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          (C) 1987 Capcom U.S.A., Inc.

                Strategy Guide
           by Walter F. Williams III

               [ version 1.1 ]
               [ Jul-25-1999 ]

For those of you who still have your old NES systems, you
might remember the highly successful Mega Man series. Well,
I'm writing a FAQ on the game that started it all! It paved the
way for several sequels (mentioned below) and a spinoff series
known as Mega Man X.

Unfortunately, because of the reign of 32-bit systems, these
old 8-bit dust collectors are very hard to find. They don't
sell them in shops like Babbage's or K-B Toys.

I have tried to make this guide as complete as possible, although
it may never be really complete. If you find this useful in any
way, or you have any suggestions, please send me your e-mail.

<<<<<Table of Contents>>>>>
- Controls
- Weapons
- Display
- Power-up Items
- Level Guide
- Enemies
- Bosses
- Other Games starring Mega Man
- Acknowledgements
- Coming Soon
- Disclaimer

<<<<<FAQ Info>>>>>
version 1.0 - first pubilcation of the strategy guide. It tells
how to beat the bosses.

version 1.1 - included a stage-by-stage guide through each of the
10 levels, and also added a boss damage chart.

Control Pad Left/Right - Moves Mega Man left/right.
Control Pad up/down - Climbs/descends ladders.
A button - Mega Man jumps.
B button - Fires Mega Man's active weapon.
Select - Pauses the game.
Start - Opens up the weapons menu. From here, you can
switch Mega Man's current weapon, and see how many
lives he has.

(P) Plasma Gun - Mega Man's primary weapon. It shoots
plasma bullets at his enemies. His cannon has unlimited
(C) Cutter Blade - Shoots a scissor blade that returns
to Mega Man like a boomerang. (28 shots)
(G) Guts Power - Gives Mega Man the strength to lift
and throw rocks and heavy objects at enemies. (14 shots)
(I) Ice Slasher - Shoots a beam of ice that freezes enemies
in their tracks. (28 shots)
(B) Bomb Blaster - Launches bombs that explode after two
seconds. (14 shots)
(F) Fire Storm - Shoots a ball of fire while creating a
temporary fire ring around Mega Man. (28 shots)
(E) Electro Beam - Shoots a bolt of lightning in three
directions. (28 shots)
(M) Magnet Beam - Creates platforms by using electromagnetic
beams. It is found in Elecman's stage. (14 beams)

At the top left of the screen is Mega Man's life meter. It
goes down as he is hit, but he can recover it by collecting
energy tanks. When this meter is empty, Mega Man loses a

A colored bar appears next to it when you are using an
optional weapon. This shows how much energy is left in it.
When this bar is empty, you can't use that weapon again.
Find weapon tanks to refill the weapon meter.

To the right of your life meter is the boss's life meter. Use
your weapons against the boss to make this meter decrease. When
this meter reaches zero, the boss has been defeated.

The number in the top middle of the screen is your score.
Your score increases as you kill enemies and collect Bonus

<<<<<Power-up Items>>>>>
Energy Tanks - Small tanks restore 2 energy points, and large
tanks are worth 10 energy points.
Weapon Tanks - Small tanks restore 2 weapon points, and large
tanks are worth 10 weapon points.
1-up - Adds one life to your total.
Bonus Balls - Each one of these is worth 1000 points at the
end of a level.
Yashici - This is only found in Dr. Wily's Castle on the final
stage. It restores your energy and all your weapons.

<<<<<Strategy Guide>>>>>
       _________   _________
      |         | |         |
      | Cutman  | | Gutsman |
      |   (3)   | |   (2)   |
      |_________| |_________|
 _________   _________   _________ 
|         | |   Dr.   | |         |
| Elecman | |  Wily   | | Iceman  |
|   (4)   | |   (7)   | |   (5)   |
|_________| |_________| |_________|
       _________   _________ 
      |         | |         |
      | Fireman | | Bombman |
      |   (6)   | |   (1)   |
      |_________| |_________|

The numbers under each boss's name show the recommended
order in which to fight them. Dr. Wily is the last boss,
because you have to fight the outer six bosses before you
can fight him.

