
experience you get around here, it shouldn't take all that long.  You 
can go back to the healer and heal your characters after every fight if 
you need to!

	When you feel that you are confident enough to take on Hargon, 
head back out into the land of Rhone.  It's a rather walk to Hargon's 
Castle, and there are many fierce enemies in Rhone.  But keep cool and 
head for the western edge of Rhone and you should be able to get to the 
castle without too much of a problem.  When you enter the castle, you 
will find that it is an exact mock-up of the castle of Midenhall!  You 
can even buy things and rest at the inn (isn't that weird?!?)!  
Unfortunately, all the treasure chests are empty and the stairs/travel 
doors don't work.  Oh well, use the Charm of Rubiss and this peaceful 
castle will disappear, unveiling the true lair of Hargon...

	Ugh.  So this is Hargon's Castle.  Hardly the world's biggest 
tourist attraction.  Head straight up and avoid the demons standing next 
to Hargon's "throne".  Cast STEPGUARD and then enter the damage zones 
behind the throne.  Walk all the way to the left and turn north, then 
use the Jailor's Key.  You will unlock a hidden door.  Go north one 
space, cast STEPGUARD again, then enter the next batch of damage zones.  
Go to the open space leading north and use the Golden Key.  Go north one 
space, cast STEPGUARD once again, and then stand on the square tbat 
looks like an 'X'.  Use the Eye of Malroth, and you will be whisked away 
to the castle tower, where Hargon is.

	Enter the room and go up the stairs to floor 2.  The path through 
the tower is pretty straightforward, so keep on going.  When you enter 
the room where the stairs to floor 4 are, stop.  Heal your characters 
because there are several guardians from here on out that are here to 
make sure that Hargon doesn't have any unwanted visitors.  The first of 
these guardians is Atlas, a strong giant who packs a mean punch.  Waste 
him with everything you have, just keep your HP up while doing it 
because he attacks twice each turn.

	Likewise, when you find the stairs to floor 5, the second guardian 
Bazuzu will attack.  He is a flying bat-like creature who shouldn't give 
you too much trouble.  Just watch out for that DEFEAT spell.  He also 
likes casting SLEEP and EXPLODET, too.  A good spell to use against 
Bazuzu is SLEEP... it'll work for at least one turn.  When he attacks, 
he also does so twice per turn.  The last guardian is situated before 
the stairs to floor 6; this guardian is Zarlox, a huge creature with 
wings and a tail.  His attacks include EXPLODET, INCREASE, HEALALL, as 
well as breathing fire which deals damage to all your characters.  Once 
you manage to get rid of the three guardians, the only task left is to 
defeat Hargon.  Ascend the stairs to floor 6!

	Immediately cast STEPGUARD and make your way into the center room.  
Here you will find the wizard Hargon himself.  He is rather agitated 
that you came this far to bother him and attacks.

	Hargon can be rather tough, unless you know the right way of 
beating him.  He is capable of casting EXPLODET, HEALALL, and he also 
likes blowing his sweet breath at you to put you to sleep.  On top of 
that, he attacks twice per turn as well.  Have the princess cast HEALALL 
on any wounded party members and beat the crap out of him with your 
sword.  The Prince should attack unless someone else needs a HEALMORE 
spell.  Once you deal about 200 HP damage to Hargon, he's history!

	Yeah!  You've defeated Hargon!  But with his last breath, he 
speaks of a sorcerer that is even greater than he is, Malroth.  Hmmm...  
The first thing you should do is heal all your characters.  When you 
proceed to leave the room, flames surround you and an earthquake rocks 
the area.  Then the almighty sorcerer Malroth appears.

	Boy, just when you thought you were done, look what comes out of 
the woodwork.  Malroth is TOUGH.  He has just about every spell you 
would hate to have cast on you, and he's not afraid to do it.  He also 
has a deadly fire attack, but only attacks once per turn (thank God!).  
As always, tear him up with your weapons and have the princess Heal.  
Malroth has about 250 HP, so keep this in mind as you attack him.  Try 
to count up how much HP he has left and plan your attacks accordingly.  
Once you strike him down, you've won!  (Really, no more almighty 

	Rubiss comes and blabs the usual congratulations and then sends 
you back out into Rhone (gee, thanks!).  Well now there are no pesky 
enemies to worry about, so you can wander around as you please.  Go back 
to the final sanctuary (where you can heal/save) and take the travel 
door back down to the outer world.  Re-enter the travel door (cast 
'STEPGUARD' first) and you will be back in the town of Beran.  You are 
now free to wander around the world as you wish, re-visiting all the 
towns if you want to.  Whenever you are done, go back to Midenhall 
Castle where the King awaits your return.  He will declare that you are 
to be the new monarch of Midenhall and that the three heroes will be 
placed with the duty of guarding the kingdom against the forces of evil.  
And as peace has returned, this adventure is over!

