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-   Dragon Warrior III Complete Game Info                    V1.0   -
-   by Dalez (                                  -
-   Last Updated  12/06/99   03:38 AM                               -

	What...?  You were expecting an ASCII art????  :P


I	Introduction
		Background on Dragon Warrior III
		Some helpful tips before you begin
II	The Walkthrough
		The Cave of Enticement
		Kandar and the Stolen Crown
		The Magic Key
		A Quest for Pepper
		The Final Key
		The Search Begins
		The Phantom Ship
		The World of Darkness
		The Final Battle
III	The Lists
		Magic Spells
IV	Conclusion/Credits
		Other FAQs by the same author

*         PART ONE:  THE INTRODUCTION        *

	This, as you may have guessed, is the Dragon Warrior III 
FAQ/Walkthrough!  Here in this file you will find everything you need to 
know to get through this great game from Enix of America!  This file 
consists of a walkthrough, reference lists, and tricks that'll help you 
complete the game more easily!  Here we go!


	Dragon Warrior III (also originally known as Dragon Quest III in 
Japan) was released in the US in 1991.  As many 'sequels' to games got 
worse, the Dragon Warrior series continued to grow and get better; 
Dragon Warrior III featured a world of play that was twice as big as 
that of Dragon Warrior II!  That meant twice the exploration, treasure-
hunting, and most of all, twice the fun!  So, we're looking at a game 
here that is roughly 8 times as large as the Original Dragon Warrior.

	The gameplay is very similar to that of its predecessors.  You 
control a party of adventurers who are on a quest (in this case, to 
defeat the archfiend Baramos).  On this quest, you will venture to many 
towns, meet many people, find many treasures, and battle many monsters.   
There are also numerous puzzles to solve in order to get vital items 
necessary to complete your quest.

	Now that we know a little bit about the game, let's jump right on 
in with the gameplay!


	Before Hargon and the Dragonlord, the world was faced by another 
monster.  He was known throughout the world as the Archfiend Baramos.  
It was decided that if something was not done, then Baramos would spread 
chaos throughout the world and life as we know it would be extinguished.  
There is a boy in the town of Aliahan who is destined to take up a 
quest, a quest to defeat this fiend and restore peace to the land.  
Today is this boy's 16th birthday.  He is to go and meet the King.  
Little does this boy know that he is destined to become a legendary 


	- I can't stress enough the fact that you should TALK TO EVERYONE!  
You never know what information a person may give you until you talk to 
them.  Come back at different points in the game and talk to them 
again... they may have different information to give you.

	- Another fact I can't stress enough is SAVE FREQUENTLY!  It's a 
real pain to have to do two dungeons over again because a thunderstorm 
came suddenly and the power shut off.  Or the cat jumped up on the table 
and made the game freeze, or whatever.  Just SAVE a lot so you don't 
have to worry about that.

	- Goof-offs are, well, just that.  They have a tendency to lay 
back and watch the battles rather than participate in them.  The only 
advantage to a Goof-off is the fact that they can be changed into a Sage 
without the Book of Satori.  But getting a Goof-off up to level 20 to 
get his class changed is easier said than done...

	- The RUN command can be both an asset and a liability.  Sure, 
it's a quick way to travel between towns and dungeons, but you will also 
miss out on gaining experience and gold, which are both vital to your 
quest.  Use it only when you are hurt or truly in a hurry.

	- The effects of some spells are less obvious than others, and 
thus are sometimes overlooked.  For example, the IRONIZE spells turns 
your entire party into iron, making them invincible but unable to 
attack.  This spell is useful when you are fighting a monster (such as a 
MIMIC) that is tough unless it has no MP.  You can IRONIZE your party, 
wait for it to run out of MP, then beat it to a pulp.  Try many 
different things... you never know what the outcome will be!

	- The Merchant has a pretty useful command called "Appraise".  
When you select an item, normally you see three commands... USE, 
TRANSFER, and DISCARD.  If the item is in a merchant's inventory, 
however, the APPRAISE command will appear.  By using this, (s)he can 
take a look at it and give you some basic info about the item.. if it 
has magical properties, how much money you might be able to sell it for, 
and whether or not the item is cursed.

	- Beware of cursed items.  They are much more abundant in this 
adventure than they have been before.  Putting them on will have 
different effects, but some will be much worse than others.

	- REPEL is another one of those spells that should only be used in 
the right situations.  It will keep enemies away for a short time, but 
you don't want to miss out on too much EXP and gold or otherwise you'll 
have to spend more time later building them up again.

	- Remember to equip your items!  It really sucks to find an 
awesome weapon and forget to equip it (especially if you get killed 
because of it).

	Those are a few tips to get you started.  Now, on with the 

*         PART TWO:  THE WALKTHROUGH        *

	As the game opens, you (the Hero) are awakened by your mother.  It 
is your sixteenth birthday, and today is the day that you shall go and 
visit the King.  When your mother gets done talking, you will gain 
control of the Hero.  By pressing the 'A' button, you will bring up a 
menu of commands.  These will serve to do things throughout your 

TALK - This will allow you to speak with a person who is beside you.  
You must be facing the person in order to talk to them.  Talk to 
everyone because you never know what important information you could 
STATUS - This will give you detailed information on your party and/or 
characters.  In this screen, you can check your characters' HP and MP, 
as well as Experience, Gold Pieces, and other attributes such as 
Strength, Vitality, and Agility!
SEARCH - This will you allow you to search the ground at your feet.  You 
will need to search to find several of the valuable items throughout the 
SPELL - With this command, you will be able to cast a spell.  Most 
classes can use spells, but keep in mind that not all spells can be used 
while walking around.  You can't cast Firebal unless you're in a battle, 
for example.
ITEM - This command lets you use one of the items in your inventory.  
Select the character and the item that you wish to use.  Items have many 
different effects -- experiment and find out!
EQUIP - This command lets you equip weapons and armor that you will find 
or purchase throughout your adventure.  Equipment includes weapons, 
armor, shields, and helmets.  You must equip your things in order to use 
them in battle.  Always equip something as soon as get it (but after 
making sure it's not cursed :P)

	Also, if you stand still for a few seconds, a mini-status screen 
will pop up.  This displays each character's Name, Hit Points, Magic 
Points, Class, and Level.

	Now we can get started with the game!


	Go and talk to your mother and she will lead you out of the house 
and to the castle.  Follow the path straight ahead and soon you will 
reach the Castle of Aliahan.  You'll want to spend some time walking 
around in the castle, talking to people, to gain some information.  As 
you walk around, you will see many doors.  Unfortunately, these doors 
are locked and can't be opened unless you have the proper key.  The 
yellow ones can be opened with the Thief's Key, which we can get 
shortly.  But for now, the areas behind the doors are inaccessible.

	Go up the stairs (walk over top of them) and talk to the King.  He 
will tell you of your quest, to defeat the Archfiend Baramos, before he 
destroys the world.  He will also give you some money for your party.  
It really isn't much, but you will be able to buy something with it.
Then, head back out into the town.  Wander around here as well, talking 
to people and gaining even more information.  The first thing you should 
do is go to the eatery and gather your companions.  There are three 
characters (a soldier, a wizard, and a pilgrim) already waiting for you 
in the tavern.  But if you wish, you can go upstairs and create 
completely new characters of your own.  The choice is up to you, but the 
recommended party is the Hero, a Soldier, a Wizard, and a Pilgrim.  Once 
you get your four characters, you should browse around in the shops of 


INN - 2 G


CLUB			30 G

	Wow.  So much equipment and so little Gold.  Here is a list of the 
equipment that you will eventually need to buy from this town.

HERO - Leather Shield
SOLD - Copper Sword, Leather Shield
WIZD - Wayfarer's Clothes
PILG - Copper Sword, Leather Armor, Leather Shield

	Well, when you are ready and have bought whatever you can afford 
(you should sell your old equipment at the TOOL SHOP as soon as you buy 
the new stuff), head out of the town.  You will now be in the outer 
world, where there are nasty monsters here to fight you.  Bleah!  You 
should walk around the fields around Aliahan and chop up monsters to 
gain experience points and Gold.  The more experience you gain, the 
stronger you will become, and the more gold you get, the more nifty 
weapons and items you can buy!

	You should fight around the castle until you (the Hero) reach 
level 4.  The levels will be a bit odd as everyone progresses 
differently (see the Experience Table at the end of this FAQ for more 
details).  At this time you should have bought most of the equipment 
from the weapon shop (hopefully).  

	Now, our first task is to find the Thief's Key that will allow us 
to open all those pesky locked doors.  You have probably (well, almost 
certainly) noticed that tower that is on the island west of Aliahan.  It 
would seem that there is no way to get to it, but there is a cave that 
leads to it.  To get to the cave, cross the bridge and circle around the 
island where the tower is.  The cave is on a promontory (thus, the Cave 
on the Promontory) and you should have no trouble finding it.

	Once inside the cave, you will be in a room with two stairways -- 
one going up and one going down.  The one going up leads back outside, 
so take the one going down.  Follow the path through the cave and you 
will soon come to a larger room.  Here the path forks... you can go 
north or take the passage in the southeast.  Take the southeast passage 
and you will come to a room with a treasure chest in it.  Take the 
treasure chest using the SEARCH command and you will find a MEDICAL 
HERB.  Keep it, you may need it later on!

	Go back and take the northern passage.  The cave gets very narrow 
at this point.  When you come out again, you will come to another large 
room with a treasure chest.  In this chest you will find some WAYFARER'S 
CLOTHES.  Put them on the Wizard if you haven't bought any for him yet.  
Otherwise, hold on to them until you can get back to town and sell them.  
You'll notice that the path branches again.. there are ways go to 
southeast, northeast, and north.  Take the north passage and you will 
see a chest in the corner.  Take it to obtain 16 GOLD and then head back 
south.  Don't worry about following the path anymore, it just connects 
with the southeast branch.  Now the only way left to go is into the tiny 
room to the east, which contains a stairway leading back up.

	We are now in the area under the tower.  Head east and you'll come 
to an intersection.  In the very southern part of this room, you'll find 
a stairway going up into the tower.  Don't take it just yet, however.  
Instead, go north, and at the very top of the corridor, go into the west 
room.  You will find 32 GOLD in the chest.  Now, head back down and take 
the stairs leading up into the Tower of Najima.

	Head north, and you will see rooms on the left and right.  Both 
are dead ends, so ignore them and continue north.  You will then see a 
stairway leading down on the left.  Here you will find a rare sight -- 
an inn!  Take advantage of it and sleep here to regain your lost HP and 
MP before continuing!  After resting, head straight to the right into 
the next room, and take the stairway leading up.  On the second floor, 
make your way west and north, and into the room in the upper-left.  Here 
you will find a treasure chest containing 40 GOLD.  Then head right into 
the next room, and take the next set of stairs up to floor 3.

	In this small isolated room, you will find one treasure chest.  
Open it up and take the LEATHER HELMET.  Then, put it on the Hero!  
You'll need all the equipment you can get, as well!  Now, head back down 
and go south.  Follow this path around and enter the room in the 
southwest corner.  Take these stairs to go back up to floor 3.  Head 
north and you will see a snaking corridor to the east.  Along this 
corridor there are two rooms north (which connect) and two rooms south.  
The first room to the south contains stairs leading up, and the second 
one contains a WING OF WYVERN.  Once you get the chest, go back and 
enter the first south room and take the stairs up to the top floor.  
There you will find the old man who stole the key from Bakor the thief 
(rather ironic, huh?).  He says that he gave the Thief's Key to you in a 
dream he had, and so he decides to give you the Key anyway (that didn't 
make sense, did it?).  Oh well, at least now we have the Thief's Key!  
It will open all doors with simple locks (meaning the yellow/wooden 

	Now we have to get back to Aliahan.  The simplest way of doing 
this is walking off the tower's edge and using a WING OF WYVERN.  But, 
there is a quick way to get some treasure if you are up for it.  Fall 
off the edge and re-enter the tower.  Go down the stairs to enter the 
underground area, and go straight north (all the way).  Then, as you 
head east, you'll notice a wooden door along the southern wall.  Open it 
with our new-found key and enter the room.  Inside you will find a 
MEDICAL HERB and an AGILITY SEED, which will increase one member's 
AGILITY by 1-3.   Always use seeds immediately before you forget about 
them or (even worse) sell or drop them.

	Exit this room and head east and north.  Here you will find stairs 
that lead to a clearing in the forest, to the northwest of Aliahan.  
Just head south and east, and you will find yourself back at the town in 
no time.  :)

	When you get back to town, search around the town and castle and 
unlock any of those doors that you find.  You will learn about a Magic 
Ball that can break seals, and that there is an old man in the village 
of Reeve who can make one.  Remember that you should also come back at 
night because sometimes people will say different things!

--------THE CAVE OF ENTICEMENT--------

	When you are done, head for the village of Reeve, which is a 
little ways north from that clearing where we came out of the tower 


TURBAN		160 G	

INN - 2 G


	Equipment you will need to buy eventually from this town...

HERO - Chain Sickle
SOLD - Chain Sickle, Leather Helmet
WIZD - Magic Knife, Leather Helmet
PILG - Chain Sickle, Leather Helmet

	In Reeve, there is an old man who will give you the Magic Ball 
(you must use the Thief's Key in order to enter his house).  Don't 
forget this, you'll need it if you want to go on!

	While you're at it, you should also hang around Reeve (the area to 
the east holds monsters that you fought in the tower) and build your 
levels until the Hero reaches level 8.  By then you should have acquired 
most of the equipment that you need.  You should also take along an 
ANTIDOTE HERB or two just in case you get poisoned by a Babble.

	When you have reached level 8, head back to Reeve and rest (and 
Aliahan to SAVE if you wish), then head back to the east.  You'll notice 
a very small lake and a shrine right before you get to the lake.  Inside 
the shrine you will find an old man who asks you if you have the Magic 
Ball.  Upon saying "yes", he will tell you that you must now go to the 
Cave of Enticement, which is near a spring.  That spring is the small 
lake that is just about due north of here.  Walk up to the spring and 
walk around behind it and you will see a small hole in the ground.  Walk 
over this hole and you will descend into the Cave of Enticement.

	Follow the path and you will find an old man grumbling that the 
stairway is blocked off by a wall.  Walk up to the wall (stand on either 
of the 2 charred spaces in the floor) and use the Magic Ball.  The wall 
will crumble away, allowing you to continue on into the cave!  Descend 
the stairs.  This cave can be rather confusing but it's not too bad.  
Above you, in the room on the right, is a stairway leading down.  This 
is where you will come up if you are unfortunate enough to fall into a 
pit while trying to navigate through the cave.  Continue into the room 
on the left and you will find the stairway leading down that we need to 
get to, but it is blocked off by a pit.  That means we're gonna have to 
take the long way around...

	As you walk north you'll come across a pit that snakes along the 
corridor, denying you access to the northern part of this floor.  Walk 
into the room on the left that is closest to the pit, and follow the 
corridor around.  You'll now be on the north side of the pit.  The 
passage directly to the right does the same; it connects to the south 
side of the pit.  Now, head north and into the passage on the left to 
get an ANTIDOTE HERB.  Now head into the right passage.  Head right 
until you hit the wall, and take the right-hand southern passage.  
Follow this corridor all the way down to the south side of the floor.  
When you come out in the main hallway, take the middle passage on the 
left to get a MAGIC KNIFE.  Then head up and take the left passage 
closest to the pit and you'll find that it connects around to the 
stairs.  YAY!

	Go downstairs, and you will find that the passage branches off in 
3 directions, all three leading south.  Take the left passage (the other 
two lead to dead-ends).  Follow it until its end and step through the 
travel door.  You will be whisked away to a small shrine nestled in the 
grassy areas to the south of the castle of Romaly... which is our next 
destination.  Head for the castle!



