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Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 16:49:13 EDT


Written & Researched by Ragnarosen (
Hexadecimal Introduction Written by Jason Timmons (

To alter the statistics of your characters through hacking into 
	your save state (or *.STA file), you'll need to go to Break 
	Point Software ( and download a program 
	called "Hex Workshop." Once you're finished downloading and 
	the program is finished running SETUP.EXE automatically, open 
	Hex Workshop and use it to open any DW3 STA files you may have. 


1. Introduction to Hexadecimal Code
2. Character 1 Offsets
3. Character 2 Offsets
4. Character 3 Offsets
5. Character 4 Offsets
6. Job Class & Gender Modifier
7. Status Modifier
8. Name Modifier
9. Item Modifier
10. Magic Modifier
11. Money Modifier


Hex seems complicated at first, but is quite
simple after a while. The list of numbers on the
left is the address. Ignore the gibberish on the
far right.  The key number in hex is 16. It uses
the numbers 0-9 and the letters A-F.
0-9 have their normal values and A-F has the
values of 10-15. To read a hex value, each
column has a value. Example:

Normal number:  99 => 9 is the tens column, and 9 is the ones column
Hex number: 63 => 6 is the 16s column, 3 is the ones column

Both of these numbers are 99. In hex the second column is worth
16 each. so you multiply 6 * 16 to get 96, then you add 3 * 1 to
get 99. Now the letters.

Normal number: 243 => 2 is the hundreds column, 4 is the tens column, and 3 is the ones column
Hex number: F3 => F is the 16s column, 3 is the ones column

Both of these are 243. F is equal 15 so you multiply 15 * 16 to get 240,
then you add 3 * 1 to get 243.
Each column is a multiple of 16. The next column after the 16s column
is 256, which is 16*16. The column after that is 4096, which is 256 * 16.
Each column after that is the next multiple of 16. This is how you do
very large numbers. Here's an example.

Normal number: 10,456 => 1 is the ten-thousands column, 0 is the thousands column,
			4 is the hundreds column, 5 is the tens column, and 6 is the ones
Hex number: 28D8 => 2 is the 4096s column, 8 is the 256s column, D is the 16s column,
			and 8 is the ones

Again, both equal 10,456. Take 2 * 4096 to get 8192, add 8 * 256 to get 10,240, add
			D(13) * 16 to get 10,448, then add 8 * 1 to get 10,456.

This is a basic guide for hex. It doesn't really get much more complicated that that.
With most hex editors, when you open a save state,  you will have the addresses on
the left, junk on the right, and the hex codes in the middle. A set of two number/letter
sets is considered a unit. There are 16 units on 1 line. If the address on the right says
00002700, then the line addresses go like this:

Line Address	0001   0203   0405   0607   0809   0A0B   0C0D    0E0F    Junk
00002700	6363   6363   FFFF   FFFF   FFFF   FFFF   FFFF    FFFF    cccc............

So if the guide says that address 2704 is for the first characters strength, then he has 255
strength. [FF = (15*16) + (15 * 1) = 255] FF is at the address 2704, so in normal numbers,
that equals 255.

All this will take a little practice to get used to, but it gets easier as you go.
Also, some codes are flipped. Like if you wanted that value of 99,999 somewhere,
which is 1869F in hex, it takes three units. Something like gold, which takes three
units, is reversed. So it would say 27BE, then 27BD, then 27BC. So you would put the 
first unit: 01 in 27BE, then the second unit: 86 in 27BD, then the third unit: 9F in

******CHARACTER 01******
Level: 2700
Strength: 2704
Agility: 2708
Intelligence: 270C
Vitality: 2710
Luck: 2714
Job Class/Sex: 2718
Current HP: 271D, 271C
Current MP: 2725, 2724
Maximum HP: 272D, 272C
Maximum MP: 2735, 2734
Status: 273C, 273D
Experience: 2746, 2745, 2744
Name: 275C-2763
Items: 277C-2783
Pilgrim's Battle Magic: 27A0, 27A1, 27A2
Pilgrim's Field Magic: 27A3
Wizard's Battle Magic: 279C, 279D, 279E
Wizard's Field Magic: 279F

******CHARACTER 02****** 
Level: 2701
Strength: 2705
Agility: 2709
Intelligence: 270D
Vitality: 2711
Luck: 2715
Job Class/Sex: 2719
Current HP: 271F, 271E
Current MP: 2727, 2726
Maximum HP: 272F, 272E
Maximum MP: 2737, 2736
Status: 273E, 273F
Experience: 2749, 2748, 2747
Name: 2764-276B
Items: 2784-278B
Pilgrim's Battle Magic: 27A8, 27A9, 27AA
Pilgrim's Field Magic: 27AB
Wizard's Battle Magic: 27A4, 27A5, 27A6
Wizard's Field Magic: 27A7