*          PART THREE: THE LISTS           *


Name               |Cost  |Use of Item
Antidote Herb      |8     |Heals POISON in one ally
Charm of Rubiss    |Found |Dispels the magic placed on Hargon's Castle
Cloak of Wind      |Found |Lets you jump across the Dragon's Horn Tower
Dew's Yarn         |Found |Used to weave the Water Flying Cloth
Dragon's Bane      |640   |Increases DEFENSE when worn
Dragon Potion      |Found |This VERY rare item lets you SAVE anywhere!
Echoing Flute      |Found |Will echo if a CREST is nearby
Eye of Malroth     |Found |Reveals hidden passages
Fairy Water        |40    |Keeps monsters away for a short time
Golden Card        |Found |Sells for 375 GP
Golden Key         |Found |Opens wooden locked doors
Gremlin's Tail     |Found |You should just sell this item (:p)
Jailor's Key       |2000  |Opens iron-barred locked doors
Leaf of World Tree |Found |Revives one dead ally
Lottery Ticket     |Found |Lets you play the lottery
Magic Loom         |Found |Used to weave Water Flying Cloth
Medical Herb       |15    |Heals a small amount of HP
Moon Fragment      |Found |Allows you to get into the sea cave
Silver Key         |Found |Opens metal locked doors
Token of Erdrick   |Found |Trade for Erdrick's Helmet at Holy Shrine
Treasures          |Found |Trade for Echoing Flute
Watergate Key      |Found |Opens the watergate in Tuhn
Wizard's Ring      |Found |Restores your MP


Name               |AP  |Cost  |Where Found
Bamboo Stick       |+2  |N/A   |Princess's initial equipping
Broad Sword        |+30 |1500  |Hamlin/Lianport/Tantegel/Osterfair
Chain Sickle       |+15 |390   |Leftwyne/Hamlin
Club               |+8  |60    |Leftwyne
Copper Sword       |+10 |100   |Leftwyne
Dragon Killer      |+50 |8000  |Osterfair/Wellgarth/Beran/Tuhn
Falcon Sword       |+5  |25000 |Tuhn (attacks twice)
Giant Hammer       |+35 |4000  |Alefgard/Osterfair/Wellgarth/Beran
Iron Spear         |+20 |770   |Hamlin
Light Sword        |+65 |16000 |Wellgarth
Magic Knife        |+12 |250   |Leftwyne/Lianport
Staff of Thunder   |+15 |Found |From Evil Clown in Midenhall Prison
Swd of Destruction |+93 |Found |After battle with BULLWONG (CURSED)
Sword of Erdrick   |+40 |Found |Charlock Castle
Thunder Sword      |+80 |Found |Cave to Rhone (Casts INFERNOS)
Wizard's Wand      |+8  |2000  |Lianport/Alefgard


Name               |DFP |Cost  |Where Found
Armor of Erdrick   |+40 |Found |Cave to Rhone
Armor of Gaia      |+35 |Found |Osterfair
Chain Mail         |+12 |480   |Leftwyne/Hamlin
Clothes            |+2  |N/A   |Princess's initial equipping
Clothes Hiding     |+20 |1250  |Lianport/Alefgard/Osterfair
Full Plate Armor   |+25 |1000  |Hamlin/Lianport
Gremlin's Armor    |+50 |Found |After battle w/ GOLD BATBOON (CURSED)
Leather Armor      |+6  |N/A   |Hero's initial equipping
Magic Armor        |+20 |4300  |Osterfair/Tuhn
Mink Coat          |+30 |65000 |Wellgarth
Water Flying Cloth |+35 |Found |Weaved from Magic Loom/Yarn at Tuhn


Name               |DFP |Cost  |Where Found
Leather Shield     |+4  |90    |Leftwyne
Shield of Erdrick  |+20 |Found |Cannock Castle
Shield of Strength |+18 |21500 |Wellgarth/Beran/Tuhn
Steel Shield       |+10 |2000  |Hamlin/Lianport/Alefgard


Name              |DFP |Cost  |Where Found
Helmet of Erdrick |+20 |Found |Holy Shrine SE of Tantegel
Iron Helmet       |+6  |3150  |Alef./Osterfair/Wellgarth/Beran/Tuhn