INN - 3 G



	As always, you will want to buy new equipment...

HERO -- Broad Sword, Chain Armor, Bronze Shield
SOLD -- Broad Sword, Chain Armor, Bronze Shield
WIZD -- None
PILG -- Iron Spear, Chain Armor, Bronze Shield

	* A BIG NOTE * DW3 has one very interesting feature that makes it 
a lot more fun to play than the previous two in the DW series... 
GAMBLING!  We all love it, don't try to deny it...  I know how many 
hours you've spent at the slot machines...

	Below the weapon/armor/tool shop, there is a monster ring.  This 
is a place where monsters slug it out with each other until the death.  
This may be fun to watch, but what makes it even funner is making bets 
on which one will kill the others.  Lots of money can be made this way, 
but lots can be lost, too, so be careful.  Gamble only with the money 
you don't need (unless you're feeling lucky :P)

	As always, go around talking to all the people of Romaly, 
gathering information.  At the castle, you will find out that a thief 
(named Kandar) has stolen the crown and ran off with it to the Tower of 
Shanpane, to the northwest.  Since you are such strong, brave, heroes... 
he asks you to help.  So, help the king out, would you?

	But before we go poking around in towers, we should at least gain 
some levels.  You should hang around Romaly until you get up to level 
10, and by then you should be able to purchase some equipment from the 
shop.  Once you are level 10 and have at least some of the equipment in 
town, it's time to head out again :)

	In town, you heard that Kandar is in the Tower of Shanpane and he 
is gathering accomplices.  Sufficed to say, we aren't yet strong enough 
to take him on, even though you just spent all that time getting up 
levels... so for now, head north from Romaly.  Head through the narrow 
path through the mountains and you will find the village of Kanave.


INN - 4 G



	New equipment to buy in the village of Kanave...

HERO - Half Plate Armor, Iron Shield
SOLD - Half Plate Armor, Iron Shield

	*NOTE* If you go back to the village of Kanave at night, you can 
get a good weapon for the Wizard at the tool shop.  Unlock the door that 
leads into the back of the tool shop with the Thief's Key and you will 
see the merchant sleeping.  Head into the store to the west, and take 
the two treasure chests.  Inside you will find the POISON NEEDLE and a 
CLUB.  The Poison Needle is one of the best weapons for a Wizard because 
if you're lucky, the needle will pierce a vital spot in the enemy and 
bring it down in one hit.

	Once you have stopped and gathered information and bought the 
equipment you need, continue on to the north.  You will come across 
ANOTHER town, called Noaniels.  But when you enter, you will find that 
things aren't quite right... everyone is asleep!  You also may have 
heard in Kanave that the elves where angered by the people of Noaniels 
and thus cast a sleeping spell on the entire town.  There is only one 
person in the town who is not asleep, and he lives in a house in the 
southwest corner of town.  You will find out that the reason that the 
village is sleeping is because the Dream Ruby was stolen from the elves 
by a person of this village.  To appease the elves, you should bring the 
Dream Ruby back to them ASAP!  He will also tell you that the village of 
the elves is hidden in the forest to the west.

	As you head west of Noaniels, you will find a cave and a patch of 
forest that looks different from all the others (it is pretty obvious), 
which is the village of the elves.  Enter the village and you will find 
that the elves are quite hostile to humans, and refuse to talk to you or 
sell you items.  Upon talking to the old man and the queen, you will 
find that Anna, the queen's daughter, fell in love with the old man's 
son, who was from Noaniels.  Anna took the Dream Ruby with her, and they 
both disappeared.  The queen assumed it was the boy's fault, and cast 
the sleeping spell over the entire village.  The only way to wake up 
Noaniels is to find the Dream Ruby and bring it back to the queen.

	The Dream Ruby, as you may have guessed, is located in the cave 
that is south of town.  Around town, you will fight rather strong 
enemies, so get up to level 11 before entering the cave, going back to 
the inn in Kanave when you run low on HP.  Once you are ready, enter the 
cave and begin the search for the Dream Ruby!

	This cave is rather rough.  The enemies are pretty strong, so 
bring plenty of Medical Herbs along.  Follow the corridor south and 
enter the first room on the west.  Take the chest in the southwest 
corner, which contains a WING OF WYVERN.  Head back out to the right, 
and continue south.  In the next room to the left, there is a priest who 
tells you that there is a healing spring somewhere in this cave.  And by 
the time you get there, you're gonna throw yourself in front of it and 
worship that thing.

	Follow the corridor, and as it turns to the right, enter the room 
to the north.  In this room there is another chest that contains 288 
GOLD.  Pocket the cash and then head out of this room, and follow the 
corridor right and south.  At the end of the corridor there are two 
paths, one leading west and one leading south.  Take the one leading 
south and go down the stairs.  Go down the next flight of stairs and 
pick up the ACORNS OF LIFE in the chest.  This is a great item that 
increases one character's max HP!  Use it on the character with the 
lowest HP.

	Head northwest and take these stairs back up, and then take the 
ones in the next small room as well.  You will now be in the room that 
could be reached by going left at the two-way branch.  There are two 
stairways leading down.  The one on the right is the one you came from 
(obviously) so take the left one.  As you go down the stairs, you'll see 
the healing spring to the north.  Follow the path around and step on the 
middle square, and your party's HP and MP will be completely filled!  
Now is the time to start rejoicing.  You will definitely want to take 
advantage of this spring and hang around here in the cave and fight 
monsters.  You should be able to get up to level 12 rather easily down 

	When you are ready to continue onward, head back around and take 
the path leading to the left.  Continue to the north, and follow this 
corridor until it opens into a larger room with ways leading west and 
north.  Head north and into the room on the right to obtain a STRENGTH 
SEED, which will increase one character's STRENGTH.  Chances are that 
your Wizard does more spell-casting than attacking, so give it to either 
the Hero or the Soldier.  Now, go west, out of this room, and continue 
west into the next room.  In the corner of this room you will find a 
MAGIC KNIFE, which you will want to sell as soon as you get back to a 
town.  Go back east, and back to the larger room where the path split.  
Go west and take the stairs leading down at the end of the passage.

	Follow this path and you will come to a larger room with a 
stairway leading down, and here the path splits in many directions.  
First, head south and into the room on the right to get 80 GOLD.  The 
room on the left is empty, so head back to the stairway, but don't go 
down it because it leads to a dead-end anyway.  Instead, go west and 
you'll enter an even larger area with even more ways to go.

	First, head south and into the first room on the right.  This is a 
very small room with a stairway and a chest.  You might end up hitting 
the stairway when you first enter, if that happens just go back up.  Get 
the chest, which contains some FAIRY WATER.  Remember where these stairs 
are, and go back west.  Head south and into the next room on the right 
to get 48 GOLD.  Exit this small room and go back north.  Take the path 
on the left and go south to get one final chest, which contains 224 
GOLD.  Now that we have completely looted the cave, go back to those 
stairs leading down and take them.

	*WHEW*!  We're finally on the bottom floor of the cave!  Follow 
the path and cross the bridge to get to the island where the Dream Ruby 
is kept, in the midst of a circle of stones.  Take up the treasure 
chest, and you will find the DREAM RUBY, as well as a message.  The 
message is from Anna to her mother, saying that if her love for the old 
man's son is forbidden in this world, then they would go and be together 
in the afterlife.

	Anna and the old man's son are dead, but the village of Noaniels 
can still be saved.  Cast the wizard's spell of OUTSIDE (if you have 
enough MP) and you'll find yourself at the entrance to the cave.  Now 
get out of here and head back to the village of the elves.

	When you give the Ruby to the queen, she will give you some Wake-
Up Powder in return and send you on your way.  You may have saved the 
Ruby, but that doesn't mean that the queen likes humans now.  Oh well, 
head out of the village and go back to Noaniels and use the Wake-Up 
Powder, and everybody will wake up.  The village is saved!

	Now that the village is back to normal, you can go around and 
gather information and purchase equipment!  The first thing I'm sure 
you'll want to do is go to the inn and REST!


INN - 5 G


	One particular item of interest is the Cloak of Evasion, a very 
nice piece of armor for the wizard, although it is quite expensive.  If 
you have the patience to stick around and raise enough money to buy it, 
then by all means, do it!  The Wizard's Wand is also a nice item, but it 
might be a better idea to stick with the Poison Needle.

	The villagers will be very thankful (of course) for your good 
deed, and give you useful information.  You'll learn that you can find 
the Magic Key in Assaram, which is a town east of Romaly.  But before we 
go there, we have to get that crown back from Kandar!

	The tower of Shanpane is where Kandar has made his hideout.  The 
tower is located southwest of Kanave, and you shouldn't have much 
trouble finding it.  When you enter the tower, follow the path around 
until you reach a large area where the path splits.  To the southeast is 
the stairs leading up.  If you head west and north, you will find a man 
who tells you that this is the Tower of Shanpane (as if you didn't know 
that already!), and if you head west and south, you can pick up a WING 
OF WYVERN.  When you are done messing around down here, head to the 
stairs leading up and take them up to floor 2.

	On the second floor, you will find yourself in an enclosed area, 
with a path leading west into the main area.  Here, head north and 
follow the edge of the tower around to the northeast corner.  Go down 
into the next room and ascend these stairs up to floor 3.  On the third 
floor, head east and follow the towers edge and enter the room that you 
come to.  In this room there is a chest that contains 384 GOLD.  Go back 
to the stairway and head west.  The first passage north leads to a room 
with another smart guy who tells you that there are thieves in the 
tower.  DUH!

	Head west and follow the tower's edge and enter the room in the 
northwest corner.  In this room there is a stairway that leads up to 
floor 4.  Head to the south and you will find that there is one big room 
on this floor with a doorway leading into it.  This door must be 
unlocked with the Thief's Key, and inside it is the stairs that lead up 
to floor 5.  Here you will find two of Kandar's henchman who see you and 
immediately run upstairs to warn the boss of your arrival.  Follow them 
up the stairs to floor 6, the top floor of the tower.

	Here you will Kandar and his three henchman.  He will congratulate 
you on getting this far, and then dump you into a pitfall that drops you 
back down to floor 5.  Go back up the stairs and you will find that 
Kandar and his men are gone, and they took the treasure with them.   But 
where in the world could they have escaped to that fast?  Walk off the 
north edge of this floor and you will fall down to floor 4, where Kandar 
and his three men are waiting.  When you approach them, he'll attack!

	Beating Kandar and his three men isn't all that hard if you know 
what you're doing.  The first thing you should do is put Kandar to SLEEP 
and concentrate on getting rid of his three henchmen.  The Wizard's 
IceBolt and Firebal spells work well against them.  You should also have 
your pilgrim cast SpeedUP on your allies.  Then, after you take care of 
his henchmen, work on beating Kandar.  Your party should be faster than 
Kandar because of the SpeedUP spell, so if anybody is hurt, have the 
pilgrim cast a heal spell on them.  Once Kandar is defeated (he has 
about 150 HP), he will give up.  Agree to let him go in exchange for the 
Golden Crown.  Kandar and his men will leave the tower and you can pick 
up the treasure chest which contains the GOLDEN CROWN!  Take this back 
to the king of Romaly immediately!

	When you take the crown back to the King, he will crown you King 
(you have no choice but to accept)!  All of a sudden you find yourself 
sitting on the throne of Romaly.  Hmmm...  but your quest isn't going to 
just complete itself.  It would be nice to rule Romaly, but 
unfortunately you have a world to save.  Go to the fight ring 
(downstairs in the weapon shop) and talk to the old king.  When you tell 
him that you tire of being King, he will understand that is indeed 
better for you to continue on with your quest.  Now you'll be back in 
the throne room, and you can continue on with your quest!

--------THE MAGIC KEY--------

	Well, our work here at Romaly is done, so let's continue on with 
the journey!  From before, you may remember that you can find a Magic 
Key in the town of Assaram.  This town is located east of Romaly.  From 
Romaly, head north a little ways and head to the east.  Cross the bridge 
and head south.  Eventually you will come to the town of Assaram!


INN - 7 G






	OK, if you notice something strange about Tool Shop #2 and Weapon 
Shop #2, then you're right.  They are total wastes of money.  First of 
all, when he shows you his items (which he MAKES you do), there are no 
price tags.  And when you DO select an item, he charges you an 
outrageous 16 times the price of what it would normally cost.  By saying 
'No', you can bring the price down, but the final price is still twice 
that of what you could normally buy it for.  Put simply, stay away from 
these shops!  The owner of Weapon Shop #3 sleeps during the day, so if 
you want to buy battle axes for the Hero and Soldier, you'll have to 
come back during the night.
One other note... the Revealing Swimsuit in Weapon Shop #1 is a BIG 
waste of money.  For 78000 G you can put it on a female character and 
put their defense up by 1.  The only 'special' thing it does is change 
the character's appearance.

	The only equipment you'll need to buy from here is...

HERO - Battle Axe
SOLD - Battle Axe

	You will learn in town that there is a big desert to the southwest 
where there is a kingdom known as Isis.  You will also learn that there 
is an old man in a shrine near the desert who knows where the Magic Key 
is.  If you're not level 13 already (which you should be), hang around 
Assaram and gain experience.  Then, when you're ready, head to the 
southwest.  You should have no problem finding the desert, but the 
kingdom of Isis seems to be nowhere in sight.  In the southwest corner 
of the desert, you'll find an oasis surrounded by forest.  Walk onto the 
southwest patch of trees and you will find the castle.



INN - 10 G



	Equipment you will need to buy (eventually) from the town of 

HERO -- Full Plate Armor
SOLD -- Giant Shears, Full Plate Armor

	...but you probably won't be able to afford any of it at this 
point.  Oh well.  When you go to the castle, you will find that there 
isn't a King, there's a queen!  There is also a lot of treasure in the 
castle, but you can't get to it unless you have the Magic Key.  Speaking 
of which, we should find that old man in the shrine, so head back out of 
the town.

	But before we do, there is a rather nice item in the Castle called 
the Meteorite Armband.  With this item on, your agility will be 
_doubled_!  To find it, enter the castle of Isis (which is inside the 
town), and walk west, between the gap in the trees.  Head straight north 
and you will find a hidden wall.. keep going north and you will find 
some stairs going down.  Head down into the basement and at the bottom 
you will find the chest that contains the METEORITE ARMBAND!  It may be 
a good idea to equip it on a Pilgrim... that way he can get those 
healing spells out faster in battle ;)

	Now, head back out of the castle, and go to the east and south, 
and you should find the shrine, surrounded by swamp area.  You'll have 
to be careful in the swamp because every step you take in it drains your 
HP.  He will tell you that the Magic Key is in the Pyramid to the north 
of the castle.  He will also give you the location of the castle (which 
is pretty much useless to you now).  So, now it's time to head for the 
Pyramid and finally get that key!

	When you first enter the Pyramid, head straight north.  Stop 
before you come to the first open room.  Don't walk out into the middle 
of the room, because there are pitfalls there designed to dump you down 
into the basement.  Instead, walk along the outer edges.  There is an 
empty chest to the left, and also to the right.  So just head north and 
you should come across open area that looks the same as the first.  
Again, walk along the edges as not to fall down.  To the left there are 
three treasure chests.  The top one is empty, and the other two are 
actually Man-Eater Chests.. enemies that look exactly like treasure 
chests... who like to fool greedy adventurers.  They are rather tough, 
so stay away from them if at all possible.  To the right of this second 
room is two green statues, as well as the path that leads to the next 
area of the Pyramid.  Follow the path until you reach a stairway leading 

	Now this floor is comprised mostly of very narrow passages.  Head 
west, and then when the path branches south, go south.  You will now be 
in a four-way intersection.  Head west and you'll be in another 
intersection (notice that the way north is a dead-end) and head west one 
last time.  You'll now be along the west wall of the floor.  Just so 
you'll know, the path to the north leads back down to floor 1 where 
there are three treasure chests, and the path to the south leads to 
ANOTHER empty chest and a dead-end.  Go back east, and go all the way 
south, so that now you are along the south wall of the floor.  Head east 
to find the stairs going up to floor 3 and get off this floor!