******CHARACTER 03****** 
Level: 2702
Strength: 2706
Agility: 270A
Intelligence: 270E
Vitality: 2712
Luck: 2716
Job Class/Sex: 271A
Current HP: 2721, 2720
Current MP: 2729, 2728
Maximum HP: 2731, 2730
Maximum MP: 2739, 2738
Status: 2740, 2741
Experience: 274C, 274B, 274A
Name: 276C-2773
Items: 278C-2793
Pilgrim's Battle Magic: 27B0, 27B1, 27B2
Pilgrim's Field Magic: 27B3
Wizard's Battle Magic: 27AC, 27AD, 27AE
Wizard's Field Magic: 27AF

******CHARACTER 04****** 
Level: 2703
Strength: 2707
Agility: 270B
Intelligence: 270F
Vitality: 2713
Luck: 2717
Job Class/Sex: 271B
Current HP: 2723, 2722
Current MP: 272B, 272A
Maximum HP: 2733, 2732
Maximum MP: 273B, 273A
Status: 2742, 2743
Experience: 274F, 274E, 274D
Name: 2774-277B
Items: 2794-279B
Pilgrim's Battle Magic: 27B8, 27B9, 27BA
Pilgrim's Field Magic: 27BB
Wizard's Battle Magic: 27B4, 27B5, 27B6
Wizard's Field Magic: 27B7


These codes are just like going to the Shrine of Dhama, except
	your statistics aren't halved and you don't have to start over
	from Level 1! Also, by just adding or subtracting 8 digits from
	the current value, you can give your character a sex change!
	(Aside from equipping some female-specific armor, such as dresses 
	and bikinis, I don't see a point to this.)

00- Male Hero
01- Male Wizard
02- Male Pilgrim
03- Male Sage
04- Male Soldier
05- Male Merchant
06- Male Fighter
07- Male Goof-off
08- Female Hero
09- Female Wizard
0A- Female Pilgrim
0B- Female Sage
0C- Female Soldier
0D- Female Merchant
0E- Female Fighter
0F- Female Goof-off


WARNING WARNING WARNING: I recommend that you 
don't mess around with the status modifier. 
Keep it as it is (8080) or you'll start to get 
some extremely negative results. On the 
following table, "XX" represents any value
other than 80.

	8080: Normal
	XX80: On the map you appear paralyzed. The windows 
		turn orange after a while. Enter a battle and 
		you're automatically dead.
	80XX: On the first step you take, you become a ghost
		and the windows turn orange. You can still
		freely walk around as a ghost, but for each
		step the screen flashes red (as if poisoned)
		and you wind up losing HP, MP, MAXIMUM HP, and
		MAXIMUM MP in random increments. After the red
		flash, you get a message saying "(Character)
		is dead." Enter a battle and you're automati-
		cally dead.
	XXXX: Same as 80XX, but the onscreen sprite is a
		paralyzed character instead of a ghost. And
		if that's not bad enough, your items start to
		change. The changes are completely random; once
		my Copper Sword turned into a Green Orb.

******NAME MODIFIER******

00- blank	10-	f	20-	v	30-	L		00-3F represents the normal alphabet
01-	0	11-	g	21-	w	31-	M		as it normally appears in the game.
02-	1	12-	h	22-	x	32-	N		
03-	2	13-	i	23-	y	33-	O		40-4F represents the text symbols
04-	3	14-	j	24-	z	34-	P		used for the various job classes
05-	4	15-	k	25-	A	35-	Q		(Hr, Sr, Pr, etc.)
06-	5	16-	l	26-	B	36-	R		
07-	6	17-	m	27-	C	37-	S		52-56 are cursive lowercase letters.
08-	7	18-	n	28-	D	38-	T		They never occur in the game.
09-	8	19-	o	29-	E	39-	U		
0A-	9	1A-	p	2A-	F	3A-	V		5B-5E are 2-letter sets. They never
0B-	a	1B-	q	2B-	G	3B-	W		occur in the game.
0C-	b	1C-	r	2C-	H	3C-	X		
0D-	c	1D-	s	2D-	I	3D-	Y		5F is the "equip" symbol that
0E-	d	1E-	t	2E-	J	3E-	Z		appears on the item list.
0F-	e	1F-	u	2F-	K	3F- blank		

40-	H	50- blank	60- blank	70-	!		64 is an arrow pointing right.
41-	r	51- blank	61- blank	71-	;		73 is a triangle pointing right.
42-	S	52-	t	62-	'	72-	'		74 is a triangle pointing down.
43-	r	53-	u	63-	"	73- arrow		
44-	P	54-	v	64- arrow	74- arrow		77-7F are symbols used to make the
45-	r	55-	w	65-	"	75-	:		borders for text windows.
46-	W	56-	x	66-	'	76-	..		
47-	z	57-	.	67-	'	77- border		81-84 are actual Japanese char-
48-	F	58-	-	68-	'	78- border		acters. 81-83 are hiragana; 84 is
49-	r	59- blank	69-	.'	79- border		katakana.
4A-	M	5A-	*	6A-	,	7A- border		
4B-	r	5B-	Br	6B-	-	7B- border		85 is a plain white square.
4C-	G	5C-	Ma	6C-	.	7C- border		
4D-	f	5D-	Bi	6D-	(	7D- border		86-8A are capital letters that look
4E-	S	5E-	Me	6E-	)	7E- border		similar to the normal alphabet, but
4F-	g	5F- equip	6F-	?	7F- border		are thinner.

