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Mega Man 1 Walkthrough
Amar Kishan (email:

	This is a walkthrough for Mega Man 1 for the NES.  If you have any 
questions, feel free to send me an email.  I am not to be held responsible 
if you lose at any point in the game.  
	This walkthrough contains a list of weapons and items, a complete 
boss beating methods, and a list of hard points.

1. Weapons and Items

Mega Buster: The standard cannon, can fire about 3 shots.  Not as strong as some
other weapons.

Fire Storm: Shoots a ball of fire and also creates a field of fire around 

Bombs: Throws a bomb that detonates after several seconds.

Gutsman's Throwing Power: Allows you to pick up some blocks and throw them for
massive damge.  Walk next to a block with it equipped and the block will start 
flashing,  Now fire to throw it.

Cut Blade: A boomerang that swings in a half circle.  If you rapidly hit select
and the blade hits on enemy, the one hit will result in multiple hits.

Elec Beam: A three way beam that destroys blocks that can be thrown by Gutsman
power.  Also can do the multiple hit trick.

Ice Slasher: Shoots a bullet of ice that can freeze fire columns.

Magnet Beam: Shoots a bridge that one can stand on (temporary).  Pushing the 
directional button extends the bridge.  Found behind a wall of throwable blocks
in Elecman's level.  This is necessary to complete the game.

Blue/Red Balls- 1000 bonus points

Weapon Power: Restores the power of the equipped weapon.

Power Up: Restores the power bar.

Yashishi: Found in the 4th Dr. Wily stage, belowthe first teleporter. Restores 
weapons and life energy once.

2. The Walkthrough:
Bombman:Before jumping over a pit, always wait for the bomb to come up and 
(in the first part).  When you get past that, jump and snag the powerups, and 
climb the ladder.  You don't need to shoot at any of the 5 gun turrets on the
wall, you only need to climb the ladder.  In the next part, shoot the guy with 
shield when he is jumping or shooting.  Now, start jumping across the gaps.  
shoot the missiles if they are close to you.  After the gaps, try to avoid the
creatures with blades.  In the next level, wait for the first missile to pass, 
climb up, and then leap.  The second missile will pass overhead.  You sholud 
next to the spikes and jump on to the ladder.  Now cilmb up.  
	You will be forced to run through this area, trying to avoid some of the
circular robots 6-way shots.  After climbing the ladder, jump onto the ledge
where the green shielded robot is.  Stay there and shoot him when he jumps. Grab
the extra life.  Now jump down and run until you see a shield robot in front of
double gates.  Kill the robot, shooting when he jumps, and proceed through the
gates.  Run until the ladder.  Climb down carefully.  Move when the eye-bots 
you room.  Then you will fall into a room and the double gate will lock above 
Now fight Bombman (covered later in the faq).  Grab the orb after killing him.

Gutsman: Walk up to the first ledge.  Shoot the robot there when it's face 
Avoid the three way shots.  After killing the three robots, you will arrive at a
a pit with a ledge crossing across rope and falling at gaps in the rope.  I 
not do this part without the aid of the Magnet beam...This is covered later in 
	Now, you wil face a pack of three airborne robots kill them, go and get 
power up.  Continue, and you wil face a pick-axe throwing robot.  Kill two more,
jump across, and kil a final one.  Fall down the pit, hitting left.  You will
land in an area with three ledges.  Falling down the rightmost one, holding left
will net you a large power up.  Fall down the middle one, pressing left, and you
should land on a ledgge.  Jump across for the extra life, and fall down the pit.
You will land in an open area with a large blue robot hopping towards you.  Try 
avoid it, but if you must, run through it and go to the double gates.  Run 
continously shooting and you should get to the second double gates.  Equip bomb,
and go through.  Kill Gutsman(later in the faq) and pick up the orb.

Cutman: Climb the large ladder, and immediately shoot the robot that appears. 
several more, jump over the gap, and climb the ladder (try to avoid shots).  
up several more levels, avoiding turret shots.  You will finally find yourself 
front of a grey building.  Run quickly past this (the building shoots out 
The block you see is a typical example of a throwable block.  In the next part,
simply avoid the eye blocks and climb the ladder.  Easily navigate three more
rooms like this.
	You will once again be in front of a grey building.  Run past it, and face
ariel robots.  Grab the powerup and descend the ladder.  Go down through  more 
rooms with circular robots that fire off in many directions (easy).  Now, fall 
onto a wall of blocks with a crusher robot jumping around, go past it any way 
possible and enter the double gates.  Fire at the turrets on the ground, jump 
fire on the cieling ones before they activate.  Enter the boss chamber, kill 
Cutman (later in faq) and grab the orb.