	On floor 3, there are three paths to the north (northwest, north, 
and northeast).  Directly to the north is a stone wall that cannot be 
unlocked or moved.  First, go east.  To the south you will notice to 
little dead-ends to the south.  In these nooks there are actually 
switches.  Go to the one on the right and push the switch.  Then go back 
to the stairs leading down.  Go west and you will find two more little 
dead-ends.  Go to the west nook and push the switch.  Once you do this, 
the boulder will crumble away and allow you to pass.  Inside there are 
two treasure chests, and much to everyone's surprise, THEY'RE NOT EMPTY!  
Here you will find a VITALITY SEED and the MAGIC KEY!  Be sure to use 
the Vitality Seed on the person with the lowest value.

	*NOTE* When you get the Magic Key, you can get rid of the Thief's 
Key by putting it in the vault at Aliahan.  The Magic Key not only opens 
iron doors, but it can open the yellow wooden ones as well.

	Now that we've got the Magic Key, head back to the stairs leading 
down.  Head east (where the two nooks are) and follow the path north.  
You will reach a stairway leading up to floor 4.  Take it.  Here you 
will find a big iron door.  Unlock it with our new-found Magic Key and 
you will find a motherlode of treasure... 12 chests in all!

	But, as you may have guessed, there is a catch.  Each time you 
open a chest, you will be attacked by 4 Mummy Men.  This may be a great 
way to get experience, but it is also a good way to get killed if you 
are not careful.  If you're running low on HP, forget about the rest, 
come back for it once you are healed.  The treasures are, clockwise from 
the northwest, 176 GOLD, 40 GOLD, STRENGTH SEED, 80 GOLD, AGILITY SEED, 
24 GOLD.

	When you are done looting this room, there is a stairway in the 
southern part of the room that leads up to floor 5.  Unlock the door 
with the Magic Key and pick up the FLASHY CLOTHES in the treasure chest.  
Hang on to them for now, only a Goof-off can equip them.  In this room 
you'll also find the stairs leading up to the top of the Pyramid, but 
there's nothing up there so don't bother with it.  Instead, cast the 
OUTSIDE spell.  Go back to the castle of Isis and heal.  Then, go back 
to the Pyramid.  If you fell down one of the pitfalls you would probably 
know where the basement is, but for those who don't, head west along the 
outside of the pyramid as soon as you enter.  You should see the stairs 
leading down, into the basement.

	Once in the basement, follow the path until you reach the first 
open area.  In the northeast corner of this room you may notice that the 
sand makes a + shape.  Stand in the middle of this + shape, and SEARCH.  
You will find a hidden stairway that leads down to B2.  Take it and 
unlock the iron door with the Magic Key.  This hallowed path leads to a 
casket, that when searched, reveals a great treasure.. the Golden Claw!  
This is a very good weapon for a Fighter, but there is an even better 
use for it, as you will soon see.

	*NOTE* The Golden Claw is both a blessing and a curse.  This item 
is a nice weapon for a Fighter, but the problem is, the enemy encounter 
rate goes to the moon.  You will find yourself in a battle every few 
steps.  The real use for this item is to sell it!

	So, go back out of the basement.  Unfortunately, spells are broken 
in the basement of the Pyramid, so that means you can't heal yourself, 
escape, or anything!  So go back up out of the pyramid the long way, 
then cast RETURN to get back to Isis quickly.  Go to the tool shop and 
sell the Flashy Clothes and the Golden Claw... which sells for a 
whopping 11,250 GOLD!

	That oughta give enough cash to pay for the rest of the equipment 
around here if you haven't gotten it all already.  It is probably 
inevitable that you are level 14 by now (thanks to all those Mummy Men), 
so we don't have to worry about that.  Once you have got the Magic Key 
and the Golden Claw, you are done here at the Pyramid, so head back to 
Isis.  Hang around until it gets dark, and then it's time to go back to 
the castle and ransack all those treasure chests!  Hee hee...

	In the castle you will find two locked rooms with four chests each 
in them.  In the left room you will find 64 GOLD, 72 GOLD, a WING OF 
WYVERN, and an INTELLIGENCE SEED.  And, in the right room, you'll find 
GOLD.  Also, if you go into the queen's bedroom (it's in the top floor -
- you'll need to unlock the door with the MAGIC KEY), she'll tell you 
that she is happy that you came to meet her and she has a gift for you.  
Search in front of her and you'll find the WIZARD'S RING, an item that 
will restore one ally's MP.

	Speaking of ransacking, remember that big treasure room back in 
Aliahan castle?  Yep, go back there and find that room in the castle, 
and unlock it with the Magic Key.  Inside are six more treasure chests!  
Here you'll find a WING OF WYVERN, 128 GOLD, a STRENGTH SEED, 336 GOLD, 
an AGILITY SEED, and a FIGHTING SUIT.  Now, we're done ransacking, so 
it's time to get on with the adventure.

	Now head back to Assaram and explore the rest of the locked doors 
there.  Behind one of the doors is a man who tells you that there is a 
secret passage going east, but a dwarf is living in the cave and won't 
let anyone pass.  He also says that maybe if he asks the King of 
Portoga, who is friends with the dwarf, he will be able to pass.  There 
is someone else (behind the other locked door) who tells you that if you 
have business with the head of the dancing troupe, then you should come 
back at night.  So, go out and hang around until nightfall, then go back 
and enter the door in the theatre.  She will tell you the same thing, 
that the dwarf Norud in the east cave refuses to let anyone through.  
Looks like we'll have to go and talk to the King of Portoga!

--------A QUEST FOR PEPPER--------

	The Kingdom of Portoga has been inacessible because of the fact 
that the shrine that leads there was locked by the infamous Magic Key.  
But now that we have it, we can go there.  The shrine to Portoga is 
slightly to the northwest of the Kingdom of Romaly.  Open the shrine 
with the key and go down the stairs.  As you walk, you'll notice a 
barred door to the south which cannot be opened just yet.  Just ignore 
it and come out on the other side of the shrine.  The town of Portoga is 
the southeast corner of the island (it's not really all that big).



INN - 10 G

	As you head to the north and west, you'll find the castle on a 
small island in the middle of the water.  Enter the castle (which is 
really small) and you'll notice three treasure chests in the middle of 
some damage zones, in a room locked with a wooden door.  You can go in 
there and grab the chests, but watch out for those damage zones.  They 
sap 15 HP with each step!  Inside the chests are 88 GOLD, a VITALITY 

	Grab the treasure and then talk to the King.  He will tell you 
that he will give you a ship if you will give him in return some black 
pepper.  He says that pepper can be found in a town far to the east.  Of 
course, we know that the only way to get there is through that cave, but 
that blasted dwarf refuses to let anyone through.  So, the King gives 
you a Royal Scroll to show to Norud.  Hopefully if you show him this, 
he'll let you through the cave!

	BTW, you may want to hang around Portoga and gather EXP and Gold.  
You should get up to level 15, which shouldn't really take all that 

	When you're done, cast the priceless RETURN spell and head back to 
Assaram, then go into the tunnel to the northeast.  Follow the path 
(there are no enemies and the path is pretty straight-forward) and 
unlock the wooden door.  Soon you will reach the home of Norud the 
Dwarf.    You can take the two treasure chests (I won't tell anybody :)) 
and get a CLUB and a TRAINING SUIT.  If you talk to him, he'll give you 
the cold shoulder and tell you to get lost, but then use the Royal 
Scroll (you must be next to him).  Now he will gladly show you the 
secret passage that leads to the eastern lands.

	After Norud opens the passage, follow the tunnel until you reach 
the exit.  You will come out in the lands to the east of the kingdom of 
Romaly.  This is a pretty large open area, but it's not all that bad.  
Head south as far as you can (until you hit the coastline).  Then, head 
a little ways to the east and you should come across the town of 
Baharata.  Here you will be able to find the pepper that the King of 
Portoga wants.


INN - 12 G


	But (as usually is the case), there is a problem.  The pepper 
seller (who's name is Galen) is not selling pepper because his bride-to-
be (Tania) was recently kidnapped.  When you talk to Tania's grandfather 
(the old guy in the southern part of town), Galen races off to rescue 
her.  You will also learn in the town that the kidnappers live in a 
nearby cave.  Well, you can't just let the guy go off on his own, can 
you?  He's the only way we're gonna get pepper, so you'd better follow 

	You should rest at the inn, and then head out for the kidnapper's 
hideout.  Cross the bridge to the right, then head north.   You should 
see another bridge on the left.  Cross it and you will find the cave.  
Not hard, but getting there isn't the problem.  You'll soon find that 
the layout of this cave is very confusing indeed, because it is 
primarily made up of a bunch of intersections.  From the stairs, head 
west into the first room.  Now, go north until you can't go any further.  
After a room or two, there will be a passage north but you can't go 
through it.  That's because there's a trick here to make the cave even 
worse.  Use the Thief's Key.  The door (which is on the other side and 
can't even be seen) will open, and you can go to the north.

	Now you'll be the northeast corner of the cave, with two treasure 
chests in this very room.  The one to the east contains 552 GOLD, but 
the other is a Man-Eater Chest.  Now head west.  In this next room, 
there is another door as well as another chest.  Inside is some FAIRY 
WATER.  Continue to the west once more, and now you'll be in the 
northwest corner.  There are two more chests to be found here, 
containing 232 GOLD and a MEDICAL HERB.  Unlock the door with the 
Thief's Key and head south until you can't go any further.  Along the 
way you will meet a guard who tells you that he saw a man go straight 
south.  He also gives you a clue about the "invisible" doors.

	Once you go south as far as you can, you will hit another door 
that can't be seen.  So, use the key again and the door will open, 
allowing you to go south.  To the west (which is the southwest corner of 
the cave) there is another Man-Eater chest, so instead head all the way 
east (to the southeast corner) and you will find a stairway leading 

	Take it, and on the next basement level you will see a path 
leading west and a door to the south.  Go west until you stop.  You 
guessed it, another door... only this one is locked with the Magic Key 
instead.  Open it and enter the treasure room.  Take up the four 
treasure chests, and you will find a STRENGTH SEED, AGILITY SEED, 
INTELLIGENCE SEED, and ACORNS OF LIFE.  Hmmm... oh well, just use 'em. 

	Now, head back east and unlock that door to the south.  Go south 
and you will walk straight smack into the kidnapper's hideout.  As soon 
as you enter the room, two guards stop you and ask if you're here to 
join them (yeah, right!).

	When you say 'no', they (along with the other two guards who must 
be eating donuts there in the middle of the room) will attack.  You will 
recognize them as Kandar Henchmen, and they shouldn't be all that hard 
to take care of.  Just put them to sleep and beat the living daylights 
out of them.

	Once you defeat the guards, head down and you will find both Galen 
and Tania locked up (boy he did a good job at saving her...).  The 
switch that opens the doors is plainly visible at the end of the 
southern corridor.  Step on the switch and they will be freed.  They 
will prance around happily and agree to get married, and then leave.  
However, they don't get very far because good ol' Kandar and more of his 
men are waiting for them right at the exit to this room.

	Again, you'll have to fight Kandar, but this time he's only got 
two of his men to back him up.  It's gonna be a little harder this time 
around because you can't easily put Kandar to sleep.  Still, take out 
his men first, then work on Kandar.  Remember to have the Pilgrim heal 
any characters who are running low on HP.  All in all, you shouldn't 
have to much of a problem taking care of Kandar (again).

	After you kick his butt, he'll beg and plead for his life (haven't 
we done this before?) and once again you have no choice but to accept.  
But don't worry!  He's REALLY seen the error of his ways this time.  

	Anyway, after the fight you should cast OUTSIDE and return to the 
town of Baharata.  Now, Galen will be more than happy to sell you pepper 
(in fact, he just gives it to you)!  Now that that's taken care of, we 
should go back to the King of Portoga!

	Cast the RETURN spell to get back to Portoga, and go talk to the 
King.  He will thank you for the pepper and give you a glorious ship in 
return!  Go out of the castle and you will see your vessel parked and 
waiting for you!  Get on the ship and sail south, out of town.  (Those 
stairs to the left lead down to an old man who mentions something about 
two young friends...?)  Now that you have a ship, a whole slew of new 
areas opens up.  First it might be a good idea to sail around and find 
some new towns to use as RETURN targets (hehe).

	But first, hang around and fight ocean monsters in your new-found 
ship for a while, at least until you reach level 17.  The new sea 
monsters can be rather rough at times :)

	To the south of Portoga is a small shrine.  When you enter, you 
will notice a travel door behind a barred door (you can't get there yet 
:() and some stairs going up.  Upstairs is a man who tells you about the 
villages of Tedanki and Jipang, and he directs you to the south.  So, we 
should head south!

--------THE FINAL KEY--------

	As you continue south along the coastline, you will come to 
another shrine.  This is actually a House of Healing, so make use of it 
if you need it.  Also, there is a travel door here but it takes you to a 
room with a barred door in it (so it is basically a dead-end at this 
point).  Further south, you will come to a river that cuts east through 
the land.  Sail along this river with the ship, and it will take you 
right to the village of Tedanki!



INN -- 31 G

	During the day, this village looks rather... well, dead.  There is 
no one here, and the buildings all look charred and burned.  It is 
completely empty except for a skeleton in a cell in the northeast, and a 
message on the wall that talks of one of the six ORBS you may have heard 
about.  However, if you visit this village during the night, you will 
find people and merchants, just like you would in a "normal" town.

	The first thing to remember is that when you rest at the inn, it 
becomes daytime (duh).  So if you're going to do any shopping, be sure 
to do it _before_ you rest.  Although the stuff in this town is pretty 
expensive, there will be lots of other opportunities to buy the same 
stuff in other towns.  Buy what you can, gather any information from the 
townspeople, then move on.  If you go back and visit the prison where 
the skeleton was, you'll find the convict is actually alive, but there 
is a guard standing in the doorway, blocking any entry.  The only way to 
get in is through that barred door, which we don't have the key to open.

	Once you are done here, rest.  When you wake up, everyone will be 
gone (even the innkeeper is not there to greet you).  Go to the weapon 
shop and head up the stairs behind the counter.  You will find a 
skeleton lying in bed (the merchant, I suppose) and a treasure chest.  
Pick up the treasure chest, which contains the LAMP OF DARKNESS, a 
magical item that, when used, will cover the world with the blackness of 
night.  Although this item is useful in changing day into night... the 
magic of this lamp does not work backwards.  In other words, you'll have 
to wait until daytime again (or rest :P)

	Well, we're done here, so get back on the ship and head out again.  
Cast the RETURN spell to head back to the town of Baharata.  Don't 
worry.. your ship will appear right there when you cast the spell.  Get 
back into the ship and head due south.  You will soon reach a small 
island that is home to the town of Lancel!




INN - 15 G

	In this town, you will hear of a shrine... but you need the Final 
Key (the one that opens barred doors) to get in.  D'oh!  You will also 
hear that a certain Vase is needed to obtain the key.  The Vase is 
located in the castle of Eginbear, which is a country to the north to 
Portoga.  Before heading there, buy an INVISIBILITY HERB from Lancel's 
tool shop.  You'll need it to get into Eginbear, you'll see why soon :)

	When you're ready, head back to Portoga with the RETURN spell, 
then head west around Portoga and due north until you reach the castle 
of Eginbear!

