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		        Welcome to Shadowgate for NES
			     Complete Walkthrough
			   Author: David Zabroski
	         Check out my Dragon Warrior/Quest Website at:
				Updated 8/21/00

I.	Introduction
	a.	My thoughts
	b.	How to play
	c.	Tips
II.	Walkthrough
	a.	Entrance Way
	b.	Main Hallway
	c.	Stone Hallway
	d.	Hallway
	e.	Tombs
	f.	Hallway II
	g.	Lake/Waterfall
	h.	Hallway III
	i.	Dragon's Lair
	j.	Lake/Waterfall II
	k.	Stone Hallway II
	l.	Main Hallway II
	m.	Secret Passageway
	n.	Bridges
	o.	Wraith's Lair
	p.	EPOR
	q.	Secret Doorway
	r.	Mirror Room
	s.	Fire Hall
	t.	Toll Bridge
	u.	Courtyard/Well
	v.	Carpeted Hallway
	w.	Study
	x.	Parlor
	y.	Carpeted Hallway II
	z.	Laboratory
	aa.	Fountain
	bb.	Carpeted Hallway III
	cc.	The Banquet Hall
	dd.	Sphinx Room
	ee.	Observatory
	ff.	Tower of the Werewolf
	gg.	Banquet Hall II
	hh.	Wolf's Den
	ii.	Wyvern's Tower
	jj.	Banquet Hall III
	kk.	Balcony Hallway
	ll.	Upper Balcony
	mm.	Lower Balcony
	nn.	Balcony Hallway II
	oo.	Stone Drop Corridor
	pp.	Throne Room
	qq.	Gargoyles
	rr.	Lava Pit
	ss.	The Beast's Den
	tt.	Bridges II
	uu.	Snakes Lair
	vv.	Gargoyles II
	ww.	Well
	xx.	Underground River
	yy.	Skull Entrance
	zz.	Wizard's Chamber
III.	Ending

I.	Introduction
	a.	My thoughts
		i.	This is a fun game. I recommend using this
			walkthrough as a guide when you get stuck.
			I played the game over 10 times before I
			figured everything out. Most of the game
			may seem like luck, but it takes a strong
			mind to get all the clues to solve the
	b.	How to play
		i.	The game can seem a bit basic, but it is
			very challenging. The only way to
			understand is to learn how to use your
			1.	Use
				a.	You will be able to use an
					item on another item.
					i.	Example: Use a key
						on the door
					ii.	Example: Use torch
						to light it
				b.	You can not use an item if
					you didn't take it.
			2.	Take
				a.	You can take an item
					i.	Some items can not
						be taken
					ii.	Some times you can
						take an item and
						get a deadly
			3.	Open
				a.	Open an item or door
			4.	Leave
				a.	Leave an item or drop it
					i.	You may not have to
						use this
			5.	Self
				a.	That's you. You can use
					items on yourself
					i.	Example:
						a.    Potion=Drink
					ii.	Example:
						a.     Sword=Death
			6.	Hit
				a.	Punch an item or wall
			7.	Close
				a.	Close a item or door
			8.	Speak
				a.	Speak to a person or say
					a spell
			9.	Save
				a.	Save your game
					i.	Use this as much as
			10.	Move
				a.	Use this right before you
					want to leave a room
					i.	You can move into
						places where there
						is no door
			11.	Look
				a.	Look closely at an item or
					i.	This is one of the
						most important
						commands. Look
						at everything!
	c.	Tips
		i.	Make sure you have your torches lit. When
			the flame gets low light a new one
		ii.	Look at everything. They will teach you
			spells and help you out of a sticky situation.
		iii.	Save as much as you can.
		iv.	Experiment with potions. Some may kill you,
			but others will give you
			a weird effect.
		v.	Try using items on enemies or other
			characters in the game. It might stop them
			or get you through.
		vi.	Take your time and think before you rush
			into a stick situation
II.	Walkthrough
	a.	Entrance Way
		i.	You awake in the entrance of a castle. The
			wizard Lakmir sent you here.
