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                                                                                (c) 2000 
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A warning before proceeding: I consider "The Immortal" to be a rather pesky game to play,
since you are far from being immortal yourself.   The battles are hard, and most traps in
the game are fatal (So you better watch your step).  I found this game just recently, and
it looked innocent enough, so I decided to give it a try. 

I notied that there are some differences between the Nintendo and the Genesis versions of
the game, so I decided to make this FAQ.  I haven't figured out how the Certificate codes
work, but I will soom enough (hopefully).

Well, enough talk, I'll explain what it is that I have discovered so far.  Enjoy.


                                    P R O L O G U E

You start out in a small room with a small lit candle adjacent to a human skull.   On the
floor there are two designs made by four tiles that come together at a corner.  They seem
to be hollow underneath.  If you decide to step on them, you get your first (and possibly

                           "It might be a good idea to move"

Take the warning seriously, because if you do not, you will get eaten by a giant worm. It
is your first deathtrap. (CONGRATULATIONS)  

If you approach the candle (no, this is NOT a trap), the faint smoke that the candle lets
out becomes larger and transforms into the face of Mordamir:

     "An image of the old wizard Mordamir leaps from the candle and begins to speak:
      'Dunric, you have come to save me.  I am in the dungeons far below.  I know I
      can count on you.'  This explains you old teacher's mysterious disappearance,
      but there is one thing strange about the message...  YOUR NAME IS NOT DUNRIC."

The smoke dissipates and leaves you only one choice: Exit the room...

                                    L E V E L  1

When you leave the room, you enter a wide passage with plenty of traps.   The flames that
shoot out of the pipes from the floor will literaly burn you to a crisp if you cross over 
them, but the fireballs that shoot out of the wall only damage you; they do not kill you.
If you see a small black thing flying around hitting you and causing damage, it is a bat.
Take care of it with a few firballs (hit the "A" or "B" buttons).

To the north there is a chest, to the east there is a dead body, and to the west there is
a man fighting a goblin.

THE DEAD BODY:  "You find the body of a slain fighter.  Search?"
  "You find a ring.  A name is etched on the band: Dunric!"(Guess we know who is Dunric?)

THE CHEST: is locked, so you must find the key.

All that's left is the man fighting the goblin. If you walk too close to them, the goblin
stops the fight and decides to attack you.   "Don't Interfere!", he says, running at you.
You fight by hitting the "B" button.  Tapping the "B" button is equivalent to a stab.  If
you hold down the left or right direction buttons you swing your dagger in that direction
and do more damage that way. Always be aware of the red bar that appears beside the green
one (your life meter). It is your "fatigue". The higher the red bar gets, the slower your 
attacks become. If you hold the "A" button and then hit one of the direction buttons, you
dodge attacks that come from THAT direction. If you dodge the wrong way you can still get 
hit.  Try this out against the Goblin and kill the sucker. (5 slashes should do it)

After you dispatch the Goblin, go talk to the man.

       "I see you have come.  You must rescue Mordramir!  He is captive many levels
        below.  The entrance to the lower levels is hidden.  Here is a key you will
        need.  I must go now."

Use the key he gave you to open the locked chest.  Inside you will find:
     (1) -- 20 gold pieces
     (2) -- a bag of bait (DO NOT USE THIS! It makes one of those worms pop up under you)
     (3) -- a sack of bad smelling spores (DO NOT PLANT THEM. They grow into a very toxic
             fungus (kills you instantly)

Take them all and proceed to the door on the far east.

When you enter the next room, you find yourself face-to-face with another goblin. He runs
at you and attacks.  Take care of him like the previous one (6 to 7 slashes should do it)

There is another goblin guarding a chest, "Don't advance, stop!  Surrender at one!"  Walk
a bit more and he charges at you: "I warned you, old man!"   He's a bit stronger than the
previous Goblins, but you can knock him senseless in about 10 slashes or so. When he dies
he leaves a note and a door key (TAKE THE KEY):

       "You find a note: 'Danger of attack by Shades! They are invisible in dark 
        rooms, but their shadows are visible by torchlight."

Now go for the chest...
     (1) -- 50 gold pieces
     (2) -- a bottle
     (3) -- a scroll with a charm spell to use on WILL O' THE WISPS  (very useful later!)

