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			   Guide done by [Linque] (
			The NES Triforce:

		            By Kemco/Seika/ICOM Simulations

	The last thing that you remember is standing before the wizard 
	Lakmir as he waved his hands. Now you find yourself staring at an 
	entryway which lies at the edge of a forest. The druid's words 
	ring in your ears: "Within the castle Shadowgate lies your quest. 
	The dreaded Warlock Lord will use his black magic to raise the 
	behemoth from the dark depths. The combination of his evil arts 
	and the great titan's power will surely destroy us all! You are 
	the last of the line of kings, the seed of prophecy that was 
	foretold eons ago. Only you can stop the evil one from darkening 
	our world forever! Fare thee well."  Gritting your teeth, you 
	swear by your god's name that you will destroy the Warlock Lord!

12.26.99 - Version 1.1    An error!  I forgot to mention how to 
                          retrieve Key 5.  Thanks to MaryAnn for 
			  pointing this out.

8.28.99 - Version 1.0     This SHOULD be the only version of the              
	                  FAQ unless new data or errors pop up.


Welcome to my Shadowgate Walkthrough.  If you have any new data, 
found errors in this, or anything else, contact me (above).  Before, we 
get started, remember, whenever you see a torch, take it.  None of them 
are traps or anything, and it's a sure thing you'll need to use some 
during your quest to defeat the warlock.  Good luck.

	You start out in front of the beginning of Castle Shadowgate.  
Above the door there is a skull. Open it. You'll find a key.  Take it.
(This took me time to find!)  Now open the door to the castle.  
Use the key on the center door.  Go through it.

	Take the torches.  One will be part of the regular count, but 
there will be a separate one. That'll come in handy later.  There is 
also a book on the ledge. DON'T take it.  Open it, instead. Take the 
key from the book and go back to the first hallway.

	There is a door on the left. Use Key 2 on it. Go inside to find a 
Sling and Sword. Take them both. Head back into the room where you 
found the separate torch and key.

	If you look at the wall, you'll see a lighter colored stone.  
Open it. Go inside (I have no idea how anyone could manage to get 
through that, but...)

	You won't be able to get to the opening at the top. If you do try 
the ledge will break, but it doesn't matter.  Below the door there is a 
arrow. Take it. You'll see the arrow is pointing to the left. Use that 
left torch on the wall. Go through.

	You're now in front of two bridges.  It's obvious the one on the 
right is flimsy and will most likely break if you put a foot on 
go through the left one.  AGH!  It's a wraith.  What can we 
do...remember the separate torch you got near the entrance?  Use a lit 
one on it.  Then it'll be thrown without command and the wraith burns 
up! Surprisingly easy, huh?  Take that cloak before you go out the 

	Take that scroll off the shelf and open it.  It says to find the 
bladed sun, silver orb, Staff of Ages, golden blade, and a platinum 
horn.  What?  What ARE these things exactly?  We'll find out later.  
Now with we're done with that 'riddle', read EPOR backwards.  Ah-ha!
Rope!  Look at the sign twice.  Wow, itís your first spell.  Now go to 
the very left of your inventory and it's a list of spells!  You'll 
refer here sometimes.  Use the spell and the rope will rise!  This is 
the only time you use this spell.  Well, anyway, move up the rope.

	Hmm, mirrors.  If you try to break the left or right ones with 
something, you'll die, but we won't worry about these just yet.  Move 
back and you'll be in a room bombarded with coffins.  Isnít it spooky? 
Open the right one in the first row to find a mummy.  Strangely enough, 
use a torch to burn 'em down.  Yes, I also think many objectives in the 
game are *quite* strange.  Take the scepter that appeared there.  Move 
back again.

	You'll find a room that was supposedly carved by dwarves.  We're 
not concerned with enslaved dwarves, so go through the door on the 
right.  Hmm, a lake with a skeleton that holds a key with a shark!  
Indeed, complicating.  Ignore it for now and move up.

	Some stones are on the ground, so grab one and use it with the 
sling to put it in.  This'll come in handy later, as well.  If you look 
closely, there's a small space between the waterfall and the barrage of 
rocks.  Move in it.  Looks empty, but there's a suspicious rock 
sticking out.  Hit it, and a bag will appear.  Take it.  Ooh, jewels. 
We'll be using these soon.  Now, move back three times to start back in 
the three-way room.  Move through the left door, now.

	You can smell rotten meat, so let's make this quick.  Use the 
white jewel you just acquired from that bag on the small hole next to 
the door.  An orb!  Move back to that lake you were just at.  Use it in 
the lake.  Amazing!  Take that key from the skeleton and use your torch 
in the lake to melt it, enabling you to take the orb back, which we'll 
need to use yet again.  Now, go back to the room where you got the orb.