Elecman: You start in an area with the three ledges above you populated by a 
covered robot.  Shoot it with the Cut Blade to kill it, or with the Mega Buster 
stun it.  Climb the ladder up.  Do the same thing in the next room.  In the 
room, the ledges shoot out an electric beam.  Avoid this, and quickly jump to 
safety.  Climb up the big ladder in the next room, shooting the green gunners
on the left.  Now you will appear at a seemingly impossible jump.  Wait, and 
blocks will materialize and dissolve.  Memorize the patterns, and jump to the 
ladder.  In the next room, get the weapon power by waiting for blocks to appear.
Continue up.
	In the next are, do not go for the powerup, just go up.  Choose either 
the left one has the spiked robots that can be killed by Cut Blade, the right 
electic ledges.  The green gunners appear either way.  After climbing up, you 
see a screw like object behind some blocks.  Use the Gutsman Throw power to 
the blocks, or revisit the stage and use Elec Beam to break through them.  You 
must do this, the screw is the all important Magnet Beam!  Contine up, the next
part is the same as the previous part.  Beware, the two blue dots are places 
electric beams are shot out.  In front of the double gate is the crusher robot.
Inside the gate, climb the ladder (beware of the electric beams.  At the top, 
will fight Elec Man.  Kill him (covered later) and get the orb.

Ice Man: Walk through the first part, shooting th green robots.  Fall into the 
water, where movement is slow.  Shoot the penguins while jumping over the gaps.
When on the ice (which is slippery), kill the eye-bots and grab the powerup. 
Fall down the tube.  Kill the spike guy with Cut blade, and either jump on the
blocks or use the Magnet Beam to get to the next tube.  Do the same thing here.
Carefully jump onto the eyeball plattforms and cross the gap.  Refill a wapon, 
and cross another gap.
	Fall down the tube (hold left).  If your lucky youll get the extra, but on 
next screen, the left side also has some powerups.  Fall down the tube, run past
the crusher robot and into the double gates.  Shoot continously to elimnate the
penguins.  Now kill Iceman (later in faq) and grab the orb.

Fireman: The first bit is easy, just be aware of the fact that the gun turrets 
have more acute sensors.  When you get to the lava, jump across to the 
The three firebals that shoot up from the ground stay up for a while and then 
coast down.  Try to avoid these and the fire pillar.  If you are low on energy,
get the powerup.  In the next room, don't worry about the powerups.  Note the
ground where the fire srouts out.  Avoid these tiles for the rest of the level.
In the next area, jump over the fire pillars and avoid the fire beams being shot
out (even if you touch the tiny flame, you'll take damage).  Grab the powerups 
your way down.  The next two rooms are simple. In the next room, avoiding the 
beams is hard, but it is worht a shot.
	In the next area, shoot the missiles from a distance, and avoid the spiked 
robots.  You can kill the falling fire heads for power ups if you want.  Before
the double gates, freeze the pillars if you have to wiht the Ice Slasher.  
the gates, just jump and shoot the turrets from a distance.  Then fight Fireman
(later in faq) and grab the orb.

Dr. Wily's Castle: 
Stage 1: Freeze the crusher bots when they are in the air with the Ice Slasher,
and contine until you reach the blocked off area.  Throw the blocks away.  (The
Fire Pillar section is covered later).  The next room is easy.  Quicly climb up
the ladder and kill the screw guys.  If you want, go for the powerup.  Break the
blocks and continue down.  Watch out for the missiles.  After crossing the giant
spike pit (later in faq), climb up the ladder.  After getting past the next 
covered later), walk to the side, equip Cut Blade, and fight the Cyclops (later 

Stage 2: You cannot lose any hitpoints before gatting to Cutman.  To do this,
always wait at the edge of a ledge and shoot the ariel atackers.  At the 
there is an invisble pit.  Fall into it facing left.  Now fight Cutman (must 
with Mega Buster).  Now fall through another invisible pit and cross the gaps, 
beware of gunfire.  At the other dead end is another invisble pit.  Fall through
with Cut Blade equipped.  Kill Elec Man.  Fall through another inv. pit.  This
part is like Bombman's level, so be careful at every jump.  Climb down the 
at the end.  INside the tower, use the Cut Blade to elimate the eye-blocks in 
hit.  At the end, fall into a tiled room and kill your clone (later in faq).

Stage 3: The first part is easy.  When you land in a horizontal hallway, run 
a tidal wave comes and pushes you forward.  Just press forward and shoot and you 
will make it past the fleets of penguins and missiles.  Now enter the boss 
and kill it (later in faq).

Stage 4:  Climb the ladder in sight.  Try to kill the green gunners.  After the
ladders, use the weapon powerup for any weapon (you can destroy these blocks).
Go through a hallway with blue turrets shooting at you ang Gutsman clones in the
background.  Climb up to the ledge over the spike pit.  The moving ledge is 
Ride it, jump on the block, shoot the magnet beam and jump onto the ladder. If 
want an extra life and a refill on all your weapons and health, drop onto the 
rightward moving ledge and garb them.  Now get back up and take the teleporter.
After beating the four bosses (later in faq), equip Elec Beam and get the weapon
powerup in front of the double gates.  Now kill Dr. Wily (later in faq).  Yay! 
beat the game!