80- blank								8B is an actual Japanese character,
81- "ji"								representing a small katakana "tsu."
82- "da"								
83- "bu"								8C is the "equip" symbol that
84- "do"								appears on the item list.
85- square								
86- 	A								8D-FF are terrain symbols used in
87-	B								the game. It might seem a bit far-
88-	C								fetched, but wouldn't you like to
89-	D								have a hero whose name looks just
8A-	F								like a tower?
8B- "tsu"								
8C- equip								

******ITEM MODIFIER******

NOTE: The last three items are obviously "dummy" items.
	"Stick Slime" resets the game when used, and
	the other two items do absolutely nothing.

00- Cypress Stick
01- Club
02- Copper Sword
03- Magic Knife
04- Iron Spear
05- Battle Axe
06- Broad Sword
07- Wizard's Wand
08- Poison Needle
09- Iron Claw
0A- Thorn Whip
0B- Giant Shears
0C- Chain Sickle
0D- Thor's Sword
0E- Snowblast Sword
0F- Demon Axe
10- Staff of Rain
11- Sword of Gaia
12- Staff of Reflection
13- Sword of Destruction
14- Multi-Edge Sword
15- Staff of Force
16- Sword of Illusion
17- Zombie Slasher
18- Falcon Sword
19- Sledge Hammer
1A- Thunder Sword
1B- Staff of Thunder
1C- Sword of Kings
1D- Orochi Sword
1E- Dragon Killer
1F- Staff of Judgement

20- Clothes
21- Training Suit
22- Leather Armor
23- Flashy Clothes
24- Half Plate Armor
25- Full Plate Armor
26- Magic Armor
27- Cloak of Evasion
28- Armor of Radiance
29- Iron Apron
2A- Animal Suit
2B- Fighting Suit
2C- Sacred Robe
2D- Armor of Hades
2E- Water Flying Cloth
2F- Chain Mail
30- Wayfarer's Clothes
31- Revealing Swimsuit
32- Magic Bikini
33- Shell Armor
34- Armor of Terrafirma
35- Dragon Mail
36- Swordedge Armor
37- Angel's Robe

38- Leather Shield
39- Iron Shield
3A- Shield of Strength
3B- Shield of Heroes
3C- Shield of Sorrow
3D- Bronze Shield
3E- Silver Shield

3F- Golden Crown
40- Iron Helmet
41- Mysterious Hat
42- Unlucky Helmet
43- Turban
44- Noh Mask
45- Leather Helmet
46- Iron Mask

47- Sacred Amulet
48- Ring of Life
49- Shoes of Happiness
4A- Golden Claw
4B- Meteorite Armband
4C- Book of Satori
4D- (blank)

4E- Wizard's Ring
4F- Black Pepper
50- Sage's Stone
51- Mirror of Ra
52- Vase of Drought
53- Lamp of Darkness
54- Staff of Change
55- Stone of Light
56- Invisibility Herb
57- Magic Ball
58- Thief's Key
59- Magic Key
5A- Final Key
5B- Dream Ruby
5C- Wake Up Powder
5D- Royal Scroll
5E- Oricon
5F- Strength Seed
60- Agility Seed
61- Vitality Seed
62- Luck Seed
63- Intelligence Seed
64- Acorns of Life
65- Medical Herb
66- Antidote Herb
67- Fairy Water
68- Wing of Wyvern
69- Leaf of World Tree
6A- (blank)
6B- Locket of Love
6C- Full Moon Herb
6D- Water Blaster
6E- Sailor's Thigh Bone
6F- Echoing Flute
70- Fairy Flute
71- Silver Harp
72- Sphere of Light
73- Poison Moth Powder
74- Spider's Web
75- Stones of Sunlight
76- Rainbow Drop
77- Silver Orb
78- Red Orb
79- Yellow Orb
7A- Purple Orb
7B- Blue Orb
7C- Green Orb
7D- Stick Slime
7E- Black Raven
7F- Sword Horned

******MAGIC MODIFIER******

The first part of the "Battle Magic" code represents the first
	8 spells on the character's list of battle spells. The
	second part represents the second 8 spells, and the
	third represents the third 8 spells.
The "Field Magic" code represents the 8 spells that can be
	used outside of battle.
The Hero learns 16 battle spells and 8 command spells.
Pilgrims and Wizards learn 24 battle spells and 8 command spells.
The 32 Pilgrim spells and 32 Wizard spells can be used by any
	class except the Hero.
The Hero can only use the magic of the Pilgrim and Wizard when
	his/her class is changed. His/her set of 16 battle and 8
	command spells has the same offset as the first 16 battle
	and 8 command spells of the Wizard.
To have every magic spell at your disposal, input "FF" at every
	magic-related offset.
If the 8 magic codes for the Hero are set to FF, he/she can still
	only use the 16 battle and 8 command spells that are ex-
	clusive to the Hero class.

******MONEY MODIFIER******

27BE, 27BD, 27BC
Enter "9F8601" at Offset #27BC to have maximum of 99,999 GOLD!

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