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v 1.0

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Table Of Contents:
What's new with this Mega Man?
Flame Man
Blizzard Man
Plant Man
Tomahawk Man
Yamato Man
Knight Man
Centaur Man
Wind Man
Mr. X Levels
Dr. Wily Levels

	In the beginning... there was Mega Man.  Dr. Wily was exposed to 
a lot of radiation and his brain went on the wack.  So he took off and 
reprogramed seven robots, Bomb Man, Guts Man, Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice 
Man, Fire Man, and Mega Man.  Luckily, our little blue bomber resisted 
the programming and decided on some payback involving a hot plasma gun.  
Wily's butt was beat, but then he decided "Light's stupid.  I'm makin' 
better robots!"  So he cam out with Bubble Man, Flash Man, Quick Man, 
Metal Man, Wood Man, Air Man, Crash Man, and Heat Man.  Mega Man comes 
in and beats Wily down again.  Then, in our third adventure, Wily says 
"Let's build a peace keeping robot!"  Dumbass.  Proto (Break) Man 
doesn't seem happy either.  Well, Light and the bomber believe him and 
the good doc gives him Rush and basically Mega Man steals minerals from 
the planets of Magnet Man, Hard Man, Top Man, Shadow Man, Spark Man, 
Snake Man, Gemini Man, and Needle Man.  Stealing is bad and ol' blue 
learns.  Wily doublecrosses again and revives the guys from 2 and goes 
on yet another rampage.  Wily seriously needs a labotomy so Mega Man 
saves the day again.  Wily figures "Somethings wrong here, I know! I'll 
get some other guy to cover for me!"  Along comes Dr. Cossack with 
Toad, Bright, Pharaoh, Ring, Dive, Skull, Drill, and Dust Men.  So now 
Mega Man gets a better buster.  Blue learns that Cossack was only doing 
it for the ransom of his child and Wily does it again.  Wily builds a 
Proto Dupe and makes everyone think Proto Man kidnapped Dr. Light.  
Blue gets an even better buster now.  Plus, there's Beat that Cossack 
is building for Mega Man.  They go off and destroy Stone(d) Man, Charge 
Man, Wave Man, Star Man, Gyro Man, Crystal Man, Gravity Man, and Napalm 
Man.  Wily is seeked and destroyed (AGAIN).  Which brings us to here.  
Mr X hosts a world robot contest then reprograms them all to kill.  
Guess blue won't be getting rusty after all....

	The deal is you have the same buster as before.  The major 
difference is Rush is now two suits: Power and Jet.  That and no more 
collecting 8 different parts for you!  Now Beat is only four parts 
which you can find using this FAQ.  Another added plus is that now you 
have an energy transfer thing that automatically gives weapon energy to 
whatever needs it first.  Kick *ss new gear!

Flame Man: Height: 155, Attack: 84, Mobile: 88, Weight: 95, Defense: 
93, Runs on: Thermal Power, Hides in: Oil Field  MASTER OF FLAME

Level: Charge up going down because after the first oil pit theres a 
hard hat shooter dude.  Across the next pit there's another guy but be 
carefull he's closer and can really do some nasty damage close up.  
Luckily there's an energy pellet above his pit.  Another hard hat is 
coming up so deal with him quickly.  Slide under the spot he was 
standing in (down+jump).  Be carefull of the fire droppers because they 
ignite the oil in an instant.  Get the energy near the ladder and move 
on.  When you first get up cannons will shoot at you but just shoot 
them back.  They aren't that manuverable anyway.  Next there are little 
orange guys that are only can be killed by charged up shots.  When you 
get to the last one shoot him and he'll turn into a raft.  Next orange 
guy repeat the process but watch for falling flames.After the laddre, 
more cannons, search and destroy.  The small rocketers are invincible 
now so move away.  Next we see a flame head which is like the flame 
droppers and has the same purpose.  Jump through a few oil pits and 
dispose of flame heads.  Be sure to get the energy tank!  Then proceed 
and when you see the flame by the boss door put him out. 

