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                                            Final Fantasy I
                                    ~Comprehensive White Mage Guide~
                                              Version 0.1

                                            By Dark Paladin 

Table of Contents:
*Obligatory Opening*
~ 1:1  Disclaimer
~ 1:2  Latest Updates
~ 1:3  Explanation
~ 1:4  Warnings!

*The Walkthrough at its Best*
~ 2:1  Starting Out
~ 2:2  Welcome to the Beginning
~ 2:3  Garland, We Will Strike You Down!

*Credits, Thanks, and More*
~ 3:1  Thanks and Credits
~ 3:2  Er...That's It! What Else Do You Want?!

~1:1   Disclaimer

This document is completely free and should be distributed as much as possible! If you want to ask for 
my permission to place this guide on your site, you don't really need it but I would be glad to know 
about any sites that really want to inform me. As long as this disclaimer remains here, everything is 
fine and you can place it on your site or use it personally without a problem. This guide however is 
NOT to be sold for profitable purposes or ortherwise.  Under NO circumstances may this guide ever be 
sold for any reason whatsoever in any way, shape or form! I know you are probably laughing right now 
but I have personally seen this happen way too often.  In no way can this guide be used in any other 
publications or walkthroughs unless you contact me personally and something is worked out. This White 
Mage Guide is Copyright 1999 by Dark Paladin! Otherwise, just enjoy this guide and use it for what it 
was created for: your benefit! 

~1:2    Latest Updates

10/9/99 - Ver. 0.1 :  The first real form of this guide ever to be created and released! Not much in the 
way of helpful information and it's probably plagued with tons of mistakes left and right and other errors, 
but that's what the other versions are for, right? ^_^

~1:3    Explanation

A very long time ago, right after I beat Final Fantasy 7, I was pretty bored and wanted to try something 
different. I had a lot of time on my hands and I wanted to really see how great my skills were with Final 
Fantasy so I tried something that used to be deemed near-impossible. I popped in Final Fantasy into my 
NES and decided to go for it using the most insane party ever just for fun. Lo and behold, three hours 
into my new game with four White Mages I was enjoying Final Fantasy more than I ever had before! 
The constant threat and fear of death, the worrying about new items or incredible enemies, the fact that 
almost every offensive weapon in the entire game is impossible to use just added up to make this the 
most challenging and the most rewarding RPG experience I've ever had! Here I am now, nearly two years 
later and there is yet to be even ONE single, solitary FAQ, Walkthrough or Guide on the sheer joy of a 
White Mage party!

I decided that for once I would try to create a guide for other people to enjoy that may help them get 
further with the penultimate "suicideparty". Honestly, I never beat the game with my White Mage party. 
I only got so far before my NES decided that at 11 years old it had to just give up and keel over. It's a 
shame, but I've gotten far enough to give you at least a great help in starting and, if I ever pick up 
another NES oneof these days, I will continue his as far as I can to help anyone out there with an insane 
dream of being Final Fantasy in the hardest way imagineable! Oh, and yes, I do ramble on like this so if 
you don't like it I suggest you start brushing up on your skimming skills now! ^_~

~1:4     Warnings!

I have to say right off the bat that this isn't your normal "walk through, beat everything senseless, done 
in half a day" RPGs to begin with! Final Fantasy is said to be one of the most difficult Final Fantasy 
games every to be created. Must I elaborate on that with the Marsh Cave? Yeah, you remember that 
now, don't you? That pretty much says "Case Closed!" all by itself! This game isn't any easier with the 
four White Mages let me tell you right now. Beating Final Fantasy with this party will literally take you 
around fifty hours or so, maybe sixty if you are really apprehensive about your party's abilities. Believe 
me, this is NOT an easy task! Right now you should be completely devoted, have nothing to do, 
and / or have a lot of free time on your hands, not to mention a penchant for leveling up constantly! 
Don't worry about the latter though, I have my own special methods to make leveling up all the more 
easier later on. 

This is not an easy task in the least bit. At every interval you are going to have to level up whether you 
want to or not. You have to have the money for the upcoming spells or you are going to lose the 
smallest and only advantage your party has. If you want to survive, you have to be ready to put in the 
time. Don't expect any saviors like Ultima, Knights of the Round, or Eden either. The White Mages you 
have are weak fighters (although not as much so as Black Mages), have no offensive magic except 
*Harm* and are about as strong as a party of Imps with some healing abilities. Yes, no help here folks! 
If you want the prestige, you gotta go through all the pain and torture! Don't worry, it gets much better 
later on but you still have to gruel through a good 1/3 or 1/2 of the game through tremendous and 
overwhelming odds. Hope I didn't scare you all too much! Just realize that this is not an easy task and 
definitely makes Final Fantasy one of the most difficult RPGs ever to be seen. I also suggest that you 
use this guide in conjunction with another Final Fantasy walkthrough, preferably the one from Nintendo
if you have a copy laying around from several years ago or one of the great ones you can find on the 
'net. Trust me, I'm not going to hit all of the details and where to go so you either may get lost or miss 
some important info that I may gloss over. This includes places to go, people to meet, and if this is your 
first time playing important things vital to the plot of the game. Then again, if this is your first time, 
why in the hell are you doing this right off the bat?! ^_^