Each of the bosses is worth between 50,000 and 100,000
points, and Dr. Wily will net you 200,000 points when

Stage-by Stage Walkthrough

1. Bombman

Sec. A...Attack the Fleas as soon as they appear. Go to the right
and jump over the pits, timing your move to avoid being hit by
the bombs. Shoot down teh Screws, then jump up and grab the
Energy Tanks onyour way to the ladder.
Sec. B...There are Beaks along the left wall. Wait for them to
open their shells, then fire. There's a big Energy Tank if you
need it.
Sec. C...A Sniper Joe will leap down to attack you. He can't be
hurt when his shield is up. He only lowers it when he's about
to attack you. That's the only time when you can shoot at him.
Ten shots will bring him down. Up ahead, you'll run into flying
Bombombs and more Beaks. The Bombombs explode when you hit them,
and if you're both in the air, you'll fall into the pits below.
There aer Spines on the other side once you've crossed the pits.
Your shots will only stun these enemies. You'll need other weapons
to defeat them.
Sec. D...checkpoint...There is a single Bombomb in this area, but
it reappears after it goes offscreen. Climb the ladder on the left.
Sec. E...When you emerge, you'll be attacked by a floating Shell.
Wait for it to shoot before shooting back at it. Take your time
across the platforms. If you get shot here, you'll fall into the
spikes below and lose a life. There's a 1-up just after you cross
the spike pit. Hold Right as you fall down the corridor. You'll
have to beat the Sniper Joe to get to it. There's another Joe
guarding the gate to Bombman's lair.
Gate...You'll have to climb down a ladder past several Octopus
Batteries. Don't try to attack them, or you'll get hit and fall.
Of course, you want to go down anyway, so if your energy is high
enough, you can afford to take the hit.

---Fighting Bombman---
Bombman will jump around the screen frequently. When he gets
into a corner, he will start launching bombs at you. Try to
find a space where you won't be hit by the explosion. Shoot
at him with your Plasma Gun while he's jumping around. He is
also weak against Fire Storm, but it's easier to go for
this guy first.

2. Gutsman

Sec. A...After defeating the Mets at the beginning, you'll have to
jump past aseries of moving platforms. To stay on them, you have to
jump with them where the wire breaks. When jumping down from one
level to another, jump down when the platform below you reaches its
leftmost point. You have to time your jumps perfectly when riding
the platforms, or you'll fall. When you reach the other side, you'll
be attacked by Bladers, and then you'll have to face Picket Man.
They carry shields, Just like Sniper Joe, but they launch flying
picks at you, and that leaves them wide open for attack. Blast them
with ten quick shots. Jump across the pits, then jump down the hole
on the right to proceed.
Sec. B...checkpoint...Nothing special in this area. Bladers will
fly out and attack.
Sec. C...There are Energy and Weapon Tanks in this area, and there
are also Bladers.
Sec. D...If you fall down the middle path from Sec. C and hold Left,
you can grab a 1-up.
Sec. E...A Big Eye is guarding the door to Gutsman's lair. This guy
is really big (hence the name, Big Eye). You'll lose a lot of power
if you get hit by one of them. They take 20 shots from your gun to
be defeated.
Gate...Just a long hallway with Mets.

---Fighting Gutsman---
When Gutsman jumps, the ground will shake, causing Mega Man
to lose his footing. If Gutsman jumps straight up, a rock
will fall from the ceiling, and he'll throw it at you. To
avoid losing your footing, try to jump up the instant before
he hits the ground. Attack him with the Bomb Blaster. If you
can predict where Gutsman is going to jump next, you can time
your bomb well enough to hit him.