	Head into the castle, but you won't get very far because there is 
a guard at the entrance, and he is intent on not letting you through.  
Well, looks like we'll have to sneak by him then.  Use the INVISIBILITY 
HERB you got from Lancel and walk right on past him.  If you walk off 
onto the room in the King's Room and go down the stairs, the guy there 
will tell you that something is supposed to happen if you arrange the 
three boulders in the basement correctly.  So head down there, and you 
will see that there are three boulders and three checkered squares on 
the north side of the room.  As you may have guessed, this is one of 
those famous block-pushing puzzles.

	The object is to push the three boulders onto the three checkered 
squares on the north side of the room.  Here's a silly little map...

   IIIII				I = Wall
   I...I				. = Checkered Squares
   I   I				~ = Water
IIIII IIIII				X = Boulder
I     ~  ~I				/ = Stairs Up
I ~X X X ~I
I   III  ~I
  I I I I
  I     I
  I     I

	The boulders can only be pushed, not pulled.  If you push a 
boulder against the wall or into a corner, you will have to go up the 
stairs and come back down so the boulders will reset.  This really isn't 
that hard, but if you REALLY want a solution, here it is...

	First, push the LEFT boulder up one square and right one square.  
Then push the RIGHT boulder down one square.  Then push the middle 
boulder left one square, then the boulder above left two squares.  Push 
the middle boulder right two squares, then push the left boulder right 
and up into the room.  Then go around and push the right boulder up, 
then get around on the other side and push it back down.  Push the 
boulder on the left all the way to the left, then up, then right and 
into the room.  Lastly, push the right boulder up one square, then all 
the way to the left, up one square, and right, then up into the room.

	Once all the boulders are in place, a secret passageway will open 
up in the wall.  Follow the path and you will reach the treasure chest 
that contains the VASE OF DROUGHT!  This magical item is said to be able 
to dry up the ocean.  There is one particular spot where a shrine sank 
into the ocean.  It might be possible to use the vase to dry up the area 
around the shrine and bring it back to the surface!  You may have heard 
in the castle that the Final Key rests in a shrine somewhere.  Could 
this be it...?

	Once you get the vase, you are done in the castle.  But if you 
want a laugh, go back to the castle at night (you'll need another 
INVISIBILITY HERB) and head up to the throne room.  You'll see the 
chancellor sitting on the King's Throne, but as you enter the room, he 
quickly runs to the other side of the room.  If you talk to him, he'll 
tell you about a field on a continent to the west if you promise not to 
tell anybody what he did :)

	Well, perhaps we should check out that "field".  Get back in your 
ship and head to the west.  When you see a patch of ice-covered land, 
start following the coastline to the south.  As you sail, you'll notice 
a clearing in the middle of the forest on the west.  Exit your ship and 
go to the clearing.  In this clearing, you'll find an old man who is 
thinking of building a town.  However, he needs merchants.  He is 
willing to take any merchants (even if they are low level... hint hint).  
Well, we can get him one easily, can't we?  ^_^

	Cast the RETURN spell to head back to Aliahan, then go to Luisa's 
Place.  Go upstairs and create a Merchant.  It doesn't matter what you 
name him, because we won't be using him long anyway.  Once he is 
created, go downstairs and add him to your party.  Once this is done, 
RETURN back to Eginbear and head west and south to the clearing.  Choose 
to have your merchant stay and help build the town.  The old man will 
also give you a hint regarding a well in the village of Soo, which is 
located in the middle of this continent.  When the merchant leaves your 
party, go back to Aliahan and get your other party member back.

	Well, we should probably check out this village of Soo.  Once you 
have your original party back, head back to the clearing.  If enough 
time has passed, you will see that a town is beginning to develop!  You 
should come back and check on the town from time to time and see how it 
is growing.

	From the clearing, continue sailing to the south.  As you follow 
the coastline, you will see a river that goes through the continent.  
Sail into it, and you will see that the river branches in many different 
directions to form maze-like passages through the middle of the 
continent.  Most of these lead to dead-ends, but one of them leads to 
the village of Soo, smack in the middle of the continent.


CLUB			30 G


INN -- 5 G

	Like the old man said, you should search around the well in the 
middle of town.  If you SEARCH directly in front of the well, you will 
find the STAFF OF THUNDER, which is a great weapon for the Wizard!  In 
this town, you will learn that the Vase of Drought came originally from 
this town, and Ed the Talking Horse will tell you that you should use it 
in the shoals of the western ocean.  First, however, we should hang 
around and get some more experience for the battles ahead.  The enemies 
around Soo are quite strong, but try to get up to level 19 before 
proceeding any further.

	When you reach level 19, it's time to head out for those shoals 
that everyone has been talking about.  These "shoals" are literally out 
in the middle of the ocean, so it will take quite a long time to find 
them if you don't know where to look.  The easiest way to get there is 
just to RETURN to Aliahan and line your ship up with the Cave on the 
Promontory.  From there, just sail due south.  After a long while, you 
will reach some shoals in the shape of an upside-down "T".  Sail up the 
shoals and use the VASE OF DROUGHT.  The Vase will dry up the ocean 
around the shoals and the submerged shrine will appear.  Enter the 
shrine and take up the chest which contains the FINAL KEY!!!

	Now, head north and open the doors with the key and talk to the 
skeleton sitting on the throne.  He will tell you about the Great Pit of 
Giaga, from which all misfortunes emanate.  This must be where the 
archfiend Baramos came from.  Well, now that we finally have that key, 
we can finally enter those barred doors!

	First, head back to the village of Tedanki.  Unfortunately, you 
can't cast the RETURN spell to get there, but it's not far from Portoga, 
so teleport there instead.  Use the LAMP OF DARKNESS if it is not 
nighttime already, then go and unlock the prison and talk to the 
prisoner inside.  Out of the blue, he will give you the GREEN ORB!  
Don't ask questions, just take it!  hehe :)

	We can now enter the shrine at Lancel, but it wouldn't be a good 
idea to go there at this level, so now would be a good time to start 
searching for the rest of the orbs.

--------THE SEARCH BEGINS--------

	But first, teleport back to Aliahan.  Jump in your ship, then sail 
a little to the east.  When your ship is lined up with the shrine near 
the Cave of Enticement, head straight south.  You should come to an 
island almost totally covered in ice, and a grassy spot somewhere in the 
middle of the frozen land.  Exit your ship and go to that grassy spot 
and you will come to a house.  You will have to walk a long way to the 
north to actually get to the house.  Inside is an old man who will tell 
you about pirates and a strange bone.  He will also tell you about the 
Staff of Change, an item that lets you assume any form you like.  The 
King of Samanao, a remote country, has it.

	Once you have visited the old man, head back out and teleport to 
Baharata.  Head east across the bridge and walk to the north until you 
reach the Shrine of Dhama (it actually looks like a castle).  Here you 
can save your game, but more importantly, change your class.  Once any 
of your party members reaches level 20 (which they should be, or at 
least pretty close), he or she can change thier class.  Your soldier 
could change into a merchant, for example.  Once you change your class, 
you keep all spells and statistics that you had before, but you will 
drop back down to level 1.  This may seem like a rough consequence, but 
if you think about it, you can create some great characters this way.  
For example, if you change your Pilgrim into a Soldier, you now have a 
Soldier than cast Pilgrim spells!  Of course, you don't have to change 
your class, and it is up to you whether you want to do so now, later, or 
not at all.  Note that the Hero can't change class and that the Goof-Off 
is the only class that can change into a Sage without the use of the 
magical Book of Satori, which we will find later.

	Well, once you have visited the shrine and changed any members' 
class (if you chose to), exit Dhama and continue walking to the north.  
You should come to a tower.. this is the Tower of Garuna.  If you all 
your party members haven't reached level 20 yet, you should go ahead and 
get them there at this point (I'll wait for you :P)

	Once you are ready, enter the tower.  Walk west into the room with 
the checkered squares.  To the north and south are two ladies who tell 
you about the tower and the Book of Satori.  Go south and to the west, 
and enter the small room to the south.  There is a chest here, open it 
to obtain an INTELLIGENCE SEED.  Go back out of this room and continue 
to the west as far as you can, then go north.  You'll see some stairs, 
and a room to the west.  The room contains another set of stairs.  
However, don't go up either of these... instead continue north.  Exit 
out onto the grass and there will be a final set of stairs in a little 
cubby.  Take these up to floor 2.

	On this floor, walk across the tightrope to the right and take the 
stairs back down to the first floor.  You'll come to a travel door.  
Take it, and you will be in a + shaped room in the middle of the bottom 
floor.  To the west is the travel door, and to the north, east, and 
south are 3 sets of stairs.  Take the north stairs up to floor 2, and 
continue up the next set to floor 3.  Grab the treasure chest, which 
contains 248 GOLD.  Head back down to the first floor.

	The south stairs lead up to a Man-Eater Chest on floor 3, so don't 
go that way unless you really want to get experience.  Take the east 
stairs, and you will be in a room with stairs leading up to the north 
and south.  The north stairs lead to a dead-end, so take the south 
stairs all the way up to floor 5.  Walk across the tightrope to the 
left, and you will see stairs leading down and up.  Take the stairs 
going up to get to floor 6, the top floor, and pick up the IRON HELMET 
in the chest.  Now, go back down to the tightrope.  Walk about halfway 
out onto the tightrope, then walk off the edge.  You will be an empty, 
open area on floor 4 with a snaking pit in it.  Fall into the pit, and 
you will be in a room on floor 3 with stairs leading down.  Take these 
stairs, then pick up the chest to find the BOOK OF SATORI!  Now any of 
your party members may change into a Sage!

	Fall into the pit on this floor to get back down to the bottom 
floor.  Now you can exit the tower!

	Now there is one more town we should visit before continuing our 
search for the orbs.  Go back to Aliahan and rest, then get back in your 
ship.  Sail due south, past the shoals where you used the Vase of 
Drought earlier.  When you hit land, continue south and you should come 
right to the village of Muor.




	In this town, there is a lady in the southeast corner of town who 
has a son named Popota.  She says that he has went to the market to 
play.  The big building on the east side of town is the market.  If you 
unlock the barred door in there with the Final Key, you will notice an 
old man sitting in a room that you can't seem to get to.  Well, you can 

	Walk around to the back of the building and walk into that room 
from the outside (one of those "hidden passageway" things).  Upstairs 
you will find a bard and a few kids, one of which is Popota.  He says 
that you remind him of someone named Papagatero who used to come town 
frequently, and he gives you a WATER BLASTER.  This item is really 
useless, except you can shoot people with it (stand next to them and USE 
it) to get a funny message.  The bard will tell you that this 
'Papagatero' person was from Aliahan and there he went by the name 
'Ortega'.  The Hero's Father!  That would explain why everyone confused 
you with him :)

	At this time, we are really hurting for some better equipment.  
The stuff at Tedanki is the best so far, but it is rather expensive.  
Here's what you should buy whenever you get enough money....

HERO -- Zombie Slasher, Iron Mask
SOLD -- Sledge Hammer, Iron Mask
WIZD -- Cloak of Evasion
PILG -- Staff of Judgement

	That ought to hold us for a little while.  Once you are done 
shopping and gathering information in town, it's time to check out that 
pirate hideout!  :)

	Head for the new town and check on things, then get back in your 
ship and follow the coastline all the way until you hit the southern 
edge.  There you will see a "house", which is actually the pirates' 

	The hideout is deserted during the day, but at nighttime the 
pirates are there.  They're not bad pirates (they only steal from 
"scoundrels"), so feel free to talk to them.  One of the pirates 
mentions something about finding an orb during one of their thefts, but 
can't seem to remember what he did with it.  Well, guess we'll have to 
find it for him :P  When you have gathered enough information, head out 
of the hideout and walk along the right wall.  You should reach an area 
with a boulder sitting there.  Push the boulder, then SEARCH the ground 
under it.  A hidden stairway will be revealed!  Go down and loot the 
three treasure chests to pick up a STRENGTH SEED, a WING OF WYVERN, and 
the RED ORB!  Now we have two of the six orbs... only four more to find!  

	Now you should head back out and raise your levels to about 23 
before continuing.  When you are ready, teleport back to Baharata.  Jump 
in your ship and follow the southern coastline to the east.  You'll find 
a shrine (which is actually an inn), and a small island with a town and 
a cave on it.  This town is called Jipang.  (Notice even the island is 
kinda shaped like Japan :)


	In town, you will learn of a terrible monster called Orochi.  
According to Himiko, the "leader" of the town, so to speak, if a young 
woman is not sacrificed to the Orochi, it will come and destroy the 
town.  You will learn that an offering has been requested recently, and 
young Yayoi was chosen to be the next sacrifice.  In one of the 
buildings, there is a stairway leading down to a basement full of jars.  
If you go to the northeast corner and search the jar in front of you, 
you'll find her, but it doesn't affect the game in any way :)

	You will also hear that Himiko has a crystal ball.  Could this be 
one of the orbs?  Possibly... well, Himiko's quarters are at the north 
edge of town.  However, when you talk to him, he gives you the cold 
shoulder.  Perhaps if you were to slay the Orochi, he would be willing 
to tell you about his "crystal ball"?  The Orochi lives in the cave on 
the island of Jipang.  When you are ready, enter the cave.

	When you enter the cave, there are ways to go west and south.  The 
south is just a dead-end, so head west.  As you walk, you'll come to a 
corridor where there are rooms on the left and right.  However, they 
both lead to dead-ends, so don't worry about them.  :P

	Continue walking south through the corridor until you come to a 
larger room with ways to go south-west and south-east.  Take the south-
west path and follow the corridor until you come to another branch.  Go 
north into the large room and you will see some stairs leading further 
down into the cave.  But before we go down there, first head east and 
into the room on the right.  In this room you will find a chest 
containing the NOH MASK!

	*NOTE*  The Noh Mask is the single most powerful piece of armor in 
the game.  It raises your DEFENSE POWER by an unbelievable 255 points.  
However, there is one big catch.  This item is cursed, and when someone 
puts it on, they become eternally confused, until the curse is lifted.  
The character will likely suffer little or no damage because of the 
mask, but their actions cannot be controlled and it is likely they will 
attack your own party members or themselves.  It would not be a good 
idea to put this mask on.  :(

	Head back to the stairs and descend.  Walk north and you will see 
rooms to the left and right.  Go right and cross the bridge.  Here you 
will see the Orochi beast.  Heal up and then get ready for a fight!

	First, have your Wizard cast the INCREASE spell, and also have the 
Pilgrim cast SPEEDUP.  It may also be a good idea to cast BIKILL on your 
Soldier to increase his attack power.  Then, you should have the Wizard 
cast SNOWBLAST while the Pilgrim heals.  The Hero and Soldier should 
both attack.  After taking about 300 HP of damage, Orochi will run away 
and leave behind the Orochi Sword, which is a decent weapon for the 
Hero.  Follow Orochi through the travel door and you will be back in 
Himiko's quarters.  It appears that Himiko has been injured badly.... 
wait a minute.

	When you talk to Himiko, the truth is revealed.  Himiko is the 
Orochi!  He asks you to keep it a secret, but we all know we just can't 
let that happen :P

	Well, looks like we're gonna have to fight him again.  Use the 
same routine as last time... cast INCREASE and SPEEDUP (and BIKILL), 
then fight and heal with the Wizard casting SNOWBLAST.  He's not any 
tougher than last time, so you shouldn't have too much trouble defeating 
him.  After defeating Himiko (Orochi) a treasure chest will be left 
behind.  Take it to obtain the PURPLE ORB!