~2:1    Starting Out

Remember how you would prepare yourself in a normal new game of Final Fantasy without this party? 
You probably only had to worry about buying everything and then coming down to which spells should
you invest that would be the most practical so you could leave the other ones for later after you go out 
and knock some Imps around. Not this time though! When you are starting out, just go right for 
Corneria first. Believe me, you will need the equipment bad! First note the Inn as well as the Temple in 
the back that can revive your fallen party members. Be sure to make note of them because they are going
to be your best friends from now on! Head right into the Weapon Shop and invest in Iron Hammers all 
around. Make sure you get one for everyone and then enter the Armor Shop and purchase a round of 
Cloths for everyone. Yes, sweating at this point is normal! You should have a great amount of GP left 
over because of these nice cheap purchases so run over tothe White Magic shop. Here, buy whichever 
magic you want for your mages that you can afford. I suggest a nice *Cure* for everyone and then try 
to give *Harm* to as many mages as you can before your GP runs out and you have to start the next 
great adventure: fighting!

~2:2     Welcome to the Beginning

Now that you are prepared and all, get ready for a bit of tedium and a lot of enjoyment! You should 
spend as much time as you can leveling up your White Mages outside of Corneria, especially within the
nearby forests just in case you run into a bad battle and you are in desperate need of HP and revival. 
Stay out as long as you can and use *Cure* on your White Mages to keep them alive. When you run 
out of *Cure* on everyone and you have little HP, it's time to visit the Inn. You should be making 
around 200 GP to 300 GP every trip. With that money invest in *Harm* spells for everyone and then it's 
up to you to decide whether or not to buy *Ruse* or *Tmpr*. The one great thing about the White 
Mage party is that all four of them can learn every White Magic spell between them, leaving you not to 
worry about which ones you may have to leave behind! I suggest that you diversify which magic you 
get, namely getting the best ones for everyone and then giving the remaining minor one or two to 
different White Mages so that you have a variety between them. You must ALWAYS get the best 
magic for all four mages though! After you purchase all of the White Magic for your mages in Corneria, 
start investing in a very ample supply of Cure Potions, Tents, and several Pure Potions. You will need 
them later!

By the time your party members all reach level 4, you should have a fairly nice stock of Cure Potions and
a few Tents on  you. You will definitely need those "Inns away from home" soon enough and 
throughout the rest of the game! At this time you should take the hike up to the Temple of Fiends and 
spend some time in there. Build up to around level 6 for the meantime and be sure to take obvious 
advantage of what you have up your sleeve! If you start fighting undead creatures, just use a simple 
*Harm* spell and watch them all drop like flies! Use half of the income you get from the excursions until 
level 6 for Cure Potions and Tents and use a bit for Inns and reviving as you see fit. After all of this, 
you are just about ready to face one of the first challenges of Final Fantasy!

~2:3      Garland, We Will Strike You Down!

Your party is at level 6, you've been fighting some of the strongest creatures around for a while now and
you can face Gray Wolves without fear of being slaughtered within the first two minutes. You are ready 
to take on Garland! Before you do though just take one last trip around the temple and be sure to grab 
the items around the corners of the temple. Don't worry if you can't open the doors, the key you need 
will come soon enough. Equip your first White Mage with the Cap as soon as you grab it because the 
lead party member always gets the brunt of the blows from all of the creatures you fight. If you are still 
fairing very well and have most of your HP and your magic reserves are still very high, it's time to fight 
Garland. Don't be afraid, you should be able to pull it off if you really put all you have into the battle. 
He is very powerful at first but if you keep your HP up and heal with *Cure* spells often, you shouldn't 
have a problem. Just have all of your White Mages attack and hold off the fighting with one or two of 
them if one of your White Mages gets injured badly. After about five minutes of fighting Garland will 
keel over, you get a nice amount of HP and EXP, and you save the princess! Talk to the King and to the 
Princess a few times and get not only a nice Lute, but also a great bridge built in your honor! Not bad, 
right? All you have to do now is stock up a little bit more for the long trip ahead to the next town by 
buying, what else, Cure Potions and Tents and stay a night at the Inn if you need it. Afterwards just 
head toward the new bridge to the north of Corneria and watch the beautiful, and famous, sequence. 
You are well on your way to beating the game! ^_^

~3:1      Thanks and Credits

Yes, I don't really have anyone to thank right now with this guide. I do like to say thanks to Square for 
making such an excellent RPG that spawned an incredible series! I also have to thank everyone from SSU
because basically I wouldn't be around or care so much about RPGs as I do now like I used to if it 
weren't for all my friends there, and I want to just send out a special thank you to Sraphim for always 
being there for me! ^_^

~3:2     Er...That's It! What Else Do You Want?!

You people just want more and more, don't you? Wow, guess I can't complain now can I? You can find 
the latest updates for this guide at...              (The Final Fantasy Collection)                        (Game FAQs)

...and at a few other sites that I may send it to if they don't mind the huge amount of updates that will 
be coming soon enough! May I suggest that you view this file in Wordpad with word wrap on? Either 
that or Notepad with word wrap on. Trust me, it makes all the difference! ^_^

~ Dark Paladin

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