The next room is a small puzzle.  Do it wrong and a bunch of arrows fly from the walls to
hit you (Yes, they kill you with one hit).  

Here's how you solve the trap:
    (1) Walk east close to the wall until you reach the corner (Try not to go back in the
         last room).
    (2) Now walk up to the top while sticking close to the east wall (where all the faces
         are engraved).
    (3) Walk west until you reach the corner, but do NOT go past the corner.
    (4) Walk south until you are parallel to the torch on the wall.
    (5) Walk west until you touch the wall on the other side of the room.
    (6) Walk north and to the west, and take the door to the next room.

This is a small room, with a few traps and a small part of the floor in dirt.  Do not put
the spores here.   There are a few (2 or 3) unmarked traps in the room that make you fall
to your doom, but if you are "lucky" enough to fall into one, simply hold the direccition 
button in any direction and pray that your staff does not break.   There is one trap near 
the bottom right corner, and one directly south of the dirt mound.  Don't waste your time
here, and go to the next room. 

The room is dark (so the Shades are in here).  Use a fireball to light up the two torches
on the wall to reveal the shadows of the Shades.  Avoid them or fight them (your choice).
They are kind of pesky to kill largely due to the fact that you CAN'T SEE THEM in battle, 
so I choose to dodge them.  odge the shadows, and on the far western end of the room, you
will find a small glistening object.  Pick it up:

         "You find a shiny, reflective amulet.  There are runes on one side."

If you hold it up to the light, you will notice an incantation beneath the amulet. If you
choose to read it, you will incinerate all that is in the room.  (WOW! Yet ANOTHER way to
die!).   Leave the room while staying close to the walls to avoid several traps, and take
the door on the south wall. (Remember the Goblin's Door key?)

This room is larger than the others, and has a large crater in the middle. Walk south and
close to the east wall (avoid the fireballs and the flame traps), and apporach the stream
of light that comes out of the wall. Hold the amulet up to the light, but do NOT read the
incantation (unless you have a Deathwish).   This will reveal an invisible ladder between
the two fireball traps.  Take the stairs down. !!!BE CAREFUL NOT TO FALL DOWN THE HOLE!!!

The last room on this level is a small one. There is a small straw bed and another ladder
that leads to level 2.  There is also a Goblin (Whimpy little sucker).   Take care of him
the same way you did the others.  In case you were injured, you can rest in the straw bed
to recover all your life.  YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS ONCE PER LEVEL, so use this wisely.  When
you rest in the straw, the game narrates your dream. This is the one I got when I rested:

First Dream:  "The straw is a small comfort in your first day's travel.  You drift
               into an uneasy slumber, wondering about Mordramir. Where is he now?
               Can you rescue him?  You dream of dangers that lie ahead.

   |                        LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATE:  x310y1000y90                       |

                                    L E V E L  2

The first room of the second level has three important items: (1) The green blob, (2) the
red stone on the floor, and (3) the pile of bones.  AVOID the blob at all costs, since it
kills you instantly (you disintegrate into a pile of muck).  Take the red gemstone in the
center of the room, and then proceed to the pile of bones.

      (1) -- an Elven Sword of agility.  
           "The sword permanently endows you with Elven agility and quickness in combat."
      (2) -- something wet and green (INSTANT DEATH - It's a green blob)

There are two doors in the room; take the door to the north.

Inside this room, the first thing you meet is a small merchant in green, who offers you a
potion that resists the effects of the green blobs (only temporarily however).  Buying it
is optional; that is if you are pretty confident with your dodging ability.   If you want
to buy it, you MUST refuse him the first time (you don't have 100 gold to buy it). If you
refuse, he will lower his price to 80 gold.

The important part of this room are the Will O' the Wisps. Run at them to make them chase
you; when all three Will O' the Wisps are near you, open your inventory and use the charm
scroll.  They will not attack and will simply hover around you.  If you use the spell one
more time, it will make them attack the nearest enemy or enemies.

Also in the room there is a Granite Rock beside the door to the west.   Pick up the rock;
you will need it later.

Take the door on the western wall.  It will lead to two goblins guarding a doorway.  Walk
near the goblin to the right of the door and have him attack you.   Defeat him (with each
successive fight, the monsters get slightly harder) and search his body for an item.  You
should find the "Dust of Compliance".  Don't use it now; save it for later.  Now, get rid
of the Goblin to you left and enter the door.