	Now that the Orochi is gone, everyone can live in peace once 
again.  And, as always, it's time for the Hero to move on, to look for 
the next adventure (or in this case, the next orb :P)

	Go back to Aliahan and rest, and save your game.  Then, go back 
out and jump in your ship.  Sail south, past the shoals, to the village 
of Muor, then sail due east.  You should come to a tower.  This tower is 
called the Tower of Arp.

	Once you enter the tower, head north around the pillars and unlock 
the wooden door.  Then walk to the east (or west) and unlock another 
wooden door, then unlock a final wooden door that leads into the room in 
the middle.  In this room are four stairways.  

	Take the upper-left stairs, and head left and into the room.  Take 
the stairs up to floor 3, then ascend some more stairs up to floor 4.  
Ascend one last time up to floor 5.  You'll find an entanglement of 
tightropes on this floor, as well as three treasure chests along the 
southern edge of this floor.  The left and right ones are Man-Eater 
Chests, but the middle one contains CLOTHES.  WOW!!!  :(

	Now, you're probably wondering just why we climbed this tower to 
pick up a pair of clothes.  Well, there is more to be found... make your 
way across the tightropes to about the middle of the room, and walk off 
the edge.  You'll end up on the floor below, on a small isolated 
platform with four treasure chests.  Pick these up to obtain the ECHOING 
FLUTE, 552 GOLD, some ACORNS OF LIFE, and some more ACORNS OF LIFE.  :P

	*NOTE*  The Echoing Flute is a semi-useful item that helps you 
pinpoint the locations of the orbs.  When you play the flute, a little 
tune will play.  However, if the tune echoes... that means there is an 
orb nearby.  Of course, when you've got an FAQ....  :P

	The Echoing Flute is what we really came here for, so cast OUTSIDE 
to quickly exit the tower.  You will probably want to fight around 
inside the tower to gain some levels for a little while... it would be a 
good idea to get up to level 26 or so before proceeding... the next part 
will prove to be a little rough!

	Before heading on to the next destination, be sure to go back and 
check up on the new town.  If enough time has passed, you'll find that 
it is actually starting to look like a town now!  :P

	When you are ready, cast the RETURN spell to go to the village of 
Lancel.  Remember the shrine in town that everyone was talking about?  
Yep, it's time to go there.  Head to the north side of town and use the 
Final Key to unlock the door(s) to the shrine.  At this point, give the 
Final Key to the Hero and give any un-equipped items in the Hero's 
inventory slot to other party members for the time being.  
Unfortunately, you'll have to face this test _by yourself_!  :(

	Talk to the priest and he will lead you (and only you) into the 
shrine.  Walk to the left and you'll come out in the enclosed area near 
Lancel.  Enter the cave (known as the Navel of the Earth).

	This dungeon is rather tough, but not impossible (or else they 
wouldn't send you in here by yourself :P).  When you first enter, walk 
to the south and unlock the wooden door.  Continue to the south and 
you'll see passages to the left and right, but these are only meant to 
confuse you.  Believe it or not, the passages actually connect and take 
you right back to the same room.  So, continue to the south instead.  :)

	Here you'll find passageways to the left and right again, though 
this time they lead to treasure chests.... there is 248 GOLD on the left 
and a MIMIC on the right.  A Mimic is a tougher version of the Man-Eater 
Chest, and it is definitely not a foe you will want to face by yourself 
as it has the powerful DEFEAT spell at its disposal.  However, if for 
some reason you terribly wish to fight the thing, cast the IRONIZE spell 
and wait for the Mimic to run out of MP.  Then when the spell wears off, 
cast your most powerful attack spell (most likely ZAP).

	Continue to the south and you'll find (surprise!) more passageways 
to the left and right.  On the left is another Mimic, but on the right 
is a chest that contains an INTELLIGENCE SEED.  Pick it up, and continue 
to the south.  Follow the corridor and go down the stairs.  You'll find 
yourself in a HUGE room, but there is absolutely nothing in it, and 
surprisingly, even though there is nothing in it, it is quite easy to 
get lost (ack).  From the stairs, head to the east and slightly north, 
and you should see another stairway leading up.  Go up the stairs... and 
it would appear that you are right back where you were before, but this 
is another trick to confuse you.  Follow the passage to the left and 
around, and you'll come to a treasure chest that contains the ARMOR OF 
TERRAFIRMA!  This is a nice suit of armor for the Hero, so put it on!

	Head back upstairs, and you'll come back out in the huge room.  
Walk straight north and you'll find a stairway leading down... take it! 
:P  Once inside the basement, move to the west and north and follow the 
passageway (the faces on the wall will shout messages at you) and 
eventually you will come to 2 treasure chests.  Pick them up to obtain a 
MEDICAL HERB and the BLUE ORB!!!  Now our work here is done, so cast the 
OUTSIDE spell and get the heck out of here.

	Head back to town and get your companions back, and then it's off 
to find the last two orbs!

--------THE PHANTOM SHIP--------

	Before we head out searching for the final two orbs, get another 
level up (up to 27).  You may need it for the task ahead!

	Once you are ready, head to the new town to check up on things, 
then sail north of the new town.  Follow the coastline around and you 
should see a small shrine on an island that is partly covered in ice.  
Enter this shrine and enter the travel door to the north.  Enter another 
travel door directly to the north of you, and when you come out unlock 
the door with the Final Key.  In this shrine there is a priest that 
tells you that the King of Samanao has not been acting quite himself 
lately.  Exit the shrine and you will come out in the kingdom of 
Samanao.  Walk north, across the bridge, and make your way to the 


INN - 20 G



	*NOTE* The Tool Shop won't be open for a short time as the 
shopkeeper is attending the funeral of Baranao, a man who was put to 
death for speaking out against the King...

	New equipment in Samanao... although it costs an arm and a leg

HERO -- Dragon Killer, Silver Shield
SOLD -- Dragon Killer, Silver Shield
PILG -- Silver Shield

	Once you have obtained new equipment and talked to the 
townspeople, head to the castle.  The guards at the front of the castle 
will not let you in, but there is a service entrance along the right 
wall of the castle... you can get in there by unlocking the iron door.  
Explore the castle, but when you try to talk to the King the guards will 
automatically throw you in jail.  You can get out by using the Final 
Key.  There is an escape passage in the dungeon... you can find it by 
unlocking the cell in the lower-right.  If you go downstairs, you'll 
find that the king is a fake!  The real king has been thrown into the 
dungeon!  It would appear someone (or something) stole the Staff of 
Change and used it to assume the form of the King.  Somehow, we have to 
prove that the king is a fake!

	But we can't do anything here in the dungeon, so unlock the cell 
on the left, and go through a hidden passageway along the western wall.  
Follow the corridor and take the stairs up and you'll come out in the 
graveyard of the town.  Well, at least we're out of the castle :P

	For now, exit Samanao and fight around town and gain another level 
(up to 28).  When you are ready, head to the southeast.  You'll soon 
come to a cave completely surrounded by swamp land.  Well, there's no 
way around it... so head through the swamp and into the cave (you'll 
only take a few HP damage).

	The layout of this floor of the cave is quite confusing, so try 
not to get lost :P.  From the entrance to the cave, head west until you 
hit a branch in the path.  Then, head north to a room with a lake in it.  
Head west from this room, then go south to find some stairs leading 
down.  Go downstairs and you'll come to a large room.  Before picking up 
the chests, walk south a bit and you'll see a hole in the floor in the 
southeast corner.  _Remember where this hole is!_  Now, go back north 
and pick up the treasure chests to get 128 GOLD and a STRENGTH SEED.  
Walk left and pick up another treasure chest with 56 GOLD.  As you 
continue to the west, you'll notice that there is quite literally a 
trail of treasure chests.

	Pick up the next two chests to obtain a WING OF WYVERN and 568 
GOLD.  Continue to follow the trail and you'll find 24 GOLD, some ACORNS 
OF LIFE, a MEDICAL HERB, and 320 GOLD.  At the end of the trail you'll 
come to a room with four treasure chests... which are all MIMICS!  EEK!
After you choose to leave them be (recommended) or fight them (not 
recommended), head back left into the large room.  Head south, and there 
will be a passageway leading south of the room.  Soon the path will 
fork... first take the top branch... it looks as if another trail of 
treasure chests is beginning. :)

	Start grabbing the chests and following the "trail" and you'll get 
a VITALITY SEED, 24 GOLD, and a MEDICAL HERB.  This trail leads to a 
room with two treasure chests, which are... (you guessed it) MIMICS.  Go 
back and take the bottom branch this time, and you'll come to yet 
another branch.  To the north, you'll see a treasure chest, but it is a 
MIMIC.  Still, go north (don't pick up the chest unless you want a 
fight) and you'll come to a familiar-looking room with two chests.  The 
left one is a MIMIC, but the one right one contains a STONE OF LIFE.  
This item can be useful... if you are affected by a BEAT or DEFEAT 
spell, it will save your life... but only once.

	Head back south and take the eastern passage.  You'll come to some 
more stairs... take them.  A river runs through this floor, dividing it 
into two sections.  Head up the left side of the river and pick up the 
chest you come to and you'll get an ANIMAL SUIT!  Continue up the river 
and you'll notice that in the middle of the river is an island with a 
treasure chest on it... but there isn't any way to get out there.  
Well... remember that hole on the floor above?  That's how you get 
there... :)

	Walk back to the hole (or just cast OUTSIDE and make your way back 
there... it may be faster) and fall down into it.  You'll be on the 
island in the middle of the river.  Pick up the treasure chest and 
you'll get the MIRROR OF RA!  The hole on this island leads to the 
bottom floor of the cave... you can walk back to the entrance from 
there, but it's a heck of a lot easier to just cast OUTSIDE.

	Now we're through at the cave, so head on out of here and back to 
the Castle.  REST at the inn, and RETURN to Aliahan to SAVE your game.  
Then RETURN back to Samanao and use the Lamp of Darkness to make night 
fall (if you don't have the lamp you'll have to wait for nighttime), 
then head to the Castle.  Use the Service door to get inside (like 
before), then use the stairs in the upper-right corner.  Go up to the 
fourth floor and you'll find yourself on top of what seems to be a guard 
tower or something.  Walk off the western edge and you'll be outside the 
King's Bedroom.  Enter his bedroom and use the MIRROR OF RA on the King.

	Surprisingly, the image reflected is that of a sleeping monster!  
His true identity revealed, the "King" springs to attack!  The Boss 
Troll is not really all that tough if you know what you're doing... just 
cast INCREASE and SPEEDUP on the party and BIKILL on your Soldier while 
the Hero casts ZAP.  Afterwards, have the Wizard attack with SNOWSTORM 
and have the Pilgrim heal.  You should have absolutely no trouble at all 
taking care of him :)

	When the fake king is defeated, the news spreads across the land, 
and the former King is brought back to the throne.  Be sure to pick up 
the STAFF OF CHANGE in the treasure chest that the monster left behind!

	Now the people of Samanao can live in peace (and you can actually 
use the front gate to the castle now!  :P).  The King and his people 
graciously thank you for your good deed and, once again, it is time for 
the Hero to move on to the next adventure!  :)

	But before that, hang around in the Cave of Samanao and level up 
to level 30.  Once you are ready, go back and visit the new town to 
check on things.  

	At the new town, you will find that it is growing rapidly... and 
even has a name!  Of course, the name of the town depends on what name 
you gave the merchant.... if the merchant's name was Bill then the town 
would be called Billville (I hope you picked a good name for the 
merchant :P)	


INN -- 15 G



	However, you'll learn that our merchant friend has been a bit 
greedy as of late.  He has been making the townspeople work too hard and 
there is talk of a rebellion.  Hmmm...

	You will probably want to buy a suit of Dragon Mail for the 
Soldier when you get enough money, as well.  :)

	Well, for now let's continue on with the journey and hope for 
peace in our new town (hehehe).  Before continuing, RETURN to Noaniels 
and head for the Village of the Elves.  Use the STAFF OF CHANGE until 
you turn into Elves (or Dwarves) and you can buy from the shop.


	You will want to buy an Angel Robe for both your Wizard and 
Pilgrim, and you may also want to buy a Wizard Ring or too -- they are 
the only item in the game that allows you to restore lost MP.

	Now, head back to the new town, and jump back in your ship.  Sail 
back to the shrine you used to travel to Samanao, but don't go in.  From 
there, sail a tad to the west and north.  You'll come to a large island 
almost completely covered in ice.  This is the same island we visited 
before.  Head for the old man's house (the grassy spot) and agree to 
give him the STAFF OF CHANGE in exchange for the SAILOR'S THIGH BONE.  
This item will allow you to locate the mysterious Phantom Ship that you 
may have heard about.  It drifts along aimlessly in the middle of the 
ocean, and it is doubtful that you have come across it, even as much 
sailing as you have done.  That's why this is a very important item ;)

	Jump back in your ship and use the Sailor's Thigh Bone and it will 
pinpoint the location of the Phantom Ship.  The direction is indicated 
by a certain number of steps in two directions (i.e  78 steps east and 
124 steps south).  To find the Phantom Ship sail in the direction 
indicated by the bone.  However, the Phantom Ship is constantly drifing 
through the ocean, so be sure to keep using the bone to help you close 
in on it.

	Once you have found the Phantom Ship, enter it by sailing beside 
it.  Once on the top deck, take the stairs to the south of the captain's 
room to go down to the lower deck.  Head for the south end of the lower 
deck, and enter the room that is blocked by a wooden door.  Inside are 5 
treasure chests... pick 'em up to obtain 144 GOLD, 136 GOLD, a FULL MOON 
HERB, a MIMIC (eek), and 128 GOLD.  Exit this room and enter the room to 
the south, and pick up the lone chest which contains the LOCKET OF LOVE!

	Now we are done here, so exit the Phantom Ship through the stairs 
at the top deck.  Cast the RETURN spell to head back to Aliahan, then 
rest and SAVE your game.  Sail due south from Aliahan, until you hit the 
shoals where you used the Vase of Drought before.  From here sail due 
west and you will come to a huge forested area.  Wander around a bit in 
the forest and you will notice 4 lone mountains in the forest.  You'll 
notice they make a perfect diamond if connected by lines.  Find the 
point that is directly in the center of the four mountains (i.e each 
mountain is in a direct line with you) and SEARCH.  You will find the 
LEAF OF THE WORLD TREE!  This item can be used to bring a dead party 
member back to life, but you will only find one here if you do not 
already have one in your inventory.  Once you use up your leaf (or 
leaves), you can come back here and pick up another one).

	Now, jump back in your ship again, and follow the coastline until 
you come to a river that runs through the huge forest.  You'll come out 
in a lake that is in the middle of the continent.  Continue to the left, 
but as you try to go through the narrow river, a voice is heard and your 
ship will be pushed back.  Use the LOCKET OF LOVE and the curse of 
Olivia will be lifted, for her true love (the man from the Phantom Ship) 
has returned.  Sail west and enter the shrine that is on the tiny 
island.  This shrine is actually a prison, and in the bottom cell on the 
left, you will find the ghost of the hero Simon.  He tells you to 
investigate the area around his corpse.  Enter the bottom right cell and 
you'll see a skeleton (Simon's corpse) lying on the bed.  SEARCH in 
front of the bed and you will find the SWORD OF GAIA!

	*NOTE* The Sword of Gaia is not a sword that is meant to be 
equipped.  It has another purpose, as you'll soon see....

	Once you have obtained the Sword of Gaia, exit the shrine and head 
back to the new town.  However, it would appear that things have changed 
drastically!  There are soldiers all over the town, and our friend the 
merchant has been thrown in jail!  Go visit him in his cell and he will 
tell you to look behind the chair in his house.  Visit his house (in the 
upper-left) and pick up the treasure chests to get some gold and a LUCK 
SEED, then SEARCH behind the chair to find the YELLOW ORB!