Name      |Who      |Learned |MP |Spell Effect
Antidote  |Both     |L6/L12  |3  |Cures POISON in one ally
Chance    |Princess |L25     |13 |Anything it wants...
Defeat    |Prince   |L23     |4  |Can Destroy a group of enemies 
Defence   |Princess |L10     |2  |Lowers DEFENSE of all enemies
Explodet  |Princess |L19     |8  |Very high damage to all enemies
Firebal   |Prince   |L3      |2  |Low damage on one enemy
Firebane  |Prince   |L18     |4  |Medium damage on all enemies
Heal      |Prince   |L1      |3  |Heals small damage on one ally
Healall   |Princess |L15     |8  |Heals all damage on one ally
Healmore  |Both     |L14/L1  |5  |Heals medium damage on one ally
Increase  |Prince   |L20     |2  |Increases DEFENSE of all allies
Infernos  |Princess |L4      |4  |Medium damage on an enemy group
Open      |Princess |L23     |2  |Opens locked doors
Outside   |Both     |L12/L17 |6  |Exit from a dungeon
Repel     |Princess |L8      |2  |Keeps away enemies
Return    |Prince   |L10     |6  |Return to last save point
Revive    |Prince   |L25     |15 |Revives a dead ally
Sacrifice |Prince   |L28     |1  |Destroy caster and all enemies
Sleep     |Princess |L2      |2  |Puts an enemy group to SLEEP
Stepguard |Both     |L17/L21 |4  |Protects against damage zones
Stopspell |Prince   |L8      |3  |Keeps enemies from casting spells
Surround  |Princess |L6      |2  |Decreases hit % for enemy group


Enemy Name     |HP   |EXP  |Gold |Items Gained
Army Ant       |12   |4    |  2  |
Atlas          |250  |1100 | 250 |
Attackbot      |120  |723  | 120 |
Babble         |13   |8    |  4  |
Baboon         |40   |20   |  45 |
Basilisk       |38   |41   |  58 |
Bazuzu         |250  |1530 | 240 |
Berserker      |88   |117  | 123 |
Big Cobra      |14   |9    |  9  |
Big Rat        |16   |7    |  5  |
Big Slug       |8    |2    |  3  |
Blizzard       |90   |453  | 113 |Wizard's Wand
Bullwong       |210  |872  | 110 |Sword of Destruction
Carnivog       |32   |29   |  16 |
Centipod       |21   |14   |  30 |
Cyclops        |115  |327  |  99 |
Dark Eye       |67   |93   |  81 |
Demighost      |48   |44   |  50 |
Dragon Fly     |40   |59   |  43 |
Drakee         |9    |3    |  3  |Club
Enchanter      |40   |37   |  30 |
Evil Clown     |67   |84   |  48 |Staff of Thunder
Evil Eye       |50   |92   |  25 |
Evil Tree      |63   |67   |  45 |
Flame          |55   |245  | 101 |
Gargoyle       |60   |71   |  95 |
Gas            |50   |39   |  30 |
Ghost Mouse    |12   |6    |  6  |Clothes
Ghost Rat      |25   |23   |  15 |
Ghoul          |80   |61   | 100 |
Giant          |155  |515  |  95 |
Gold Batboon   |112  |396  | 100 |Gremlin's Armor
Gold Orc       |100  |63   | 255 |
Goopi          |50   |25   |  28 |
Gorgon         |26   |50   |  30 |Fairy Water
Graboopi       |60   |38   |  30 |Copper Sword
Green Dragon   |95   |350  | 147 |
Gremlin        |62   |52   |  23 |
Hargon         |230  |0    |  0  |
Hargon's Knight|80   |201  | 135 |
Hawk Man       |60   |64   |  45 |Gremlin's Tail
Healer         |25   |15   |  5  |
Hibabango      |60   |81   |  83 |
Hork           |95   |61   |  51 |
Hunter         |65   |67   |  45 |
Iron Ant       |5    |2    |  4  |Medical Herb
Lizard Fly     |15   |27   |  12 |
Mace Master    |158  |617  | 100 |
Magic Ant      |14   |18   |  8  |Lottery Ticket
Magic Baboon   |45   |40   |  45 |
Magician       |15   |10   |  10 |Bamboo Stick
Magic Vampirus |65   |182  | 103 |
Magidrakee     |12   |12   |  10 |
Malroth        |250  |0    |  0  |
Man O' War     |20   |25   |  50 |
Medusa Ball    |42   |36   |  29 |
Mega Knight    |72   |89   |  80 |
Megapede       |20   |33   |  25 |
Metal Babble   |35   |1050 | 255 |
Metal Hunter   |70   |82   | 150 |Broad Sword
Metal Slime    |6    |150  |  50 |
Mud Man        |28   |32   |  35 |
Mummy          |75   |62   |  60 |
Mummy Man      |46   |44   |  40 |
Oswarg         |69   |139  | 105 |
Orc            |60   |61   |  50 |
Orc King       |95   |155  | 130 |
Poison Lily    |46   |31   |  25 |
Puppet Man     |60   |52   | 100 |
Saber Lion     |80   |81   |  85 |
Saber Tiger    |25   |40   |  55 |
Sea Slug       |32   |34   |  80 |Antidote Herb
Silver Batboon |89   |271  |  96 |
Slime          |5    |1    |  2  |
Smoke          |15   |18   |  40 |Clothes
Sorcerer       |55   |72   |  40 |
Titan Tree     |51   |50   |  80 |
Undead         |65   |45   |  40 |
Vampirus       |57   |85   |  49 |
Wild Mouse     |10   |5    |  5  |Medical Herb
Zarlox         |250  |2200 | 255 |
Zombie         |60   |40   |  25 |Leather Armor