Enter the room and you will see a Goblin protecting the Goblin King.   Defeat the Goblin,
but do NOT approach the Goblin King; he is surrounded by traps:  pikes that spring out of
the ground and impale you.  Your best bet is the dirt patch nearby.   Plant the spores on
the patch and RUN out of the room.  Wait a few seconds and go back in.  The spores became
a giant poisonous fungus, and the Goblin King is on the floor. He asks you for some water
(the water in the green bottle you found in Level 1). If you give him the water, he tells
you how to get to the next level.  

       "'I'll tell you... next level... past slime... three jewels... slime...
        rock becomes... floor... right, left, center of the...'  Then silence.
        His hand opens, releasing a key."

Leave the room and return to the red room where you charmed the Will O' the Wisps.  Enter
the door on the eastern wall, and you will meet up with a Troll.   Defeat him and walk to
the door on the west wall. You are now in a yellowish hallway with a Dwarf stooped by the
top corner. He is very irritable and acknowledges the fact that he has a gem, but he will
not give it to you.  The answer is simple: use the "Dust of Compliance".  

Talk to the Dwarf a second time, and he will generously give you the gem and his blessing
(he insists).  He then leaves the room through some trick in the wall. Head south and you
will see a straw bed; save this for later, since you may need it, after the next battles.
Head to the door at the midpoint of the hallway.  

You are now back at the beginning of level 2. Drop the Granite Rock you found in the room
with the merchant and the Will O' the Wisps and lead the green blob towards it.  The blob
should walk over it and destroy the rock, leaving a third red gem.   Take the gem, but be
careful with the blob, and head back to the hallway with the straw bed.   Now, walk south
to the door at the end and enter it.

There is a narrow hallway with one green blob.   If you do not wish to try your luck with
the monster, go back to the merchant and buy the potion he sells.  If you feel lucky, get
past the blob and open the door.  It is locked, but the key the Goblin King had opens it.

You are now in a room with three symbols (a series of triangles inscribed in circles each
with four groves).   The trick to this puzzle is what the Goblin King said: "right, left,

It should appear something like this: (where () are the empty spaces and X are the gems):

    ( )          (X)              (X)          ( )             ( )           ( )      

          ( )                           ( )                           (X)          

          ( )                           ( )                           ( )

If done correctly, the floor should open up to reveal a ladder to the third level. If you
so chose you can return to the straw bed and rest to recover your lost life. If not, take
the stairs down...

Second Dream:  "When you clear your mind of the day's troubles, you start to think
                about the goblins.   They appear to be rational.   Perhaps you can
                reach some agreement with them."

   |                        LEVEL 2 CERTIFICATE:  747yy21000x90                      |

                                    L E V E L  3

The room you start in is divided by a large chasm.  Beside you there are two stairs which
lead downward.  Take the one further north first. This will lead you to another room with
another ladder down.  In this room there is a troll and a goblin fighting.   Walk towards
the fight and the troll will attack you.   Defeat him, and search his body for a "Protean
Ring"(Very useful ring). This ring allows you to change into a goblin; however, disguised
as a goblin you are unable to cast your fireballs and cannot climb ladders. You must take
off the ring to do this, and thereby reveal your true form to any surrounding creatures.

Climb back up one ladder to the small room and take the small corridor to the left; there
is a goblin guarding a chest.  You have two choices:
      (1) wear the Protean Ring and walk past the goblin; touching him negates the spell,
           and he attacks.
      (2) beat the crap out of him like the other battles.   If you do battle him, he has 
           no items on him.

THE CHEST: is unlocked,
      (1) -- 50 gold pieces
      (2) -- 3 Troll Bombs

Take them all and leave the room; if you used the Protean Ring, don't remove it until you
have reached the ladder going up. Otherwise the goblin will chase you. Once you reach the
top floor, take the southernmost ladder down.

You enter a room with plenty of traps: fireballs shoot from the wall, and the flame traps 
that shoot fire from the ground.  In the far end you will see a fight between a troll and 
a goblin.  DO NOT LET THE GOBLIN DIE!  Walk into the fight and the troll will attack you.
Defeat him, and he will have a troll ritual knife.