	Well, there's only one orb left, but as is mostly the case, it's 
not gonna be easy to get.  You may have heard in town earlier that the 
Silver Orb is in the Cave to Necrogond... which is home to the Archfiend 
Baramos!  The final battle draws near....


	Before heading off for the Cave to Necrogond, fight some more 
monsters (the Cave near Samanao is a pretty good place to get exp) until 
you reach level 32.  This will prove to be the toughest dungeon yet!!!

	Cast the RETURN spell to quickly get back to the town of Assaram, 
then jump onto your ship and sail south.  When the river forks, take the 
left path, and sail along the narrow river.  Exit your ship, and you'll 
find a black hole in the middle of some mountains.  This is a volcano... 
throw the SWORD OF GAIA into the volcano and it will erupt in an 
explosion of flames and lava!  The lava flows through the river, and 
when it hardens, forms a bridge across the river!  Walk across and begin 
your journey to Necrogond.

	However, even along the path to the Cave you fight tough monsters 
such as Trolls, Frost Clouds, and Minidemons.  Make your way south and 
west and soon you will reach the Cave to Necrogond!

	Once inside, you'll have even tougher monsters to contend with, 
but don't get discouraged.  Head left, past the statues, and up the 
ladder.  Ascend the stairs, then head west (ignore the passage leading 
south for now).  You'll come to a larger room with paths to the east and 
west.  Take the west path and you'll come to a treasure chest... pick it 
up to obtain 784 GOLD!  Head back and take the east path, and follow it 
around (ignore the passage leading east) until you come to another chest 
that contains the THUNDER SWORD!  You should equip it immediately... it 
is a nice weapon!

	Go back and take the passageway east that you ignored before (:P) 
and when you hit a four-way intersection, head south (the east is a dead 
end and the north leads back to the entrance).  Follow the path until 
you come to another 4-way intersection.  Go west (north leads to the 
Thunder Sword, south is a dead end), and you'll come to another room.  
Head west and pick up the chest to obtain the SWORDEDGE ARMOR!  This 
should also be equipped immediately... it's a nice suit of armor that 
also reflects some damage back at the enemy (duh... it's covered with 
blades!  :P)

	Head back east and south, and ascend the stairs.  Head south, and 
continue south until you come to a room with six holes in the floor.  
_Don't_ fall down any of these... avoid them, and enter the room on the 
right.  Climb the stairs and you'll be in a room with two snaking pits 
and passages north, east, and south.  Take the east passage and you'll 
come to another room with more stairs, but the stairs are blocked by a 
large pit in the middle of the room.  Drop down into this pit and you'll 
be in a large room on the floor below.  Take the stairs in the northeast 
corner of this room, then follow the path and you'll come around to the 
stairs on the other side of the pit.

	Climb these stairs, then head south, and across the bridge.  There 
are two rooms on the right... take the northernmost one, then head east 
all the way.  Cross another bridge, and head south a little ways.  
You'll see another bridge on the left and a passage on the right.  Go 
right, and when the path branches again, head south.  Now you'll be in a 
weird looking room that looks like the south-east corner has been cut 
out.  There's actually a passage there!  Head for that corner and keep 
south, and follow this passage all the way around until you hit the 
stairs in the northeast corner.  We're outta here!!!

	When you exit, you'll see Baramos' castle ahead of you, but it is 
surrounded by water and you can't get there just yet.  For now, head for 
the shrine that is east of the castle.  The old man in the shrine will 
give you the SILVER ORB!!!

	Now we have all 6 orbs, and it is time for the great bird to be 
awakened.  Cast the RETURN spell to get back to Lancel, then hop in your 
ship and sail to the southwest.  You should come to an island completely 
covered in ice, with a lone shrine on it.  This is Liamland, the shrine 
of the Great Bird.

	In this shrine, you will see 6 thrones... one for each of the six 
orbs.  Go to each throne and USE the orbs one by one (it doesn't matter 
which ones go where).  Once this is done, talk to one of the ladies 
(protectors of the egg), and Ramia the Phoenix will awaken!  Head 
outside and walk over the bird, and press A to ride.  Ramia can fly over 
mountains, forest, water... pretty much anything.  Now we can get to 
Baramos' Castle!

	But first, head back to the big forested area where you get the 
Leaf of World Tree.   From the four mountains, head northwest a tad and 
you will come to the castle of the Dragon Queen (Drag Queen?  :P).  
Enter the maze-like castle and you will learn that the Dragon Queen is 
quite ill and probably will not live much longer, but she is willing to 
trade her life in exchange for laying one egg.  Find her and she will 
give you the SPHERE OF LIGHT, a magical item that will intensify the 
power of Light.  After this, she lays her egg and passes away.

	Now it is time to head for Baramos' Castle.  But before that, 
raise your levels up to around 35 in the Cave to Necrogond.  We're about 
to go up against the Archfiend here.... we're gonna need all the power 
we can get!  :P

	Once you are ready, enter Baramos' castle.  Instead of going north 
into the actual castle area, head east.  Soon you will see what looks 
like a house... but inside is a stairway leading down.  However, this 
leads right back to the west, so don't go in there.  Instead, head east 
and north, up the right castle wall.  Turn left when you reach the 
upper-right area (near the lake), and you should see a stairway leading 
up.  Take these stairs, and follow the path until you reach another 
stairway going down.  Descend these stairs, and before crossing the 
damage zones, be sure to have your Wizard cast STEPGUARD so you won't 
take any damage from them.  Once across, you'll see stairs going up and 
down.  Take the ones going up, and follow the path until you reach a 
room with treasure chests.  Open them to obtain a DEMON AXE, an UNLUCKY 
HELMET, and a WIZARD'S RING!  Equip the Demon Axe on the Soldier (it 
isn't cursed), but leave the Unlucky Helmet alone.  :P

	Now go back to the room where there were stairs up and down, and 
take the ones leading down.  Take the passage to the right, and ascend 
the stairs at the end.  Head north and east, and ascend some more 
stairs, and follow this path again until you come out "outside" the 
castle.  Head west, and descend some more stairs (too many stairs around 
here), then follow the path and ascend once more.

	Move to the south, but before entering the house-like structure, 
cast STEPGUARD... there is a damage zone right as you enter.  Here 
you'll see a skeleton sitting on a throne.  Ignore it and head south out 
of the house-like structure.  You should be back "outside" the castle 
again.  Move to the right, out on the dock in the middle of the lake, 
and take the stairs leading down.  This is the chamber of the archfiend 

	Head up the stairs and confront the Archfiend!  Baramos is not an 
easy opponent... he has nasty spells such as EXPLODET, BLAZEMOST, CHAOS, 
and LIMBO.  He can also breathe fire or attack normally, and he can do 
two things per turn.  In battle, be sure to cast INCREASE and SPEEDUP on 
the party, and have the wizard cast BIKILL on the Soldier.  Afterwards, 
have the hero cast ZAP, the soldier attack, the Wizard cast BEDRAGON (if 
he has it), and the Pilgrim heal.  Baramos is tough, but if you throw 
everything you have at him, you should be able to beat him.  When 
Baramos is defeated, cast the OUTSIDE spell to get out of here, and 
RETURN back to Aliahan!!!

	Head for the castle and talk to the King.  He recognizes you as 
true heros and calls for a celebration!  However, the celebration is 
barely started, when all of a sudden an earthquake shakes the land.  
Zoma, the Master Archfiend... ruler of the dark realms has awakened!  
Upon hearing this news, the King nearly goes into shock... you'll have 
to talk to the chancellor to save your game :P

	Well, it would appear our quest isn't over after all.  -sigh-  At 
any rate, it might be a good idea to go check out Baramos' Castle again.  
RETURN to Assaram and fly back to the castle.  To the east of the 
castle, you'll see a black hole in the middle of a swamp that is 
completely surrounded by water.  Land Ramia on one of the swamp sections 
and walk onto the black hole.

	You'll learn from the soldier here that the recent earthquake 
opened up a big hole in the earth and something went through the huge 
pit.  Could it be Zoma?  Well... there's only one way to find out... 
hold your nose and JUMP!!!

--------THE WORLD OF DARKNESS--------

	  Down in the pit, you'll find a house!  Inside is a man who is 
very puzzled by your appearance.  He says that you must have came from 
the "upper world".  He tells you that you are now in the World of 
Darkness called Alefgard.

	Exit the house and you'll find a ship waiting for an owner -- how 
convenient.  Enter the ship and sail to the east, and you'll find 
yourself in the outer world.  Head east, get off your ship and head east 
to the town of Tantegel.

	*BIG NOTE* Those of you who have played DW1 and DW2 will recognize 
this world... Alefgard is where the first Dragon Warrior game took 
place.  If you have played through the first Dragon Warrior, you'll have 
the advantage of already being familiar with the world!  :)


INN -- 1 G (Wow!)



	*NOTE* The Falcon Sword is a decent weapon... it has a crappy 
attack power, but you can attack twice per turn with it.  You'll need 
that 25,000 Gold for something else though, so don't bother with buying 
it :)

	In Tantegel Castle, you'll find that Kandar is here... and he 
tells you that the Stones of Sunlight are somewhere in the castle.  
Well, you might think you know where they are, but actually... they're 
not there :P  Head for the castle kitchen, and look for a secret 
passageway that leads to the second floor.  Upstairs, you will find the 

	Also in Tantegel, you will learn that the weapons and armor of the 
castle have been stolen and scattered throughout Alefgard.  If you can 
find the Sword of Kings, Armor of Radiance, and Shield of Heroes.. there 
might be a chance to defeat Zoma!  You will also learn that Ortega was 
cared for here... but his whereabouts at this point are unknown.

	When you are ready, head out of here and go northwest to Garin's 
House (which will later be the site of the town called Garinham ;)

	Look for a secret passageway at the back of Garin's House, and you 
will find a stairway leading down to the basement (which will later be 
built into Garin's Grave).  You'll find the SILVER HARP!

	*NOTE* When used as an item, the Silver Harp attracts enemies.  
Whenever you use it, you'll find yourself in a battle :P

	Exit Garin's house and head back to your ship.  Sail north, along 
the outside of Alefgard, following the coastline.  Continue following 
the coastline, around past Garin's house, until you reach the northeast 
area of Alefgard.  You should come to a tower on an island.  Don't enter 
this just yet... instead head east a little ways more and get off your 
ship.  Walk southeast a little way and you will come across the village 
of Kol!


INN -- 31 G



	*NOTE* You'll probably want to buy a Water Flying Cloth for both 
the Wizard and Pilgrim... it is probably the best armor for Wizards!

	In Kol, you'll find that the tool shop propietor is actually a 
swordsmith from Jipang!  You'll also learn that he has a habit of buying 
useless, broken things.. then fixing them and selling them.  You'll also 
learn the Sword of Kings was made or Oricon, but it was shattered into 
pieces by the Archfiend.  EEEK!

	Also, west of the Inn, you'll find a patch of water... which is 
really the open air baths.  Walk four steps south of the baths, then 
SEARCH.  You'll find the FAIRY FLUTE!  No... it doesn't put big walking 
rocks to sleep, but it can be used to free Rubiss from the curse that 
was placed on her by the Archfiend.

	Once you are done in Kol, head out and fight some monsters to 
level up to about level 37.  Then jump back in your ship and sail south, 
along the east side of the coastline.  Sail south for a little while, 
then explore the area to the west to find the town of Rimuldar, which is 
on an island in the middle of this area.


INN -- 20 G


	*NOTE* The Sword of Destruction is Cursed.  :(

	Also, be sure to pick up the treasure chest in the INN, which 
contains the RING OF LIFE!  This is a very useful item.... when you 
equip it on one of your party members, they will regain HP with every 

	When you are done gathering information here, jump back in your 
ship and sail around the southern edge of Alefgard.  As you sail, you'll 
see a small shrine in the middle of a small swamp to the north... this 
is where you would have found Erdrick's Token in the first Dragon 
Warrior.  Inside is a fairy spirit that once served Rubiss, and she will 
give you the STAFF OF RAIN!

	Continue following the coastline to the west until you see a 
bridge to the north.  Now, explore this area and you will find the town 
of Cantlin!


INN -- 25 G

	However, there really isn't much to do here.  All the townspeople 
have stopped working out of despair and fear of the Archfiend.  You will 
learn, though, that to reach the island of the Archfiend, you'll need 
three items... the Staff of Rain, the Stones of Sunlight, and the Sacred 
Amulet.  You also know that you will need to gather the Sword of Kings, 
Armor of Radiance, and Shield of Heroes to have a chance against the 
Archfiend, and that the Sphere of Light can reduce the Archfiend's 

	At any rate, jump back in your ship and head for the southwest 
corner of Alefgard.  Sail up the west coast for a little while, then 
explore the area to the east to find the town of Hauksness (which hasn't 
been destroyed yet ;)


INN -- 25 G



	*NOTE* You will want to buy a Shield of Strength for the Hero, 
Soldier, and Pilgrim whenever you get enough money :)

	Also, be sure to check out the south side of town... you may miss 
it at first :)

	In the southeast area of Hauksness, you will find a small house 
that leads to the stables.  SEARCH in the middle of the grassy area in 
the stables to find the ORICON!  Now that we have this, we may be able 
to forge another Sword of Kings!

	Talk to the townspeople to gather some more information, then head 
back to Kol.  Head back to the swordsmith from Jipang and sell him the 
Oricon for 22,000 GOLD.  Exit the town, then come back in and head back 
for the swordsmith and you will find that he know has the Sword of Kings 
for sale!  Buy it for 35,000 GOLD (what a rip)...

	Once you have the Sword of Kings, head back out and fight some 
more battles, until you reach level 39.  Then teleport back to Tantegel 
and head southwest... you'll find a cave (known as the Mountain Cave)!

	After entering the cave, head east into the maze-like main area.  
Head due east and follow this corridor (east) until you reach a room 
with a treasure chest.  Open it to obtain a WIZARD'S RING.  Head back 
west out into the main area and make your way to the upper-left corner 
of this floor.  You'll see some stairs leading down, but don't take 
them... instead head east and follow the path until you hit the upper-
right corner.  Head south into the room and pick up the 1,016 GOLD in 
the chest!

	Head back north, a little ways west, and south along the next 
corridor, and take the stairs leading down that you'll come to.  Head 
east, and when you reach the four-way intersection, continue east to 
pick up a treasure chest that contains an INVISIBILITY HERB.  Go back to 
the intersection and go south.  Continue west and south along the 
corridor and eventually you'll hit a room with two last treasure chests.  
The left one is a MIMIC, but the right chest contains the ARMOR OF 
HADES, which, as you may have guessed, is Cursed.  D'oh!

	Well, anyway, we're done here, so cast get out of here and head 
back for Tantegel.  Rest and Save if needed, then head northwest to the 
nearby cave.

	This cave is a MAJOR troublemaker because inside, all magic is 
SEALED!  Fortunately (?) the encounter rate is rather low, and since all 
magic is sealed, they can't cast spells either :P

	Make your way to the southeast corner of this floor and go down 
the stairs.  Continue following along the path and make your way to the 
upper-left corner of the first basement, then go downstairs again.  
Unlock the door (or if you're feeling lazy, walk through the crack in 
the wall), and you'll come to a fissure and several treasure chests.  
Loot the treasure to obtain 960 GOLD, a MIMIC :(, 1,016 GOLD, a STONE OF 

	*NOTE* If you fall down into the fissure, there will be an 
earthquake and your characters will be sent flying out of the fissure, 
to come back down safe on the floor again.. it's kinda amusing to watch 

	Anyway, get out of here (no OUTSIDE spell.... -sniff-), and go 
back to the Village of Kol.  Jump in your ship and sail to the small 
island that is a short distance to the northwest of Kol.  On this island 
is a tower... enter it!