Boss:  Charge up while going in and release as he comes down. FREE 
SHOT!  He should jump around then when he lands about halfway acorss 
the screen from him theres a safe spot.  Take it and shoot when 
possible.  He should pause to shoot his fire every once in a while.  
Remember your energy tank!  If you meet him later on use your wind 


Password so far: A1 A2 A3 B1 F5

Blizzard Man: Height: 163, Attack: 88, Mobile: 113, Weight: 167, 
Defense: 42 Runs on: Solar Energy, Hides On: Frozen Island MASTER OF 

Hint: With timers jump quickly, ice walls melt with flame.
Level: Run and destroy the solar seal.  Jump over pit.  The copter can 
be destroyed easily with your rush power.  Take lower route after pit.  
move to left as falling to destory ice block with rush.  Leave the rush 
on for the little ice pucks because if you charge it up and hit em with 
it they fly away.  After the ladder destroy Mr Octo and move on.  Shoot 
down the gunners andthen get your rush.  Destroy the ice blonck on the 
sub but wait for it to be safe again before running across and getting 
the goodies.  Sliding is an efficient way.  Make your way across the 
pits and go up the ladder.  There are more bombs but don't worry.  
Destroy another Octo and move on.  Next is a trick.  Get rid of the 
first two bombs.  An easy way to take care of the next ones is to 
either jump back and forth or just lad on top and jump at explode time.

Boss: Blizzard dude has two main attacks, ice shower and ball roll.  
Aviod the ball and shoot when he moves back and forth during the 

Get: B.Attack

PW: A1 A3 B1 C2 F5

Plant Man: Height: 143, Attack: 42, Mobile: 98, Weight: 111, Defense: 
103 Runs on: Solar Energy Hides in: Forgotten Area FLOWER FANCIER

Hint: The Orange Tanks are easily destroyed by fire
Level: The copters shouldn't pose that much of a problem.  Beware of 
the hoppers but remember that near the ladder if you have rush power 
you can get a quick energy boost and one up.  Slide under the big guy 
at the ladder if possible but other wise get away! (Don't all Mega Man 
games have a guy like that)  At the top of the second ladder shoot down 
the harder copters along with the ball shooter.  Remember that to 
easily crack hard shells on robots use power rush.  After the drop 
there's flip top to help you out.  After the second drop there's a tank 
(see hint).  Use the same tips as in the beginning for the next part.  
Use the springs to jump higher but beware of spikes later on. Get the 
weapon energy only if you need more fire (fire, heh heh, fire).  
Prepare for another tank.  Use the springs but watch for water pirhanas 
and the mysterious flyer.  Shoot the purple platforms to open them and 
take the high road.  The flowers are energy pellets (YES!).  Also for 
ease of high jumping on springs just hold down the jump button.  Watch 
for fish and jump along to the boss door.

Boss: (Every Mega Man game I can think of except one some guy has some 
dumbass shield).  No brainer people. The pattern:  Shield on, jump, 
fling shield(jump over it), he walks toward you, repeat.  Fire the 
B.Attack when he flings the shield.

Get: You get Plant B. and Rush Jet Adaptor (SWEET).

PW so far: A1 A4 B1 C2 F5

Tomahawk Man: Height: 177, Attack: 157, Mobile: 149, Weight: 87, 
Defense: 71, Runs on: Solar Energy, Hides in: Restricted Area MASTER OF 