3. Cutman

Sec. A...You get attacked by Bladers at the start. They're easy to
gun down.  When you get to the other side, you'll find a few Beaks.
Defeat them and move upward.
Sec. B, C, D...Blast the Beaks you find and work you way upward.
Sec. E - There's a boxthat spews Cutter Blades by the second. You'll
also run into fleas and Octopus Batteries. Climb the ladder and go
Sec. F, G, H (checkpoint at F)...More Octopus Batteris here. Continue
going up until you reach the top.
Sec. I...There's another Cutter Box here. You can pick up the big
Energy Tank near the area where you fight the Bladers.
Sec. J, K...You'll see Shells floating by as you make your way down.
Be careful of the spikes in Sec. K!
Sec. L...A Big Eye guards the gate to Cutman's lair.
Gate...There are three Screws in here; two on the floor, and one on
the ceiling.

---Fighting Cutman---
Cutman is pretty simple. He only uses his cutter blade when
he jumps in the air. You can kill him with two uses of your
Guts Power if you hit him with both blocks in the corner.
If you can't, you'll have to use your plasma weapon to finish
him off.

4. Elecman

Sec. A, B...There are Spines on the platforms. You can destroy them
with Cutman's weapon, or try to stun them to prevent them from
hitting you.
Sec. C...Time your move past the electric currents, then climb up
the ladder to the left.
Sec. D, E...Climb up the ladder, but watch out for Electric Eyes. Shoot
them before they get a chance to shoot you.
Sec. F...To get past the blocks here, you should wait for the last
block to disappear before jumping onto the next one. Take the
ladder to the right and climb up.
Sec. G...Walk across the disappearing blocks and climb the ladder.
Sec. H...checkpoint...No opposition, no speciall traps. Jump across
the short platforms and climb the ladder.
Sec. I-O...The next few sections will take you further upward. The path
splits here, so here are the traps to watch out for in each section:
     Sec. I...Electric Eyes. Take the right ladder.
     Sec. J...Spikes on the left, electric currents on the right.
     Sec. K...More Electric Eyes here.
     Sec. L...The paths join here temporarily, but they split again at
     the top. You can use Gutsman's or Elecman's power to destroy the
     blocks to get the Magnet Beam weapon. After that, take the left
     Sec. M...Spines left, electric currents right.
     Sec. N...Electric currents on both sides.
     Sec. O - Electrc currents left, Fleas right. If you went right at
     Sec. L, you'd have to use Gutsman's power and the Magnet Beam to
     make it.
Sec. P...Like Sec. H. There is nothing to worry about here.
Sec. Q...Like Sec. C. Wait for the currents to go down, them climb up.
Sec. R...Try to run under the Big Eye when it jumps. There isn't much
room to run here, so if you get hit, you'll fall down.
Gate...You have to climb upward while avoiding the electric currents.

---Fighting Elecman---
Elecman is very powerful. His Electro Beam attack will take
away a lot of your energy if it hits. He can only use this
beam when he is on the ground, but it is hard to jump over.
Stand on the blocks in your corner and use your Cutter Blades.

5. Iceman

Sec. A...You start by getting attacked by Crazy Razys. Jump up at
them and blast their top half to destroy them. Keep going to the right
and you'll encounter some Pengs. Shoot them once and they'll be
Jump down the hole on the right to get to the next area.
Sec. B...checkpoint...There's a Spine in the water, and there are
disappearing blocks. Defeat the Spine with a Cutter Blade, and then
jump on the blocks to the other side.
Sec. C...There's another pool with a Spine in it, and a bunch of
disappearing steps. When you climb those, you'll reach a large
stretch of air with floating platforms that shoot at you. The
Magnet Beam will help you out a lot here. There's a Weapon Tank
halfway along this stretch. When you reach the other side, there's
a 1-up available if you fall to the left. Go down to the next area.
Sec. D...Lots of small Energy and Weapon Tanks.
Sec. E...Run under the Big Eye to reach the gate.
Gate...Pengs fly through this gate. Blast them to reach the other
side for your encounter with Iceman.

---Fighting Iceman---
At the start of the battle, Iceman will back up a few steps,
then attack with his Ice Slasher, high, middle, and low, then low,
middle, and high. Try to jump over the low and middle beams,
then fire back with your Electro Bolt.

