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Final Fantasy I Red Mage Solo Walkthrough

Version 0.40,
Copyrighted by Patrick Goncalves 2000, All rights reserved.
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I'll update more as I go along!

Revision History-
Version 0.35
Did everything up to Chapter 5
Version 0.40
Chapter 6 and fixed up a few bugs in it

Contents -

1 - Getting Started
1.1 - This isn't for wimps!
1.2 - What you are up against

2 - The challenge begins
2.1 - What to buy
2.2 - Getting ready
2.3 - Level up!
2.4 - Your first boss

3 - The Ship
3.1 - Getting to Provoka
3.2 - Bikke and his crew
3.3 - The Ship

4 - The Peninsula
4.1 - Get Fir2 if you want to live
4.2 - Build up for a while
4.3 - Some more spells

5 - Elfland and Astos
5.1 - The Marsh Cave
5.2 - Astos
5.3 - The Herb
5.4 - The Mystic key

6 - The Earth Cave
6.1 - A new town
6.2 - The Vampire
6.3 - The Rod and the Cookie
6.4 - Lich

1 - Getting started

This part of the walkthrough is going to tell you what you will be up

1.1 - This isn't for wimps.

Once you have played FF1 As much as I have, everything gets too easy, 
so you think "What can make this game harder?"

The answer is to go through the game with one person.

Of course, the white or black mages would have no chance...think of 
them trying to beat a horde of pirates! A thief would have no chance 
until he got to become a ninja, but he would die in the earth cave so
quickly. A fighter or black belt would be possible, but I wanted a 
better challenge.....
I thought a Red mage would be hard but possible to win with, so I

1.2 - What you are up against

Well, what would be harder than a single red mage trying to take out 
Tiamat, or Chaos, or another strong foe? A white or black mage, of 
course. But the odds are still very slim. you will have pretty crummy
armor from the earth cave until you get the opal bracelet, and worse 
weapons from then until the masmune. Good Luck!

2 - The Challenge begins!

Now you'll actually start the game!

2.1 - What to buy

Pick the Red mage you want to play the game with. Buy him a rapier and 
some chain armor. Now buy him FIRE, LIT, and CURE. Now go outside.

2.2 - Getting Ready

Now, get into battle with some imps(with your main guy in the 4th 
slot).Let them attack and hit your mages. Have your 3 unarmed guys
attack different imps each turn, and your 4th one cast cure on 
himself for two turns. After, have him attack as well. Now try to
have the imps kill all red mages but your main one. Finish them
off, then never revive them again. Now you are ready to

2.3 - Level Up!

You should now go into a battle with some imps around the castle(in the
forest area) and keep going until you reach about 10 hp. If you do, 
after battle, cast a cure spell, Then continue. If you have no cure 
spells, go back to town and rest at the inn. Do this until you are
level 3.Once you are level 3, you can begin building up levels up
northwest in forest right next to the ToF(Temple of Fiends).Here, you
will fight stronger enemies. Now, cure if you go under 20 hp, as the
enemies can hit you for more. Do this until you are at level 5.Now, buy
a tent and 3 heal potions. go up to the ToF, and use the tent right
before entering. This will save your game and give you 30 hit points.
Now enter the ToF and go west, to a small little room. Open the chest.
You will find a cap. Equip it. Now go north a bit, and go inside that
room. Open the two chests, revealing a heal potion and a cabin. The
hard part about here is some of the monsters. Fire is effective against
creeps, ghouls, and zombies(but I don't know why you'd ever need to use
it against them, unless you are really losing).Use the Heal potion to
regain 30 hp. Only use it outside of battle, unless you really need it
in battle. After going in the second room, leave the
ToF and use your Cabin. The other rooms require the mystic key, which 
you haven't acquired yet. Now enter the ToF again. Go north into the
large, center room and talk to the guy there. He is Garland,

2.4 - Your first boss

Garland   -
Hp        - About 100
Toughness - 2 of 5
Strategy  - This boss is pretty easy. If you have more than 2 lvl. 1 
spell points left, cast fire or lit until you are at 1 spell point 
left. Use that last spell point to cast cure, when you need it.
Then, slap him around with your rapier.

After beating Garland, talk to the princess, and you'll then be in the 
castle. Talk to both the princess and the King.

3 - The ship

Get ready to get the ship!