			1.	OPEN the skull at the top of the
				door and TAKE KEY 1.
			2.	OPEN the door and MOVE through it.
	b.	Main Hallway
		i.	Here the wizard will chat with you.
			1.	Ignore the door on the right side.
				OPEN the door in front with
				KEY 1 and go though it.
	c.	Stone Hallway
		i.	OPEN the book on the pedestal and TAKE KEY 2
			1.	Do not take the book to do so would
				mean your death.
				a.	The floor will fall from
					under you
		ii.	Take both torches. The one with the ring is
			a special torch.
		iii.	HIT the white stone in the wall.
			1.	This will open a passageway. Ignore
				it for now
		iv.	Go to the right exit.
	d.	Hallway
		i.	OPEN the door in front of you.
	e.	Tombs
		i.	OPEN the first coffin.
		ii.	USE the Torch on the mummy
			1.	TAKE the Staff
		iii.	OPEN the second coffin
			1.	OPEN the Bag
				a.	TAKE the COINS
		iv.	Go back to the hallway
	f.	Hallway II
		i.	OPEN the right door and go through it.
	g.	Lake/Waterfall
		i.	Ignore the Skeleton and the Shark for now
			1.	If you try to retrieve the key the
				shark will kill you
		ii.	Go through the door in front of you
		iii.	TAKE a stone or two
		iv.	MOVE into the space next to the waterfall
			1.	Locate the small black space on
				the left side of the waterfall,
				just next to the water. Ignore the
				passage blocked by boulders.
				The space will not show up
				on the screen, so you must
				manually choose the site.
				will have a picture in thier
				Shadowgate section after
		v.	HIT Boulder in the wall
			1.	OPEN the Bag
				a.	TAKE the three Gems
		vi.	Return to the Hallway
	h.	Hallway III
		i.	OPEN the door on the left and go through it
	i.	Dragon's Lair
		i.	USE the white gem in the hole next to the
			1.	TAKE the Sphere
		ii.	OPEN the Door in front and go through it
		iii.	TAKE
			1.	The Shield
				a.	The Dragon will breath dire.
					The Shield will give you
					temporary protection
			2.	The Hammer
				a.	Looks Like a Axe
			3.	The Spear
				a.	You can take the bones,
					helmet, skulls, and torches,
					but you must leave the room
					and come back or the shield
					will melt.
	j.	Lake/Waterfall II
		i.	USE the Sphere in the lake. It will freeze
			the ice
		ii.	TAKE Key 3 from the Skeleton
		iii.	USE your torch on the Lake
			1.	If you put it on the Sphere you
				will put your torch out
		iv.	TAKE the Orb
		v.	Return to the Stone Hallway
	k.	Stone Hallway II
		i.	Go through the hole you hit open
			l.	Main Hallway II
				i.	USE Key 2 to open the door
					on the right
					1.	TAKE the Sling
					2.	TAKE the Sword
	m.	Secret Passageway
		i.	TAKE the Arrow
		ii.	USE the upper left torch to open a passage
	n.	Bridges
		i.	There are two bridges
			1.	The left one is sturdy
			2.	The right is unsafe
		ii.	Go left for now
	o.	Wraith's Lair
		i.	You will see a huge specter or wraith.
			There is a cloak behind it.
		ii.	USE your Torch on the Torch with the ring
			1.	It is the only Torch that stands
				alone in your items
		iii.	You will automatically throw it at the
			Wraith and it will die
		iv.	TAKE the Cloak
			1.	USE it on yourself.
		v.	Return
	p.	EPOR
		i.	LOOK at the sign named EPOR twice.