	*ANOTHER NOTE* The enemies in this tower are the toughest you have 
faced yet.  It would be profitable for you to hang around here and get 
level-ups for this is probably the best spot in the game to get 
experience points.  I suggest getting up to level 42 before proceeding.

	When you are ready to brave the dangers of the tower, unlock the 
wooden door, then proceed north past the damage zones (be sure to cast 
STEPGUARD), then unlock the next door.  Straight to the north are two 
treasure chests... the left is a mimic, but the right one contains 1,016 

	Go back to the intersection and enter the room on the left, then 
head south.  Take the stairs leading up in this room.  Head to the 
north, but beware the diamond shaped spots on the floor.  These are 
"revolving floor" squares and when standing on them your controls will 
go screwy.  You'll notice the diamonds have the light grey side and a 
dark grey side, but some of them have the light grey on the left, and 
others have the light grey on the right.  This is your key to manuvering 
around on these things.  The direction the dark grey side is pointing 
(either left or right) is the direction you will move in if you press 
the "DOWN" arrow key.  Thus, if the dark grey is on the right, your 
controls will be flipped 90' counter-clock wise (Down -> Right, Right -> 
Up, etc).  If the dark grey is on the left, your controls will be 
flipped 90' clockwise (Down -> Left, Right -> Down, etc).

	Head for the room in the middle of this floor and you'll find it 
is nearly filled with damage zones!  You could easily cast the Wizard's 
STEPGUARD spell and plow right through them, but you may need that MP 
for something else.  Learn how to maneuver on the diamond squares :)

	There are four treasure chests on the north side of the room, and 
four treasure chests on the south side as well.  To the north, you'll 
find a FULL MOON HERB, 2 mimics, and 960 GOLD.  To the south, you'll 

	Then, head east out of the room and north, and take the stairs up 
to the next floor.  Head straight south and up another flight of stairs, 
then go straight north.  You'll come to 3 ledges that lead west over the 
pit.  There is a treasure chest at the western end of the middle one, 
but to get over there you'll have to cross several diamond squares.  
This is where you will really need to think about which way you press 
that direction key :)

	Make your way (_very_ carefully) over to the treasure chest and 
open it to obtain the ARMOR OF RADIANCE!  The three legendary pieces of 
equipment are re-united once more!  Fall down the pit (it's quicker) 
then head south of this room.  Head west and follow the path around 
until you reach the northwest corner of the 3rd floor.  The treasure 
chest is a mimic... so don't bother picking it up... instead, head east 
and you'll see more revolving squares.  These were designed to keep you 
from walking off the edge (which, ironically enough, is where we need to 
go).  Plan your moves and walk off the edge, and you'll be back down on 
the first floor.

	Unlock the door, then head west and up the stairs.  Go to the east 
(more revolving floors... oi) and up the next set of stairs, then ascend 
once more to the fourth floor.  Go to the west and head up _another_ set 
of stairs, and you'll be on the fifth floor (the top of the tower... 
yay!).  Head for the middle of this floor and unlock the door, behind 
which stands a statue of the spirit Rubiss.  Stand in front of the 
statue and use the FAIRY FLUTE, and Rubiss will be freed from her seal.  
She will give you the SACRED AMULET!

	Now, we are done here as well, so get out of here and head back to 
Tantegel and rest.  Then, head back to Rimuldar and jump in your ship, 
and head for the southeast area of Alefgard.  You'll see a shrine nearly 
surrounded by mountains... enter it!  Talk to the old man, and if you 
will give unto you the RAINBOW DROP, which will be used to make the 
bridge to Zoma's Castle!!!

	Head back to Rimuldar and travel a little ways to the north and 
west.  You'll see a narrow channel that cuts through the continent, 
sealing off the island where Zoma's castle is.  Stand in the narrowest 
space between the island of Rimuldar and the island of Zoma's Castle and 
use the RAINBOW DROP.  A bridge will appear, giving you access to the 

	*NOTE* Before heading off for the final battle, go back to the 
tower near Kol and fight more monsters, and increase your level to 45.  
You'll need all the power you can get for the fight against the Master 

	When are fully prepared, enter Zoma's Castle!!!

--------THE FINAL BATTLE--------

	Obviously, the monsters in Zoma's castle are the toughest in the 
game.  Like I said before, make sure you are _fully_ prepared before you 
enter.  :)

	Once inside, march up the "stairs" and head to the west.  Follow 
this corridor all the way around until you get to the wooden door that 
leads to Zoma's throne room.  Unlock the door, but as you walk inside, 
you'll find that you are sealed in!

	Walk around for a little while and soon two of the statues will 
attack!  Fight off the two statues (Granite Titans), then heal up if 
needed, because the next step you take, you will be faced with two more.  
Fight off the next two, then get ready for one final battle.  After 
defeating all six "statues" the doors will open.  Head north (for God's 
sake, use STEPGUARD), and walk behind the Archfiend's throne.  Search 
behind the throne and you will find a hidden stairway amongst the damage 

	Head down two sets up stairs, then head north to a room that is 
filled with revolving floors to the brim.  However, this area is not 
complicated at all.  As you head north, walk up the left side of the 
corridor until the very first diamond square.  From here, just hold down 
the UP arrow key and you will safely escorted through the entire room 
and taken right to the stairway!  hehehe

	Head downstairs, then follow the path until you reach a four-way 
intersection.  Go south, then west, then south again until you come to a 
treasure chest that contains a MULTI-EDGE SWORD, which, YES, is Cursed.  
Damn it!

	Oh well... head back north, east, and south, follow the path until 
you reach another intersection.  From there, head south and east some 
more, then north.  Follow this path until you reach another stairway 
going down.  Go downstairs and walk up the huge set of "steps", then 
unlock the door with the MAGIC KEY or with the OPEN spell.  Follow the 
"path" and cross the bridge, and you will come across a man in blue 
fighting a monster.  Wait a minute.. it's Ortega!!!

	 Ortega fights valiantly, but unfortunately he is overpowered by 
the King Hydra.  With his last words, he tells you that if you ever go 
to Aliahan... forgive his son for he could not save the world.  Without 
even recognizing you as his son, Ortega passes away.  (Why in the hell 
did the hero not jump in and help instead of watching his father die?!?)

	Keeping this tragedy in mind, continue to the west and north.  
Ignore the iron door, and circle around the north side of this floor.  
Unlock the door along the north wall, then go inside the room and gawk 
at the 6 (count 'em!) treasure chests!  They contain a mimic, a STONE OF 
another mimic.  The Sage's Stone is a mega-useful item which heals all 
your characters when used in battle!

	Head north out of the room, then go east and circle around to the 
east side of the room, then follow the path (ignore the next iron door 
as well) until you reach some more stairs.  Go downstairs, and you'll 
finally be at the bottom floor of the castle.  Step up onto the altar 
and Zoma the Master Archfiend will appear.  However, he brings about his 
servants to do his dirty work for him.  The King Hydra, the same one 
that killed your father, will attack!

	Try to conserve your MP as much as possible during this fight.  If 
you need healing, use the Sage's Stone.  Just hack away at him and maybe 
throw in a spell every now and then.  The King Hydra has over 500 HP, so 
it may take a little while to beat him.  Once he is defeated, heal up.

	*NOTE* There is a good way to heal up without using your MP!  It 
involves the Ring of Life that you found in the town of Rimuldar.  Just 
give the Ring of Life to your first party member, put it on, then walk 
around back and forth to the left and right (don't advance north yet), 
gaining 1 HP with each step.  There are no encounters down here, so walk 
back and forth until your HP is fully replenished.  Then hand off the 
ring to the next person, and complete until you party is fully healed!

	Once you are ready, advance a little ways north and you will be 
faced with Henchman #2, Baramos Bomus!

	Much like Baramos, this guy has some nasty spells at his disposal.  
Pretty much all of the spells that you would hate to have cast on you, 
this guy can (and probably will) cast.  Again, try to conserve MP as 
much as possible... heal with the Sage Stone and throw in a BIKILL to 
enhance your Soldier's attacking power.  He also has around 500 HP, so 
good luck!

	After getting rid of him, heal up again using the ring strategy, 
then advance a little further to face Henchman #3, Baramos Gonus!

	Again, use the same strategy... conserve MP, use the Sage Stone 
for healing, and throw in a BIKILL on the Soldier to help you chop this 
guy to pieces before he seriously messes up your party.  This guy is 
quite tougher, having about 800 HP, but if you are careful you shouldn't 
have too much trouble taking him down.

	Now... heal up using the Ring of Life, and use any spare Wizard's 
Rings you may have gathered to restore your Wizard and Pilgrim's MP.  
Once you are fully prepared, give the Sage's Stone to the Pilgrim and 
head up to do battle with Zoma himself!!!

	The very first thing you should do is use the SPHERE OF LIGHT.  
This will reduce Zoma's HP by one-half, making the battle quite easier.  
Don't worry about casting INCREASE or SPEEDUP... Zoma uses mostly 
magical attacks anyway and the speed probably won't matter.  Throw 
_everything_ you have at this guy.. the Hero's Lightning Spell, the 
Wizard's Explodet, and have the Pilgrim use the Sage's Stone to heal 
your party.  Don't cast BeDragon or any effect spells such as BIKILL, as 
Zoma will probably use a freeze beam attack that nullifies all spells on 
your party -- wasting turns and MP.  Instead, concentrate on attack 
spells and dealing pure damage to Zoma.

	Zoma has 2,000 HP total, but after using the Sphere of Light, it 
won't seem all that bad.  Zoma is tough, but as long as you keep your 
party healthy, you will prevail!  Once Zoma is defeated, he will deliver 
his final speech (I am gone, but the darkness will still be around, etc, 
etc, blah blah).  Once he's spoken his piece, proceed back out of the 
castle, which will begin to crumble!  Suddenly a hole opens up beneath 
you and your party is flung from the fissure in the cave near Tantegel 
(not again.. HEHEHE)

	You'll end up back in the cave... and you still can't cast spells 
(D'OH!) so you'll have to walk out.  (Hey, at least there are no 
monsters around :)

	As you head up out of the bottom floor, the floor below will begin 
to crumble, and the wall will cave in, concealing the passage entirely 
(which would explain why it wasn't there in the original DW, right?  
:P).  Once outside.... surprise!  Daybreak in the World of Darkness... 
how poetic!  :)

	Now you are free to visit all the towns over again, and talk to 
everybody.  When you are ready, go back to the King in Tantegel and 
watch the ending!  Congratulations, you've finished the game!  :)


*          PART THREE: THE LISTS           *


Name               |Cost    |Use of Item
Acorns of Life     |Found   |Raises your MAX HP by 1-5 points
Agility Seed       |Found   |Raises your AGILITY by 1-3 points
Antidote Herb      |10      |Cures POISON
Black Pepper       |Found   |Trade to King of Portoga for a SHIP!
Blue Orb           |Found   |One of the six ORBS!
Dream Ruby         |Found   |The treasure of the Elf Queen
Echoing Flute      |Found   |Will echo if an ORB is nearby
Fairy Flute        |Found   |Used to free Rubiss from her "curse"
Fairy Water        |25      |Keeps away enemies for a short time
Final Key          |Found   |Lets you open barred (prison) doors
Full Moon Herb     |30      |Cures NUMB status
Golden Crown       |Found   |The crown of the king of Romaly!
Green Orb          |Found   |One of the six ORBS!
Intelligence Seed  |Found   |Raises your INTELLIGENCE by 1-3 points
Invisibility Herb  |500     |Makes your party invisible!
Lamp of Darkness   |Found   |Changes day into night when used
Leaf of World Tree |Found   |Used to revive a dead ally!
Locket of Love     |Found   |Gives you passage to Simon's prison
Luck Seed          |Found   |Raises your LUCK by 1-3 points
Magic Ball         |Found   |Opens the Cave of Enticement
Magic Key          |Found   |Lets you open iron locked doors
Medical Herb       |8       |Restores a small amount of your HP
Meteorite Armband  |Found   |Doubles the wearer's AGILITY
Mirror of Ra       |Found   |Reveals the identity of the King of Samanao
Oricon             |Found   |Used to forge the Sword of Kings
Poison Moth Powder |500     |Confuses an enemy in battle
Purple Orb         |Found   |One of the six ORBS!
Rainbow Drop       |Found   |Used to make the bridge to Zoma's Castle!
Red Orb            |Found   |One of the six ORBS!
Ring of Life       |Found   |Regain 1 HP with every step!
Royal Scroll       |Found   |Grants you passage to the cave near Assaram
Sacred Amulet      |Found   |Needed to obtain the Rainbow Drop
Sage's Stone       |Found   |Heals all allies when used in battle!
Sailor's Thigh Bone|Found   |Gives you the location of the Phantom Ship
Shoes of Happiness |Found   |Gain 1 EXP with every step while outside!!!
Silver Harp        |Found   |Attracts enemies when used
Silver Orb         |Found   |One of the six ORBS!
Sphere of Light    |Found   |Reduces Zoma's HP by 1/2!
Spider's Web       |35      |Casts SLOW when used in battle
Staff of Change    |Found   |Lets you assume a different form
Staff of Rain      |Found   |Combined with Stones of Sunlight
Stone of Life      |Found   |Protects from a BEAT or DEFEAT spell (once)
Stones of Sunlight |Found   |Combined with Staff of Rain
Strength Seed      |Found   |Raises your STRENGTH by 1-3 points
Sword of Gaia      |Found   |Throw into a volcano to get to Necrogond
Thief's Key        |Found   |Lets you open wooden locked doors
Vase of Drought    |Found   |Surfaces the Sunken Shrine south of Aliahan
Vitality Seed      |Found   |Raises your VITALITY by 1-3 points
Wake-Up Powder     |Found   |Used to wake up the town of Noaniels
Water Blaster      |Found   |Used basically to annoy people :)
Wing of Wyvern     |20      |Lets you return to a town (same as RETURN)
Wizard's Ring      |2500    |Restores your lost MP!
Yellow Orb         |Found   |One of the six ORBS!