3.1 - Getting to Provoka

The King has ordered to build a bridge to the north of Corneria.
Through here, you can get to Provoka. Buy about 5 heal potions and a
tent. Now go north of Corneria, through the bridge, then eastward,
then south. There will be tough monsters along the way and you will
need to use those heal potions. Use the tent about halfway through
(when you reach the bluish marsh part).Continue through, until you
reach Provoka. Inside of Provoka, rest at the inn, then go left to
a pirate. Talk to him and then fight

3.2 - Bikke and his crew

Pirates   -
Hp        - About 3 - 5 each
Toughness - 2 of 5
Strategy  - This(these) boss(es) are pretty annoying, seeing how there
are nine. If you don't have the chain armor, you WILL die, no matter
what. If you do have the chain armor, they won't deal much more damage
than 2 or 3 hp. They will all take 1 slash, but if you miss too much, 
this can be a problem.

After beating Bike and his and his Crew, talk
to them again to get the ship. And now, with the 360 gold you mad in
this fight, try to buy a level 2 spell(Ice, Invs, and mute are the best
spells for this spell level) then rest.

3.3 - The Ship

Now that you have the ship, go outside and fight for a while. If you
are low on hp, go back to Provoka and rest. Buy a lvl 2 spell when
you can. Level up to level 10 about. If you have all the level 2
spells you can have, and if you have at least 1500 gold, go south of
Corneria(there's a port right under it) until you reach another port.
Go in and go south a bit to the town there. The three spells for this
spell level are Fir2, Lit2, and Cur2.Rest if you can. After buying
the 3 spells, if you have 4000 gold, buy a silver sword at the
Elfland weapon shop. It'll give you a tremendous strength increase.
Once you are level 10, visit the

4 - Peninsula

Now you will really level up!

4.1 - Get  Fir2 if you want to live.

You will fight enemies from a lot later in the game. The only way to
win will be with Fir2, because many of them are weak against fire.

4.2 - Build up for a while

Well...before building up, get about 5 heal potions and 2 tents. Now go
east of Provoka, through the mountains, then north. You will see a
peninsula. The top 2x2 squares of the peninsula contain evil monsters
that will kick you around. Once you get there, use a tent and save
before getting in a battle. If you fight Giants, reset. If you fight
Zombulls, cast fir2 a bunch of times. Same thing for trolls. You will
probably level up right away. After the battle, use your second tent
then run back to Provoka. Repeat this process until you are level 13.
At level 13, Buy 3 tents and 10 heals. Now fight 2 battles, and use a
tent in between the battles. Heal with potions if you need to. Once 
you get about 4000 gold or more, go to Elfland, because they have
level 4 spells as well.

4.3 - Some more spells

The spells for level four are Fast, Ice2, and Pure. Now, you will be
able to defeat giants and a few other enemies like tyros. Use Ice2
against giants, and layer your self with as many invs spells you can
against tyros, then cast fast on your self and blow the tyro into
smitherenes! Be careful, though. they can still hit you with 6 or 7
layers of the spell. Build up to level 21 with the tents. If you
think you can, use more tents and heals!

5 - Elfland and Astos

This part of the game will be hard!

5.1 - The marsh cave

Once at level 21, get 99 heals(5960 gold) and about 5 pures(375 gold), 
then buy gloves in Provoka(60 gold).Lastly, buy a house(3000 gold) and
4 tents(300 gold).This all ads up to 9695 gold. Now rest at the
Elfland inn. Now go to the marsh cave and use a tent right outside.
Enter and rush to the wizards (column 2, row 3) and try to nail them
with Lit2.Only fight scorpions, mucks, gargoyles, and shadows. All
other enemies you should run  from. They will either poison or stun
you and not give you a chance to recover. After beating the wizards,
get the crown from the chest, and rush out as fast you came in. Use a
tent when you leave. It took me about 5 or 6 tries. Now go north to a
castle and use a house then a tent. Now, enter and battle Astos for
Matoyas Crystal.

Wizards   -
Hp        - About 90-95 each
Toughness - 4 of 5
Strategy  - These guys are quick attackers, so it wont be likely that
you get a quick attack in. You only need to survive two turns of
attacks, because two Lit2 spells is all it takes. Be careful, they
can even kill you in one turn. Heal to full hp before fighting them.

5.2 - Astos

Astos     -
Hp        - About 170
Toughness - 3 of 5
Strategy  - Astos will cast Rub on the first turn. If it works, it
kills you. Cast Fast, first of all, then bash him. If he hits you
with slow, cast fast again then continue. He'll be killed in a few

5.3 - The Herb

After defeating the dark elf, Astos, Use a tent outside. Now go to 
Corneria, then go north through the bridge and keep going north. You
will reach a cave. In there you will find Matoya and her magic brooms.
Talk to Matoya and trade her the crystal for the herb(why don't
people just keep taking her crystal and getting things in return?).
Now go back to Elfland(the castle, not the town) and enter the
prince's room. Talk to his...guy and give him the herb, then talk to
the prince and get the mystic key!