       "You find a troll ritual knife.  Trolls use these knives to declare a fight
        to the death."

The goblin will run away, but he will open the locked door (That is why he can't die, you
need him to open the door).  

Inside this room there is a ladder and the Goblin King.   If you helped him by giving him 
the water, he will let you pass, and will warn you about the Trolls.

       "Do you remember me?  Since you helped me, you may pass, but you must be 
        very careful.  We are at war with the trolls.  Over this ladder, across
        the spikes, is troll territory."

Take the ladder up into the next room.   There are a few things here that deserve some of 
your attention.  There is (1) a ladder leading down, (2) a red gem on the ground, (3) yet
another spear trap (that jets out of the ground in a pattern) which is easy to avoid, and
(4) a straw bed.

Don't use the bed yet; save it for later.  For now, go down the ladder.  You will see two
trolls standing guard, if you pass to close they will attack.  You have two choices: 
      (1) attack the two trolls
      (2) use a Troll Bomb to temporarily freeze them and give you time to enter the door
          on the north wall. (You should have three bombs)

After you choose a way, go through the door.  This room has several traps(the flame traps
on the ground and the fireballs that shoot from the wall).  There is one troll here also.
Either fight him or freeze him and enter the door in front of you.

This is the last room of the level.  There is a symbol on the floor like there was in the
previous level, but this time it has a beam of red light in the center.  There is but one
troll in this room, defeat him, and return to the room with the straw bed.  (The reason I
killed the trolls instead of using the bombs is that it's now easier to go back up to the
room with the bed.)

Third Dream:  "The poison from the spores must have killed the goblin king, but there
               he was, alive!  There is something very magical inside these dungeons."

Return to the room with the red pillar, but do NOT go near the red beam. It will burn you
to a crisp.  Wait until it turns green and stand on top of it.  Then open your inventory,
and drop the red gem inside the green pilar.  You will be teleported to the first room of
the level; BUT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CHASM!  Take the ladder down.  

   |                        LEVEL 3 CERTIFICATE:  rr10v31001xx0                      |

                                    L E V E L  4

You find yourself near a man; the same man you saw fighting the goblin in Level 1.  

       "You need my help... Take this magic carpet for the next two rooms. Don't
        waste time, or the carpet will expire."

With this item in your hands, go through the door on the far east wall.  It is at the end
of a hallway. This room is a pain: there are countless flame traps and fireballs ricochet
off the walls like crazy.   What's more, there are numerous of those worms that break out
of the ground and eat you!   You must use the carpet, since the worms completely surround

Here's a trick: Stand a few (2 or 3) tiles before the intersection of the first two flame 
traps, and use the carpet then (it will save you precious seconds).   Fly north, avoiding
the flame traps (forget the fireballs, at least THEY don't kill you insantly).  Turn east 
and ram into the wall.  Then fly south and turn RIGHT BETWEEN the two fire traps.  And go
east; NEVER GET OFF THE CARPET HERE, there are worms everywhere.  

Fly into the shiny object on the floor: it's a ring with the inscription:

                        "To Ana, so that harm will never find you.  
                              - your loving father, Dunric."

Take the ring and fly back the the door closest to you and enter.  (Remember the carpet's
magic will expire in a few minutes.) To enter the door, fly towards it and put the carpet
away in yoiur inventory. Do this as close to the door as possible; if you put it away too
soon, you will get eaten by a worm.

In the next room, walk three tiles to the east and use the carpet (any further, and, well
you know....)  Walk to the center of the small hallway and take out the carpet.  Fly east
between the flame traps and then turn south to the door.  The second you hit the door, go
to the inventory and put the carpet away.  Enter the room.

There will be a straw bed and a ladder going down.  Don't rest yet, since you may need it
later.  Go down the ladder. 

The next room has a ladder going down, and a troll.   Defeat the troll, and head down the
ladder. The next room has a ladder going down, and a young woman that is inside a hole in
the wall. Talk to her.

        "I am Ana.  I was kidnapped and dragged down here.  All the man would say
         is 'Mordramir's orders.'  I escaped using a ring that my father gave me,
         but now I've lost it.  Did you find it?"

If you do not give her the ring, she feels sad and leaves.