			1.	USE EPOR and the rope will fly up
				to the hole in the ceiling
		ii.	TAKE the Scroll 1 on the Shelf and OPEN it
			to read it
		iii.	Open the door in the back. It is a lightly
			outlined hidden door
	q.	Secret Doorway
		i.	USE the blue gem on the hole in the floor
		ii.	A man should appear and leave a scroll
			1.	OPEN the Scroll and learn the Spell
		iii.	Go back to the EPOR room and go up the rope
	r.	Mirror Room
		i.	TAKE the Broom & Torch
		ii.	USE the Hammer from the Dragon's Lair on
			the middle mirror
			1.	If you use it on the others you
				will die
				a.	The Glass will cut you to
				b.	You will be sucked into
		iii.	OPEN the door with Key 3
	s.	Fire Hall
		i.	Make sure you have your cloak on
		ii.	If you open the door a fire demon will
			come out
			1.	He will kill you if you do not have
				the cloak on
		iii.	Don't bother opening the door and USE the
				Sphere on the fire
		iv.	The fire is gone, OPEN the door and go
			to the next room
	t.	Toll Bridge
		i.	When you try to go over the bridge a troll
			1.	He asks for a copper coin to pass.
		ii.	USE the Spear on him and he will fall
			1.	If you come back he will have
				the Spear in his hand
				a.	The toll is now a Gold Coin.
					USE the Humana to get
	u.	Courtyard/Well
		i.	When you enter you will see a goblin.
		ii.	USE the Rock in the Sling
		iii.	USE the sling on the Goblin
			1.	If you leave him he will come back
				and you have to use
				another rock
		iv.	USE the Sword and kill him for good
		v.	USE the handle on the Well
			1.	OPEN the bucket
				a.	TAKE the Gauntlet
					i.	USE the Gauntlet
						on yourself
	v.	Carpeted Hallway
		i.	No much here, but three doors.
		ii.	Take the first one on the left
	w.	Study
		i.	OPEN the Drawer
			1.	TAKE
				a.	Glasses
				b.	Key 5
				c.	Scroll 3
					i.	OPEN to learn the
						spell Terrakk
				d.	Scroll 4
					i.	Open to learn the
						Spell Illumina
		ii.	Use the Glasses on yourself
		iii.	OPEN the Book to learn the spell Mortari
			1.	You can only read it with the
		iv.	Use the red gem on the hole next to the
			bookcase and enter the Parlor
	x.	Parlor
		i.	You can take anything you want here. Some
			of it might be useful later.
		ii.	USE Terrakk spell to crack open the globe
			1.	OPEN the Globe
				a.	TAKE
					i.	Key 6
					ii.	Bottle 5
					iii.	Return to the
						Carpeted Hallway
	y.	Carpeted Hallway II
		i.	Go to the second door on the left
	z.	Laboratory
		i.	There isn't too much here
		ii.	USE the Hook on the Floor and Take the
			Holy Water.
		iii.	TAKE the Horseshoe and anything else you
		iv.	Go to the exit in front of you
	aa.	Fountain
		i.	The fountain is actually acid water.
		ii.	TAKE the Flute
			1.	You must have the Gauntlet Equipped
		iii.	USE the Flute
			1.	TAKE the Ring
		iv.	Exit to the Carpeted Hallway
	bb.	Carpeted Hallway III
		i.	Go to the Exit in front of you
	cc.	The Banquet Hall
		i.	USE the torch to burn the carpet.
		ii.	TAKE Key 4
		iii.	OPEN the top right door with Key 5
	dd.	Sphinx Room
		i.	This is my favorite part of the game
		ii.	The Sphinx will only let you pass if you
			answer his riddle.
			1.	I will not tell you the riddles, but
				there are a lot. They aren't too
				hard. You may have already picked up
				the items. If you are desperate you
				can e-mail me.
		iii.	When you get the item USE it on him and he
			will let you pass
	ee.	Observatory
		i.	TAKE the star off the star map
		ii.	OPEN the Map and TAKE the Staff of Thunder
		iii.	Go up the stairs
	ff.	Tower of the Werewolf
		i.	The woman is a werewolf and she will kill
		ii.	USE the Arrow from the Secret Passageway
		iii.	TAKE the Blade
	gg.	Banquet Hall II
		i.	OPEN the upper left door with Key 6
	hh.	Wolf's Den
		i.	Try to take the Horn and a wolf will appear
			1.	USE the Holy Water on him
			2.	TAKE he Horn
		ii.	Climb the stairs going up
	ii.	Wyvern's Tower
		i.	USE the Star on the Wyvern.
