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Final Fantasy Boss Guide by Amar Kishan 

This faq was written by Amar Kishan for use in Final Fantasy.  E-mail me
at  If you want use this on your page e-mail me first.  
Also, check out my Boss faq for FF3j on GameFaqs or my site.  Enjoy.
Version History
1:  First Version
1.5: Added HURRICANE to Chaos spell list, explained some stuff, added credits
1.6: Added credits
In Final Fantasy 1, all the enemies have a nast assortment of special
attacks and magic. Let's look at the Eye, for example.  It has a magic
list, XXXX, BRAK, RUB, LIT2, HOLD, MUTE, SLOW, and SLEP.  If the Eye
chooses to use magic, it will only use the magic in this order, and when
it finishes using SLEP, it restarts with XXXX.  The same goes for
special attacks.  As the bosses get stronger, they tend to use magic and
special attacks more than anything else.  They don't have mp limits,
[Name]: [Location]				[The party I used to kill it] [Hit
Points] [Weak VS:]  [Strong VS:]  [No Effect:]  [Uses: Magic, Special
Attack, PhA]  [Reward:] 
[Strategy: A quick way to kill this guy!]
F: Fighter			K:Knight   			BB: Black Belt
M:Master			WM: White Mage		WW: White Wizard
BM:Black Mage		BW: Black Wizard 
PhA:Physical Attack

Garland: Temple of the Fiends     		 		F/BB/WM/BM 
106 hp  weak vs: fire uses: PhA 
Strategy:  Have your fighters, theives, and black belts attack, healing or 
attacking with your WM, and casting fire with Red or Black mages.

Pirates (9): Pravoka 						F/BB/WM/BM
6 hp each  weak vs: slep uses: PhA reward: Ship	
Strategy: Have each person attack a pirate.  They should be able to kill them in 
one hit.  You can put make them sleep, too, if neccesary.

Wizard(variable #): Marsh Cave				F/BB/WM/BM 
84 hp each weak vs: LIT2  strong vs: Ice, Fire  no effect: BANE,BRAK,STUN,SLEP  
Strategy:  Since the wizards are at the bottom of a dungeon, they are harder 
then they should be.  Just use LIT2 and your BEST physical attacks, and you can 
triumph.  Not much of a boss, though.

Astos: Northwestern Castle      				F/BB/WM/BM 
168 hp uses: Magic-RUB,SLO2,FAST,FIR2,LIT2,SLOW,DARK,SLEP, PhA  reward: Crystal
Strategy:  This boss is tough.  I would reccomend no less than level 11
to kill him, since you want to kill him quickly.  There is almost no way
that he will not cast RUB, so one of your guys has gotta go.  If it is a
very important character, like your only fighter or potential healer, the 
chances are very low to kill him.  Attack him with your best fighters, CURE, and 
hit him with your strongest magic.

Vampire: Earth Cave						F/BB/WM/BM 
156 hp  weak vs: HARM, FIRE  no effect: QAKE uses: Special-Dazzle, PhA  reward: 
Strategy: This is a boss in the early game, but he is a regular enemy in the 
Mirage Tower.  He is a formidable foe, but if you attack, and cast your best 
HARM and FIRE spells, he will be toast.  The hardest part about this fool is 
that he is deep in a difficult dungeon, but if you pack a few Potions, you 
should be fine.

Lich: Earth Cave							F/BB/WM/BM 
400 hp weak vs: HARM, FIRE uses: Magic- ICE2, SLP2, FAST, LIT2, HOLD, FIR2, 
SLOW, and SLEP, PhA  reward: Regain power of the Earth! 
Strategy:  This is your first major battle.  Before journeying into the cave for 
the 2nd time, pack some heal potions so you can enter the battle at full 
strength.  First off, FAST your fighting characters.  Your WM should cast your 
best HARM spells, and after fasting, your BM should cast FIR3.  It might not 
hurt to use AICE, ALIT, or AFIR.

Kary: Gurgu Volcano       					F/BB/WM/BM 
600 hp  weak vs:STUN,SLEP stong vs:Fire, Ice, Lit  no effect:BANE, BRAK uses: 
Magic- FIR2, DARK,FIR2, DARK, FIR2, HOLD, FIR2, and HOLD,  PhA  reward: Regain 
the power of Fire! 
Strategy:  This is the second Fiend.  Heal up before battle again.  Fighting 
characters should attack (Ice Sword will come in handy), WM should cast AFIR and 
heal, BM should cast SLO spells to reduce the number of hits she deals, and STUN 
or SLEp if you wish.  Try to stay away from elemental spells unless you have no 

Eye: Ice Cave 							F/BB/WM/BM 
162 hp  no effect: QAKE uses: Magic-XXXX, BRAK, RUB, LIT2, HOLD, MUTE, SLOW, and 
SLEP, Special-GLANCE, SQUINT, GAZE, and STARE  reward: Floater Startegy:  Your 
main goal is to kill this guy before he can kill one of ure characters.  The 
best way to do this is to use all the best attacks and magic (FIR3) to try to 
kill it.  Later, when you have Pro rings, you can build levels here.

ZombieD (2): Castle of Ordeals				F/BB/WM/BM 
268 hp each weak vs: FIRE, HARM  uses: PhA  reward: Rat Tail 
Strategy:  This is an easy fight.  Hammer away with your attacks, and fry them 
with HARM and FIRE spells.  The mage staff will come in useful if you have it.