5.4 - The Mystic key

The MK will open a bunch of doors that couldn't be opened before. You
don't really need any of the items(with the exception of the TNT),
because you either won't be able to equip the weapons or armors you
get, or they will be weaker than the ones you already have, though
you can sell the weapons  for a bunch of money (over 20000 altogether,
I think).If you don't want to waste the time and effort, just skip
this section and go to the next part of the guide.

Ok, first of all, since you are here already, go to the bottom of the
castle and go to the right then you can barely walk past the wall.
Now open the door that leads to the room you see. Get some things
here. Now go to Elfland (the town) and buy a 4 cabins. Go to Astos
castle and use a cabin before going in. Use the mystic key to the
leftmost room there(or the only other room) and use the key. You will
probably end up fighting images. If you want to avoid a pretty hard
battle, just don't step under the middle chest. Instead, open it from
the side. Use a cabin after leaving, then go back to the Marsh Cave
(Yikes!).Use a cabin before entering, then go to the bottom floor
(where you fought the wizards) and go to the bottom row of rooms.
You'll find a Silver Bracelet in one of these, equip it; it has a
high evade percentage. Careful, you may fight a few rounds of wizards,
cobras, scorpions, or the latter of the 3 together. When you get out,
if you get out, use a cabin and rush back to Elfland and rest. Now go
to Corneria(The first town, in case you've forgotten) Castle and open
the 2 NW most doors. One has TNT, which will be important later in the
game. Now go to the town and buy a tent, then head up to the ToF and
use a tent before entering. Now you can open those doors on the right
side of the ToF! You will fight battles with gargoyles in each room,
I think, but they are wimps so don't worry. After getting all this
stuff, get on the ship and sail westward to the Dwarf Cave. Inside,
go and get the two treasure chests in the first room for about 1000
gold. Now go southward through the small passage to find a room and
an dwarf. You're going to loot the room, so there can't be anyone
watching. Go and use your TNT on the dwarf to open up a canal, and to
take out the only witness. Go in the room and take all the stuff. Now
go into your ship and cruise a bit SW until you see a tiny gap and a
dead dwarf. Go through and go west to the next town.

6 - The Earth Cave

You Should now be about level 22 before trying to come to the earth

6.1 - A new town

The town of Melmond has been attacked by a Vampire, and has no item
shop or Clinic to revive your characters!(But who would you want to 
revive??)Get the spells Fir3 and Cur3.Now buy and equip silver armor
Then go to Lefein and get 2 Houses and 4 tents(or cabins).Now go back
to Melmond and go south to a cave. Use a tent outside. Enter and go 
north to a treasure room. Be careful if you fight an Earth Elemental. 
They have about 300 hps. Use Fir3 then attack the rest of the time.
Make sure you save at least one Fir3 spell for the end, though.
After going through this treasure room, go south from the huge 
intersection to another room or two. Take the treasure from these
rooms. Now go through the east room. This second floor has two
treasure rooms, I think. One is in the south part of the floor, then
the other if in the northeast part. After getting these, go to the
Southeast side of the floor. If you need, just leave and restock your
items then come back. In the third floor, get all the treasure, except 
one that is all the way on the east side. It has something crummy like
a wooden staff, and its a long trek to get there. Also, don't get the
one from a very small room.(Don't worry, you'll know which one)There
is a earth elemental there, and the treasure isn't worth it. After you
go all the way, you will reach a fairly large room. Inside is the 

6.2 - The Vampire

Vampire   -
Hp        - About 180
Toughness - 3 of 5
Strategy  - The Vampire can use dazzle and stun your character, while
he nails you hard with strong attacks. Use a Fir3 spell. If he
survived, attack him.

After beating him, take the cookie from his chest. Leave the Earth
cave as fast as you can, then use a house and tent.

6.3 - The Rod and the Cookie

After leaving the Earth cave, go west and north a bit to another cave.
Give the cookie to the cookie monster then take its treasure. Go to
the northwest side of the cave to take the stairs up and leave. Now
go around to find the next cave and talk to the sage, his name is
either Lard-a or Sard-a. Get the rod from him. Now go back to the earth
cave and use a house then tent before entering. Once inside, go back to
where the vampire was. Go through the back and go to the block and use
the rod on it, revealing the next floor. Go in and take treasure as you
go along. After another floor or two, you will find Lich.

6.4 - Lich

Lich      -
Hp        - About 400
Toughness - 4 of 5
Strategy  - Lich has strong attacks, but his  weak point is easy
to exploit. Use Fir3 2 or 3 time and he'll be toast. Just hope he
doesn't nail you with a strong spell.

After beating the unholy abomination, step forward and watch a
light pass right through the screen. One of your four orbs are
now lit. Step forward a bit more to be transported back outside
of the cave.

That's all I have got now, and I'll update it as soon as I get

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