		ii.	TAKE the Bladed Sun
		iii.	Go back to the Banquet Hall
	jj.	Banquet Hall III
		i.	Open the last door on the bottom floor with
			Key 4
	kk.	Balcony Hallway
		i.	You are now in another hallway.
		ii.	Go to the left exit
	ll.	Upper Balcony
		i.	USE the Staff of Thunder (rod) in the hole
			on the back of the balcony.
		ii.	When the hand comes up TAKE the wand
	mm.	Lower Balcony
		i.	Go to the Lower Balcony on the left.
		ii.	OPEN the bag and TAKE all the coins
		iii.	Return to the balcony hallway.
	nn.	Balcony Hallway II
		i.	Go through the corridor in front of you.
	oo.	Stone Drop Corridor
		i.	Ignore the door on the left and go to the
			1.	If you go left the ceiling will drop
				on you,
	pp.	Throne Room
		i.	There should be a skeleton in a throne room.
		ii.	USE the Scepter from the Mummy in the Coffin
			and place it in the Skeleton's hand
		iii.	When the panel opens Use the Ring on the hole.
		iv.	The chair should slide back giving you room
			to go down the hole
	qq.	Gargoyles
		i.	You should see two Gargoyles and two rooms
		ii.	USE Illumina and go to the right room
	rr.	Lava Pit
		i.	There is a huge statue and a door across the
			lave. If you try to swim,
			your toast!
		ii.	USE Mortari spell. The statue will drop
			allowing you to enter this new
	ss.	The Beast's Den
		i.	This is a room with a cable holding a group
			of ring. There are three levers for controls
			and a pit.
			1.	The pit contains a man easting beast
		ii.	You have to USE the levers in the right order.
			You can pull a lever more than once.
			1.	The right combination is right,
				middle, right
		iii.	TAKE the Orb and head back to the two Bridges
	tt.	Bridges II
		i.	Now that you have traveled all the way back
			to the beginning it is time to venture into
			the old rickety bridge.
		ii.	There is only one way to get across. Float
			1.	USE Potions 2 and you will float.
		iii.	MOVE across the bridge
	uu.	Snakes Lair
		i.	There is a huge snake in the room.
		ii.	USE the Wand and it will shrink and die.
			1.	TAKE the Staff of Ages
				a.	USE the Orb on the Staff of
				b.	USE the Blade on the Staff
					of Ages
		iii.	Return to the Gargoyles
	vv.	Gargoyles II
		i.	USE Illumina
		ii.	Go to the right path
	ww.	Well
		i.	OPEN the well
		ii.	USE the Big Coin in the well
			1.	If you move into the well before
				you throw the big coin in you will
		iii.	MOVE into the Well
	xx.	Underground River
		i.	USE the stick for the Gong
		ii.	When the man with the raft arrives USE a
			gold coin on him
		iii.	MOVE onto the Raft
	yy.	Skull Entrance
		i.	USE the Bladed Sun on the Sword icon slot
		ii.	USE the Horn
		iii.	Go through to the Wizard's Chamber
	zz.	Wizard's Chamber
		i.	You arrive you find the Wizard summoning
			a behemoth.
		ii.	He has become very powerful so if you use
			the Staff of Ages on him he will resist
			the power and kill you.
		iii.	USE the Staff of Ages on the Behemoth.
			1.	The Behemoth will pull the Wizard
				down with him.
	III.	Ending
		a.	Good Job, you have beaten the game
			Shadowgate. From Here on you shall be Lord
			Jair and rule the kingdom as a true hero!

Congradulation! Job Well Done!

This walkthrough was made by David Zabroski.
Any attempt to Plagerize my work will be delt with.
If you would like to post this walkthrough, or any
other walkthrough made by me, must be appoved by
me at

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