Hint: Follow my advice then see beat.
Level: Shoot the outlaws and use rush to break blocks.  No, there's 
nothing by the spikes go down the hole. 'Nother outlaw, waste him.  Use 
rush power on the flying shield.  Attack the hat dropper with the mega 
buster, don't attack the hat though it'll go away when you destroy the 
dropper.  Beware the motor drills and make your way to the ladder.  See 
flip top.  See flip top give you stuff.  At this point use your jets to 
take the high road, it's worth it.  Fly over the spikes and when you 
can't go any further, launch off, trust me.  Go down the hole.  The 
caterpiller is easy so nuke him and move on.  Beware the big dude.  
Then there's another hat dropper, kill it.  Take the high road first to 
kill off the walkers.  Go up the ladder and carefully destroy the 
block.  Go in and Proto Man will get you an adapter that will give 
weapon energy to the least powerfull.  Go back down the ladder if you 
ever want to see Beat.  Attack the walkers and then use the jet to go 
under the walk.  Go up the other ladder and get the energy and use the 
jet to get to the door (this is the real door).  

Boss:  Use the Plant B. on the Tomahawk Man.  He will shoot feathers at 
you then jump and use his tomahawk.  Get him and use your Plant 

Get: You get Silver T. and Beat B-Part (only if you went into the door 
I told you)

PW: A6 C4 D2 E1 E5

Yamato (Spear) Man: Height: 161, Attack: 199, Mobile: 31, Weight: 149, 
Defense: 185, Runs on: Solar Power, Hides in: Impregnable Fortress 

Hint: Always the high road in this level
Level: Mt. Fuji in backround?  Anyway run on and destroy the pandas and 
take the high road (the low road is slightly harder).  Use jet to get 
1-Up and move past the spear guard.  Don't worry about the bees just 
use your jet to get past.  The walker, unlike the one in Mega Man V, 
can be hit anywhere.  Change back to normal suit (rush can't slide) and 
go on.  Get rid of the pandas then high road it again.  Go over the 
spikes and get rid of the guard by moving when he launches a spear and 
shoot him down when available.  Get jet, move up.  Spring men heads pop 
off if you hit them in a certain way. Go through the door.

Boss: This guy follows the pattern of shooting, getting arrow back, and 
then jumpng and firing.  Use the tomahawk.

Get: You get Y.Spear and Beat E-Part (if you followed my path)

PW: A2 B5 C6 D4 F6

Knight Man: Height: 158, Attack: 121, Mobile: 60, Weight: 146, Defense: 
204, Runs on: Solar Power, Hides in: Capital of Science MASTER OF MACE 

Hint: Barrel Men are destroyed by Rush
Level: Kill the caterpiller and get the 1-up.  Take care of the barrel 
and move on when safe from spikes.  Take care of the shield shooter 
then the skull jumper.  Use jet to get up and make it easy one 
yourself. Destroy the barrel men but beware of spikes. Flip top, need I 
say more?  Shoot down the mad hatters and get your energy tank.  Kill 
the jelly.  Unless you want to go insane in the next part use your jet.  
Destroy the block and go low to the door.

Boss: Don't worry... you're a ninja!  The boss likes to jump but you 
can fry him easy with your spear.

Get: You get Knight C. and Beat A-Adaptor (If you followed my 

PW: B3 C4 D2 D6 E5

Centaur Man: Height: 155, Attack: 35, Mobile: 205, Weight: 172, 
Defense: 47, Runs on: Dry Battery, Hides in: Ancient City, ABILITY 

Hint: Muffins spelled backwards is sniffum. (you didn't really need a 
Level: Simple level.  Move left and waste the occasional pelican bomber 
and jellies.  In the water we will see the sequel to the original 
pirhanas.  Believe it or else the jet is quite useful here.  Jump a 
little and hold it and glide low across the water.  In the "below 
water" part next jump regularly or use the jet pack.  I won't hold it 
against you (wuss).  Fry the robots for which I haven't thought of a 
name for.  Go up the ladder (you can't go down it!).  When will Flip 
Top stop? ACK!  It's best to use jet for this next part unless you 
enjoy being killed.  Fly past dropping jelly.  MR. OCTO RETURNS.... 
WE'RE HAVIN' CALAMARI TONIGHT!  Take the high road and prepare for the 

Boss Man!:  Centaur will flash out then appear right where you were and 
sometimes flash and shoot (not that kind of flash! Sicko). Use your 
Knight C. on him and it's knighty knight (my lame joke for the FAQ.)