6. Fireman

Sec. A...You start at the bottom of an area with ladders and Screws.
Blast the Screws while climbing the ladders, then proceed to
the right. Jump over the fire lake onto a small platform with
a tube. The small tube spouts fire, so don't touch it or you'll
get burned. Wait for it to die down, then jump across to the
next platform and climb up.
Sec. B...Climb up on the right side to avoid the fire spouts on
the right.
Sec. C...Move to the right while avoiding the fire spouts. You'll
also see fire beams that are similar to the electric currents on
Elecman's level. Go to the right side and climb down the ladder.
Sec. D...checkpoint...Climb down the ladder while avoiding the fire
spouts and blasting the Flame heads that jump out of the pit.
Don't fall in, or you'll lose a life.
Sec. E...Stay on the platforms, and take your time when moving past
the fire spouts. Blast the Flame heads that jump out of the lava
pool. Climb up the ladder on the right side.
Sec. F...You'll see flame shooting out of a large tube. If you
have the Magnet Beam, you can create a shortcut by climbing on
the left side. If not, then you'll have to run under the shooting
flame and climb the ladder on the other side.
Sec. G...There are Bombombs and Spines on this set of platforms.
Climb down the two ladders, then go to the right and blast the Flame
heads. There are two fire spouts at the gate. Wait for a clear path,
then cross.
Gate...Four Screws, all of them on top.

---Fighting Fireman---
Fireman will run back and forth, shooting fireballs at you.
The fireballs scorch the ground, making it impossible for you
to go past them until the flames die down. Jump over the big
fireballs and shoot him with your Ice Slasher attack.

7. Dr. Wily's Castle

Stage 1

Sec. A...When you start, you'll get attacked by a few Big Eyes.
Don't bother fighting them, just run over them and keep going
right. Eventually, you'll reach a wall. You can use Gutsman's
power to lift the bricks out of the way, or you can zap them
with Elecman's weapon. To the right of this area are a few
fire spouts. Wait for them to come up about halfway, then
freeze them with the Ice Slasher. This will create a mini-
staircase so that you can climb up easily. Go to the right and
climb the ladder.
Sec. B...Jump across the pit of spikes to the ladder on the left.
Sec. C...There are Fleas in this room. Blast them and go to the
right. There's an Energy Tank on top, but you'll need to go to
the right side and use the Magnet Beam and Gutsmna's power to
destroy the bricks. If you don't need this item, go down and
smash the blocks there to reach a ladder going down.
Sec. D...checkpoint...Jump down to the left, go across the spike
pit to the right, and come down and run to the left. Descend
the ladder into the next area.
Sec. E...This section is sort of like Sec. D in Iceman's level,
except that you've got spikes both aobve and below you. If you
fall off, you could die. Use the Magnet Beam to help you along
the way.
Sec. F...You'll need the Magnet Beam to help you scale the wall.
Use it to get to the ladder on the left.
Sec. G...Nothing. Go to the right to meet the boss.

---Fighting the Golem---
The Golem will form itself in pieces. It always follows a set
pattern when it is forming. Jump over the low pieces, and aim
your Electro Beam for the eye. (Quick kill trick: When you hit
Golem with the first Electro Beam, rapidly press Select, and
it'll keep hitting the Golem's Eye until it explodes.)

Stage 2

Sec. A...Jump across the vast pit area while watching out for
Bladers. When you get to the right side, there's an invisible
hole in the floor. Fall down the invisible hole to get to the
next area.
Sec. B...You're fighting Cutman again. This time, there aren't
any bricks handy, so you'll have to use your Plasma Cannon.
When he's defeated, jump down an invisible hole to the left.
Sec. C...Jump across the platforms and gun down any of the
Screws you see. Jump down the hole on the far side to go down
to the next area.
Sec. D...You're fighting Elecman again. Use the Cutter Blades
to tear him apart. Jump down the invisible hole to the left.
Sec. E...Watch out for bombs in this section. Go to the right
and descend the ladder.
Sec. F...checkpoint...There's a 1-up to the left in this
area with Octopus Batteries. You'll need to use your Magnet
Beam to get to it. When you get it, go down the ladder at the
Sec. G...Use your Electro Beam against the Octopus Batteries.
Sec. H...Ditto.
Sec. I...There are Beaks on this level. Zap them and collect the
Weapon Tank on the left.
Sec. J...There are a few Octopus Batteries and a Beak. Zap them,
then go down the ladder.