3. The Bosses
Bombman:Jump over his bomb and stay away from them, all the while shooting with
the Mega Buster or Fire Storm.  He jumps across the screen and throws bombs to
your location.  Jump these shortly before impact and you will escape without any

Gutsman: Jump and hurl the bomb at him.  His jumps will stun you if you are on 
ground, no effect if you are in the air.  When he stops throwing, he will start 
moving around (these jumpas also stun you).  He will usually jump twice in the 
same spot before throwing another series of blocks.  3-4 bombs will kill him.

Cutman: Shoot him with the Megabuster, either attempting to avoid the Cut Blade
or not, because that is difficult.  You can also throw the blocks at him twice 
completely kill him.

Elecman: Run close to him and fire the Cut Blade.  Rapidly start pressing 
Do not stop unless he shoots an Elec Beam at you that hits you.  If the blade 
him, it will result in multiple hits.

Iceman: Same thing as with Elec Man, but with the Elec Beam.  He should die in 
shot of multiple hits.

Fireman: Start shooting the Ice Slasher and do not stop, because he will also
barrage you with his weapon.  Be carful, his attacks will sometimes turn you
around, thus you will be shooting at the wall.

Cyclops: Run to the far side of the room and jump forward over the flying rocks.
The second he forms, equip the Cut Blade, jump, shoot, and start pressing 
If he doesn't die, jump over the first parts of him, and then go into the safe 
spot and try again.

Megaman Clone: Run to the left and equip the Elec Beam.  Immediately shoot and
press Select.  Stop this if he hits you with the Elec Beam.  Otherwise, kill him
with a few super shots.

Bubble Machine: Jump and shoot the first three rapidly with the Mega Buster.  
Avoid the bubbles. If the bubble comes from the right hole, it will go left over
your head and cricle around the room.  If it comes from the top, it will go 
staright down and circle around the room.  If it comes from the left, it will
go straight across the room, down, and around the room.  After killing three,
throw the blocks at them.

Dr. Wily: Equip the Elec Beam, jump and shoot him in the purple ball.  Do the
multiple hit trick.  He should die in 2-3 hits.  Now use the Cut Blade on the 
same part, using the same trick.  Kill him, sit back, relax, and watch a 
terrible ending.

4. Hard points
	1. Gutsman Ledge area: Use the magnet beam to cross over the gap or to 
the thrid plattform.  Start shooting from the second plattform, jump to the far
end of the plattfrom you made, and shoot another one.  The final one should be 
the top of the screen.  Leap from this one to land.
	2. Ice Man Blocks: Use the Magnet Beam, or kill the creature with spikes
using the Cut Blade.
	3. Fire Towers in the entrance to Wily's castle: Instead of shooting the
Ice Slasher from the raised platform, drop to the floor and try to time it so 
the tower is frozen with enough space for Megaman to walk through.
	4. Spike Floor and Cieling in Wily's castle: Use the Magnet Beam to cross 
to the third or fourth floating eyeball platforms.  Then try to quickly jump to
the land mass.
	5. Room where a ledge is impossible to jump to, and there are no blocks, 
Wily's Castle.  You have to have a full bar of magnet beam.  Now, it is easy
to get past the first part.  To get to the ladder, you must jump (not to high)
and fire the magnet beam.  Leap onto it and fire them as usual until you get
to the top.
	6. Stage 2, Wily's Castle (Fighting Cutman and Elecman succesively, with
parts of a level in between).  Taking care of Elecman is easy, just beating 
Cut Man and getting to him with enough energy is hard.  First, it is imperative
to reach Cutman with full power.  Now, kill him as you did before (if you did it
with Mega Buster), but don't have a total disregard of damge.  Try to avoid the
blade if you can.  Now, try to make your way through the next part of the level,
without losing all your energy.  This can be difficult, but if you carefully pay
attention to the shooting patterns of the cannons, it is possible.  Now, simply
shoot one Cut Blade, and use the trick to eliminate Elec Man (stop if Elec Beam
hits you, though.)
	7. The Guantlet (Fight Bombman, Fireman, Iceman, Gutsman in a row without 
losing): Make sure to enter with full power and 2-3 lives.  Shoot the Fire Storm
at Bombman, hop his bomb, and repeat.  The shield produced may help.  For 
nail him repeatedly with the Ice Slasher, but be wary of shots, which can turn 
around.  Ice Man should die in one shot of the Elec Beam (using the trick, you 
to save the Elec Beam for Wily).  Make sure you have 4-6 hits left. Now, throw 
bomb at Gutsman, and try to jump the blocks.  He sometimes jumps once and stuns 
you before getting a block.

Email me with anymore hard points.

5. Credits/ Disclaimer
Procyon Lotor: Helped me find the multiple hit trick (In his faq).
Capcom: Making this game.

Megaman is copyright Capcom.  This faq is not ivolved with Capcom.  Please 
me before uploading.  Please do not rip from this faq.  Thank you.

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