Name               |ATP  |Cost   |Where Found          
Battle Axe         |+40  |2500   |Bought
Broad Sword        |+34  |1500   |Bought
Chain Sickle       |+24  |550    |Bought
Copper Sword       |+12  |100    |Bought               
Club               |+7   |30     |Bought               
Cypress Stick      |+2   |5      |Bought
Demon Axe          |+90  |Found  |Baramos' Castle
Dragon Killer      |+77  |15000  |Bought
Falcon Sword       |+5   |25000  |Bought
Giant Shears       |+48  |3700   |Bought
Golden Claw        |+55  |Found  |Pyramid near Isis
Iron Claw          |+30  |770    |Bought
Iron Spear         |+28  |750    |Bought
Magic Knife        |+14  |200    |Bought
Multi-Edge Sword   |+100 |Found  |Zoma's Castle
Orochi Sword       |+63  |Found  |After battle with Orochi
Poison Needle      |+10  |Found  |Tool shop of Kanave
Sledge Hammer      |+65  |6500   |Bought
Snowblast Sword    |+80  |Found  |After battle with Marauder
Staff of Force     |+55  |2500   |Bought
Staff of Judgement |+35  |2700   |Bought
Swd of Destruction |+100 |45000  |Bought (cursed)
Sword of Gaia      |+48  |Found  |Simon's Prison
Sword of Illusion  |+70  |Found  |Portoga after defeating Baramos
Sword of Thunder   |+85  |Found  |Cave to Necrogond
Staff of Rain      |+16  |Found  |Shrine near Cantlin
Sword of Kings     |+110 |35000  |Kol weapon shop after selling Oricon
Thor's Sword       |+100 |Found  |After battle with Boss Troll
Thorn Whip         |+18  |320    |Bought
Wizard's Wand      |+15  |2000   |Bought
Zombie Slasher     |+65  |9800   |Bought


Name               |DFP  |Cost   |Where Found
Angel's Robe       |+35  |3000   |Bought (Elf village)
Animal Suit        |+8   |Found  |Cave near Samanao
Armor of Hades     |+65  |Found  |Mountain Cave SW of Tantegel
Armor of Radiance  |+75  |Found  |Tower NW of Kol
Armor of Terrafirma|+50  |Found  |Navel of the Earth
Chain Mail         |+20  |480    |Bought
Cloak of Evasion   |+20  |2900   |Bought
Clothes            |+4   |10     |Bought
Dragon Mail        |+45  |9800   |Bought
Fighting Suit      |+23  |800    |Bought
Flashy Clothes     |+28  |Found  |Pyramid near Isis
Full Plate Armor   |+32  |2400   |Bought
Half Plate Armor   |+25  |1100   |Bought
Iron Apron         |+22  |700    |Bought
Leather Armor      |+12  |150    |Bought
Magic Armor        |+40  |5800   |Bought
Revealing Swimsuit |+1   |78000  |Bought (changes your appearance)
Sacred Robe        |+30  |4400   |Bought
Shell Armor        |+16  |300    |Bought
Swordedge Armor    |+55  |Found  |Cave to Necrogond
Training Suit      |+10  |80     |Bought
Water Flying Cloth |+40  |12800  |Bought
Wayfarer's Clothes |+8   |70     |Bought


Name               |DFP  |Cost   |Where Found
Bronze Shield      |+7   |180    |Bought
Leather Shield     |+4   |90     |Bought
Iron Shield        |+12  |700    |Bought
Silver Shield      |+30  |8800   |Bought
Shield of Strength |+40  |15000  |Bought
Shield of Heroes   |+50  |Found  |Cave NW of Tantegel
Shield of Sorrow   |+35  |Found  |After battle with Leona


Name               |DFP  |Cost   |Where Found
Leather Helmet     |+2   |80     |Bought
Iron Helmet        |+16  |1000   |Bought
Iron Mask          |+25  |3500   |Bought
Iron Mask          |+25  |3500   |Bought
Mysterious Hat     |+10  |Found  |After battle with Winged Demon
Noh Mask           |+255 |Found  |Orochi's Cave (Cursed)
Turban             |+8   |160    |Bought
Unlucky Helmet     |+35  |Found  |Baramos' Castle


Name      |Who Learns         |MPUse |Spell effect
Antidote  |Pilg L12           |  2   |Cures POISON in one ally
Awake     |Pilg L16           |  3   |Wakes up party members
Bang      |Wizd L11           |  5   |Deals damage to all enemies
Barrier   |Pilg L32           |  6   |Protects ally from physical attack
Beat      |Pilg L22           |  7   |Can destroy one enemy
BeDragon  |Wizd L35           |  24  |Caster transforms into a Dragon
Bikill    |Wizd L21           |  6   |Doubles one ally's ATTACK
Blaze     |Hero L3  Wizd L1   |  2   |Deals fire damage to one enemy
Blazemore |Wizd L17           |  6   |Medium fire damage to one enemy
Blazemost |Wizd L36           |  12  |High fire damage to one enemy
Boom      |Hero L32 Wizd L23  |  9   |Medium damage to all enemies
Bounce    |Wizd L25           |  8   |Reflects enemy magic
Chance    |Wizd L41           |  20  |MYSTERY EFFECT!!!
Chaos     |Wizd L27           |  5   |Can CONFUSE one enemy
Curse Off |Wizd L30           |  18  |Removes a curse
Day-Night |Wizd L25           |  12  |Changes day->night, night->day
Defeat    |Pilg L28           |  7   |Can destroy an enemy group
Defence   |Pilg L18           |  4   |Halves DEFENSE of enemy group
Expel     |Hero L7  Pilg L3   |  2   |Make enemies disappear (no EXP!)
Explodet  |Wizd L38           |  16  |High damage to all enemies
Firebal   |Hero L10 Wizd L7   |  4   |Deals fire damage to enemy group
Firebane  |Hero L23 Wizd L14  |  6   |Medium fire damage to enemy group
Firevolt  |Wizd L29           |  12  |High fire damage to enemy group
Heal      |Hero L5  Pilg L1   |  3   |Heals one ally's HP
Healall   |Hero L33 Pilg L30  |  7   |Heals all of one ally's HP
Healmore  |Hero L29 Pilg L15  |  5   |Heals one ally's HP greatly
Healus    |Pilg L34           |  18  |Recover HP for all allies
Healusall |Hero L37           |  62  |Heals all allies fully
Icebolt   |Wizd L5            |  3   |Deals ice damage to one enemy
IceSpears |Wizd L32           |  9   |Ice damage to all enemies
Increase  |Wizd L10           |  4   |Doubles all allies DEFENSE
Infermore |Pilg L26           |  6   |Medium heat damage to enemy group
Infermost |Pilg L36           |  9   |High heat damage to enemy group
Infernos  |Pilg L12           |  4   |Heat damage to enemy group
Invisible |Wizd L33           |  15  |Turns party invisible
Ironize   |Hero L13           |  6   |Turns party into iron for 3 turns
Lightning |Hero L41           |  30  |Ultimate damage to one enemy
Limbo     |Pilg L22           |  7   |Removes one enemy from battle
NumbOff   |Pilg L15           |  6   |Cures NUMB in one ally
Open      |Wizd L35           |  0   |Opens locked doors
Outside   |Hero L15 Wizd L10  |  8   |Warps you outside a dungeon
Return    |Hero L7  Wizd L13  |  8   |Return to a town you have visited
Repel     |Hero L20           |  4   |Keeps enemies away for short time
Revive    |Pilg L38           |  20  |Revives a dead ally with full HP
RobMagic  |Wizd L15           |  0   |Sucks away MP from enemy
Sacrifice |Pilg L42           |  1   |Destroy all enemies/caster dies
Sap       |Pilg L11           |  4   |Halves DEFENSE of one enemy
Sleep     |Hero L17 Pilg L10  |  3   |Puts an enemy group to sleep
Slow      |Wizd L13           |  3   |Halves AGILITY of enemy group
Snowblast |Wizd L20           |  6   |Ice damage to enemy group
Snowstorm |Wizd L26           |  12  |Medium ice damage to enemy group
SpeedUP   |Pilg L5            |  3   |Doubles AGILITY of all allies
Stepguard |Wizd L19           |  2   |Protects party from damage zones
Stopspell |Hero L18 Pilg L14  |  3   |Keeps enemies from casting spells
Surround  |Pilg L10           |  4   |Lowers enemy hit %
Transform |Wizd L41           |  12  |Transform into a party member!
Upper     |Wizd L4            |  3   |Doubles one ally's DEFENSE
Vivify    |Hero L35 Pilg L24  |  10  |Revives a dead ally (sometimes)
X-Ray     |Wizd L18           |  4   |Identifies Man-Eater Chests/Mimics
Zap       |Hero L26           |  8   |Lightning damage to one enemy


Enemy Name      |HP   |EXP   |Gold |Special Items Gained
Archmage        | 125 | 950  | 168 |
Army Crab       | 30  | 12   | 15  |
Avenger         | 125 | 314  | 51  |
Avenger Beak    | 55  | 76   | 44  |
Avenger Jackal  | 50  | 32   | 18  |
Avenger Raven   | 25  | 15   | 18  |
Babble          | 13  |  4   |  7  |
Baramos         |1000 |  0   |  0  |
Baramos Bomus   | 500 | 4067 | 540 |
Baramos Gonus   | 800 | 4767 | 18  |
Barnabas        | 50  | 78   | 51  |
Barog           | 90  | 1090 | 96  |
Bighorn         | 70  | 117  | 71  |
Black Raven     |  9  |  2   |  3  |
Blue Beak       | 60  | 248  | 77  |
Bomb Crag       | 400 | 220  | 126 |
Boss Troll      | 400 | 834  | 126 |
Caterpillar     | 35  | 11   | 15  |
Catula          | 38  | 45   | 30  |
Crabus          | 50  | 82   | 43  |
Curer           | 55  | 93   | 55  |
Dancing Jewel   | 70  |  4   |1228 |
Darthbear       | 150 | 693  | 156 |
Deadly Toadstool| 35  | 18   | 18  |
Demon Anteater  | 18  |  4   |  9  |
Demon Toadstool | 20  | 13   | 22  |
Demonite        | 58  | 34   | 30  |
Deranger        | 60  | 115  | 57  |
Eliminator      | 100 | 125  | 64  |
Elysium Bird    | 100 | 327  | 161 |
Evil Mage       | 100 | 550  | 102 |
Executioner     | 35  | 50   | 24  |
Fierce Bear     | 80  | 143  | 66  |
Flamapede       | 45  | 24   | 42  |
Froggore        | 12  |  4   |  4  |
Frost Cloud     | 70  | 356  | 78  |
Garuda          | 70  | 147  | 171 |
Gas Cloud       | 25  | 11   | 16  |
Ghoul           | 125 | 424  | 175 |
Giant Anteater  | 10  |  3   |  4  |
Glacier Basher  | 120 | 135  | 65  |
Goategon        | 60  | 99   | 54  |
Gold Basher     | 200 | 130  |1228 |
Goopi           | 70  | 240  | 93  |
Granite Titan   | 220 | 834  | 275 |
Great Beak      | 50  | 64   | 33  |
Green Dragon    | 130 | 865  | 114 |
Grizzly         | 125 | 175  | 68  |
Hades' Condor   | 65  | 122  | 74  |
Healer          | 25  |  7   |  6  |
Heat Cloud      | 42  | 34   | 34  |
Hologhost       | 90  | 397  | 51  |
Hork            | 95  | 40   | 18  |
Horned Rabbit   |  9  |  3   |  3  |Medical Herb
Humanabat       | 28  | 10   | 16  |
Hunter Fly      | 25  | 33   | 30  |
Hydra           | 150 | 1030 | 90  |
Infernus Crab   | 35  | 26   | 28  |
Infernus Knight | 55  | 105  | 52  |
Kandar          | 140 | N/A  | N/A |
Kandar Henchman | 65  | N/A  | N/A |
Killer Bee      | 22  |  9   | 16  |
King Froggore   | 35  | 24   | 28  |
King Hydra      | 500 | 3167 | 420 |
King Merzon     | 100 | 530  | 108 |
King Squid      | 120 | 119  | 84  |
King Totragon   | 125 | 474  | 144 |
Kong            | 80  | 144  | 62  |
Kragacles       | 320 | 692  | 65  |
Lava Basher     | 52  | 139  | 61  |
Leona           | 145 | 927  | 108 |Shield of Sorrow
Lethal Armor    | 75  | 140  | 96  |
Lionhead        | 110 | 450  | 106 |
Lionroar        | 150 | 1020 | 144 |
Lumpus          | 35  | 27   | 30  |
Madhound        | 30  | 18   | 17  |
Mage Toadstool  | 40  | 31   | 24  |
Magician        | 19  |  5   | 12  |
Magiwyvern      | 110 | 747  | 150 |
Man-Eater Chest | 100 | 46   | 30  |
Man-Eater Moth  | 20  | 18   | 19  |
Man O' War      | 32  | 75   | 57  |
Marauder        | 120 | 397  | 88  |Snowblast Sword
Marine Slime    | 30  | 60   | 73  |
Masked Moth     | 10  |  2   |  5  |
Merzon          | 50  | 80   | 46  |
Merzoncian      | 65  | 87   | 62  |
Metal Babble    | 15  |13400 | 12  |Shoes of Happiness
Metal Slime     |  5  | 1380 |  6  |
Mimic           | 200 | 245  | 51  |
Minidemon       | 90  | 196  | 83  |
Mummy           | 50  | 33   | 48  |
Mummy Man       | 34  | 25   | 15  |
Nev             | 50  | 43   | 39  |
Old Hag         | 60  | 154  | 76  |
Orochi          | 400 | 2680 |  0  |Sword of Orochi
Poison Silkworm | 40  | 16   | 24  |
Poison Toad     | 21  |  7   | 11  |
Putregon        | 275 | 1166 | 64  |
Putrepup        | 38  | 10   | 18  |
Rammore         | 52  | 53   | 54  |
Red Slime       |  8  |  3   |  3  |
Rogue Knight    | 50  | 23   | 36  |
Salamander      | 180 | 2329 | 264 |
Scalgon         | 145 | 666  | 66  |
Scorpion Wasp   | 15  |  3   |  5  |
Shadow          | 35  | 13   | 22  |
Simiac          | 42  | 57   | 42  |
Skeleton        | 75  | 281  | 70  |
Sky Dragon      | 60  | 267  | 218 |
Slime           |  7  |  1   |  2  |
Slime Snail     | 20  | 82   | 22  |
Snow Dragon     | 105 | 147  | 108 |
Spiked Hare     | 15  |  4   |  7  |
Stingwing       | 45  | 55   | 42  |
Stone Hulk      | 140 | 594  | 75  |
Swordoid        | 160 | 1060 | 81  |
Tentacles       | 200 | 427  | 120 |
Terror Shadow   | 60  | 247  | 34  |
Tonguebear      | 44  | 38   | 30  |
Tortragon       | 70  | 218  | 106 |
Trick Bag       | 50  | 1    | 420 |
Troll           | 200 | 344  | 126 |
Troll King      | 320 | 688  | 96  |
Vampire         | 35  | 21   | 23  |
Vampire Cat     | 32  | 22   | 24  |
Venom Zombie    | 80  | 295  | 30  |
Vile Shadow     | 120 | 570  | 53  |
Voodoo Shaman   | 100 | 197  | 114 |
Voodoo Warlock  | 130 | 761  | 130 |
Wild Ape        | 50  | 20   | 22  |
Winged Demon    | 120 |1175  | 156 |Mysterious Hat
Witch           | 45  | 102  | 62  |
Witch Doctor    | 90  | 120  | 48  |
Wyvern          | 85  | 594  | 93  |Wing of Wyvern
Zoma            |2000 | N/A  | N/A |


	See file DW3EXP.txt.  The experience chart is rather large (all 8 
classes up to level 99), so I figured I'd put it in a different file.  
Plus there's the fact that I was too lazy to table it out here, so... :P

*       PART FOUR : CONCLUSION        *

	And so ends the Dragon Warrior III FAQ/Walkthrough.  Well it sure 
took me long enough to get this thing finished, but now 'tis done.  As 
always, I hope this helps somebody out... in this day and age there 
aren't many people left who still play 8-bit games :)

	If you have any additions, suggestions, comments, questions, 
donations (haha), etc... feel free to mail me (I am Dalez in case you 
forgot) at  As is the case with the first 
version(s) of an FAQ there is sure to be stuff missing.... ah well :P

	Well, until the next walkthrough!  --Dalez


Enix -- I believe they had something to do with the game =)
Ragnarosen ( -- His Dragon Warrior 3 Save State 	       
Hacking Guide was an essential to get someone from each character          
class up to level 99.  Sure, I cheated, but it's for the sake of
   education, you know?  :P
Daniel Wagoner ( -- for his Dragon Warrior 3 FAQ
   which I sort used as a reference to get me through the game again
   so I could write this FAQ (it's been quite a while since I've played
   it last) :)


Dragon Warrior I -- NES
Dragon Warrior II -- NES
The 7th Saga -- SNES
Cosmic Spacehead -- GENESIS

	Yes!  Here's the technical babble!

*** This document may be distributed freely as long as it is not 
modified in any way, and the author is given proper credit for his work. 

********THE END********

-Copyright (C) 1999 by Dalez (
-All rights reserved
-Contents under pressure.  Do not compress, puncture, or incinerate.

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