If you chose to give her the ring, she gets out of the hole and hugs you and gives you an

        "Here take this ring in return.   I don't know if it will help, but I 
         heard the unpleasant little dwarf say,'Clockwise, three rings around
         the triangle.'  Could this be a clue to his exit puzzle?  I must go.

Ane disappears in a flash; head down the ladder into the next room.  There is a troll and
another of those circles with inscribed triangles on the floor.  Defeat the troll, and go
to the symbol.   Run around the circle three times CLOCKWISE, and the floor will reveal a
trap-door with a ladder leading down.  Return now to the straw bed, if necessary.

Fourth Dream:  "You quickly fall into a deep, healing sleep...  Colorful images of
                a beautiful enchanted city pass by.  All the city people are young
                and glowing.   Fountains fill the city, and the splash and sparkle
                of water are everywhere...  Suddenly the images go black.   A face
                appears...  Mordramir!  He is different from how you remember him.
                His gentle features are now withered.  His kind eyes, now cold and
                sunken, seem to look through you with a dark, penetrating stare.  
                You wake rejuvinated, but disturbed."

   |                        LEVEL 4 CERTIFICATE:  2690y43000xx0                      |

                                    L E V E L  5

The first thing you see is a goblin running at you.   However, he does not fight you, but
rather invites you to follow him through the door.  His leader wants to talk to you.  But
first, go to the top western corner of the room and pick up an egg. Then take the door to
the south.

The next room contains two goblins looking at something.  One of them (the leader) offers 
you a deal:

      "We need your help.  Long ago, in the Age of Dragons, there was a great
       spring in these dungeons, an Enchanted Foutain of Youth.    Alas, that
       was a long time ago.  Now only a trickle of enchanted water flows, and
       a norlac - (water monster) - blocks out access to it altogether.   The
       norlac also blocks your access to the deepest level.  You see, we both
       need the monster killed.   We have a plan...   The water drains into a
       whirlpool which is powerful enough to drown the norlac if he got caught
       in it.  There is a sluice gate at the other end of the tunnel. We need
       you to distract the norlac so we can open the gate to flush him down 
       the whirlpool."

Sounds simple enough; take the door to the south.   Talk to the merchant, who gives you a
very important piece of advice:

     "Greetings, old friend!  Did you know you can train the green lizards with
      bait just after they hatch?  Of course you didn't."

He also offers you a potion for 60 gold pieces. YOU NEED THE POTION, and he does not drop
the price.  Buy it, and return to the room with the two goblins.  Walk to the small crack
on the north wall, and use the potion.  You shrink small enough to go through it.

Once you regain your size, fight the two trolls at the other end, and QUICKLY head to the 
chest; it is unlocked.

      (1) -- 150 gold pieces
      (2) -- a bottle
      (3) -- a strange device with instructions:
               "Worm danger in red room! The only safe path is left, down, right, down, 
                left, down, right, up, right, down.    Sensor pitch rises according to 
                danger.  Sensor lasts only a short while"


The next room has two small flying lizards.   Kill them both with your fireballs.  One of
the two has the door key.  

The next room is the red room indicated by the wierd device; use the device now and get a
faint ping when the worms are far, and a strong one when they are near.   Follow the path
given to you by the device (see above):
      (1) go east until you hit the wall.
      (2) go south two steps.
      (3) go west until you are in the center of the room.
      (4) go south until you reach the corner of the wall (before the ladder)
      (5) go west two steps.
      (6) go south four steps.
      (7) go west until you are one tile before the last tile shown on the screen.
      (8) go south until you are parallel with the ladder.
      (9) walk towards the ladder without falling into it.
     (10) walk around the ladder COUNTERCLOCKWISE (up, right, down)

You now are in a very long hallway.   Along the way you meet a group of people in strange
clothing: the GAME DESIGNERS!

       "Hey, what's this?  The wizard!  brett, I told you someone would find us.
        Wake up Mike and Ian. We've got a visitor.   Listen wizard,  Mike needs 
        some coffee in the morning.  Got any?"

This is a nice decision? Give Mike some coffee (which by the way, you DO NOT have!)

Give:  "Don't try to fool me, I wrote this game.  You know what happens to fibbers?"
       -- You then are roasted to a crisp by Will Harvey.

Don't Give: "Well toodle-oo then. We've got some sleep to catch.  This game took ages
             to write.  