	Open this door.  Agh!  A dragon, most likely, so you'll want to 
take the shield first, obviously.  With the protection, take the 
helmet, spear and hammer.  You can only stand about four blows from 
that dragon, but if you REALLY want that torch, move back, then move
up again and grab it.  Itís no big deal, so head back to the three-way 
room, and finally, move up and go to that mirror room.

	First, use that cloak on yourself now, because you'll need it.  
Use the hammer you acquired on the center mirror, NOT the left or right 
ones.  Use the Key 3 you got from the skeleton and pass through.  You 
can withstand it here for a few minutes with this cloak, perhaps, but 
to be safe use that orb in the flames to get rid of them.  Safe!
But there's still heat of course, so move up.

	A troll!  One in the group of other inhabitants of Castle 
Shadowgate that doesn't kill you (perhaps), but instead of bothering 
him by paying a toll and falling to your horrid fate, you can 'kill' 
him with your spear.  You don't hear him crash.  Hmm, we'll find out 

	NO!  A cyclops, but itís no problem if you have that sling that's 
loaded with the stone in.  Knock him out by using it on him, then use 
that sword to stab him!  If you want to take your anger out on some NES 
AI, you can keep stabbing him with the sword.  Fun, eh?  Don't leave 
here just yet -- use the crank on that well and take the gauntlet 
inside the bucket.  This'll come in handy.  NOW you can move up.

	You can burn the rug here in the hallway with a torch if you 
want, but it means nothing.  Anyway, go in the first left passage.  
Take the book on that desk then open the desk drawer to find some 
useful items like Key 5, Scroll 3, Scroll 4, and Spectacles.  Read your new 
scrolls.  You'll learn Terrakk and Illumina, two new magic spells.  
Gosh, I bet you can't wait to try these out.  They're just as exciting 
and illusive as Epor.  Use the spectacles (or glasses) on yourself and 
look (or open) the book you picked up a few moments ago.  You'll learn 
Motari, another magic spell.  Golly, three spells in one room!  

	You'll see another familiar hole.  This time, use the red gem to 
reveal a secret passage.  Of course, move up in it.  Nothing save one 
is important in here (yet).  Try opening the glove.  You 
can't, BUT you can use Terrakk and it'll open.  Take the Key 6 in 
there, then move back twice into the hallway you entered.  Take the 
farther left passage now.

	Use that stone implemented in the floor with a handle on it.  
Take the water in there. Look at some bottles on those shelves and take 
the one that looks impossibly light, or Bottle 2.  You can open that 
cell down there to meet a mutated dog or something, and your death, but
I think you'd rather not.  Instead, head down the stairs.  Wow, one of 
the few times it seems you can go outside!  A beautiful fountain filled 
with acid fills the -- wait, acid?  You can't get the flute on top when 
it's *secretly* acid.  Remember that gauntlet you got from the well?  
Use it on yourself and you're now protected from the acid.  Take the 
flute, then use it.  You'll hear a chime and a bracelet will appear.  Take it.  
Go back to the main hallway you came from and move up.

	This time you will need to burn the carpet with your torch.  Take 
the Key 4 that appears.  Use Key 6 on the bottom door, then use Key 5 
to open the door on the right up the stairs, and Key 6 with the left 
one.  Move to the right door up the stairs.  If you try moving 
anywhere, the Sphinx will halt you and ask one of the random six 
questions he's prepared for the occasional visitors, which are:

		    |  |   QUESTION    |                 |   ANSWER    |  |
                    | It has towns, but no houses.   | Map in the Library |
                    | Forests, but no trees.         |			  |
                    | Rivers, but no fish.           |		          |
		    | I've no eyes, but once did     |Skull in the Library| 
		    |	I'm white, and empty.        |                    |
                    | First, burnt and beaten,	     |  Horseshoe in Lab  |
                    | drowned and pierced with       |		          |
                    | nails, then stepped on         |		  	  |
                    | by long-faced animals.	     | 	                  |
                    | Long neck, no hands, 100       |Broom in Mirror Room|
                    |legs, cannot stand. Born        |			  |
                    | of forest nest, against a      |			  |
                    | wall I rest.                   |		          |
                    | You look at me, I look back,   | Mirror in Hallway  |
                    | your right hand rises, I my    |		          |
                    |left. You speak, but I in vain. |			  |
                    | I'm a fire's friend, my body   |Bellows in room with|
                    | swells with wind. With my nose |       Globe	  |
                    | I blow, how the embers glow!   |			  |

				       Cool chart, eh?  :-P

	After you retrieve the object and give it to the Sphinx, you can 
pass!  Joy!  Well, now, take the star from the map, then open the map 
up to find a rod.  Take it.  Move up the ladder now.  Wow, a damsel in 
distress!  Will you help, like all heroes do casually, or instead take
a different approach and use the arrow on her to stab her.  Well, go 
for the latter!  Use the arrow on her and you'll find out she was 
REALLY a werewolf or something.  Itís yet another weird objective in 
the game.  Well, take the Golden Blade there.  Move down three times to 
get back to the three-room hall.  This time, take the left door.  Hmm, 
what can we do with the hellhound?  Well, this holy water could just 
perhaps come in handy...well, it does.  Use it on him and pick up the 
horn behind him. Tough confrontation...whew.  Move up the ladder now.