Level  |Hero       |Prince     |Princess
1      |0          |0          |0
2      |12         |24         |100
3      |32         |60         |300
4      |72         |110        |600
5      |140        |240        |1,200
6      |280        |380        |2,400
7      |560        |700        |4,200
8      |1,000      |1,300      |6,400
9      |1,800      |2,400      |9,000
10     |2,800      |4,000      |12,000
11     |3,900      |6,000      |16,000
12     |5,300      |8,200      |20,000
13     |7,600      |11,000     |25,000
14     |10,000     |15,000     |31,000
15     |13,000     |19,000     |39,000
16     |17,000     |24,000     |50,000
17     |21,000     |30,000     |65,000
18     |26,000     |37,000     |83,000
19     |32,000     |46,000     |103,000
20     |40,000     |57,000     |125,000
21     |50,000     |70,000     |150,000
22     |62,000     |85,000     |180,000
23     |75,000     |100,000    |220,000
24     |90,000     |116,000    |270,000
25     |107,000    |134,000    |300,000
26     |127,000    |156,000    |330,000
27     |150,000    |182,000    |360,000
28     |175,000    |210,000    |400,000
29     |200,000    |240,000    |450,000
30     |230,000    |280,000    |540,000
31     |260,000    |310,000    |630,000
32     |290,000    |340,000    |730,000
33     |320,000    |380,000    |820,000
34     |350,000    |430,000    |910,000
35     |380,000    |480,000    |1,000,000
36     |410,000    |520,000    |N/A
37     |440,000    |580,000    |N/A
38     |470,000    |640,000    |N/A
39     |500,000    |700,000    |N/A
40     |530,000    |760,000    |N/A
41     |570,000    |820,000    |N/A
42     |620,000    |840,000    |N/A
43     |670,000    |900,000    |N/A
44     |720,000    |960,000    |N/A
45     |770,000    |1,000,000  |N/A
46     |820,000    |N/A        |N/A
47     |870,000    |N/A        |N/A
48     |920,000    |N/A        |N/A
49     |970,000    |N/A        |N/A
50     |1,000,000  |N/A        |N/A

*NOTE* Experience only goes up to 1,000,000.  The hero's maximum level 
is 50, the prince's is 45, and the princess's is 35.

*       PART FOUR : CONCLUSION        *

	This is the end of the Dragon Warrior II Walkthrough.  Perhaps 
this helped you out, but I doubt that there are a whole lot of people 
who still play this game.  I like making these things, so I decided to 
send it out just in case anybody needs it.

	If you have any additions, suggestions, comments, questions, etc, 
etc.... E-Mail me (Dalez) at  I know there are a 
few question marks still in the lists somewhere and I would appreciate 
an accurate list of enemy stats... well, at any rate, see ya (until the 
next walkthrough, that is)!


Well, Enix, of course... for making the game :)
The Game Genie Code "NAZUGV" for making it possible to max out my 
My parents for not throwing me out of the house when I spent 25 hours a 
day on the computer
...and all you guys out there who are reading this!  Thanks for 
downloading the file :)

JC ( for providing me with the Water Flying Cloth 
trick, and the missing info for the Thunder Sword and the Gremlin's Tail 
(as well as a little insight on beating Bazuzu
Blood Scourge ( for pointing out that spells really 
don't work all that well against that Saber Lion
Justin Gunsolus ( for helping me find that !#@$^% 
Thunder Sword
Greg ( for giving me an enemy stats list that was from an 
official? hintbook that was offered at one point in time


Dragon Warrior I
Dragon Warrior III (In Progress, kinda)
The 7th Saga 

*** This document may be distributed freely as long as it is not 
modified in any way (unless you ask my permission first).  Scary, huh? 

--------THE END!!!--------

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