Head back up the ladder and walk south to the door (there should be no worms in your way)

When you reach the next room, walk south. Suddenly the egg you have shakes violently, and
a flying lizard comes out.  Quickly, run south and  drop the bait on the ground on top of 
the small circular symbol and the lizard will begin to eat it.   The weight of the lizard 
triggers the trap-door to open, and a ladder appears going down.

The next room has a ladder going down and a straw bed.   Use the bed, since the ladder is 
the end of the level.

Fifth Dream:  "You fall asleep imagining a peaceful dragon civilization...  It
               is underground, in dungeons that look vaguely familiar. You get
               a strange sense of - it's difficult to pinpoint - eternity.  It
               feels as if the civilization has existed since the beginning of

   |                        LEVEL 5 CERTIFICATE:  5vsyy63010r71                      |

                                    L E V E L  6

You begin in what appears to be a dungeon.   There is a troll at the far end, who removes
his sword from the body of a man chained to the wall and attacks you.  There are also two
ladders in the room.  One going up, and the other going down.   Dispatch the troll and go
talk to the injured man.  IT IS DUNRIC!

       "I am Dunric... I sent my servant to warn you.  Mordramir isn't a prisoner...
        He kidnapped my daughter... tried to threaten...  He is manipulating... If I
        had my ring I could... but..."


       "Dunric mutters an incantation, then lowers his head.  Two spells appear in
        front of you: Statue of Gold and Magnetic Hands.  Dunric is still."

Take the ladder going down, since you cannot use the one leading up.  This room has a bed
of straw and a troll. Defeat the troll, use the straw bed if you need to (you will not be
able to return here later, so might as well take advantage of it.)  Take the ladder down.  

Sixth Dream:  "You dream about a meeting between Mordramir and a council of wizards.
               They have created a magical weapon, but there is a problem with it...
               The dream changes:  You see a wall of fire.   Now, in the flames, you
               see men attacking dragons.  There is a flash.  All are dead.  You see
               another attack, the another lethal flash.   Armies block the exits of
               the dungeons, trapping the dragons inside.  One escapes..."

You appear on top of a wooden barrel. Use your staff to navigate through the small trench
until you reach the norlac.  It will go underwater.  Make it chase, but DON'T let it hit 
you; it will drag you under and you will die (so what else is new...)

Here's the plan:  get on the barrel and navigate toward the end of the tunnel, guarding a
floogate, there is a black beast.   Row, SLOWLY, towards the thing until the tempo of the
music changes.  The creature will dive into the water.  The SECOND the music changes, RUN
away to the whirlpool! Keep the bubbles that follow you three or more barrel-lengths away
or prepare to face one of the tentacles.  It will drown you instantly.  Row to the center
of the whirlpool, but once you get there wait a few seconds until the bubble is VERY near
and DIVE into the whirlpool.  The norlac will follow and die (hopefully).

       "You hear a voice... Could you be dreaming?  You remember the raging current
        of the vortex pulling you toward a hole in the floor,  but now it is quiet.
        Time has passed... You sense that someone or something is nearby."

   |                        LEVEL 6 CERTIFICATE:  ytyyy73013871                      |

                                    L E V E L  7



None so far... let's hope this changes  =)


v1.00 (04-Aug-2000)  --  Initial Release (upto the beginning of Level 2)

v1.40 (05-Aug-2000)  --  Completed Level 2 and added the Certificate.(I died once - OOPS)
                             AT LEVEL 2 AND SEND THE CERTIFICATE.
                     --  Completed Level 3 and added the Certificate.  
                              CARPET AT THE BEGINNING OF LEVEL 4  (OR A WAY TO USE IT FOR
                              SHORTER PERIODS OF TIME).
                     --  Completed Level 4 and added the Certificate.
                     --  Completed Level 5 and added the Certificate.

v1.50 (06-Aug-2000)  --  Completed Level 6 and added the Certificate.

This FAQ can be freely distributed, however ONLY in its entirety and with due credit to
its author. It has taken me ALOT of time and effort to do this. If you wish to use this 
information for your own FAQ or web-page, etc.  PLEASE give credit I don't mind sharing 
this information otherwise I would not have sent it to   I give credit to
ANY contributions, and I only expect of others what I expect of myself.

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