	The Talisman!  Remember that scroll awhile ago?  But, of course, 
a wyvern is guarding it.  Strangely enough, use the star on the evil 
wyvern and he...fades.  Take the Talisman, finally.  Now, head back to 
the three-room hall.  This time, take the final door: the bottom door!

	Move to the left door.  Wow, another rare occasion where we're 
outside!  Anyway, use the rod on the guardrail.  A few special effects 
take place, and then a skeleton's hand pops out of the floor and holds 
a wand.  Take it, and yes, that's *another* strange objective.  Move 
down the stairs.  Hmm, a pot of gold and a bag.  You can take the pot 
of gold and go a good ways down, or take that bag and live.  Why don't 
you take the bag?  Do so, then move back twice to that small hallway.  
This time, go for the right door.

	The king (?) IS in fact dead, but since his hand is out, you can 
have fun and use the scepter there.  WHAT?  Wow, what luck, putting the 
scepter in his hand revealed a small hole!  Use the ring in that hole 
and a secret passage will be revealed.  Move down it.

	DON'T go to the left unless you want to be squashed.  Instead, 
move straight.  You should be in a room with two gargoyles.  Move to 
the passage on the right.  Use or speak the Motari spell and you can go 
across the bridge with ease.

	The dark and eerie cave...those three levers will reveal an orb 
if you lower the right lever, lower the center lever then raise the 
right lever.  Take that orb.  Now, move back a whopping 14 times, then 
go left twice.  You should end up at the room with two bridges: the 
weak one and the sturdy one.  Finally!  Use that Bottle 2 you got some 
time ago on yourself and you can cross the weak bridge.  Well, move 
across it, and you're faced with a snake.  Use your wand on it, and he 
turns into the Staff of Ages!  Yes, this is another artifact that's 
crucial to the game.  Joy!

	Move back out of the cove, then move across the sturdy bridge, 
then move through the door again.  You should end up in the EPOR room.  
If you look on the farthest wall made of stone, you can see an outline 
of a door.  Open it and move through.  Use your last gem, the blue one, 
on the hole.  Listen to the wise wizard, then take the scroll he leaves 
behind and look at it to learn the Humana spell.  Move back, move up 
the rope, move forward twice, and you should end up at that nasty troll 
again.  This time, speak or use the Humana spell and you'll 
automatically be moved to the room with the dead Cyclops you stabbed 
with your sword grimly.  You can do this more if you feel like it.  You 
can even have fun and use the sword on yourself.  You KNOW what happens 
if you do that, so if you don't want to die, don't.

	Anyhow, move up six times and you should end up in the cavern 
with the goblins.  Use the Illumina spell, which will blind the goblins 
a good amount of time for you to get through the door, so do so.  You 
can't open the door, so use the crank on the well, open up Bag 3 (the 
one that was next to the pot of gold), take the big coin, and use it 
down the well.  You can move down the well now, and you end up at the 
River Styx!  Agh!

	Use the mallet on the gong to summon the ferryman.  Open up Bag 3 
again, take one gold coin, and use it on the ferryman.  He'll gesture 
you to come, so move on the raft.  Finally, the end of the quest is 

	Now you'll see three panels.  Put the talisman in the 
one under the sword (the left one).  Now that that's done, use the horn 
to open the door.  Well, finally!  The passage to one of the most 
dramatic battles EVER.  =-P

	You can look and observe the behemoth and warlock if you feel 
like it, or kill them.  It's time to use all the clues found throughout 
the castle to create that ultimate weapon.  Use the Golden Blade on the 
Staff of Ages, then the orb on the Staff of Ages.  Ooh!  Now, finally, 
use the Staff of Ages on the Behemoth.  Boom.  Strangely enough 
(again), the Behemoth JUST happens to grab the Warlock and bring him 
down to his fate too.  Well, anyway, enjoy the small ending.

	"The Morning Sun," you say to yourself, "it is over."  Although      
	exhausted, you lean on the Staff of Ages and begin your long 
	journey home.  Word of your historic quest has already reached 
	the farthest parts of the land!  You are triumphantly greeted as 
	you enter the gates of the royal city of Stormhaven.  Moments 
	later, you are ushered into the royal palace where you are 
	greeted by the king!  "I know what thou hast done, brave one.  
	The world would be dark forever without thee!"  You are bestowed 
	a kingdom to rule and the king's fair daughter's hand!  As you 
	leave the throne room, you know that although this quest is over, 
	others await.  After all, the bards will need new legends to sing 
	of and new tales to tell!  

                         	The first story's end.

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