Kraken: Sea Shrine						K/M/WW/BW 
800 hp  weak vs: LIT3  strong vs: FIRE spells  no effect: QAKE  uses: Special-
INK reward: Regain the power of Water 
Strategy:  This guy is by far the hardest Fiend.  With his ability to kill in 
one or two hits, you better pray he uses INK and not a PhA.  SLO spells don't 
work this time, so your basically stuck.  Hammer away with FASTed attacks, 
CURE3/4 with WW, and LIT3 with BW.  I reccomend no less than Lv. 20 for this.

Blue D: Mirage Tower						K/M/WW/BW 
454 hp  weak vs:FIR3  strong vs: LIT spells  no effect: QAKE  uses: Special-
Strategy:  You should obviously have full hp for this.  Have your WM
cast CURE, and your fighters and BW handle it with FIR3 and attacks.

WarMech: Sky Castle						K/M/WW/BW 
1000 hp uses:Special-NUCLEAR, PhA  reward: You can say you are a master of Final 
Strategy:  This guy is one of the hardest bossess in any RPG.  First off, hammer 
away with your fighters.  You may wish to FAST them or TMPR them.  Your WW 
should WALL himself, them CUR3, CUR4, HEL3, or FADE.  Your BW should try to 
follow up with FASTing your guys or NUKE WarMech.  Before challenging this 
bosss, you should make sure you have Excalibur, and even Masamune.  Make sure to 
fight bare-fisted with your M.  You should have at least 2-3 charges of NUKE.

Tiamat: Sky Castle						K/M/WW/BW 
1000 hp    weak vs: BANE,BRAK  strong vs: Fire, Ice, Lit  no effect: QAKE  uses: 
Special-THUNDER,POISON,BLIZZARD,BLAZE, PhA reward: Regain power of the Air
Strategy:  Hammer him with Fasted weapons.  However, before you FAST,
you may wish to try BANE or BRAK.  If they do not work, FAST, NUKE,
FADE, and CUR4 when needed.
From here on, I reccomend no less than level 27. If your wizard with EXIT dies 
here, you are stuck.
Temple of Fiends							K/M/WW/BW 
360 hp  weak vs: HARM4, FIR3 no effect:QAKE uses: Magic-STOP, ZAP!, XFER, BRAK, 
Strategy: Just nail this guy (he's just a stronger version of the Eye.

Lich: Temple of Fiends   					K/M/WW/BW 
500 hp  weak vs: HARM spells uses: Magic-NUKE, STOP, ZAP!, XXXX Strategy:  Kill 
hm thesame way you did before, but try to do a NUKE before he can.  Your 
fighter's should handle the rest.  WALL your WW, too.  he is not weak vs. FIRE 
spells this time.

Kary: Temple of Fiends					K/M/WW/BW 
700 hp  weak vs: STUN, SLEP  strong vs: Fire, Ice, Lit  no effect: BANE, BRAK 
uses:Magic-FIR3 and RUB, PhA 
Strategy:  This is the same as before, and you may wish to use AFIR again.  The 
SLO spell doesn't work this time, though.

Kraken: Temple of Fiends					K/M/WW/BW 
900 hp strong vs: Ice  no effect: QAKE  uses:Magic-LIT2, Special-INK, PhA 
Strategy: This is exactly the same as before, but you will probably encounter 
more of his INK than his PhA.  Again, he can mostly likely take out a Wizard in 
one hit, heavy fighters in two.

Tiamat: Temple of  Fiends					K/M/WW/BW
1000 hp  strong vs: Fire, Ice, Lit  no effect: QAKE  uses: Magic-BANE, ICE2, 
Strategy: Attack with your best weapons, FASTed, and any other spell you are 
willing to use before the final boss.  I would reccomend saving NUKE, so you may 
want to leave this to your warriors.  If you don't have enough FAST charges to 
use at the last boss, your gone.  Try to heal with items or weak CURE spells.

Chaos: Temple of  Fiends					 K/M/WW/BW 
2000 hp  strong vs: Fire, Ice, Lit  no effect: QAKE,BANE,BRAK,STUN,SLEP,and ZAP!  
uses: Magic-ICE3, LIT3, SLO2, CUR4, FIR3, ICE2, FAST, NUKE, Special-CRACK,
INFERNO, SWIRL, and TORNADO reward: You can say you beat Final Fantasy!
Strategy:  First, here is an explanation of his Special Attacks: CRACK: Death to 
all characters;  INFERNO: Up to 384 points of Fire damage to all characters;  
SWIRL: Up to 256 damage to all characters; TORNADO: Up to 256 to all characters; 
and HURRICANE: smae amount as NUCLEAR.  First off, WALL your WW, FAST your 
fighters, and them TMPR them.  Masamune should be equipped.  Next, CUR4 or FADE 
with your WW, attacks with your fighting characters, and NUKE with your BW.  It 
won't be a bad idea to keep an estimate on the damage your doing.  Well, after 
you kill him, watch the ending, and tell people you beat this game.

Brett Fisher <> : Gave me information on Chaos's spells

Ben Siron <>: Stats.

Squaresfot: Making this excellent game.

Copyright Amar Kishan 1999

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