Get: C.Flash and Beat T-Part (BEAT IT MAN!) 

PW: B3 D2 D6 E5 F4

Wind Man (the answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind) Height: 169, 
Attack: 66, Mobile: 51, Weight: 173, Defense: 129, Runs on: Wind 
Energy, Hides in: Mechanical Tower MASTER OF WIND (Fassssss)

Hint: Be an individual, just like everybody else!
Level:  How many freaking pandas will this game have?  Squish 'em.  Get 
some bug spray and nuke the caterpiller.  PANDA RETURNS! (just when I 
was starting to enjoy this game).  Have fun with the fans.  Use jets 
when no fans (flying is fun).  Get a tank (I never use 'em but hey, why 
not?)  Shoot down more pandas and for stay away from the big guy and 
the caterpillars.  More fan fun.  Get up and get wind guy.

Boss: Use your flash when he isn't flashing and he's nicely toasted.

Get: You get W.Storm

PW: B4 D2 D6 E5 F4

Hint: Try to destroy the glass, if you get killed don't worry it'll 
still be gone.
Mr. X Level 1: Go to ladder.  Use flash for copter. Go up ladders if 
you can't get the glass to go. Destroy the block.  Use your Blizzard on 
the boss.

Hint: If you need help you.... need help.
X Level 2: Get the weapon energy and use your jets to go across the 
pits.  Move along now it's easy.  Use Tomahawk on the boss thingy.  
Watch for the falling rocks in the level.

Hint: Rush is Mega Man's best friend in this level.
X Level 3: Use your Rush Power to destroy everything in the first 
screen then take the left ladder for an energy tank.  Use jets to get 
across the gap.  On the second to the last wheel wait for the right one 
to go down and then use your jets to go on.  Take the low road. Once 
again use your jets and destroy the blocks for energy. Just use the 
buster on the boss.  He moves forawrd then back and shoots bouncing 
energy and forward energy.

Hint: You can't handle the hint!
X Level 4: This isn't too hard.  Use the jets, Luke.  Take the high 
road and collect your energies.  Use the power on the X Blocks.  Beware 
of evil Beat. Take the high road again dude, the high road, dude!  Fire 
is good on Mr X.  Wily is X, but then again we already knew that.

Hint: There's the breaking box in the drop.  Just on the second screen 
with no floor and lots of spike at the bottom turn on the jets and 
you'll make it over.
Wily Level 1: You spend the entire level switching between rushes.  
Start your jet in the screen before to get to the breakable wall. Boss 
Man don't like buster or Yamato, but I prefer buster.

Hint: This level is slick so use fire!
Wily Level 2: Get the E Tank. Use jet and fire to melt the first ice 
block.  Beware the mad hatters. Boss doesn't like wind.

Hint: If spikes bother you, wait for the fans to reverse and they'll 
suck you over.
Wily 3: Easy. No help here guy just use your jets, weapons, power, and 
head.  There's boss reruns in this place.

Hint: Eat fiber to stay regular.... whoops wrong hint!  Er, um, oh look 
over there! (Runs away)
Wily 4: No worrys about the level.  Hail!  Hail!  The flip top's here!  
On Wily, tomahawk, always tomahawk.

thanx to my buddy Aaron, your weird comments are in this.
thanx to the emulator people for not letting me down (NOW PUT IN A 
thanx to all for d/ling this.
need more help? email Hotshot himself at

This FAQ is copyrighted by Hotshot (Jay Yencich) on May 14, 1999.  
Any duplication\ripoff will result in being straped into a chair and 
forced to watch Event Horizon and Barney's Great Adventure.

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