---Fighting the Mega Man Clone---
Your doppleganger will use whatever weapon you have equipped,
and will try to mimic your every move. Blast him with your
Fire Storm. Jump when you shoot, because if you try to shoot
him when he's on the ground, he'll jump over your bullet.

Stage 3

Sec. A...There are a few Octopus Batteries here. Jump down to
the next area.
Sec. B...A group of Octopus Batteries and a Screw. Jump down
on the left side.
Sec. C...A group of Octopus Batteries and a Screw. Jump down
on the right side.
Sec. D...Some Octopus Batteries and Screws. Jump down to the
Sec. E...checkpoint...You're running forward, and suddenly a
giant wave of water comes rushing toward you. You can't do
anything to stop it, but you just have to let it flow and
carry you to the end. The first enemies you fight in this tunnel
are Pengs, but halfway through, you start seeing Bombombs.

---Fighting the Bubble Bot---
They stick to the walls and move around. You can't jump over
them, so you'll have to blast them with everything you've got
before they hit you. Blast the first three with your gun, and
use your Guts Power to use the blocks in the center to kill the
last four.

Stage 4

Sec. A...Electric Eyes. Climb up the ladder to the left.
Sec. B...Continue climbing up the ladder while gunning down the
Electric Eyes.
Sec. C...There's a wall with a Weapon Tank sitting on it. You can
get the Tank with the Magnet Beam to recharge one of your weapons.
Proceed right and blast the Screws in the ceiling and floor with
your Electro Beam. Go to the right and you'll reach a moving platform.
Jump on the block where the line breaks by using the Magnet Beam,
then hop back onto the platform to get a 1-up and a Yashichi,
which completely restores you. After that, jump into the teleporter
Sec. D...It's the return of Bombman. Put him awawy with your
Fire Storm. Hop into the teleporter to move up.
Sec. E...Fireman. Defeat him with the Ice Slasher. It's the only
boss that can be hurt by this weapon.
Sec. F...Iceman. Use the Electro Beam.
Sec. G...Gutsman. Use the Bomb Blaster.
Sec. H...Head to the right to face the nefarious Dr. Wily.

---The Showdown with Dr. Wily---
First Phase:
Dr. Wily's robot shoots bullets in an arc. Attack the gun with
your Fire Storm to wear it down, while running from the bullets.

Second Phase:
After you knock down his power once, the shield of Dr. Wily's
robot will crack, and he will attack you with bullets that fire
in a spiral. Aim for the crystal eye with your Electro Beam to
put him away.


Blader - A flying robot with a propeller. It attacks by swooping
down at its enemies. Found in the Cutman, Gutsman, and Dr. Wily
levels. 500 points.

Flea - Although this robot has tiny legs, it can use those legs
to jump to almost three times its height. Found in the Cutman,
Bombman, and Dr. Wily levels. 300 points.

Octopus Battery - This robot hangs along walls. It does not have
any weapons, so it attacks by pouncing on its enemies. Found
in the Cutman, Bombman, and Dr. Wily levels. 500 points.

Spine - A robot with spikes on the top of its armor. It moves
faster when it senses an enemy on ground level. Found in the
Elecman and Bombman levels. 200 points.

Beak - A cannon that is protected by a hard shell. It only
opens up its shell to fire bullets. Found in the Cutman, Bombman,
and Dr. Wily levels. 200 points.

Bombomb - A floating bomb. When it is shot, it explodes, causing
damage to its attacker. Found in the Bombman and Dr. Wily levels.
800 points.

Screw - A ceiling- or floor-mounted rotary cannon. It spins
and sprays bullets. Found in the Cutman, Bombman, Fireman, and
Dr. Wily levels. 500 points.

Sniper Joe - A guard robot that carries a plasma gun and shield.
He only lowers his shield when he is about to fire. Found in
the Bombman level. 5000 points.

Big Eye - A large robot with one eye on the front. It jumps
on its opponents, nearly crushing them under its weight. Found
in the Cutman, Gutsman, Elecman, Iceman, and Dr. Wily levels.
9000 points.

Shell - Am armored floating cannon. It shoots bullets in all
directions. Found in the Cutman and Bombman levels. 800 points.

Picket Man - A worker robot. It carries a shield and launches
flying pickaxes. Found in the Gutsman level. 1500 points.

Crazy Razy - A two-part robot. If the bottom half is destroyed,
the top half will fly around and swat at its enemy. Found in
the Iceman level. 500 points for each half.

Peng - Flying robots that look like penguins. They have
propellers on their noses that enable them to fly. Found in the
Iceman and Dr. Wily levels. 400 points.

Electric Eye - These robots float down to a level with their
target, and when it is spotted, it fires a dual electric beam
and quickly flies away. Found in the Elecman and Dr. Wily levels.
200-800 points.

Flame - It jumps out of the lava and attacks from the sky. Usually
attacks in threes. Found in the Fireman level. 500 points.


Boss name - Name of the master robot you're fighting.
Numbers in columns - hits needed to destroy robot with a certain
NA in column - weapon has no effect.
P - Plasma Cannon
C - Cutter Blade
G - Guts Power
I - Ice Slasher
B - Bomb Blaster
F - Fire Storm
E - Electro Beam

Boss           |P |C |G |I |B |F |E
Cutman         |10|28|2 |NA|14|10|28
Gutsman        |28|28|28|NA|3 |14|28
Iceman         |28|10|NA|NA|7 |28|3
Bombman        |14|14|NA|NA|28|7 |28
Fireman        |14|28|NA|7 |28|28|28
Elecman        |28|3 |28|NA|14|28|28
Golem          |14|14|NA|NA|NA|14|7
Mega Man Clone |28|14|NA|NA|14|14|14
Bubble Bot     |--|--|--|--|--|--|--
 hits          |10|NA|1 |NA|NA|50|NA
Dr. Wily       |--|--|--|--|--|--|--
 phase 1       |28|28|NA|28|NA|7 |28
 phase 2       |28|28|NA|28|NA|28|28
<<<<<Other Games starring Mega Man>>>>>
Here are some of the many other games that star our
blue humanoid hero:

For the NES:
   Mega Man 2
   Mega Man 3
   Mega Man 4
   Mega Man 5
   Mega Man 6

For the Genesis:
   Mega Man: The Wily Wars (contains Mega Man adventures 1-3,
with improved graphics and sound)

For the SNES:
   Mega Man X (The saga begins, with new baddies and
new abilities.)
   Mega Man X2
   Mega Man X3
   Mega Man Soccer
   Mega Man 7

For the Game Boy:
   Mega Man in Dr. Wily's Revenge
   Mega Man 2
   Mega Man 3
   Mega Man 4
   Mega Man 5

For the Game Gear:
   Best of Mega Man

For the PlayStation:
   Mega Man 8 (Mega Man turns 10 years old!)
   Mega Man X4
   Mega Man Legends (the first game featuring Mega Man
in a 3-dimensional world!)

At your local arcade:
   Marvel vs. Capcom (Yup, Mega Man is a character in a
fighting game. Don't undereestimate him because of his
size when compared to the other characters, though. He's
one tough bugger.)

Whew! That's probably the most video games ever featuring
one character. Not even Mario and Sonic put together had
THIS many...

Capcom...for creating the Mega Man games.

Jeff Veasey for posting this strategy guide at GameFAQs

Greg Lee Dawson for telling me about the Electro Beam trick.

<<<<<Help Wanted>>>>>
- I'm looking for Game Genie codes. Any Game Genie codes that you
discover can be e-mailed to me.

This strategy guide is copyrighted 1999 by me, Walter F. Williams
III. I am the sole creator of this FAQ, and I should be given
full credit for it. Do not post it on any Web Page unless every
part of it is shown, with no omissions or additions, or other
changes. Please send me e-mail if you find my FAQ useful.

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